James T. Sharkey

Moguladouche on the Menu – with a Pre-Roast by Triple D

ZW Submission:

[Dawn Davenport/Queen of Tarts]

Well hey there, neighbors! Nothing like a Monday morning with our favorite beta bitchboy, Theodore.

Sharkey is amping up the TMI on social media now that his “divorce” is “final”. Many gems are to be mined…most of them courtesy of the ZW nation!

He sends out a cryptic message hinting for a mercy fuck, but, as usual, fails incredibly hard. Ol Val has no idea what was going down.


When he’s not trying to snag some pussay, he is deep sea fishing for sympathy..


Photoshop credit to my supporters in the ZW Nation…all two of ya…you asked for it…



Big shout out to Hot Carl!


When he’s not looking for pity, you guessed it, moguling #mogullife


I think the ” godfather” of beta sits in nice cars and jerks off. I bet hes on a valet blacklist.


When not #mogulling, Sharkey is getting buff as fuck for all the ladies gonna be diving into that particleboard Gothic freakshow of a bed 


Look out, girls, shartweek is coming


Thanks, Dawn. I think… lol

Now onto our latest Sharkey update.


Looks like its official girls – The Moguladouche is legally single!




He’s also having a little trouble with his 2nd grade spelling…


Look out Vegas, Sharkey is on a bender…


A bender so great, he forgot he doesn’t go to clubs anymore…





Then we have Ms Conduct who was featured on TheTurdy with her cutting comments. Here’s the one they missed:






I have a feeling the feeding frenzy is about to begin. Moguladouche is BACK, ZW! Stay tuned…


  1. nancy drew

    Lol he just posted this

  2. sangel1215

    I wanna feel bad,but no just can’t.Its the delusions of success,the flowbee haircut,I find people with no upper lip odd,or my lack of a soul I just can’t.Its like he sooo badly wants to be too cool for the room,but the room is empty.I still wanna know what he did to harm an animal

  3. Scorpio

    Hey, whatever creams your twinkie is fine by me. Have a blast!

  4. Blunt-Master_puff_pu

    Very entertaining post Tripled & QofT, I laughed at almost every comment, you people are frikkin HILARIOUS!!!

  5. CT

    I thought they were just celebrating she was a "Sharkey". Posting social security card with her new name. Are they really divorced?

  6. Dawn D Davenport


  7. Christine Elizabeth

    Awesome. Can you contact this cop in particular? That'd be great, thanks!

  8. Christine Elizabeth


  9. Pam

    Just throwing in my opinion but if she would just stop going to these websites there would be no problem. Why doesnt she just ignore and find a new website to read on the toilet?

  10. Dawn D Davenport

    Hahaha!!!!! Sharkey is a fucking Indian giving brute,!!!

  11. Sir TTP

    Will be using this.

  12. Sir TTP


  13. @MissTriciaEvans

    Yes I can.

  14. Be careful or she will back trace it and report you to the police AND the cyber police and consequences will never be the same! Ya dun goofed!

  15. Habib Fazil

    Sympathy Pains?

  16. @MissTriciaEvans

    I seriously enjoyed these pics and post. Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.

  17. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I’m sure she slips with the tampon.. Not so much these last few months…..

  18. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Love all around……
    show pictures.. spread that love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. MissPell


  20. JimmyGene

    Wow. When my daughter comes over this weekend I will sit down with her and my wife Linda. My daughter has a lot of ways to find out who all of you evil people are. And I will call the police for your constant harrassing.

  21. JimmyGene

    My daughter was never “pinning” for your sweetness. She’s a bit of a wreck after the 50th banning from thedirty.com, but she will survive and live to fight another day!

    Feel the BURN!

    • MissPell

      The only thing burning around here is your nasty crotch.

      • JimmyGene

        I don;t understand why anyone would harass my loving daughter. Does she have some issues? Of course we all do. but she is torn up and this harassing is not necessary.

  22. Scorpio

    That beauty queen ghost was pretty hot.

  23. Scorpio

    So, does everyone realize this is a put-on, and you all are just playing along? Or have I gone mad…der?

    • MissPell

      It took me a second but I figured it out.

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Right? Cousin fuckers real mom gouged out her vagina in despair.

  24. Persephone

    I cannot get enough of that receding hairline….
    “Look out, Sharkey is on a bender”

  25. Habib Fazil

    Suggest you find a lawyer to handle your case on a "contingency" basis

  26. The Beav

    Hey everyone! Been lurking on here since you started this site and I love it so much more than TD. I just want to say that I LIVE for Sharkey posts…i know its sad but he is so entertaining. Do you think when he threw Bangs out, he cut off the handles of that bomb ass Harley Davidson purse he got her at the airport? I doubt she had any red bottoms with heels to break. Maybe that is what caused the battery? Keep doing the good work here!

  27. Habib Fazil

    No Shit, she'll be on her knees so fast if she ever meets him face to…. well you get the idea

  28. Habib Fazil

    Torn up eh?

    Well tell her to downsize the dildo's she's using as substitute human attention.

    That and some lube m'kay?

  29. Habib Fazil

    Excellent. Now perhaps you can fill in a few missing blanks.

    1. Is Alyssa's incest limited to her cousin or doe does she indulge with other family members

    2. Is Alyssa a good lay or a bad lay?

    • MissPell

      Do you really wanna know the answer to #2? eww

      • Habib Fazil

        it was either that or “does she swallow” or “go for cream pies”

        Took the less icky one I did

  30. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Why is JimmyGene harassing us on this internet board?
    The amount of sleep I'm losing because of his micro aggression and lack of safe space is causing me irreparable harm.

    • MissPell

      There, there, TTH. I’m pretty sure it’s just a joker.

  31. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I thought you were suppose to swallow?

  32. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    lol.. what makes the internet great?
    it's the memes hahahaha

  33. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    No, dik will let her back,, without her.. noone comments

    • MissPell

      There are still good commenters there that aren't her. She's not needed. 🙂

  34. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    lol.. I see that and I think……….


  35. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    just giving her kid a taste of mad dog 20/20

  36. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Whenever she wants a good lay, she leaves sharkey…….
    comes back after everyone kicks her to the curb…..
    Sharkey's self-esteem is about as high as Dildo in lifts standing on a 12" soap box.

  37. countryjew

    Good comment on the bottom:

  38. MissPell


  39. MissPell

    Well good thing your at the hospital they have diapers for adults there. Are you Ok?

  40. JimmyGene

    My daughter is a proud delegate for Mr Bernie Sanders. She is helping to change this country and I support her 100% miss.

  41. JimmyGene

    I dont know who you are, but I see a crew thing next to your name. can you please help as these people are harassing my daughter.

  42. MissPell

    @karo…I get top bunk.

  43. JimmyGene

    My daughter will be coming here in a half and hour when her shift ends and we will take care of this. You are all going to jail.

  44. JimmyGene

    My daughter showed me those videos of you Ms. Pell. I am reporting that to my local authorities and you will be in trouble. Believe me.

    • MissPell

      I think you're a little mixed up there fella.

      • JimmyGene

        I have pictures from someone my daughter sent to me from some woman that harrassed her from Canada. We will be contacting the authorities.

  45. MissPell

    I am still laughing at ZWN.cuzinfuckerjailbondfund.cunt

  46. JimmyGene

    What is your name? Is this the canada person that has also been harassing my innocent daughter? We have reached out to Mr. Ritchie and will strait out my daughters reputation.

  47. MissPell

    Karo, I think you got the worst of it from CF. She just went too far. Her little
    mind must have been really desperate to get back at you. 🙁

    • JimmyGene

      Last warning young lady – quit picking on my daughter. I'll call the cops and you'll be in big trouble.

      • MissPell

        F off

        • JimmyGene

          Hey there young lady. I was alerted by my daughter that there was some negative things being said about her. I'm a little older and not sure how to navigate all this message board stuff, but I will tell you that my daughter has a good heart, and my wife Linda and I don't like to see her all torn up about getting removed from thedirty.com. I have also sent an email to Mr. Nik Ritchie to explain.

          • MissPell

            still F off.

          • JimmyGene

            You are now on the list. Along with others my daughter has told me about. Some Rogeme person, a woman named Dawn, this Samantha person from out of state and some Nasir person. All of you are going to jail for harrassing my daughter.

          • Habib Fazil

            Bummer, I missed the list…

            You REALLY sure you want to admit parentage to that bundle of neurotic joy?

          • Sir TTP

            LOL – who is this douche nugget?

      • Habib Fazil

        Any problems with me slapping you around in her place?

  48. Persephone

    Ughh I don't know how you can even go over there, it's got to drive you nuts lmao!
    Back to sharkey- I've been jonesing for some Ted lately for some sick reason. I'm ashamed.

  49. God, he is so dense! Your name is MS. Conduct, and he calls you a guy. He cannot afford to lose any of the remaining 3 brain cells he has.

  50. Tuco Salamanca

    Isn't that the same idiot who was sticking up for dead tooth?

  51. Vanilla ice

    Hahahaha excellent!!!!

  52. Wow that fetus must be jacked up from all that misplaced anger. I feel sorry for Nate, but not really.

  53. Uraprick6

    They broke up AGAIN??? Share Gif: http://media.riffsy.com/images/caf2651c7080f43e53

  54. Sharkey is holding his tummy like he is expecting to give birth any day now :/

  55. Not sure which is more addictive for them, the crack or their relationship with each other.

  56. Hey Now

    Joooeeeyyyyy ;).

  57. JimU113

    Just telling the truth

  58. countryjew

    Next time you hear some "patriot" tell you how blacks and Mexicans are ruining the country for hard-working white people please refer them to our dossier of Sharkey and Tricia posts.

  59. Whitney BeatMe

    Then do it again just to make sure.

  60. He had the chance to ban her so many times and didn't. Why is it suddenly possible?
    Oh, I know… bc his commenter audience is dwindling.
    But the commenters are just the 1% right? So much backtracking. Hard to keep up.

    • MissPell

      She'll be back…she always goes back. Even if 99.99% of the commenters didn't want her there she would still go back.

    • JimmyGene

      You people leave my little girl alone. If not, there will be big trouble.

      • Big trouble huh?

      • Christine Elizabeth

        Now I I know you’re lying. We know everyone in her family hates her and would never take up for her. Well, except for the infamous cousin, he sticks it in her.

  61. Is she still raging over there like a retard? Can't be good for Cletus the fetus.

  62. Holy fucking leather face.

  63. Dawn D Davenport

    They ain't shit- does Sharkey or get seem like the types to put large dollars toward a legality?

  64. Dawn D Davenport

    I had such a hard time keeping track of screenshots I didn't call out misconduct by name but her shit is hilarious!

  65. Wtf is with this 'workflow' hashtag? What is that supposed to mean. Some people are so retarded they see some non sequitur like that, think its a thing and start posting it themselves. I don't give a shit about seeing you in your work clothes or you at your desk or some shit like that.
    And another thing! Notice when Sharkey responds to Ms Conduct he doesn't say he plays 5000 DOLLARS a hand, just 5000. Semantics.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      #Workflow = Sharkey “fishing” for ladies.
      Now that he’s single, AGAIN, this is his way of attracting the wrong type of girl (showing that he has a job/money/etc..)
      #MogulLaDouche is on the hunt, so fronting as hard and lame as he can is his ONLY way of trying to get into ANY girls’ pants.
      You see, Sharkey has no attractive qualities that a nice, normal girl looks for in a guy, like:

      -A real job
      -NO domestic violence history
      -A decent non-totaled vehicle
      -NO hardcore drug use
      -A drivers license
      -Clothes that actually fit properly
      -NO baby mama drama (coming soon to a crack house near him)

  66. Penza

    When Sharty says he "needs a good cleaning", is he soliciting for someone to come over and give him an enema?

    • Great, now my boner's gone, thanks a lot

    • Habib Fazil

      I’ll bring the hose, and one of these nozzles has gotta fit…

      • Penza

        Yikes, with those lovely fleur de lis decorations he sports on his manly chest, he could probably accommodate any one of them.

        • Habib Fazil

          Probably, wonder if I can find a converter to go from 2 inch to 6 inch main feed for those nozzles?

          Surf’s up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Penza

            Yeah, that’s oughta do it! He’ll be clean as a whistle after that.

  67. Dawn D Davenport

    Dafuq voody I ain't seen you in a while. Glad to now tho

  68. Dawn D Davenport

    Too goddam bad there isn't a place to Jack his IQ a few points above plasma level

  69. MissPell

    Not much bigger. lol

  70. DirtyGMa

    That will make his heart congeal like a hockey puck…. We really should start a pool about what will kill Sharkey.

    • MissPell

      "We really should start a pool about what will kill Sharkey." His mother-in-law.

    • JimU113

      They have a different sort of sausage in his Johnsonville… 😉

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      I think life already killed Sharkey. He’s just going thru the motions like a Walker on TWD.

      • MissPell

        Walker Sharkey still doing his BBQ…

        • Sammi Jo

          Terminus #servingmankind

          • MissPell

            They should have put that on the sign.

          • Sammi Jo

            HAHA, fair warning would of just been common courtsey

            Side note, every time I try an upvote anyone it disappears!? It will say “1” then go right back to “0” ??!!!

          • MissPell

            Addition to your side note. Sometimes it says there is one upvote but no ones name is there.

  71. DirtyGMa

    insightful and accurate.

  72. Donnie Darko

    #Moguladouche deleted Ms Conduct’s comment on his domestic battery charge. Here is the Judge for his June 20th hearing. Hopefully Ilo shoes up.

  73. JimU113

    Must have been binging on sausages. He been hanging around Kurtlynn lately?

      • JimU113

        In addition to being a leg man, Guppey also loves to go to Johnsonville.

      • Why does anyone think that anyone wants to see your ‘post work out meal’? Like ‘ohh that’s how he gets his man tits, eating all that frozen sausage and burnt chicken’
        You’re not a celebrity chef, you are not a trainer, not a nutritionist, just a loser who plays a jackass in real life.

        • Mixx_TheFinalCut

          “You’re not a celebrity chef, you are not a trainer, not a nutritionist, just a loser who plays a jackass in real life.” – OMG, I laughed so hard I started crying!

      • Dawn D Davenport

        It looks like the world famous “closet fag chowder” I saw on Rachel Ray!

  74. JimU113

    1) Hey Guppey, if you need “a good cleaning”, maybe you should use the shower. Grab a washcloth and some soap, turn on the water and get under it (always important).
    2) ZW just went nuclear.

  75. Donnie Darko

    Should reach out to Justin Alpert, maybe he has more dirt on #Moguladouche.

  76. Johnny "M'

    is she still pregnant? or is she drinking at a divorce party with her child in her stomach?


    yooo i cant with your comments.lMFAO

  78. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Well, it IS that time of the year when Sharkey goes full DOUCHE!



  79. Whitney BeatMe

    Kina is not coming back. Ever. Unless you inherit Pablo Escobar's cartel there will be no whore for you bitch tits. Btw, for 5000$ a spin they don't let you take pics in the casino. Bullshit on the bet you claim, and I'm guessing that security had a nice chat with you about that pic.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      Shark Fails can’t even afford $50/month to pay off his court fines, so $5,000 a spin is a crock. The only thing this clown’s spinning is fairy tales..



      • Whitney BeatMe

        And he’s the troll under the bridge eating billy goats.

        • MissPell

          Dan better hide Zeus.

          • Whitney BeatMe

            Zeus will tell the Sharkey troll to wait for his bigger brother to come along… Dan. He is much bigger than I.

  80. Penza

    Hilarious! Great job!

  81. Politically Incorrec

    The best of all best Monday morning entertainment!!!

  82. o3mta3o

    FourFathers? Is that when your gay dads divorce and remarry?

  83. Donnie Darko

    • TMFJ

      Oh damn! This guy is making his final spin at the bottom of the shitter.

      • Habib Fazil

        We keep on thinking that, but for some reason he just won’t go down…

        This will solve it, and if not he can ride it

  84. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    at least he finally retired those 5yr old smelly Chucks he used to rock at the gym

  85. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Sharkey and Trisha were made for each other.
    Trisha, he’s single. He doesn’t club and has a job that makes him millions.
    Don’t worry about all that stuff you read on the internet, like, bills, past warrants or jail time.
    He’s a changed man and you’re a changed woman.
    Go get him…

  86. AmericanTopTeam

    Wow he has a receding hairline and dat skin doe

  87. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    I can't believe #MogulLaDouche hit up a MDW pool party with those fucking bitch tits and that god damn 1950's goofy haircut.

    If Madonna and George McFly had a love child, MDW2016 Sharkey would be it..

  88. Sammi Jo

    Does he have his shirt half off in that casino pic!? Nobody tryin' to see your moobs Sharkey

  89. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    James T. Sharkey Life Liberty and the Pursuit of having the Biggest Beer Belly.


  90. GreatSpunk

    Triple D is fucking straight Leonardo da Vinci with that photoshop fire! Masterpieces coming out the conveyor belt.
    Love them!

  91. DirtyGMa

    BAM!!! Our Triple D triple threat hits it outta the park!!! Still laughing as I clean up the coffee I snorted out of my nose. Nice Work!

    Props to MsConduct and our shy retiring and always softspoken Hot Carl. You folks rule!

  92. cray slays

    Sup with the whack PlayStation, sup?!

  93. Darlene Conner

    they are totally one of THOSE couples.

  94. Darlene Conner

    He's a proud Shark daddy by osmosis.

  95. JimU113

    -34 IQ.

  96. AmericanTopTeam

    I try not to judge harshly but he really is a shaved fucking ape full of ugly

  97. Pam

    At least 4

  98. Spartacus

    Every time I see his bloated face it makes me happy for the relatively OK state my 50 year old face is in.

    • Maia

      I said it before. He's 10 years younger than me, but looks 10 years older than me!

    • Pam

      He and i are the same age and i am so thankful i don’t have wrinkles like his.

  99. Digitus impudicus

    This graphic is abso-fucking-lutely perfect!

  100. Digitus impudicus

    I see that Cousin Fucker tried to shit all over you on TD. She's a paranoid, unwashed smarmy cootie-cunt.

    • MissPell

      Nik has banned her again…for like the umpteenth time. He says he’s given her way too many chances. lol

    • Badbret 2.0

      I don’t think she likes me. Oh well

  101. Badbret 2.0

    That's very generous

  102. Dawn D Davenport

    Girl, your comments are hilarious!!!!!

  103. Dawn D Davenport

    His head is elongating like fucking Stonehenge. You know he didn't read that right and showed up at the dudes house with a mat and a jar of coconut oil.

    • Voody


    • Darlene Conner

      HA! That’s what I thought! It’s like when guys get hair cuts and say they “got their ears raised” or whatever. I don’t even know what that means but it is so Sharkey.

  104. Badbret 2.0

    Shh nothing going on here

  105. Digitus impudicus

    Again with breaking up/divorcing Andrea? How many fucking times have these two sickos broken up and got back together?

    • Pam

      It seems like they “divorced” once before

    • jujubeans

      Im sure they abuse each other in various ways that run the full gamet from emotional to physical to drugs and alcohol. It can’t be healthy behind those closed doors.

  106. Voody

    Sharkey has got his priorities…

  107. not2slobro

    reminiscent of movie Ground Hogs Day but in this case appears the main character never learns from the past…

  108. jujubeans

    His smile is the face you make when you finally manage to take the first shit after being really constipated for a long time and the Hammer from 13 Ghosts is happening to your asshole.

  109. Spartacus

    Skin like an Ebola survivor.

  110. Kimberley

    While I am partial to the name Moguladouche, in my head I just keep calling him Stay Puft because of those meaty marshmallow nipples.

    • Kimberley

      Also, Hmmm, not my best work, but I still think the comparison is pretty striking.

  111. Maia

    Awesome post! The douchery is MEGA! He's so brain dead, he doesn't know Ms. Conduct is a female! Divorced? Can you say in and out of court for child support?

    • Mr and Ms are very hard to distinguish when your brain is smaller than your baby dick (I’m just going by what Bev said about his penis, lol…*shudder*).

  112. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Everyone's jealous of your wheels and success sharkey.

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