ZW Monday Moron

Khloe Terae & Zaida Pugh

What better way to start a Monday, than with a ZW Monday Moron Poll?

The “Crickets” part of our title relates to this dumbass who let a box of crickets out on the subway, causing commuters to collectively lose their fucking minds.

The thing is, the video was a setup designed in an attempt to go viral. Zaida Pugh posed as a homeless person selling bugs and had her “actor” friends cause this scene to “show what homeless people go through”.

Pff. Not. Fucking. Buying. It.

This raising awareness thing is bullshit. Bitch wanted her 15 minutes of fame. It’s not the first time she’s tried triggering people’s emotions to gain notoriety, either.

β€œI have been doing these pranks for four years now” she said in an interview.

Last year she was the original poster of a viral video that appeared to show a woman stabbing her baby to death. The clickbaity title said the woman killed the baby and posted the video online for the father to see.

She even went further and posted more videos about it saying they had info on the woman….again she says this terrible acting is for awareness.

Awareness of what exactly? Well, I’m not sure even Zaida knows that.

Here’s her facebook link to the second part of the lie:

(Funny footnote: Someone pulled the e-brakes on the subway and they were stuck in that carriage for hours. She ended up pissing herself because she couldn’t hold it any longer. LOL)

I’m sure it will be tough competition against the aforementioned Moron, but Khloe Terae definitely gets a look in this week for two reasons.

1 – she showed her face at the Playboy Mansion #MSND16 Party. I’ve quickly scanned the attendees and if Ms Terae wants herself to be taken seriously as a model (fitness wear is BIG these days and Khloe has been literally working her ass off for fitness gigs), then she needs to quit it with the harlot image. Playboy is nothing to be proud of in this era.

2 – This was what tipped her nomination over the edge for me. Check the fucking Dolly Parton hair! Not only does this insta-ho have no idea how to apply highlighter, she seems to have forgotten that pretty much nobody can pull this look off.Β 

Alrighty, let’s do this! Voting time –