ZW Monday Moron

Melanie Martin vs Khloe Terae

It’s been wayyy too long, so… Monday Moron Poll Time!

Here we have dumber-than-a-brick Melanie Martin who appears to be re-re-re-entangled in Twink182’s beard of deceit.

What the fuck is wrong with this girl? Did she forget THIS happened?


Uhh, what about THIS, Melanie?



What the hell kind of dirt does Kurt have on Melanie to keep her comin’ on back?


It’s going to be hard to beat the sheer stupidity of Melanie, but Khloe Terae is definitely edging into Moron territory. First of all -as you can see – these pictures posted on IG clearly show Khloe survived the Hurricane. Not that that necessarily makes her a Moron, it just pissed me off.

Anyhoo, the reason she made the grade for poll was because of the latest “model” shot she posted.

Who the hell is that? Fucking Moron. That looks absolutely nothing like her. What makes a person who posts literally hundreds of selfies of their head on social media think we won’t notice they shopped her a whole new anti-chipmunk face?

Ok, voting time! I’m in a Poll-y kinda mood so make sure you’ve been and upvoted the comments with the best ZW Names for Chad Fakio so we can include your favourites in the poll. He’s up next!