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Monday Moron – Melanie vs Khloe

ZW Monday Moron

Melanie Martin vs Khloe Terae

It’s been wayyy too long, so… Monday Moron Poll Time!

Here we have dumber-than-a-brick Melanie Martin who appears to be re-re-re-entangled in Twink182’s beard of deceit.

What the fuck is wrong with this girl? Did she forget THIS happened?


Uhh, what about THIS, Melanie?



What the hell kind of dirt does Kurt have on Melanie to keep her comin’ on back?


It’s going to be hard to beat the sheer stupidity of Melanie, but Khloe Terae is definitely edging into Moron territory. First of all -as you can see – these pictures posted on IG clearly show Khloe survived the Hurricane. Not that that necessarily makes her a Moron, it just pissed me off.

Anyhoo, the reason she made the grade for poll was because of the latest “model” shot she posted.

Who the hell is that? Fucking Moron. That looks absolutely nothing like her. What makes a person who posts literally hundreds of selfies of their head on social media think we won’t notice they shopped her a whole new anti-chipmunk face?

Ok, voting time! I’m in a Poll-y kinda mood so make sure you’ve been and upvoted the comments with the best ZW Names for Chad Fakio so we can include your favourites in the poll. He’s up next!



  1. JimU113

    If you start melting like a toy soldier while in front of a fire, you’ve gone too far with it.

  2. Some of the pics I’ve seen of her lately she’s tilted her head so far to one side her head is practically upside down and it looks like she’s about to stumble around as a result. Like check the tilt in some of her pics in that post about the stupid playboy midsummersnight eve party, she’s veering towards the exorcist territory!

  3. JimU113

    Ooh, spicy.

  4. countryjew

    That’s how guys who pay for pussy their whole life talk.

    But at least Trump News Network will have some hot-ass anchors when it debuts next year.

  5. countryjew

    Luckily that stuff plays better in Russia. Which is where Trump is going to be living after the DOJ and IRS hound him out of the country. I’m sure a lot of the whites will be joining him.

  6. €r2

    He has picture with trump. They like each other.

    • King Ghidorah

      Yea, I’ve saw the pictures of Trump at his house, & everything. They’re buddies.

  7. King Ghidorah

    Yea he probably has something on her bad.

  8. Dr.Christian Troy

    What the fuck is Khloe doing to her face?!?!? In two years this will be her.

  9. JimU113

    A sign that she has no brain.

  10. JimU113


  11. JimU113

    And a brain that blew away like a dried up chihuahua turd.

  12. JimU113

    Is Melanie entangled in Twink’s beard of deceit, or as his beard of deceit?

  13. Digitus impudicus

    Looking at these filthy whores totally engenders skankorexia. Seeing filthy whores makes you vomit. Who needs Jenny Craig!!!

  14. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    Melanie hands down for even SPEAKING to a guy that said he hopes she dies, wtf are you thinking girl? smdh

  15. Whitney BeatMe

    Maybe they’re sharing the herps and that’s why she keeps going back..

  16. Persephone

    She looks 33. That’s not supposed to be a cut. She looks like a ‘good’ 33. 29 youngest.

  17. Maia

    Khloe needs to stop all the plastic surgery before she starts looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein! What dirt could Kurtlynn have? Let’s see….she’s a bikini-wearing bartender. Do you think she supports her lifestyle with tips and a 3.00 hourly wage? Perhaps she’s a bit more of the Deltona 500 than we know.

  18. €r2

    I definetely say that meliania is the most moron here. Think about that a person wants you die or says the shittest things to you and you forgive or go back to him as if nothing happened. This is not an acceptable thing to me.

  19. Sammi Jo

    Melanie’s 2003 manicure is bad enough…I shouldn’t of been surprised by the pedicure

  20. Miranda Rights

    Why the fuck are they wearing lingerie to a brunch?

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