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Nicolette & Gizel – What the FUCK are they doing?

ZW Submission:


Nicolette Shea & Gizel Gizel aka The Downtown Double-Enders

Maia sent us in these images of Torpedo Tits Shea and Jizz-el on a surgery shopping spree along with some questions she needs answered.  Ok, ZW – Help us. What the fuck is going on here?

 What the hell procedures did these two hoes undergo?

What requires a full body and facial compression garment that Torpedo Tits Shea is wearing?


What are those stitches alongside Gizel’s thighs?


Where are those stitches she’s getting removed and why?

What are those lines on the side of Gizel’s stomach?

Why would they go to Columbia, a 3rd world country, for low-cost plastic surgery?

I’m so confused!!!!

Me too, Maia! What possible surgical procedure is left for these girls to undergo? A full body compression suit and a cheap Columbian surgeon? This is bizarre!~QoT~


  1. Wait…there’s a baboon one too? Faack. The one I have nightmares about was about these guys driving somewhere and they either got stuck or deliberately drove into a gang of thuggish chimpanzees (aka ‘monkeys’ BC I am terrified of all primates except the widdle baby ones behind glass at a damn zoo) and those motherfuckers tore one of the guys apart…literally. The camera work and foreshadowing and how they made thst episode was so good that I tell you the fear itself etched into my brain…it’s funny I can’t even tell u details but I can never forget that episode deep inside my primal primate fear center. If the babboon one is about those fucking asshole monkeys in India? That swarm people? Oh hell no I cannot watch!!!

  2. I love those shows! But “I survived” about monkeys attacking some dudes? Nightmares …shudder.

  3. It looks so painful! Imagining the recovery makes me want to vomit

  4. Scorpio

    I like your way of putting it better. Noice.

  5. Scorpio

    I’m just a caveman.

  6. Maia

    Gizel getting her ass implants massaged. This ass is hideous and looks terrible. Wtf is he/she thinking?

  7. Scorpio

    Diet and exercise is hard. It is easier to pretend one can achieve the same result passively.

  8. Scorpio

    I would put money on your prediction.

  9. Sir TTP

    That pic of Shea stumbling around in full gimp getup is for the win. BTW – I found her evening outfit…


  10. The Judge

    I remember that show, wasn’t it called Big, Fat & Delusional?

  11. Maia

    You got that right. They should have an exit plan rather than foolishly thinking some wealthy trout is going to wife them up. Who would want these hoes as wife material?

    • Does gizel still have a dick?

      • Maia

        Not sure. She bragged on snapchat that she received an email from the show “Botched”. Don’t know what they wanted. I think she takes a shitload of hormones.

        • Who the FUCK is proud to be on Botched? Omg so funnyyyyyyy. I suppose he/she would stir up the real fetishy john action by being on it, though. We forget that these wierdos don’t want to just be comfortable in their own skin or to feel good about themselves, they need customers. Remember that post I wrote s long time ago about that chick who wanted to be a bimbo and all these fucking wierdos encouraged her and egged her on on Twitter? I used to check her twit out and after her last operation she stopped tweeting. Bitch done fucked herself up. I got into it with the crazy fucks who encouraged her s couple times. And, of course, being me, I sent a few “wheres your giant boobs you dumb skunt” tweets…nothing. She dead. Her argument to me was “I have 300 Twitter followers and you have five” lolol I wanted to kill myself BC she had more Twitter followers. I thought about bimbofication …that would probably get me some more .,.I held a bottle of barbiturates in my trembling hand crying “I don’t wanna LIVE” I stood on the ledge of a tall building for hours thinking how cruel Twitter is lol

  12. I worked for a plastic surgeon for about ten years…the post op garments and stitch sites make it pretty obvious. She got lipo under her chin/neck area (submental), abdomen, hips, back, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and fat injections to the buttocks. Going abroad for surgery is beyond risky because traveling back can give you deep vein thrombosis and you can die suddenly from that…even if all goes well in the actual surgery. Also, if you have any complications once you come home, good luck finding a reputable plastic surgeon that will even make you an appointment. Your only avenue will be going to the emergency room and having a staff surgeon see you. Surgery vacations are just dumb. These two bimbos are idiots!

    • Maia

      Thanks! I just don’t understand this never being satisfied with my body phenomenon.

      • Spartacus

        Same here, I am the archetypal middle aged white Englishman. I have some tough old muscles hidden by some general age related sagginess, I don’t tan and I’ll never be on an A&F promotional campaign. But I’m rather happy in my own skin thank you very much.

  13. €r2

    Yes you guess right. But someone should let know them that not every dream comes true lol

  14. Maia


  15. €r2

    Hhaha yes good catch. Thanks

  16. King Ghidorah

    Might have at a game or something, but they’re nothing special out here, in REAL life. There’s one on every corner.

  17. €r2

    Even their souls are gonna be plastic as their bodies.

  18. I don’t know why there are no JP drains and othr shit I would expect after a nephrevtomy tho very bizarre

  19. They’re taking a kidney is what they’re doing. It seriously looks that way. I wanted to donate a kidney to a family member and went almost all the way to removal until I was disqualified from donating due to having only one fully functioning kidney myself.

    • Scorpio

      That’s an interesting theory. It is a possibility. But why would they both do that? Do you think they are selling them? Do you think one donated to the other? The odds of them being a match are remote. Why the compression garments?

      • I think they traded bjs and a kidney for fat transfer procedures – maybe a tummy tuck as well, both leading to compression garments. They’ve traded blowjobs for way less

  20. The cannula used for the lipo and fat transfer doesn’t leave scars like these long cuts over the retroperitoneal area tho

  21. Sir TTP

    The IG comment is from the elephant, right? I didn’t know Ashley was 30. LOL.

  22. Sir TTP

    I can think of one person that should have tagged along on this magical trip through third-world surgical hell. Including a mind-bending example of visual irony as reference.

  23. Digitus impudicus

    I cannot imagine the poor innocent individual receiving a kidney from any of these filthy whores, the poor kidney has had to process tons of cups of old-man jizz!

  24. Digitus impudicus

    Because, whores.

  25. Maia

    Ugh!!!! I don’t want to know!

  26. Maia

    Just think of the shoes!

  27. Maia

    Lol!!! A turban!

  28. Maia

    But true!

  29. not2slobro

    the moral to this story basically is put lipstick on a pig fine and good but, its still just a pig

  30. o3mta3o

    I imagine they reek of infection.
    They probably got chewable aspirin instead of antibiotics there, and coke for the pain.

    • Sir TTP

      Which begs the question, how much marching powder does Nicolette have to smuggle back in her left tit to pay for all this surgical lunacy?

  31. Spartacus

    Rib removal seems plausible, invasive surgery is a great subject for snapchats and Instas. Is there a specific font I can use to convey sarcasm?

  32. Whitney BeatMe

    They were getting their tails removed??

  33. Kay More

    This is so nasty that they post post op pics. They have no value:/

    • Sweater Puppies

      Right? I was thinking the same thing! It’s one thing to take pictures of the recovery for yourself, but to blast it out to the public… WTF? Who does that?

  34. JimU113

    Odds are, Scars has the Mexican plastic surgeon cartel in her back pocket. Ergo, they have to go further for the same shoddy work.

    • o3mta3o

      The prosperity index ranking for health has a huge gap between Colombia and Mexico. They would have been so much better off in Mexico. I think they would be better off in Romania getting chopped up by Gypsies actually.

  35. They def gave up a kidney each as seen on the last pic. There is no possible vanity procedure that leaves you looking like the fucking Black Dahlia after a hasty throwback. Huge fucking squares off the flanks? Whatttt? Squares? What are they doing the lipo with, a payloader? And not for nothing but the extensive butt to toe cankles this bitch has to use as actual legs are unsavable

  36. Scorpio

    It could be body sculpting. Pretty much just liposuction to various small areas of the body. It possibly included some of the removed fat being processed and then injected into various other small areas of the body. When that is done, it is called fat transfer. The butt is a common area for fat to be transferred into, as well as the lips and other areas of the face. Often, many areas of the body are included in such a procedure. Areas of skin have to be under compression garments after liposuction, because the skin becomes lifted and bruised from the procedure. Since they probably had fat removed from their inner and outer thighs, flanks, and bellies, they would need the type of body suits you see. They likely included the area under the chin in their liposuction, and possibly other areas of the face for injection, so that is likely the reason for the head dress.

  37. Miranda Rights

    I’ve known a couple people who’ve gotten the cool laser liposuction done and had to wear compression suits just like that. For weeks too!

    It seemed gnarly

  38. OldWineBox

    Rib removals with lipo and breast redo’s.

    • Maia

      What in the actual fuck is wrong with these hoes? I don’t get it, I just don’t. Nicolette is 31. Her expiration date was about 5 years ago. These two couldn’t scream low self-esteem any louder if they tried.

      • Scorpio

        They had better not scream low self-esteem. That might pop some stitches.

        • Maia

          Lol!!! Thanks for the insight, too. I think they’re crazy. No need for the shit. They’re hoes, not 5 million dollars a movie actresses.

      • Sammi Jo

        As much as these fools slice n’ dice themselves, it’s a wonder one of them hasn’t gotten sick or worse! They treat dangerous evasive surgery like it’s a trip to the salon SMH

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