ZW Submission:


Nicolette Shea & Gizel Gizel aka The Downtown Double-Enders

Maia sent us in these images of Torpedo Tits Shea and Jizz-el on a surgery shopping spree along with some questions she needs answered.  Ok, ZW – Help us. What the fuck is going on here?

 What the hell procedures did these two hoes undergo?

What requires a full body and facial compression garment that Torpedo Tits Shea is wearing?


What are those stitches alongside Gizel’s thighs?


Where are those stitches she’s getting removed and why?

What are those lines on the side of Gizel’s stomach?

Why would they go to Columbia, a 3rd world country, for low-cost plastic surgery?

I’m so confused!!!!

Me too, Maia! What possible surgical procedure is left for these girls to undergo? A full body compression suit and a cheap Columbian surgeon? This is bizarre!~QoT~