It seems every moron in the insta-whorde had something utterly senseless to post today. So today is STOOPID SATUHDAY.

First up is the ever stupid sand midget, Nik Richie aka Dik Itchy. From someone who vehemently claimed to be bettering society by exposing the very whorde he is an active part of – Dik sure can’t get his head around what the Dirty audience actually wants from his site. Still. You’d think the Great Defection of 2015 would have made him think twice – nope. Can’t fix stoopid. Dik thinks he’s “crushing it”.

Please do post more pics of Paris Hilton arriving at the airport, Dik. It’s so fucking captivating 😂

Then there’s Tricia Evans aka Beverly Hillbilly/Dead Tooth who completely missed the whole point of the Planned Parenthood mission.

Stupid Hillbilly forgot everyone already knows her stance on abortion AND how quickly she changed it.Β 

Tiffany Vine jumped on the Stoopid Satuhday movement with this post. Because begging on facebook is wayyy less “gay” than starting a HoFundMe. *rolls eyes*

Now with this next picture, I’m not sure who is more stoopid. Dildo Baggins for saying it, when he is constantly surrounded by plastic women or Twink182 for retweeting it like he’s actually interested in a female ass.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough stoopid shit, here’s everyone’s favourite Gimp Smashed Crab posting….umm…uhhh… I actually have no idea what the fuck this is supposed to be. Keep in mind this was posted at 930am her time – and she already sounds like she’s half a xanny and 2 martinis away from a blackout.

Here’s another unemployed loser whining about how much people want to be like her (yep suuuree Chompers). Do these hoes think WE’RE stoopid?

What stoopid shit did you come across from the insta-whorde today? Post your pics in the comments.