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Satuhday Stoopids from the Insta-Whorde



It seems every moron in the insta-whorde had something utterly senseless to post today. So today is STOOPID SATUHDAY.

First up is the ever stupid sand midget, Nik Richie aka Dik Itchy. From someone who vehemently claimed to be bettering society by exposing the very whorde he is an active part of – Dik sure can’t get his head around what the Dirty audience actually wants from his site. Still. You’d think the Great Defection of 2015 would have made him think twice – nope. Can’t fix stoopid. Dik thinks he’s “crushing it”.

Please do post more pics of Paris Hilton arriving at the airport, Dik. It’s so fucking captivating 😂

Then there’s Tricia Evans aka Beverly Hillbilly/Dead Tooth who completely missed the whole point of the Planned Parenthood mission.

Stupid Hillbilly forgot everyone already knows her stance on abortion AND how quickly she changed it. 

Tiffany Vine jumped on the Stoopid Satuhday movement with this post. Because begging on facebook is wayyy less “gay” than starting a HoFundMe. *rolls eyes*

Now with this next picture, I’m not sure who is more stoopid. Dildo Baggins for saying it, when he is constantly surrounded by plastic women or Twink182 for retweeting it like he’s actually interested in a female ass.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough stoopid shit, here’s everyone’s favourite Gimp Smashed Crab posting….umm…uhhh… I actually have no idea what the fuck this is supposed to be. Keep in mind this was posted at 930am her time – and she already sounds like she’s half a xanny and 2 martinis away from a blackout.

Here’s another unemployed loser whining about how much people want to be like her (yep suuuree Chompers). Do these hoes think WE’RE stoopid?

What stoopid shit did you come across from the insta-whorde today? Post your pics in the comments.


  1. Thanks! Great tips girl 🙂

  2. Hi Queen! I would love to see how much your site traffic has increased since lil Niky’s site went south. How do you go about commenting via disqus on dirty posts to let people know about this site without it getting thrown into pending? I am sure most know about this site, but there are some who I would also love to see commenting here.

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Dan B. made a great comment. I totally agree with him (again, I’m shocked) that it’s a fad. Remember Capri pants and the dreaded eyebrow/tongue ring? Different than surgery, I get that; but I’m glad that he said it and maybe dumb ho’s who are dedicating their lives to impressing people like him will actually stop the madness.

  4. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    good thing she’s got ta-ta’s and a vajayjay bcuz with her plain jane mug, black heart and ugly personality who the fvck would want to be with her other than someone she could unconscionably manipulate.

  5. Scorpio

    I agree with Dan Bilzerian except for one detail. I do not accept that this fake fat ass thing is a legitimate “fad”. I think it is just a small group of some very stupid people that get a lot of press. Like him, I can see a huge difference between sexy enhanced tits and stupid fat butts.

  6. ZWGGMa

    Yeah… it is sad…

  7. Digitus impudicus

    The very same! Poor thing is getting asstioxidants!

  8. Gadda Bait

    See I didn’t know if it sent. Its hard to tell when you live outside lol. I found this by accident. We have got to send it to him. Sorry for waking the lil one.

  9. I repeat, will the huge fat asshole please fuck off?
    Were gonna have a problem here

    You look like you aint never seen a diet before
    dragging your gunt on the floor
    Nik and JV burst through the door
    started barfing real bad like the last time before
    crying this is the worst! climbing over furniture
    its the return of the (sniff) no, wait, she didnt just shit herself, naw (sniff) thats just her..shitty
    and her doctor, he said
    nothing, you idiots, that doctor’s dead, rotting in her fucking basement
    shes obsessed with Eminem
    hes sick of this shim
    out front of his house
    using a rag and stick to touch her you know what grabbing blobs of her you know who
    grunting “im a human!” yeah, but so gross tho
    she definitely got screws up in her head loose
    but no worse than what goes down in her cousins bedroom
    sometimes she goes off her meds and lets her cray loose
    trolling the webs with a hand in her pants and pissing in old bottles of juice
    blows old bums with both her lips, stroking on her bitch tits
    and if shes lucky she gets a shower in golden piss
    and thats the shit she does before she flips her lid
    gets a crane to search for where her clitoris is
    of course shes gonna make 40 different profiles
    all equally annoying and written in the same styles
    they got mental hygiene laws dont they?
    why cant they lock this shit up and throw the fucking key away?
    she molests small animals, dresses in Garanimals
    she smells like shit, shes gross, shes vile, shes stupid, ignorant, makes none of us smile
    yet the bitch still keeps trying on the grind all the time
    and were gonna find her- we have, at this time
    sing the chorus, how does it go?
    Youre a huge asshole just a stank fucking asshole
    please suffocate yourself in one of your random fat rolls
    will the huge fucking shitbag please shut up, please fuck off, please shut up

  10. smugjew

    Disqus should send her a plaque for creating 1000 different accounts.

  11. smugjew

    She’s anointed herself his #1 Fan but Nik Richie would call the police if 5150 came within 1000 feet of him.

  12. smugjew

    Evidence was posted on here six months ago… Shayne goes to Las Vegas…. hooks up with bartender for pillz…. ungroomed muff… talk…

  13. Stelio Kontos

    They should have an old black lady on payroll. She’d simply come in every Sunday morning declaring “it smells like sex and debauchery in here” while waving a bible around the room as if she were exorcising demons of bad sex and regretful financial transactions.

  14. smugjew

    #NowPlaying Crazy by Patsy Cline
    #NowPlaying Kissin’ Cousins by Elvis Presley
    #NowPlaying 5150 by Van Halen

  15. prettyfeet

    Knew it was some 80s rock band, so thanks for nailing it.

  16. Gadda Bait

    Play that funky music brown boy!

  17. Gadda Bait


  18. Whitney BeatMe

    Budget TMZ. Chock full of 5150, The one that got away from Robert Picton, and beta soup. I miss when his monkey used to stick up for Sears… but not that much.

  19. JimU113

    Check your email.

  20. Penza

    I loved the book, but actually hated the movie, it was a loooong time ago.

    • Sammi Jo

      I didn’t read the book, I should.
      I like Hunter S. Thompson’s style

      • Stelio Kontos

        Hunter S Thompson is a bio deserving a full length feature film. An odd, yet brilliant man.

        • Sammi Jo

          You’ve probably watched Gonzo? If not, do.

          • Stelio Kontos

            Yes I did, loved it. A bio is a hard sell in Hollywood for a major release, but Hunter Thompson has enough “story” to make it happen

          • Sammi Jo

            I’d definetly watch it!!

  21. Penza

    Nice lower Ubangee lip.

  22. Will the real fat asshole please drop dead.

  23. Digitus impudicus

    No, she looks like a plastic surgeon’s experiment.

  24. Darlene Conner

    I think that is what is known as the dreaded “chemical cut”. Basically someone screwed up and her hair broke off so they cut it short to try to cover it. The color is just awful.

    • Penza

      She’s getting gray on the sides, and the roots are still dark, she should get a refund.

      • Darlene Conner

        And a better colorist.

      • Darlene Conner

        I just remembered on a side note when I was a freshman in hs a really fancy shmancy salon that I went to asked me to be a model for photos they were having taken for hair magazines and such. They liked my eyebrow ring (LOL!!!!). So before the big day they had me come in so they could show me the cut. Now, I had long, always long, hair. Still do. This cut was the Mom from the Brady Bunch. NO LIE. For a 15 year old girl. In the year 2000. I knew I would be laughed out of school and bowed out but not before I tried to push the “opportunity” on a girl I didn’t really like. Story time is over.

  25. Gadda Bait
    Skip to 3:30 I think.

  26. Maia

    I’m dying with you!

  27. Maia

    No, it’s STANKY!

  28. Um, Cletus? Remember how Bev swore her birth control failed? Well, now you KNOW that was bullshit because planned Parenthood provides prenatal care and the majority don’t perform on site abortions. Fucking liar. I really really hate her. She’s never planned shit in her life except being in playboy- massive fail.

  29. Gadda Bait

    Ha ha…..I think I found video of Twink 182 dancing ( 90% sure ) he REALLY needs to come out of the closet. Its super GAY!

  30. Pam

    That’s hilarious! Makes me tempted to do something like that.

  31. Kay More

    Ugly people are always surprisingly so damn self confident!!

  32. JimU113

    “I look like baby poop with or without makeup”.
    Fixed it for you.

  33. ZWGGMa

    No you look like a baboon lipped, wonky eyed whore bag ….

  34. Stelio Kontos


  35. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    you must of got lucky,, seems like, these days, they’d just deny it
    ok, beer run.. bbl

  36. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    She probably wanted to spell basic, but she was thinking of her retirement plan and put baby..

  37. smugjew

    That Smashed Crab video is pretty short and cuts off quick but I found the rest of it:

  38. smugjew

    Did you guys know about Nik Richie Network? Seven episodes on some Z-list cable network. Mercifully cancelled I presume.

  39. Maia

    She’s sort of homely.

  40. TwoTrickPony

    ZW coming for 5150 in 2017. Spot your squat residence on the map there Cousin Fucker? I do.

  41. Maia

    Look at the bones sticking out. Will someone please buy this anorexic whore a double cheeseburger?

  42. Exactly the same thing I said to pony when he showed me that! Eeeeek

  43. Currently chatting with Mr Hof, Madam Suzette and HR from the Bunny Ranch RE Ms Wilke and Harley.
    Anyone got any questions they want me to ask?

    • TwoTrickPony

      Do they all swallow? Hof included (but asking for a friend).

    • Maia

      Why did they not accept Jen? All kidding aside.

      • At this point no one at the Ranch knows who Jen is. I sent pics and they’ve searched her email.
        Mr Hof says she’s “pretty” so she must have a record if they didn’t hire her.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      If I wanted to play swedish leapfrog, how much for say, an hour. Do they deliver 8 balls or do I have to act like a NBA player and bring my own?
      Can you post a ‘menu’ of what they offer?
      Do they have HD 4K video’s so I can remember all the $$ that one can potentially drop?
      .. If I was to bring a friend, like a pinch hitter (when I get tired), so I can use my full hour, is that extra?
      oh, you mean questions for Harley? What did she want for Christmas?

      • Stelio Kontos

        Please ask about the laundry situation, in particular, how much DNA is flushed through the pipes there via some severly disgruntled Latina housekeeper who is seriously considering supporting a wall and being south of it upon inception.

    • JimU113

      I do have a question, but a little too afraid to ask.

    • Gadda Bait

      Are herpes real?

    • Digitus impudicus

      Yeah, Harley: Why the fuck do you lack self esteem, pride and dignity?

  44. TwoTrickPony

    I scared away a persistent Jehovah’s Witness with this picture today by saying “she’s in the next room and walking this way.”

    Thanks again Kina.

  45. Sammi Jo

    Aren’t half the females Dan “hangs out” with head to toe sillicone?! With 1 exception

  46. Maia

    Awww. Poor Lhommedont either has a cheap trick date or she’s paying her own way. She’s in line with the peasants!

  47. Stelio Kontos

    Of course Tiffany won’t start a Hofundme, we’d actually have a running total of her insignificance.
    I know a few female bartenders and “come see me” means anything from an innocent invitation to get wasted and hit on me to a $50 handy J when I get a break.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        wow.. paying rent with a Money Order…..Can you spell LOSER……
        2017 and doesn’t have the credit to open a checking account…………
        LOL >> sorry MIA I was drinking and missed this important part of your post.. ‘tramp can’t even have a bank account’..

        • AP

          Wait I’ve paid for rent before with a money order and I have a bank account. Lol checks cost money. Screw dat

      • Pam

        she is short for rent because of $20? Not something she should be proud to advertise

      • Lmao! She probably got one of those religious things disguised as a folded 20…Bitch grow the fuck up and stop begging online – you know the type. They need money so they whine about not having any- super annoying and tempting as fuck to stiff

    • What self respecting bartender advertises their shifts with a sob story? No bueno. you know she never shuts the fuck up about that shit her whole shift. I worked with many a Tiffany joy in my younger days and swore I’d never ever be so pathetic- mission accomplished though admittedly not very difficult.

  48. Maybe manhattandoll drank an illegal extra large slurpee and had a brain freeze…..assuming she has a brain

    • Sammi Jo

      She’s one of those who adds “inflections” to the end of every sentence. GAH! Hate it!
      “Like every statement is a question?”

      • Stelio Kontos

        Adds inflection and sort of turns it into a QUEStion?
        Ugh….that is sooo dick softening

      • AP

        It’s called vocal fry!!! It’s so annoying?? And it drives me crazy???

    • Maia

      Such a Long Island loser.

    • Digitus impudicus

      No, it was the lonely echo of an icy sensation bouncing off the interior of her skull.

  49. ZWGGMa

    The new mommies would probably appreciate a little cautionary posting of our own.

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