ZW Update: Sav Faith

You know what’s more enlightening than an emaciated blonde stripper stroking her fake hair for instagram likes? Well, fucking everything, duh.

In her insta-head she’s the blonde Dalai Lama. In the real world, she’s stripper who can’t work more than a 3 hour shift before her blood sugar drops to dangerous levels and she has to be carried off stage by a security guard and force fed a banana (no shit… and no not the kind of banana you were thinking of – get your mind out of the gutter, jeez, what is this? A site revolving around slu…oh wait. Nevermind, I’m sure it made her gag nonetheless).

So if you love “deep thoughts” – you’re gonna love this.

Ok. I’m intrigued. Let’s head on over to this facebook page and ‘take a gander’. 

Oh yeah. This shit is quality. She is so deep. She is helping SO many people.

Alright, so delivering weed kinda IS helping people. Moving on…

Hmm. A video about a top that doesn’t fit. I’m sure it helped her weird Uncle climax – but I’m failing to see the wider benefit to society here.

Sure. I can help you with that, honey. Just wire me 5k and I’ll explain later. Bitch would probably fall for it. But back to the point – how the fuck is this repugnant excuse for a human actually HELPING PEOPLE? If anyone is in dire need of a damn counselor and a hot meal – its definitely her –

Am I correct in thinking her real mission is to gain sympathy for her pathetic existence from weird uncles all over the world?

Of course I am.  *strokes hair* I know all.