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ShallowKing Found Dead After Baby Mama Drama

ZW Breaking News: ShallowKing Dead!

Mallory Knox sent me an update on ShallowKing. Whilst checking his social media I saw this:

Read the submission below. Did ShallowKing take his life over baby mama drama?

ZW Submission: ~Mallory Knox~

Better call Maury! Ruh roh! Looks like the swallow king may need to change his name to swallow cuck king, because it seems, he may not be that babies daddy!

A fast look through his twitter mentions are you need to get the dirt. Seems that REAL MMA fighter Phil Baroni (the new york badass) may be the REAL father of Swallow Queens child.

Now I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, I don’t expect to see shallow trolling Phil. I think he knows Phil could fuck him. To the point where the only thing he would be “swallowing” would be soup through a straw for the rest of  



  1. AD223

    He’s been seen alive multiple times now, including on a vid his slore wife posted straight to Instagram. While I honestly think the kid might be his hats probably the only thing in his life that is real. Dude isn’t dead. Blah blah

    • ElHijoDeHotCock

      I bet he faked his death to get out of some sort of debt and then when he realized he couldn't live without the internet and had no way to figure how to announce he's alive without being mercilessly clowned he decided to just stay off the internet.

  2. El Hijo

    Because there's zero proof a death occurred. Like none at all, no news article regarding an accident or an obituary, nada.

  3. YerMama
    Can whore wifey can be found here,

  4. Katie

    This POS is most definitely not dead. He just ran into some issues that he believed he could not overcome so he decided to be dead. The first problem was the Cody No Love "fight" aka he showed up late, refused to wait, then ran away and hid. When most people would have been embarrassed by this, Shallow King decided to follow up with two staged fights, one in front of a gym, the other outside of the arena where McGregor was fighting Mayweather. Both videos were cringe worthy, as King, with all his non existent fans, wondered around alone in a near deserted area egging on people to fight him. Following this second embarrassment, he proclaimed that he would fly to Dublin to fight McGregor early December. However, flights to Dublin are pricey, and RHB isn't paying a nobody on roids so well. Aside from that, Conor never once acknowledged King, and was not even in Dublin on the supposed fight date, This is when a fake death became the only option for King. He had publicly shamed and embarrassed himself far to many times. Sadly though, the media/attention whore could not stand being quite and continued to post, like, comment, and block from beyond the grave. While he thinks of a "resurrection" story, his cam whore wife continues to post, promote, and strip on cam like nothing happened. She even managed to catch him in a few videos, imagine that, a ghost caught on video.

  5. Inspector_2017

    He is/was pathetic. Basically a smarter version of Sharkey

  6. Stelio_Kontos

    I should be more into his gf from a PCM standpoint. Why am I so "meh" on her?

  7. Heauxbag

    The baby is Swallow Kings unfortunately. The bitch got artificially insemination with pre gender selection which in itself is extremely controversial. They probably had to go that route because his peen can't reach past her big ol fake booty far enough to reach her meat holes. I remember her posting about her conception and why she thought it was ok to pre select the gender of her child. If he is dead I would be surprised. Stupid narcissistic fuck.

  8. dawndavenportddd

    I heard he died of fatal mediocrity

  9. Sammi Jo

    Jon Gosselin's Consignment Shop

  10. Digits impudicus

    Cunt needs a miscarriage.

  11. ATopTeam

    Update Sherdog forums is reporting this is fake and he is a broke fucking bum and gonna play up the cyber bullying angle for gofundme.

    On another funny note Disquis blocked who has been the go to mma site for 5 years so we are in good company

    • Inspector

      Disqus was bought by Zeta Global (Marketing Company) on Dec 5, 2017. Their CEO (o liberal pussy named David Steinberg ) is a writer for Huffington Post and Wired (liberal propaganda pansy rags) and is trying to position his platform in a way that doesn't support any "hate speech" , much like the ongoing Twitter purge.

      The reach of Disqus is disturbing when you think about its ability to track users across different domains, usage behavior, and its AI that does sentiment analysis , machine learning and bot training.

    • Stelio_Kontos

      This dude….
      I swear, just a male Tiffany Vine on steroids (literally and figuratively).
      Much like Dan Blizerian, if Shallow King was all a joke and Mathew Kline Kader was "in" on the joke – I'd love it.

    • Inspector_2017

      Disqus was bought by Zeta Global (Marketing Company) on Dec 5, 2017. Their CEO (o liberal pussy named David Steinberg ) is a writer for Huffington Post and Wired (liberal propaganda pansy rags) and is trying to position his platform in a way that doesn't support any "hate speech" , much like the ongoing Twitter purge.

  12. ATopTeam

    And for alllllllllllll the shit shallowking talked three guys saying a professional famous fighter plowed his groupie gf made him kill himself?? Weaksauce

  13. ATopTeam

    Phil Baroni while a mediocre fighter is in the interview Hall of Fame…he has a college degree and was a teacher he quit to fight when it was no holds barred bloodbath

    Joe Rogan: Phil what made you become a fighter
    NYBA: I cant draw and im a shitty dancer!

  14. therealpintu

    And this guy was supposed to be tough!!

  15. SDD

    Lotta room to fit in there. What is it, about an 1800 square foot ranch house, with a detached garage, right?

  16. Sammi Jo

    Deed transferable to:
    Axe Body Spray
    0000 Affliction Ave.
    Bedazzled Jeans, CA

  17. Voyeur

    That bitch looks legit disfigured. From the waist down she looks like she's been sitting at a desk eating donuts for 30 years.

  18. truthhurts

    wow, behind a chili's……. as soon as comments get fixed,, gonna have fun posting about this one

    • T.J.

      He wants his baby back, baby back, baby back.

    • Party Cat

      Not surprised. She got finger banged in the back of a truck by some random dude when we were driving to a club. She’s a legit whore.

      • SDD

        You know her personally… spill the beans, please!

      • Stelio Kontos

        Is fingering still socially acceptable?

        • Prettyfeet

          WTF do you mean, is it acceptable? OF COURSE it is! You can't get to 4th base without it. As a girl it gives you an idea if dude knows WTF he's doing, For guys (I've heard) a smell and feel check. Right?

          • Stelio_Kontos

            Considering the social climate lately I wasn't sure what we were supposed to do with our digits

          • Inspector

            I would need a clothespin and several layers of surgical and nitrile gloves to consider that activity.

          • Digitus impudicus

            why, give it impudicus style! 🙂

    • ATopTeam

      Chiiiiiiiiilis baby baaaaack

  19. LlamaDelRey

    What a weird emoji to include when you are announcing someone's death.
    Maybe he died of laughter? Because I almost did reading about his baby mama drama!

  20. SDD

    I’m going to go Alex Jones here, and present a conspiracy theory.

    SwallowKing is not dead. He’s playing dead because he’s tired of getting his ass beat, made fun of on social media for his idiotic social media antics, and taking care of another man’s progeny. So, he’s pretending he’s dead so he can step away from all the self-inflicted negative coverage, surrounding his life.

    Anyway, if he is dead, then I offer my condolences to the Kader family.

    • He seems like the type to think he could get away with a stunt like that…

      • SDD

        Agreed. He’s a douche that would try to pull off something like this, possibly as a “marketing stunt.” You know… he’s a god that came back from the dead.

    • MalloryKnox666

      Yeah a gofundme popped up

      • SDD

        I see “Dylan” on the SwallowKing Twitter account is saying the gofundme pages are fake. I presume Dylan is a pseudonym for SwallowKing. Who knows?

        Maybe SwallowLoads is in a hospital bed in Dublin after his McGregor fight?

  21. SDD

    I’m going to go Alex Jones here, and pull out a conspiracy theory.

    Kader isn’t dead, he’s just pretending he’s dead because he’s tired of all the embarrassment of getting his ass beat, and taking care of another man’s offspring. So, he’s dead… at least as social media is concerned.

    Anyway, if this is true, my condolences to the Kader family.

  22. This certainly surprised me! He has been talking non stop smack talk on social media – how did he have time to off himself?

    As the social media age captures the weak – will ZW end up turning into an obituary section?

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