Free Post Friday, James T. Sharkey

Shark Post Friday

Shark Post Friday


Happy Friday, ZW Nation. Before we get to my favorite part of Sharkey Week I want to thank everybody for participating. I’ve been given a lot of credit this week in the comments and although I’m flattered I don’t deserve it. First, Queen of Tarts keeps up and running. If anybody in the ZW Crew deserves the credit it should go to her. Secondly, and just as equally important is the fact that without the ZW Nation – that’s you guys – we wouldn’t have any material to work with. I won’t name names because that’d take up the entirety of this post. But if I’m upvoting you, featuring your comments or giving you the occasional shout out then I mean you.

Working on this website has been a learning experience. Most of the time it’s like throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks. Does James T. Sharkey bring in a massive amount of views? Not really. But the commenters, the people that make this website run, can’t seem to get enough of the guy. This week was for you.

So, without further ado proudly presents to you:


Go nuts, you degenerates!

Sharkey Week Recap:

PNAK Intel: Sharkey Pimped His Ride

The Trials And Tribulations of James T. Sharkey

Sharkey’s Game Is Tight

FMK – Sharkey Edition

Top Comments of the Week:

Meltdown of the Week:

Nik Richie’s attempt to grab headlines by posting numerous Donald Trump ‘stories’ from 8 years ago. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Instead of posting one of my favorite Friday Night songs to usher in the weekend I figured we’d switch it up this week.

ZW Fans Prank James T. Sharkey

You didn’t think we were done, did you?

Have a great weekend!






  1. Habib Fazil

    Yup, it's probably a lot less work to get your degree in nuclear engineering…

  2. Darlene Conner

    Agreed. Not saying that that I could do a better job. I witnessed my husband call my previous work place (a beauty store) and tell my coworker that in a jewish old lady voice that her sister just died and the funeral is today and she wanted to look nice so she put on fake eyelashes but the girl in the store didn't say anything about adhesive so she used super glue? "I can't open my eyes. Is it okay that its burning?…Oh…well I'll just drive over so you can look at it yourself…" " I'm going to be mutilated for my sisters funeral!" LOLOL

  3. Darlene Conner

    If you were good enough to retire than YES!!!!

  4. Habib Fazil

    yeah, but, you see, that’s the problem, “pay attention” is just too much, it’s over the top…

  5. The Bad Seed

    YASSSS! shark week rocked, I couldn't comment as much for we moved this week & well moving a family isn't easy! I did enjoy & the video with bangs is straight up hilarious!!!!!

    Thank you all to the ZDubb crew!

  6. Habib Fazil

    depends… who's doing the holding and who's the holdee?

  7. Seriously

    You never let me down ✊

  8. Seriously

    I concur.

  9. Persephone

    He acts like he's 21, and that's being generous.
    He looks almost 50 in the more recent pics. I can't believe how poorly he's aged- it's bad.

  10. Persephone

    He's so in love with himself.

  11. Persephone

    YES! Ahh Sammi… you know the way to my heart.
    btw, do you live in Canada?

  12. Persephone

    Too funny- I haven't heard about that guy in awhile

  13. Persephone

    I do! And good idea; that's an investment

  14. Persephone


  15. AmericanTopTeam

    Why would you even answer your phone what a dumb ass, disconnect block etc is he really 40 years old

  16. Gadda Bait

    Me too. I have laughed more these past 2 days than I have in a long time.

  17. Gadda Bait

    Thank you Queen

  18. Gadda Bait

    Thanks Prince. This was great. You never disappoint. I'm still laughing.

  19. Donnie Darko

  20. MissPell

    No wonder he can't find a good woman…this one has three arms. haha

  21. Habib Fazil

    agreed, looks like he's smiling…

  22. Habib Fazil

    Yeah, motorboating…

  23. Habib Fazil

    Hasn't happened before, will never happen in the future…

    Pass me a cold one eh?

  24. Habib Fazil

    Well to be honest, he could do much much worse…

  25. Habib Fazil

    Excellent idea, as I too am from north of the 49th!

    Oh yes, Sears sells suits, of 100% polyester or other form of plastic…

    Lord Thunderin' Jesus, I remember the 70's and the polyester leisure suits…

    Looks like a Sears Merchandising Attempt


  26. OldWineBox

    I do too, especially when it drips from Sharkey's sharp nipples.

  27. Andrea's Bangs

    You know he did! He thrives on attention no matter how negative it is. Sad for him, great for us.

  28. OldWineBox

    I apologize. I've been on pain meds I wasn't in my right mind. Teehee.


    Vegan pizza my friday 🙂

    • That looks surprisingly good. Does it taste like the box?


        Actually it doesnt its very good ro. It blew my mind. Its called vanucchis in hallandale… you should def try it… where do u live by

        • Still gotta try Ray Allen’s place too.


            Omg i know me too. I am not vegan by choice. I like meat but cannot eat it because i get super sick. Same with dairy. I get cold sweats from milk… 🙁

  30. Снайпер

    This came across my radar. (Naked runway model is charged with public lewdness after bringing Times Square to a standstill by screaming about Donald Trump)

  31. Darlene Conner

    I dunno man…I’ma just be honest here…the prank calls need practice. I think Sharkey is hilarious but you need better characters. My husband makes me listen to his old Jerkey Boys cds and having a voice/character that is funny but believable enough to not immediately get called out is the hardest part. No hate, still made me laugh!

    • countryjew

      We're all Monday morning quarterbacks, but yes, agreed. In first one Sharkey took control and got the caller flustered. Second one was better but should have gone waited a little longer before dropping the "too stupid to drive" citation.

      Having said that, I anxiously await future telephone efforts.

    • Should I come out of prank phone call retirement?

  32. Sir TTP

    He was hoping it was you and your bangs calling….

  33. Kuntinka Smirnoff

    Omg i wad following him on IG until i guess yesterday or today, when he/someone else? made his account private and I no longer have access. I hope he's ok. I think he's a very handsome kid.

  34. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Bail bondsman and we have your location since you answered. Please stay where you are, we have some questions for you.

    • Habib Fazil

      And if it was Dawg The bounty hunter he would probably soil his undies…

  35. I like the “fuck it bucket” pic. That’s what we call it at work (I’m a painter with IATSE) when we want to leave for the day and we stick all our brushes in a bucket of water instead if washing them. Thug life!

  36. If you want to prank call Sharkey shouldn’t you be telling him you’re from a collection agency then wait for him to start stuttering?

  37. Maia


  38. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    It’s beer-thirty @ Mixx’s pad, I got shit to blow up, neighbors to piss off and 5-0 to avoid..
    So, to all my fellow Z-Dub Nation Degenerates, have a Safe and Shit-faced 4th of July Weekend!!!

    ****Please, no one get arrested and end up on here like #Moguladouche!

  39. GreatSpunk

    the box has more vitamins and minerals then the pie.

  40. GreatSpunk

    Sharkey's baby mama, got fuxxed by Tyrone LONG DICK STYLE!

  41. not2slobro

    I can visualize this…Sharkey and his buds sittin’ around…..

  42. DirtyWhiteGirl

    That probably exactly what Tyrone did to her too. Gawwwwwd I wish Andrea had social media so bad, I'm dying to see the kid.

  43. MissPell

    “citation for being too stupid to drive”. LMAO

  44. FM Attack

    Basically… ZW Nation is the shit.

  45. Persephone

    I pissed my couch thank you very much. “I’ll be at the Chipotle…” Holy shit that cracked me up
    He actually sounded excited at the end of that last call:
    Ohhh shit dawg! I be famous!”

    • Sir TTP

      “I sat her on my motherfuckin’ knee, bounced her up and down and put that glass pipe to her lips.” LOLOL. Who comes up with this shit? Hahahaha.

    • My parents phone number is really easy to remember and for weeks we would get fucking prank owl calls that my parents totally believed. Sometimes they were recordings as in the post, other times it was a live person telling my parents that me and my boyfriend were up to no good. Since im a bad seed and my parents hate my boyfriend they totally bought it and kept confronting me asking what we were doing. Fortunately I’m always ready with a lie about how I’m not doing anything. But god damnit I’m too old for this shit. People would use our number as the spoof and prank other people too and we would get real angry calls from like the children of elderly parents yelling at me for harassing their parents at 3 am. I guess eventually they got bored of us cause it stopped.

  46. Sir TTP

    Those prank phone calls are insta-classics. Gupster has an “unregistered gun?” Why would dumbass say that out load to someone he doesn’t know.

    PS – “yo man you hung like a motherfuckin’ chipmunk” is just all-time funny AF.

    PSS – “you have a citation for being too stupid to drive” is top ten as well.

    I want to party with that Tyrone dude. Poor Sharks.

    • Gadda Bait

      Snarky is not even supposed to have a gun. He has a felony don’t he? That’s one reason he can’t have one and they passed a new law if you have a domestic violence charge you can’t own one now. You can’t just grab a gun and go to someone’s house and shoot them that’s plain murder is he really that dumb?. You have to wait for them to come to you then shoot em. ( well that’s the way it is here ). Just put up posted signs and if they just put a toe on your property you can shoot. Stand your ground state I fucking love it.

  47. Donnie Darko

    . .

    • Sharkey is the little spoon.

      • Gadda Bait

        Thanks for this Ro. It was beyond funny. And thanks for listening to the people here everyone sees the effort you put in and that makes everyone want to do right by you and everyone who makes this possible.

    • Maia

      Lololololol! Kurtlynn!

    • Persephone

      No way….

    • rainmn066


    • Снайпер

      Sharkey posts Kurtlyn? This is the zw version of an event horizon.

    • Habib Fazil

      But, but, but it appears to be a woman he is pictured with…

      Just colour me confused

  48. Снайпер

    I think we need to investigate this guy. Krit McClean. He even has his own fashion and lifestyle blog.

  49. The Beav

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Reverse checking his number!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! I can't breathe. Its going down at the Chipotle! His comebacks are so weak….He is borderline retarded. "Wait….WHUT?"

  50. MissPell

    OMG the second audio clip is just killing me LMAO.

  51. Persephone

    I just don't get this? Why the hell would he post this. (dumb question, I know)

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      He's single, desperate and wants to show the softer side of #Moguladouche

      • Is that like the softer side of Sears? He gets his suits there so you may be onto something.
        PS since I'm Canadian I see your happy 4th of July and raise you 1 happy Canada day. And I'll throw in an apology as well. Sooorry. Sohrry. Damn its hard to type in a Canadian accent.

      • Persephone

        This is true. (The softer side ha!)

    • Habib Fazil

      Perhaps he just wants to be held?

  52. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    he actually sounded a bit scared in the 1st one.

  53. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Whoever this 'Big Ninja' Tyrone is, he doesn't know who he's messing with!

    • Persephone

      Since he has admitted "leg day SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!" (Pussy)
      He no longer has the right to say he can "kick the shit out of …" Yes that may sound lame, however, I make a valid point since he broadcasts this shit to everyone, anyone would be willing to throw something cheesy like that back at him.

    • Dead Man's Dog


    • The Beav

      I kind of fear his solid B cups and his sharp nipples. #nipsonfleek #moobsonfleek #gainzitallinmymoobs

    • Spartacus

      His nipples could suckle Dan B’s goats.

  54. Dr.Christian Troy

    I hope you aren't teasing me

  55. miss piglet

    That was part that made me laugh loud!! Now every time I pass a Chiptole, I will think of E. coli and Sharkey getting his ass straight fucked by Tyrone!

  56. Sir TTP

    I hope to God it isn't some ridiculous "study" about how America has the biggest breasted women…oh wait. That gem competes with those stupid outdated Trump posts as the official signal of when the lights were officially turned off for good on Hooman's site.

  57. TheSuburbanErrorist

    The second prank call is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Persephone

    His comebacks were horrible. He had nothing, it was beautiful *tear

  59. Maia

    No kidding! And he reverse checks the number like it's a real number! What a tool!

    • Persephone

      The caller reminded me of the guy on office space: "….uh yeah, I'm going to need you to come in and work tomorrow…"

  60. Persephone

    btw… whoever found the pic of that shark-nice work. That's probably the coolest shark pic I have ever seen

  61. miss piglet

    Tyrone gots a bitch wet!

    • Persephone

      Needed a chick from a porn voice over:
      "I got yo bitch recorded muthafucka…listen to this– *cue yeah daddy, big cock,blah blah"

  62. Persephone

    Yeah, anyone who can get me to choke on my own spit while I'm laughing wins me over.

    • Habib Fazil

      Yup, spit up so much I had to invest in a milspec keyboard that can handle the spray of the Doctor

  63. Dr.Christian Troy

    Am I the only one who pictures Mr.Haze sounding just like Tyrone? Also, I'm heartbroken that Shark Week didn't include Part 3 of Princes expose. Still, great fun this week guys, thanks!

    • I’m not good with surprises but I do enjoy a good encore. On Friday nights. Around 8PM Eastern… just saying.

  64. Dr.Christian Troy

    Which one of you told Sharkey who Albert Einstein was?

  65. Maia

    HAHAHA! HAHAHA! HAHAHA! I'm dead!!!! Thanks, everyone!

    • Persephone

      I know huh. I could not hold my shit together making a prank call like that.
      “You been prankin me all morning”
      He must enjoy it. He answers. Dipshit.

  66. Dr.Christian Troy

    Sharkey actually came off much more manly than I ever would've thought. I thought he only fought defenseless women and Loubs. The funniest part is it seemed like he actually knew who Tyrone who fucked his wife.

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