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Sharkey Update! See James’ Handwritten Letters to the Courts

ZW Update: Moguladouche

AKA James Sharkey

Zdubber @Sharkey_James posted these handwritten love letters to the court, penned by our beloved MogulShark.

ZW Breaking News Thread #3

Maybe we should send our fave mogul some more pens. He’s gotta be going through ink faster than he went through vehicles.

From what I can see – Sharkey’s next appearance in court is in February.


  1. Tuco Pacifico

    Teefs set her attorneys on us?

  2. Queen of Tarts

    Don't worry ZW – All old comments from disqus have been imported, I'll fully integrate them all once I get a half decent comment system working. Currently re-routing the majority of traffic through a cloud server so we can stop seeing that damn resource error. 2mil hits yesterday. We're pissing off the right people!

  3. heauxbagh

    noooo what happened to disqus?!

  4. El Hijo


  5. They’re all haters, man!

  6. Insp

    “I am a Christian man that loves Jews” – Sharkey 2017

  7. the real pintu

    His printing surprised me. I thought it would be worse.

  8. Maia

    He only “pasted” through that town! He never passed through! Let him go!!

  9. AmericanTopTeam

    I feel like my kitten could be a better attorney and i believe he might be retsrded and has a 3 second attention span

  10. Tuco

    Only pencils allowed in County

  11. I see James is relying on the landmark case “Dumbass v Society” to create his legal defense

  12. Dr.Christian Troy

    This is a most excellent Xmas present. I’m stunned to find out that Sharkey wasn’t a mogul. The Chanel Bar, Justin fucking Miller doing backflips in his exclusive estate pool, baby making margaritas etc… The good life was a mirage?????

  13. Mallory Knox

    I will say that I’m pleasantly suptised he has decent hand writing. Baby steps.

  14. The Beav

    Hooray! Christmas comes early! It really is a holiday miracle.

  15. Lux Ineterior 2

    It’s been months since a shark story but it was worth the wait.
    Love your signature Shark

    • The Beav

      He really needs to learn to use a period or comma…whoa.

    • Party Cat

      Well shit. He swore to God AND Jesus that the above is true correct and the best of his knowledge. Clearly Nevada, respondent, can’t beat that argument.

      Sharkey, esq. will be out of jail and handing out his new business cards by Christmas.

    • rainmn066

      He also doesn’t realize he just admitted to his 2nd or 3rd battery offense in his statement. Also he is very demonstrative and demanding of the courts in his statements. I’m surprised with his experience in the system that he doesn’t realize how this strategy will play out.

  16. PC Principal

    Wow i can’t believe sharkey said he was discriminated against…. As if white trash was a separate race from caucasian or anglo saxon lol. That letter was also him admitting he’s a worthless bum with no job thats off taxpayers just mooche

  17. TJ

    After reading this, Sharkeymhas a future in law. He already has that attorney suit he used to wear on the strip.

  18. TwoTrickPony

    A most excellent post QOT. The struggle is real. Sharkey is the 21st Century’s Nelson Mandela, Vegas Dave and Harvey Weinstein all rolled into one oppressed, completely and totally wronged individual. Times a thousand.

    Fight the power Jim. The entire ZW Nation stands defiantly behind you brother…

    • Hmm. I wonder if Andrea is really homeless? Thats fucked up if true (highly doubt it – weren’t her parents were supporting her?)

      • MsConduct

        Maybe Kina is now raising Sharkey’s kid and that’s what she wants to tell you. That’d be mind blowing….

      • PC Principal

        She’s probably back to living with the same black drug dealer she cheated on sharkey with.

      • She ain’t homeless, you can get on that. James is trying to tug on the court’s heart strings making them believe he is needed in their life for support. Fool couldn’t even support himself. How the fuck can you not have $2k saved up to bail yourself out if you are a #Mogul???

      • Vicki Vallencourt

        I thought she was with that church guy and his parents
        The guy she was staying with while sharkey conveniently found god and went all in
        But I feel like I’ve missed a chapter since then

      • Tuco

        I would take her in

      • Habib Fazil

        If true, that would then result in a whole raft of troubles for sharkey…

      • Maia

        Nah, he’s lying.

        • AmericanTopTeam

          Yeah exactly..if you dont own property or have a lease in YOUR name you are legally homeless in the good old USA

      • Digitus impudicus

        All she has to do is continue to spread her legs and suck some drug dealer dick.

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