James T. Sharkey

Sharkey Week – The Encore [Courtesy of PNAK]

ZW Submission: [PNAK]

Hello ZW Nation

I hope this message finds you well,

I would just like to offer a HUGE thank you and shout-out to Disqus commenter Nancy Drew, my good friend who has given us HEAPS of Sharkey intel. She catfished him with this fake profile and did a wonderful job toying with the emotions of #Moguladouche.


Amazing job! Absolutely brilliant!!!!

I was able to find out who Sharkey’s new girl is…..

https://www.facebook.com/tay.cassid?fref=nf Taylor Cassidy

She should definitely be alerted to #Moguladouche’s antics!

Have an excellent Independence Day everyone! Happy 4th!!!!!!

P.S. Happy Pants, you are dearly missed, please make a Disqus account!

Warmest regards,
Prince Nasir Ali Kalappa

*Dr. Christian Troy, you ask and you shall receive. And with that we conclude Sharkey Week. Whew! -Rogaine


  1. Pat Hetic

    Why are my comments being removed?

  2. Habib Fazil

    hmm, now this would be cannibalism no?

  3. Dawn D Davenport

    somebody needs to lose that jewelry in her gunt or it's gonna look like WWF hardon after the next pizza

  4. Dawn D Davenport

    maybe he visited the Shack and murdered that pussay!

  5. Dawn D Davenport


  6. Dawn D Davenport

    yeah, but why wipe asses when you can date them?

  7. Dawn D Davenport

    tyrone is playing "got your nose with my dick" with that baby. BBC, yo

  8. Dawn D Davenport

    he actually was really funny till he turned into Gonzo and started skype circlejerking with himself.

  9. Dawn D Davenport

    I totally see what you did there….

    You talk about sixteen tons of sperm and what do you get?
    A hump in your crack …hee hee https://musicxinfinity.files.wordpress.com/2015/0

  10. Dawn D Davenport

    lol her typical day, she verbally hashtags herself… "hashtag…take a shit" "hashtag…incomplete wiping..again hashtag skidmark hashtag who will see? hashtag nobody"

  11. Dawn D Davenport

    this is fucking hilarious. I have celiac and I am crying laughing.

  12. Dawn D Davenport

    when she's not pissing in her 2 liter soda bottles and flicking her bean to you.

  13. Dawn D Davenport

    shes getting her chapeau ready…the gays love hats and she can infiltrate that way. http://orig10.deviantart.net/3626/f/2010/217/7/3/

  14. Dawn D Davenport


  15. Dawn D Davenport


  16. Dawn D Davenport

    yo, I fuck my cousin but he took off
    I decided Im gay, but they all scoff
    I tweet all day the shit makes no sense
    Im off my, off my, off my medisense
    Im a loser as a troll as a human as a freak
    but when It comes to annoying my shit is on fleek
    Its hard when I felt it, like a direct caliber hit
    that nobody gives a doody bout me, let alone a righteous shit


    • Christine Elizabeth

      Ooh, my turn..
      Take some time off, take a break
      Grab anchors and take a dip in the lake
      Nobody likes you, or just one to be fair
      Empty threats laughable, we don’t fucking care
      So simple, weak minded, personality shitty
      You belong in Detroit, a trash bag of a city
      Does it ever end, your cycle, the rag
      You’re fat fucking proof girls too, can be douchebags
      I’m thinking disappear, and duh, you’re thinking Arby’s
      Next to you, ratchet Ho’s on the dirty are barbies
      Double standards, hypocrite, bully, abuser
      Choke on Niky’s dicky, fat cousin fucked loser.

      I feel joy.

  17. Gadda Bait

    I cant deal with her. I have kids smarter than her

  18. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Tyrone, can I get an extra rock, I'm smoking for two.

  19. OCgirl12

    WOW . No life. None to speak of at all. And bitch- quit already with the overuse of "sycophantic"….

  20. MissPell

    She should take the advice from her bosom buddy Bev's tweet (number 2)…

    • Persephone

      Lol speaking of … I smell her knock off dollar store body spray lurking in here

  21. Christine Elizabeth

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all week…

  22. TheSuburbanErrorist

    Just a few minutes after you followed me on instagram yesterday I had a follow request from this infamous creature. Damn she is fast Of course I declined and she's been trying like 7 times since. How can someone be so obsessed and what information she's hoping to find, I don't get it…Some gated medical center must be looking for her.

  23. Christine Elizabeth

    In reference to “I won’t stop until….stops talking to…anyone they think is me..” How the fuck would she know who it is that these commenters are talking to unless she has gotten the messages herself? I ALMOST feel sorry for her, but that’s like feeling sorry for hepatitis, so I don’t.

    • MissPell

      She lurks the ZW and reads it thoroughly, you can tell because she makes references on TD to things that are said here like the 5150 referring to her. She's made comments here that don't stick around long cuz Rogaine or the Queen delete them a.s.a.p.

  24. nancy young

    I can't stop watching the video of him at his pool with his homeless BFF stuttering about the good life. Instant Prozac

  25. Christine Elizabeth

    I definitely need to stop by here more. I have been laughing my ass off since I started reading the comments. I don't even know why I check out TD anymore; talk about a shit show over there. The comment section alone here beats the fuck out of any of their "front page" or "popular" bullshit. Keep up the good work, you guys rock!

  26. Christine Elizabeth

    What prompted her to hashtag the shit out of zw? I mean, I know she's about as much a fan of this site as the site is of her, but was it comments under a specific post? I want to check that out, because whatever it was got to her good, and that's fucking brilliant.

    • nancy young

      She’s like 4yrs behind on trends and she just discovered hashtags.

  27. GypsyVanner

    Outstanding work on Sharkey Week, ZW Team! This was an utterly shitty week and it was great to get some escapism each day in the form of Sharkster shenanigans. I know everyone is sick of Sharkey, but he never fails to entertain me–and with the baby coming soon, I’m sure there are some real gems on the way!

  28. MissPell

    August 9th due date?

  29. Donnie Darko

    SpongeBob Square Body!!!

  30. Habib Fazil

    Sadly 515zero makes the Deash sound rational (I will not use any is** as it gives recognition)

  31. Habib Fazil

    What, no 40 gallon drums in stock?

  32. Habib Fazil

    Man, gotta check out some of the videos from the 70's with these guys, flashbacks man, flashbacks…

  33. MissArgentina

    What a whackadoodle.

  34. DragonSlayer.

    Holy fuck! That's intense. What's there to say in 11,600 tweets?!?

  35. DragonSlayer.

    Yes! At one of my first jobs, we had a cleaner guy who had schizophrenia and he would walk around mumbling about germs non stop, they're kind of the same only she's batshit crazy.

    • Dawn D Davenport

      but germs are real!! This pathetic lazy ass self-indulgent permanently butthurt furcking complete loser thinks people give a shit about what she thinks and feels!

  36. DragonSlayer.

    What a fucking psychotic bitch! Why is it so hard for some people to simply…log off?

  37. Sir TTP

    LOL – what a fucking clown. The fact that she actually has nothing better to do than send out thousands of emails to random people tells you pretty much everything you need to know.


    • Habib Fazil

      Can’t decide which to use for our looney err lonely aw fuck it “looney, lonely CF”

      How about it ZW world, which one works best for our favorite CF 515zero?

      Oh yeah, we’re not supposed to talk about her…

  38. Penza

    Unless I missed it, has his animal abuse charged ever been revealed, or do I not even want to know. I think he’s the type to get mad and throw a woman’s pet out the window.

    • Donnie Darko

      It was in Oregon like 10 years ago. From what I understand it's not easy to get the court transcripts of what happened. I have confidence The Prince will dig up the info.

      • Penza

        Thanks, I think those types of crimes should be revealed. I wonder if he confided in Trisha.

    • I've been waiting for that Intel. PNAK has been teasing that he might reveal why #Moguladouche was charged. I agree with you Penza.

  39. Seriously

    Is it me or does it look like he has lots of air in his pants? (First pic)

  40. The Beav

    Ah….I got it now. I was confused. So you not only got Sharkey you got Bangs too! Splendid!

  41. Darlene Conner

    I love this comment

  42. Amen. And don't worry, he's done.

  43. Scott Toyoyota

    morty seems fine i dont like real anon he talks down to people

  44. Whitney BeatMe

    Home health care? Should have stuck with it.

  45. Maia

    And she thinks Ro is PNAK! The delusion is strong.

  46. AmericanTopTeam

    YOU HOME WRECKING SLUT (excuse me while I blow Tyrone for crystal meth)

  47. Digitus impudicus

    Caitlin Jenner?

  48. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    I have to admit, she’s got me curious. She sounds like she’s planning something BIG! I think she’ll send it to only her cousins though.

  49. DirtyWhiteGirl

    Great job on Sharkey week everyone! It was brutal, but I enjoyed it!!!

  50. AmericanTopTeam

    Unless he lights himself on fire I think it's time for a Sharkey break

  51. Maia

    It's the 4th of July weekend here, bitch. Go stick a bottle rocket up your ass and light the fuse.

  52. Habib Fazil

    Holy Butt Hurt Batman…

    Nobody left to fight with, so she’s off to impede international relations, crikey!!!!

  53. Habib Fazil

    just as long as there’s plenty o’ lube

  54. Johnny "M'


    That's the new hashtag that should be after every comment made about sharkey.


  55. AmericanTopTeam

    Sounds like she is having a great holiday weekend….. how fucking pathetic

  56. Dr.Christian Troy

    Omg, this has been a great week! Been on The Dirty for ten years and this website has lapped Nik and the boys twice over in a few months. Kudos! In real life I’m a very normal nice guy but there is something internally wrong with me that Sharkey amuses me so much.

    • Donnie Darko

      I've tried to explain the interest in Sharkey to people that never followed The Dirty and all I get is what's so interesting about some tweaker that stands out on the strip in a suit? It's basically like watching a movie, but it's actually real and not made up. He just keeps making bad decision after bad decision. Never learns, just keeps banging his head against the wall.

      • Dr.Christian Troy

        I couldn't agree more. The brilliantly amazing thing is that he truly believes he's this alpha male type titan of industry. The lack of self awareness is incredibly entertaining.

        • Donnie Darko

          He's not even a closer? Like he's just outside trying to get people into the presentation. I've sat through 3 to get a free cruise, stay at a resort, and a spa day with my ex wife. Was pretty good at pretending to be interested then backing out and collecting the gifts.

      • DragonSlayer.

        That’s because every other post isn’t about some new chick with a dick Nik is trying to bone, or get boned by…
        Shit. I meant that as a reply above ^

    • Unityyy

      I think it is because we all know someone a little like Sharkey..you know..big talker, marginal results..who still manages to hook up because there are always dumb women who believe their garbage..but this guy just takes the wannabe shit to whole ‘nother dimension and is just too damn stoopid to know that 99% of people who ‘follow’ him are clowning him. Pure entertainment..except now there is a Sharklet and that is a bit sad..

  57. Donnie Darko

    Impressive resume.

  58. Donnie Darko

    Thank you Nancy Drew for taking the time to entertain us. In Brent Musburger’s voice “The Prince does it again!!!”

  59. MissPell

    Was that an email she sent you? She had links on her disqus karmicreation profile and I saw them when her profile was open. If you put links on your profile people are going to naturally check them out. How is that stalking?

  60. Persephone

    “Hope you aren’t one of those internet weirdos”??
    Dumb ass! YOU ARE the Internet weirdo!

  61. MissPell

    Yeah as soon as they take the gluten out of food it’s just not the same. lol

    • Dawn D Davenport

      it’s disgusting…

      however, bacon is gluten free. See? There is a reason to live.

  62. That was absolutely smashing!

  63. The Beav

    Bravo!! That was AWESOME. So he is blaming someone he never met for ruining his marriage? That is too funny!

    • Persephone

      Right? "Home wrecker"
      STFU dickweed. As if he's never banged a married chick. He's such an example for high morals

      • The Beav

        The minute you engage someone who is not your partner and don’t immediately disclose you are in a relationship….you are the only one “wrecking” your home.

  64. rainmn066

    I thought he was dating twink182

  65. Habib Fazil

    Would you be so kind as to let us see her latest rantings…. Yeah I know, but it's like a car wreck, just GOTTA look.

    • MissPell

      He posted an email from her… just keep scrolling.

      • Habib Fazil

        Excellent, it’s quite fascinating to read her thoughts (incestuous though they may be) and her plans for err something or other…

  66. Habib Fazil

    Yeah, but LOOK at that fin!!!!!

  67. Penza

    BRAVO! Standing ovulation. Hee-hee.

  68. GreatSpunk

    new addendum to his name: Spineless Catfish Sharkey

  69. No more Sharkey for awhile.

  70. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    Sharkey's brain left the building a long time ago.

  71. Donating 16 pints of sperm unsolicited and anonymously? That doesn't sound good! To quote Billy Madison it sounds like "that's assault brotha!"

  72. I love free butt plugs!
    Wait…you said butt plugs right? Or did I just think butt plugs?
    Why did I post this?

  73. nancy drew


    • MissPell

      ok. Thanks for clearing things up. The post didn’t say who was talking in the last convos.

  74. That person is seriously bizarre. I haven't figured them out yet.

  75. Persephone

    Did you see my post about the baby? Hasn't she been pregnant forever? Although I never check time/date stamps on screen shots

  76. She sends us crazy e-mails all the time.

    • MissPell

      Oh FFS. #whatadingbat

    • She reminds me of those rambling neurotic homeless people you find in city centers who are unable to hold a real conversation because they're so far past a functioning crazy.

      • MissPell

        By what she said about emailing people in Australia it looks like she’s going to have a whole Continent thinking she’s cray-cray. haha

      • That’s exactly what she reminds me of! Barefoot, pushing a shopping cart, and mumbling to herself while picking cigarette butts out of public ashtrays.

        • Sir TTP

          Hey – I do that. But in flip-flops.

          • Flip flops or any type footwear might be considered a luxury item in the slums of Detroit.

        • Habib Fazil

          Heh, I see her more as the type to push around a buggy full of cats…

          • LMAO! The cats couldn't get away quickly enough.

          • Habib Fazil

            their names you ask???


            Good to see she’s cut out Brunch and Midnight snack…

  77. Gadda Bait

    Well done Ms. Drew.

  78. Persephone

    Uhhh… Projection your honor
    You encourage everyone. Just leave us be

  79. Throwing a temper tantrum…loser.

  80. He went out with a bang!

  81. MissPell

    He should get one of these for his yard…

    • Sammi Jo

      He should sit one in his 6ft “palm tree” #interiordisaster

    • Persephone

      Hahahaha!!! Yes. That’s perfect. Although his tank top will soon be unrecognizable, there is no country with orange and gray stripes and faded blue with gray stars.

  82. "@zwroyal #zwnationofstalkers #zwnationoflibelouspublications #zwnationofgettingsued #zwnationofjealousy #zwnationofinternetbullies


    The unraveling continues.

    • Sir TTP

      5150. 5150. Kinda sad that after 11,600 tweets in two weeks time (yep, you all read that correctly) psycho can only rummage 400 followers of certain limited brain function.

      • MissPell

        She's trolling so hard for attention now. flag, flag, flag. ha

        • Habib Fazil

          No Sh*t, Desparation Boulevard (pretty decent album btw), nobody to fight with anymore now that the block feature has been installed

          • MissPell

            Yeah but she’s trying real hard to start crap up.

          • Habib Fazil

            True, True, but I particularly LOVE being able to get the last word in on 515zero, gotta be killing her…

          • Gadda Bait

            I love the block feature so much

          • Habib Fazil

            Especially if it’s sending 515zero to the bin…

          • Christine Elizabeth

            I won’t block her. It’s beyond entertaining to witness the constant meltdown.

          • Digitus impudicus

            Lol, I still have the bass pick the bassist of this band chucked in my cleavage!

      • Persephone

        I'm not an 'omg' person, but
        That's somethin

      • Lisa Rowe

        The 400 followers are accounts she made

    • Persephone

      I seriously get off when they call 'us' jealous.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      You forgot #zwnationdoesntwantyou and #zwnationwontsitwithyou fat bitch

    • nancy young

      She is so fucking weird. No one cares about this fucking prick. She’s just extremely fun to fuck with.

  83. nancy drew

    Catfishing him was a blast. Esp when bangs got mad at me! He randomly send a message after that apologized bc he wife was drunk and angry!!! Bahahahah

    • MissPell

      Was that his soon to be ex-wifey that was calling you a home wrecker slut?

      • Persephone

        That’s what I was wondering
        Was it him or her- I thought him

        • MissPell

          nancy wrote the bangs got mad at her so I guessing those last replies were from bangs and not sharkey unless sharkey was lying about who sent the replies. Doh! lol

          • Persephone

            Needed the clarification, thank you
            I have to have all the pieces put together right? 😉

          • MissPell

            I’m still confused.

    • Persephone

      I can only imagine how fun that was.

    • You rock sister!

  84. Morty Tucker is still upset that he isn't allowed on ZW. Hey Morty, get some Preparation H for that butthurt.


    Don't kid yourself, Morty, we can take criticism. I just enjoy watching you squirm like the little beta that you are. Keep begging to come back, it's hilarious.

    • Sir TTP

      Poor Mort. I'm shocked his internet romance with Detroit Alyssa aka #karmicreaction doesn't satisfy his insatiable desire to be loved.

      • Right? Then again, he has Gonzo's baby batter on the brain.

        • Sir TTP

          Mort has always been a complete beta pussy, assuming that the sites he frequents should please him singularly in all submissions and all comments simply because he indulges them with his presence.

          Newsflash Mort – nobody gives two shits what you think or how you feel. Certainly not the sand midget you suck up to, nor that psycho freak Cousin Fucker that you engage, and certainly nobody here.

          Sad, lonely beta. Quit looking for acknowledgement and some purpose with your imaginary internet friends and man the fuck up. Fucking pussy.

          P.S. – Hooman turned down your application to replace the beta bot TJ that Scooby douche has been running for years. After all, who is going to suck that sand midget’s nuts in Coto when Shayne is in Vegas hopped up on pills and banging random bartenders?

          • You just don't get his sense of humor, TTP. He's like really smart and junk. Morty Tucker doesn't always comment on gossip websites but when he does he wears a turtle neck and adds a dash of nutmeg to his cafe latte.


            lmao why do u always say some funny shit

          • Chalupa Batman

            Lets call him “Niles”. (Frasier reference)

          • countryjew

            Being a loyal Dirty fan in 2016 is like being a Warrant fan in 1996. The train has left the station — it’s over.

          • Persephone


          • Sammi Jo

            the Cherry Pie is definitely cold…and gluten free

          • Dawn D Davenport

            this comment has motherfucking flames shooting out of it!!!

            PS: Morty is Gonzo- he sucks himself off

        • Persephone

          Totally unnecessary

        • Snort laugh, oh for shits sake. I can’t…

      • Persephone

        Just speculating here- if they met in person, I guarantee they'd hate each other within seconds. That's just how they are.

      • 5150's of a kind.

      • Gadda Bait

        I still like Morty, I missed whatever went down. I like everybody except cousin fucker I blocked her and it’s like she doesn’t exist anymore. When she post all I see is this user is blocked its a beautiful thing. I still see a few go back and fourth with her why I do not know.


          I agree with u gadda. He has been cool with me. I have blocked CF THREE times… she just makes a new sn every couple of days

          • Gadda Bait

            Yeah I have never had an issue with Morty. I didn’t catch what went down so I can’t speak on it. Man that bitch is really crazy and not in a good way. She can make as many accounts as she wants it takes me a second to hit block It’s worth it to me.


            Its annoying

    • He had his Jokes…most of the time. Now, it looks like he has hung with 5150 too long.

    • Persephone

      Ooohhh ouch…. Damn ‘tucks’ that one stung.

    • Gadda Bait

      Oh yeah Morty ask me to pass along some messages a couple of days ago. I can’t remember right now though. I think one was for you. I do no he should have picked someone who has a better memory.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I hope he never comes back he is really really fucking weird

    • Donnie Darko

      You can’t stalk someone that puts EVERY aspect of their life on social media. No need to dig or stalk.

  85. Maia

    Until the baby's born!

    • Persephone

      what is she… a fucking elephant!? Shouldn’t this baby have been born already!? Or is the anticipation just too much

  86. Sir TTP

    Poor Sharkey got catfished.

  87. OldWineBox

    Enjoyed Sharkey week. Enjoying more the next year of no Sharkey until his fin rises again.

  88. Maia

    Our Prince, you are the best!
    Sharkey doesn't have time for internet weirdos. Hello mofo, you're the biggest internet weirdo on the entire world wide fucking web!!!

    • Sir TTP

      But he will engage random callers to his cell phone.

      • Maia

        He's hoping it's Mr. Haze.

      • Persephone

        I would pay for his number.

      • Persephone

        I can't believe he doesn't change his number routinely. You give your new one to the VIPeeps and flush the rest. I know why…
        "What if…what if that hot chick I met at Tropicana 4 years ago decides to call me…"

    • Persephone

      Ahhh shit . Late to the game. Well Maia, great minds (perverse minds) think alike- I pretty much posted your same words. #annoyingtardlatetothegameeyeroll

  89. Sir TTP

    Andrea is still banging Tyrone.

  90. Mzzy Rivy

    Those……shoezzzz….and that suit ain't fittin right!

  91. Mzzy Rivy

    Thank you for the exciting weekly series. You guys rock!

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