ZW Submission: [PNAK]

Hello ZW Nation

I hope this message finds you well,

I would just like to offer a HUGE thank you and shout-out to Disqus commenter Nancy Drew, my good friend who has given us HEAPS of Sharkey intel. She catfished him with this fake profile and did a wonderful job toying with the emotions of #Moguladouche.


Amazing job! Absolutely brilliant!!!!

I was able to find out who Sharkey’s new girl is….. Taylor Cassidy

She should definitely be alerted to #Moguladouche’s antics!

Have an excellent Independence Day everyone! Happy 4th!!!!!!

P.S. Happy Pants, you are dearly missed, please make a Disqus account!

Warmest regards,
Prince Nasir Ali Kalappa

*Dr. Christian Troy, you ask and you shall receive. And with that we conclude Sharkey Week. Whew! -Rogaine