James T. Sharkey

Sharkey’s Game Is Tight

We’re just warming up for Sharkey Week.

And it looks like Moguladouche is trying to build to a climax of his own.



Now that Sharkey is back out in open waters is he trolling old hunting grounds looking for prey? This guy just never learns. Is it possible that he suffers from short term memory loss?

If Dory can find her way home then maybe Sharkey will before Andrea gives birth to ‘their’ kid.


  1. miss piglet

    I just love me some Sharkey!

  2. Robo Cop

    I guess life doesn’t count…

  3. Dawn D Davenport

    Compensation: Any

  4. Dawn D Davenport

    Sharkey's maid::

    • MissPell

      She only looks like that cuz one time she forgot to wear her hazmat suit while cleaning at Sharkeys.

  5. nancy drew

    THE ILLUSION IS REAL! Sharkey claims to have made a million dollars, yet he’s renting? Wait? What? I can’t.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      a million pesos maybe. you notice how he never mentions 'dollars' in his posts (like the craps table IG post)

  6. nancy drew

    He really lives in a bubble. The fact that he actually believes it is what's so funny. Hey Sharkey did they run your credit??

  7. miss piglet

    I'm guessing bologna Sammies dude. All day, every day!

  8. miss piglet

    Ha…. That made me giggle!

  9. miss piglet

    Just think about how many loads she had to swallow to get those heels. It must have straight pissed her the fuck off.

  10. That makes me think of napolean dynamite. "Glmaor shots" by deb

  11. A million mistakes or a million bad social media posts sounds about right

  12. rainmn066

    He states he is VIP Sales at JET night club but I think that place is out of Business.

  13. DirtyWhiteGirl

    He's strong!

  14. DirtyWhiteGirl

    This could only be true love

  15. Persephone

    What a POS

  16. nancy drew

    How is he only 34????

  17. JimU113

    Yep. Guy's a serious sucker.

  18. Spartacus

    Ran that through Google translate (even accounting for the spelling) and it came back with "Will do porn for food".

  19. Maia

    Pee H.

  20. Maia

    Alimony! Like her quality of life was better married to Mr. Tales. Please.

  21. MissPell

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? lol

  22. MissPell

    Are those the fish that cling onto sharks?

  23. MissPell

    Yeah it’s something that you just can’t sound out. ha

  24. TDurdy

    It's, like, hard to breathe and try to look sexxy at the same time tho

  25. MissPell

    By the end of the summer he’ll be beef jerky.

  26. He likes “glamor” shoots…hilarious

  27. Voody


  28. MissPell


  29. Habib Fazil

    well said!

  30. Whitney BeatMe

    They both shopped the hell out of these photos. Unless that’s an old pic, but A/X logo in a screaming color? That’s a douche flag right there. That shirt says I want people to know that I’m wearing some designer’s name on me, but I can’t afford the really good stuff that has no labels. Although I agree with him on the stairs. They’re lovely.

  31. MissPell

    Looks more like constipated.

  32. JimU113

    Have a good one.

  33. No, just No! Wtf, did he just try to say…

  34. JimU113

    "Scuffy one, she is."

  35. JimU113

    You can't even scuff it, the level is so low.

  36. MissPell

    Those aren't lines, those are crevasses. I could stick my whole thumb in one of those. haha

  37. Blunt-Master_puff_pu

    When the Sharkster goes media silent THAT'S when we'll know Andrea dropped the Megaladouche spawn.

  38. JimU113

    Only thing deep with either of them is the space betwixt her thighs.

  39. The Judge

    THAT is damn hilarious!

  40. JimU113

    You assume he's human.

  41. JimU113

    That's the look of someone who can't figure if he just pooped or peed in the pool.

  42. Voody


    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      Man, MLD”s eyes have more crow’s feet than this movie did!

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      that the community pool? or did he jump a neighbors fence?

      • Every mogul knows you gotta work hard before you play hard.

        Do you know how much community service he put in before he took a dip in that community pool?

        • MissPell

          If he ever did any community service I’m sure we would have seen selfies of it by now.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      “Cool off” = his after work shower. No need to pay that water bill, Gupster!

      • MissPell

        Left a ring around the pool.

        • Mixx_TheFinalCut

          The ONLY ring he can afford!

          • MissPell

            Hopefully the community pool had these signs…

          • Pam

            Can u catch hepatits or herpes from a pool? If so id be worried about any pool in vegas

          • MissPell

            They must go through gallons and gallons of chlorine in Vegas.

    • Mzzy Rivy

      Yea dude. Notice the pool is always empty when u r swimming it. It’s like they all run from the selfie inflicted man who acts like he never seen a pool before.

      • Mixx_TheFinalCut

        Sharkey's on the hunt for some very desperate ladies who want to chill poolside at the luxurious Las Vegas Country Club Estates. Rent is a wallet busting $900.00/mo for that 2-bedroom love crib.

        Last time Mixx paid $900.00/mo for a rental was when he was 18 and fresh outta HS..

        • Pam

          Thats what i pay and i live in rural alabama. Well $915 but close enough

          • Mzzy Rivy

            I see the eviction notice hanging in the back…..

        • Mzzy Rivy

          Pathetic pose in the pool. Ideal for and 18 year old hopeless romantic – but not a 30 something with waves across the forehead.

          • miss piglet

            I thought you said “homeless” romantic, lol

    • Pam

      He needs to stay outta the sun. His skin looks aged already. Very hard to believe this guy is the same age i am

    • Bleuah his head is like a potato, but one of those sad, dehidrated half sprouted potatoes u find leftover in the back if the cellar

  43. Donnie Darko

    I posted this yesterday, but this is perfect for this post. Looks like Sharkey blew right through a no contact restraining order with Kina in 2014. Look at 5-29. Attempted to facetime victim after no contact order issued by court, defendant threatened victim in court. Any female that gets with him has to be crazy, Dude might be capable of pulling an OJ one day. He doesn’t have any regard for the law or any court orders. Someone yesterday said he broke into Kina’s house when she wasn’t home and broke a bunch of other stuff in addition to her Louboutins, that’s straight up fatal attraction shit right there. Open the 1st image click on it and zoom in, read 5-29.

  44. countryjew

    "I am open to building by port."

    I don't know a lot about the modeling world but is there a nautical side to it?

  45. Johnny "M'

    i'm not lying when i say this. I'd really like to party with Mr. Sharkey some day.

  46. Voody

    The shark is in the water

  47. MissPell

    Chris Brown and Rihanna.

  48. Most Judges won't allow that but, Vegas may be different.

  49. Vanilla ice

    Best week of my life. In Internet life!!

  50. Mzzy Rivy

    Looks like she is gasping for her last breath in that pic. That's not modeling.

  51. countryjew

    Bogie And Bacall

    Liz and Dick


    • MissPell

      Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore compare more to Sharkey and Kina. lol

  52. MissPell

    Death of the shoes. RIP Louboutins.

  53. MissPell

    He crashed through the hedge.

  54. rainmn066


    • Why the fuck does he follow and comment on her insta? She broke up with him and called the cops/ filed retraining orders. Like, get the msg Sharkey, she hates you. Stop trying to get her attention online. So fucking sad man!

  55. Sir TTP

    If you can "tan" for an hour after work, it ain't work.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      If you sell Timeshares from 10am-2:30pm, it's not work.

      If you have to work every Saturday and Sunday, you're not a #Mogul or a #Boss, you're a #Peon

      • JimU113

        If you have time to wreck a vehicle, then spend three solid weeks trying to replace it, it’s not work.

  56. Donnie Darko

    His criminal record takes 2-3 drums of toner to print out.

    • Penza

      Our tax dollars at work. So, this big buffoon man-handles tiny little women? Whatta guy!

  57. Sir TTP

    DD with the solid DD.

  58. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I thought Sharkey was going to comment about the HUGE crack

  59. Voody

    By the way Sharkey is acting, I'm willing to bet Andrea dropped the "it's not even your kid" on the mogul.

    • Donnie Darko

      Or he plans on signing his parental rights away in exchange for no child support.

      • Mixx_TheFinalCut

        If the kid’s forehead comes out with more wrinkles than a dress shirt left in the hamper for a month, it’s his.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        she’ll get him to sign,, then come back later and smack him for support
        I’ve seen it happen before. Then the ‘parent’ that has the kid(s) the last few years has all decision making ability, custody (majority of the time) and a paycheck.

        • Assuming Guppy would pay even if it’s his. He doesn’t even pay his fines. So, it’s a given, he’d not pay any child support. His bogus claims of alimony are just for sympathy.

        • Pam

          Unlikely she will get many checks

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