Sunday Funday: Awkward Edition



Alrighty, lets wrap this week up with some awkwardness from the dopiest members of the insta-whorde.

SirTTP sent me this video of Melanie Martin from one of the Camversity socials. Awkward much? First of all, it’s pretty hard to look past the Chompers- are those veneers or an accordian? No wonder Kurt wouldn’t stick his peepee in there. Secondly, how well do you think Melanie will do at this camming thing? Bitch has no idea what the fuck she is doing.
Those cams are live and Melanie is used to the insta-whore standard procedure of taking 127 shots, picking the best one, filtering, shopping, googling a fun caption and then posting. This should be good. I’m signing up to view her as soon as the Camversity site goes live. Fun shall be had.


Then there’s Yotta. Ok we all know he’s super dorky and tries so damn hard to maintain his “hero” façade but these new antics are way beyond dorky and definitely fall into the awkward category.
Apparently there is a fake yotta instagram account. It seriously looks like this guy created the fake account just to troll himself.

First of all, he’s following the account. Second – he says he’s reported it. Now, Yotta’s account is actually verified and that fake account is obviously impersonating him – instagram would have taken that page down pretty quick if he really did report it.

…Then we have these comments

Is Yotta trolling himself? AWKWARD.


Now, I dunno about you, but not only is this latest idea from Dave Grutman more awkward than Nik Richie’s wine that “pairs best with burgers”, it’s also kinda fucking gross too. “All of me”? Ew. Pass. When I think of Groot, the kind of fragrance that comes to mind is definitely not an aromatic candle. More like desperation along with a hint of hooker and pit stains. Kinda how I imagine Sharkey smells after a hard day pounding the pavement.

Err, this was kinda awk too, Grutman. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you need to shit wayyy more, buddy. Every pound counts.

Bringing up the bottom of the list (she’d be used to that by now, no doubt) is Jen Wilke. Not only is the pic laughably awkward and lame, but she tagged Guess and Paul Marciano.

LOL. Like he knows or cares who the fuck you are Jen. He probably despises basic bitches like you wearing his label. Don’t designers usually “like” a pic of a model wearing their gear when it’s on social media? Perhaps its because this is not current season wear (and it’s not even listed in the sale section of their store as last season) aaaand as far as I can see, Guess made that jacket in brown – not that gross orange you’re sportin’ Jen. Also the collar hasn’t even been faked properly to look the same. Hah. Awkward.

Who did I miss? Share the awk you found on social media with the ZW Nation in the comments!