James T. Sharkey, Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday – Sharkey Week Begins

Stay out of the water…

It’s Shark(ey) Week!

Don’t worry, we’ll still be giving you your daily dose of the Insta-Famous and absurdities from around the Internet but in the spirit of Discovery Channel’s annual event we’ll dedicate the next week to the ZW Nation’s favorite lovable loser.

James T. Sharkey.

Sharkey Week Programming:

A Tribute To The Sharkmobile

Moguladouche: A History of Fashion

FMK – Sharkey Edition

Shark Attacks

Shark Post Friday

Recent Shark Sightings

Who Wants Some Sharkey?

Back 2 Back Shark Attacks?

Moguladouche on the Menu – with a Pre-Roast by Triple D

The Original Sharkmobile

This is still a Sunday Funday, so treat is as a free post. Go nuts, you degenerates!


  1. Habib Fazil

    Great idea for his next venture, Sharkey's Pedal Car Rides….

    Not suitable for children…

  2. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Mixx finally got himself a legit stalker IG account. It only took #MogulLaDouche 4 minutes to accept me on his Private Client Services account. #ThirstyMuch?


  3. The Beav

    She follows him…he follows her…so sad for me to know that.

  4. Donnie Darko

    His facebook usually has the good stuff. IG not as much. You should make a fake facebook of a fairly attractive woman located in Las Vegas to get him to friend you. I should make a fake POF account and message his JSharley81 profile there. Try to see what lies he tells to try and get in the pants of the fake profile.

  5. nancy young

    Or an asshole

  6. nancy young

    It’s very t-rexy. Or little person like

  7. JimU113

    A beta girlfriend that has had too many travelers down their Hershey Highway.

  8. nancy young

    My anaconda don't…,,,,

  9. nancy young

    And convicted felon

  10. nancy young

    He always manages to have a chick. I don't know how the fuck he does it. I can't get a fucking friend/message request accepted on Facebook and this tard is spreading seed throughout Vegas

  11. nancy young

    This is amazing. Now I have something to look forward to. That gif is everything

  12. Katie

    I really want to know what Andrea and Sharkey plan to do in regard to the baby. He dodges and ignores all the question pertaining to that subject, and after their 100th break up, James stopped making any reference to the baby.

    In the event it is his (id say maybe a 20% chance is fair) will he pay child support or want to see the child?

  13. Katie

    It was Kina, after the imfamous Louboutin murders, where she claimed he entered her house while she was gone and destroyed a ton of her things, followed by a few attempted facetimes. Sharkey claimed that he called her because he needed "closure" to their relationship.

    He is now back to commenting on Kina's instagram, which means she unblocked him, and allowed him back in. I wouldnt be surprised if they ended up together in the end,

  14. Donnie Darko

    I'm assuming it's Kina. Maybe it was Skylar Haze?

  15. The Judge

    It's like those people carts that you always see obese or older people riding in the grocery store – hope that cat doesn't get fat!

  16. Donnie Darko

    Looks like Sharkey blew right through a no contact restraining order with Kina. Look at 5-29. Attempted to facetime victim after no contact order issued by court, defendant threatened victim in court. Any female that gets with him has to be crazy, Dude might be capable of pulling an OJ one day. He doesn’t have any regard for the law or any court orders.Open the 1st image click on it and zoom in, read 5-29.

  17. MissPell

    The baby duck pooped on the floor.

  18. Persephone

    Yes! Post em!

  19. Mzzy Rivy

    He sure does

  20. Penza

    Wet Dream Merchant.

  21. Persephone

    That screams slime ball.

  22. Persephone


  23. Sir TTP

    Click the HEART icon everyone – let’s get this sucker up, up, up on the disqus recommended list. Sharkey deserves it.

  24. Andrea's Bangs

    He totally has a bubble butt. I bet he’s popular in jail.

  25. Donnie Darko

    I don't know. I try not to ever use cuss words or be mean. Just give him info. He's scared of The Queen.

  26. DragonSlayer.

    The fuck? Is that not a hotel?? It looks an awful lot like a single hotel room.

  27. Hahaha yeah something like that!

  28. The Beav

    He is hoping he will meet a gal who is down to suckle on his moobs. Ugh, I just made myself gag.

  29. The Beav

    Telemarketing?!? He can barely speak English. "Errrr…Hi….ummmmm…what was….uhhhhh… I saying again?"

  30. The Beav

    YASSSSSSS!!! What a great week. I noticed that Kina and Sharkey follow each other on Insta. I can't wait for those crazy kids to get back together.

  31. DirtyGMa

    Super DAVE OSBORNE…. Yaaay…

  32. Donnie Darko

    Perfect Cliff Notes summary of #Moguladouches recent tomfoolery.

  33. Sir TTP

    Just FYI – there is no "Sharkey Marketing" of any sort incorporated as an LLC or other entity within the State of Nevada.

    • Aww. It’s like when a kid opens a lemonade stand and thinks he has a business… only the lemonade stand is a legitimate business model, so perhaps that’s a bad example lol

      • countryjew

        And then the kid gets on the juice and knocks up a stripper and then goes to jail for beating her but not before buying a 50K truck he can't make one payment on. That kind of lemonade stand?

  34. Maia

    Fired much????

  35. Andrea's Bangs

    He sold "FUN BIKES"? Sounds masculine.

  36. Nut Bags

    Missed you guys!

  37. JimU113

    Those jeans look like they’re overly Bedazzled in the back. Especially around the Velcro flap.

  38. Whitney BeatMe

    My favorite Sharkey tale is when he went on insta or whatever claiming to be a hero on the streets of Vegas when the video shows that, yeah… not so much. Classic fail.

    • MissPell

      What’s funny is that he was telling people about his brave deed when you can CLEARLY see he was just standing there doing nothing to help.

    • Sir TTP

      My favorite true Skarkey tale is when he risked life and limb to escape the clutches of Tricia Evans by jumping out of a moving vehicle. What I would pay for video footage of that moment….

      • MissPell

        Speaking of the Bev… It looks like she’s not enjoy her pregnancy too much right now. lol good.
        “I have been having horrible mood swings, nightmares & acid reflux that just seem to get worse & worse.”

        • Sir TTP

          Yep. And not certain what state of mind someone needs to be in to post their dusty tampon box on Instagram.

        • Persephone

          Confession: took a peek. I love all the pre-pregnant pictures being posted. Guarantee sign of “Wtf did I do I’m so fat!”
          Most women would be sportin that bump ‘big’ time

  39. Sammi Jo

    So friggin' cute!!

  40. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Your house may be cool, but nothing is cooler than..

  41. Donnie Darko

    I just let Sharkey know to stay tuned this week.

  42. But I like turtles.

  43. Vanilla ice


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