ZW Pic Submission: DirtyKiwi

So, DK sent us these pics of desperate ol’ Abigail Ratchet lubed up in the spirit of…err.. superbowl, I guess?




Now, obviously I’m not an American football fan and I still for the life of me cannot work out why the fuck it’s called Gridiron (seriously, what gives? And while I’m at it – Super Bowl. Wut? Why? Super. BOWL. Pls help) – but I can’t help but think – does anyone really give a fuck about these insta-idiots and their desperate grabs for attention with themed photo shoots?

Are football fans really like “oh wow, she must be a fan like me – she’s so much hotter now!” – “look at the way she holds that ball while lubed up – that’s real talent, I’m a fan of her” ?

Then when St Patty’s day rolls around and Abigail is dressed like a naughty leprechaun, are the Irish guys like “feck me, look at this Mot, she must love us Micks – this makes me want ter gore her more now *clicks like button*…?

Without fail, the insta-whorde latch onto every holiday, major sporting event and craptastic awards show in the hope of remaining relevant to their fans. Themed photo shoots that girls pay for in FellatioDollars are everywhere. But does it really work?

Are guys clicking the like button because they really dig that some ho had an idea for “like the most epic V-day shoot ever” while doing lines in the bathroom of the only bar in LA that allows un-pimped (aka freelance) hoes to loiter around paid tables? Or did they just wanna see some tits for free and Instagram is a lot easier and cheaper than popping bottles to win over whores or bothering with first date banter?

What does that “like” really mean?

To the instawhorde it means acceptance, admiration and popularity.

But to the average guy – does it mean any more than “cheers for flashing ya gash for free”?

Hours spent semi-naked with a photographer, several more hours on photoshop, paying for the final product with the remaining shards of their soul – all just to post on a free social media site in the hopes that people will LIKE it.

Could the same level of social media mediocrity be achieved by simply posting a titty pic from their John’s bathroom?

Why do they bother?

I’d love to hear the opinions of our ZW Nation guys – are you more likely to be enamoured with a trendy whore who themes her pics, or is it TITS OR GTFO? Do you GAF at all about the theming shit or do you give no fucks and are just after eye candy while sitting on the shitter?

Also – throw some pics up of the instahoes you think are the biggest latcher-on-ers and ones you think go wayyyy too much effort for a like. Shouldn’t be too hard 😅