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Sydney Ladd: Insta-ho Feels the Burn of Old Age

ZW Update: Sydney Ladd

Well, well, well. It’s been quite a while since Sydney Ladd appeared on ZW… trust me, this is worth a reappearance. 

I’ve always wondered what an insta-ho graveyard will look like, what these used up girls with no marketable skills or talent other than their ability to bend walls with Photoshop, will actually do when public interest in their ass pictures fades.

Sydney Ladd answered that for me today. 

To laugh the hearty belly laugh that I know you will; we must first take a little wander down memory lane, to see what Sydney’s life used to look like.

Sydney used to BE SOMEONE in the insta-whorde. Her thirst trap pictures captured many a john during her prime. But, as will happen to all these hoes-of-the-moment, there comes a time when a hoe is just a used up hole that everyone has seen. No longer exciting, new or fresh; these hoes are discarded from the free yacht poop trips, fake Birkin shopping sprees and group ho shots.

Left to their own devices, the discarded hoes often turn to their Beta fans for monetary support. When that fails, they’re left with the harsh reality that they are 30, jobless, skill-less, homeless and single.

This is exactly what happened to Sydney. Seeing as she has “too much free time” and not enough coin – here’s Sydney’s best effort at carving out a living for herself.

She needs to stoop to this level? Asking around on Facebook for odd jobs and domestic duties?

She’s gonna babysit kids and animals for what… 10 bucks an hour? Maybe more if Daddy has babysitter fantasies?

((((Must. Stop. Laughing. And. Finish. Typing. Post.))))

This is what is comes to? Lol

What are the hoes that aren’t good with animals or other people’s noisy devil spawns supposed to do? I sure as fuck wouldn’t even let an airhead like Sydney Ladd or Amanda Lynn take care of my fish, no matter how old and broke she was.

Aww shit, even her roomie left her old, unemployed ass alone.


From THIS in summer of ’16:
To THIS in summer of ’17:

Maybe insta-fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, eh?



  1. Scorpio

    It looks like she is on the verge of getting a real job. I hope she goes for it all the way, and doesn’t just mess around. It will only get more difficult for her.

  2. Penny Lane

    Her body is decent, but her face is plain to me. If she has or had a sugar daddy, why couldn’t he buy her a new nose? Her nose isn’t very flattering.

    • Craig Rabinowitz

      Sydney has a beautiful nose and should never “change” it. This remark is sick.

  3. TJ

    We may have found Nik Ritchie’s perfect nanny. She is sexy and gorgeous.

  4. That Joel

    Don’t these morons know that Instagram is the Carfax for hookers. It lets prospective sugar daddy know how much actual milage you have.

  5. Still working on today’s post guys, won’t be much longer! Its something I’ve held back for a while now, so I hope you all enjoy it!

  6. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    she should bunk with Teef, Teef needs a roommate. If they are both working Instagram and sugar daddy’s, they can cover twice the ground.

  7. Whitney BeatMe

    Does she have a huge bruise on her ass from that fall? At least she’s trying to earn non dick related money so that’s something.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Well, she’s doing what she’s doing because she CAN’T earn dick related money.

  8. Stelio Kontos

    Being a P4P is much like being a pro athlete. Instead of handling a basketball and running for TD’s, you find yourself handling old man balls and running from std’s. However, both have a limited shelf life.
    Many athletes are now moving on into commentating, coaching and management. Why aren’t whores doing the same? No one has an exit plan? You have to feel your playing days coming to an end. Slubber has a poorly constructed plan to enter the music industry, Jordan Carver is trying to repackage herself. Veronika Black and Holly Wolf are doing slutty cosplay. I guess I can say “kudos” to them for trying?
    When is one of these ho’s gonna actually go full “boss” mode (since they love that word so f’n much) and really start exploiting and making money off of their industry instead of their backs?
    In a weird way, I am saying “why isn’t anyone aspiring to be Amber Rose?” She has turned “ho” into her business.
    *side note* End of days is nigh….when shit like that Amber Rose shit makes sense – Gabriel might be blowing that horn any day now.

    • smugjew

      There are many whores who “win” the game with a well-executed exit plan.

      And we’ll never hear about them as they’re generally discreet. If you’re a titan of industry with a family and a reputation to protect why would you want to be with a hooker who posts her every move on social media to a million followers?

      I like your pro athlete analogy, but our ZW hos ain’t exactly NBA-caliber. The Slubbers, Wilkes and L’Hommedon’ts are playing pick-up ball at the local YMCA thinking the Warriors are going to call any day now.

    • Luke Duke

      Just read about about another pro athlete made $50 mil and now bankrupt. I’ll look up the name in a bit but to lazy now.

  9. Bernie Sanders

    From all those instagram pics she’s put up you’d think she had wealthy parents but no turns out the ZW crew and dirty army are right she’s a P4P without a doubt.

    • shenanigans

      MOST are…

      • Bernie Sanders

        Lmao fuck going to bars and clubs then I’m staying next weekend and looking for sugar babies on instagram

  10. Lame Equis

    She’s ugly.

  11. shittystripper

    This is my least favorite Insta-Ho, she reminds me of Pucker from TD. So bland.

  12. €r2

    Selling herself is way better than baby or dog sitting. She has a potential to make so much much. I see it in her eyes.

  13. JimU113

    Attention Instawhorde: The clock is ticking. Drop the get rich off betas, “fake it ’til you make it” bullshit. get an education and a decent job, or….This.

  14. Kay More

    Meh, take care of yourself lady. Get a job or education. Not a hard concept.

  15. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Guess you should have saved the cash instead of the Wanderlust……….wait your johns just paid for those trips and you never had money. I enjoyed all the evidence I need in your solo photos around the world.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Frank uses words as weapons lolol

    • Donnie Darko

      I remember on the dirty when Richard Toll the sub prime auto loan lender from New Jersey gave his account of when he booked her for the weekend. Was a great thread.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Rereading it now hahaha Richard started out defending her ended up hating her

      • Ms Conduct

        I only remember his constant bragging on his $189,000 townhouse and her being similar to Wilke in that whole scenario (minus the lesbian part).

    • Tuco

      Holy crap. I bow to Frank.

    • Dr.Christian Troy

      Frank is a SAVAGE

    • shenanigans

      hahaha YESSSSSSS !!! Let’s just all infiltrate their comments mwahahahhaaha

    • Lame Equis

      She blocked me

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Dog walking….i mean, a job is a job and i respect anyone who is willing to work instead of sit on their ass and collect welfare but she has a 3k a month apartment was travelling all over the world, Paris, the French Coast…now begging to change diapers and scoop up dog shit- while trying to find ANY roomie she can get. Her life could be a PSA at some point your decisions start to have permanent consequences. Herpes is forever and lowers your rate significantly.

    • PC Principal

      Im surprised she’s that open and honest about being an expensive whore.

    • TwoTrickPony

      LOL PNAK – I miss Richard Toll – we baked that dude good and proper back in the day. His “candids” of Sydney on his couch eating cheetos while waiting to be called to perform her duties were awesome.

    • Bernie Sanders

      I love how the ZW crew do their homework and hold nothing back when it comes to taking shots at whores and douchbags instagram posers

  16. AmericanTopTeam

    Man….she was very cute…no huge fake balloons stapled to her chest…no 20lb sacks of lard on each butt cheek…went all over the world. She really should have tied down a decent dude and gotten married. I cannot imagine it is safe for her to let any random dude with 1400 get a key to her apartment where she sleeps/showers/ and is incredibly vulnerable. To be totally honest I hope nothing bad happens to her, the world can be a very mean place.

  17. Fairly Local

    Sleeping in and hanging out in my pool today was cool but I would probably get bored of that. That’s why I’m going back to work on Monday,I’m bored. You know what bitch!If it wasn’t for my bills I’d be really good at being bored.

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