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  • Dance Monkey Slubber Gets A New Friend

    ZW Submission: [Adam] Allison Ceglio aka Slubber Anyone know who the new skank is that Slubber is hanging out with? Her name is Ashley Kirk. I think ZW should investigate – surely she’s p4p as well. I wonder if it was her taking these stupid videos of Slubber’s fat ass?  

  • Slubber to Drop MORE Tracks…

    Allison Ceglio aka Slubber: Droppin’ It Like A THOT   Rut-roh. If you thought this delusional, IG Fronting, Flip Flop Wearing, Wigga Wannabe was done with her music “career”… you were dead wrong.  Allison is back in the studio – may the Lord have mercy on our souls. What culture-rich gems will Slubber be dropping this time? Here’s a preview… The total white girl in me is like “whaaat was that? You needta drop a… Continue reading "Slubber to Drop MORE Tracks…"

  • TFIF: Free Post!

    Thank Fuck It’s FRIDAY: Free Post If anyone posts any #TiffCrypt stuff, I may puke, I’m all Crypted out for the week. It’s a #CryptFree zone in this week’s free post. Other than that – go nuts (but do adhere to the Olive Warning System for any unsavoury pics – ask a fellow ZDubber for help if you’re not sure what the Olive System is). Here’s my funnies for Friday – Slubber with her errant… Continue reading "TFIF: Free Post!"

  • WTF Wednesday

    WTF Wednesday:  A Mid-Week Round Up of Social Media Shenanigans Yea, we know, the WTF Wednesday roundup is long overdue. So sue us.  Moving on, let’s kick this off with Kurtlynn the woman-hating fairy gimp, who is currently sashaying down in Miami… Evidently, neither Kurtlynn nor his beard got lucky at “da clubz,” as it appears these chicks chose themselves instead.  Wise choice. So of course, he posts this gem, which goes a step or two… Continue reading "WTF Wednesday"

  • Thirsty Thursday: DeadTooth VS Slubber

    ZW Thirsty Thursday: DeadTooth VS Slubber Poll Time ZW! Who’s the Thirstiest Ho of them all? Looks like Allison Ceglio aka Slubber hit the jackpot with her latest john. She’s been posting constantly from Aruba. Looks like those “gifts” are not quite enough to satisfy Slubber, she’s been begging for more clients before she even lands back in NYC. I can just imagine this Thirsty bitch calculating the cash she needs to front on IG next… Continue reading "Thirsty Thursday: DeadTooth VS Slubber"

  • Slubber: Cash Me Ousside!

    ZW Update: Allison Ceglio aka Slubber   What the fuck is this? Is this Allison bragging about the cash she hauls in from selling her fat ass to old men? She’s proud of it obviously. It’ll cost you 25 bucks to subscribe to her snapchat  and then you’ll have the great honour of seeing this slovenly Slubber writhe around with her dirty hooker money erryday. Totally worth it 😵

  • Thirsty Thursday: Caption This Edition

    ZW Thirsty Thursday: Caption This Edition   Well the insta-whorde is giving us plenty of content for Thirsty Thursday and quite frankly, some of it’s hilarious. Let’s do a different style of Thirsty Thursday. This week we want you to “Caption This Ho”. After the article, I’ll put each pic in a comment of its own. Reply with your best caption. First up – Sandra Georgia Popa. She is one of the newest girls added to… Continue reading "Thirsty Thursday: Caption This Edition"

  • Slubber is Delusional

    ZW Submission: [Anon] ZW Update: Allison Ceglio aka Slubber ZW – wtf is this shit that AllisonWonderland posted? Did a lot of shit or took a lot of shit on the chest?   Anyway why is she posting a pic of boots WITH THE RECEIPT? Who cares that you whored your hole out for a pair of shoes worth a couple of hundred bucks? I can’t see the actual subtotal on the receipt, maybe you… Continue reading "Slubber is Delusional"

  • Hookers That Slay Together – Stay Together

    ZW Update: Sarah Scheller & Allison Ceglio   Exlusive Model Introductions is NOT an offer for prostitution. Well according to their Terms and Conditions on their website it’s not. But why else would one want to meet with renowned pay4play girl Slubber aka Alicia Wild? Or everyone’s favourite Gimp Hooker, Sarah Scheller aka Sarah Milania? Here’s the link to the site These two hookers are such “besties” they’re on the same hooker booking site, targeting… Continue reading "Hookers That Slay Together – Stay Together"

  • Slubber is SO Gangster, Yo

    ZW Submission: [Mk] Allison Ceglio aka Slubber Been a while since this tub of insta-lard has graced the ZW Nation site, so here’s an update on the Gangster-wannabe @AllisonsWonderland. Check tha rhymes this whigga be spittin’:      

  • Slubber To Be Face of Fitness Company?

    ZW Update: Allison Ceglio Is Allison a Fitness Spokesperson? Submission by Mk Hey Zdub, been a while since my last submission, but seeing as Queen is a little worse for wear this week and my flowers arrived after her discharge, I thought I should send in a written post real quick to make up for it. See that title up there? Nope. Not kidding! (Smooth slide there, valjhum!)    

  • Delusion At It’s Finest – Allison Ceglio

    ZW Submssion: [Maia] Obviously, I have too much time on my hands. That being said, this slob needs to be put on blast again. Fitness Ambassador? Fittin this food in your mouth, perhaps. Occupation is Princess? Here at the ZW we have another word for how you earn money. Natural awesome Italian genes? You aren’t a blonde and those balloon tits aren’t real. Those stubby fingers aren’t hiding that double chin. Put some clothes on.… Continue reading "Delusion At It’s Finest – Allison Ceglio"