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  • Pixee Fox: Spider Butts, Barbie Pussies and MAC Forcefields

    ZW Submission: [mK]  Pixee Fox without the MAC Forcefield  If you’re following Pixee Fox, you’ll see she’s gone brunette in an effort to grow her hair cartoonishly long (props to her for actually trying to look after her hair instead of getting a Gimp-ish style weave!). Thing is, I don’t think the color is too flattering on her when she’s not wearing the MAC Forcefield. Here’s some pics from her IG Story. What do you… Continue reading "Pixee Fox: Spider Butts, Barbie Pussies and MAC Forcefields"

  • Pixee Fox is getting MORE surgery!

    ZW UPDATE: Pixee Fox Pixee finally unveiled the new “semi-fantasy nose”. What do you think, ZW? Well her aspirations to be completely plastic have not yet been fulfilled, so Pixee is off to get some pussy surgery. Wait – what? And what the fuck is a #spiderlift?  More Pixee stories HERE

  • WTF Wednesday: Pixee Fox

    ZW Update: Pixee Fox I think the last time we saw Pixee Fox she was having some ridiculous eye dyeing thing done…well she has absolutely not stepped off the crazy train. This insta-whore aspires to be a Living Doll and just bought a super mega combo of procedures to jump start the process.

  • Pixee Fox Gets Her Eyes Dyed in India

    ZW Submission: [ZW Princess] Hey all, check out what one of our favorite crazy people is up to. That’s right, friends, Pixee Fox is at it again, this time traveling to India to get eye color implants. Is it me or do they look like extremely cheap colored contacts that anime cosplayers wear? http://nypost.com/video/screw-colored-contacts-this-woman-just-dyed-her-eyes/ www.thepixeefox.com See our last Pixee Fox Story: