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The Day TheDirty Died

ZW Update: R.I.P. TheDirty


You had a good run Hooman.  Thanks for bringing many of us together.


P.S. – Congrats on the tooth pain scoop.  LOL.

P.P.S. – Shave down those kids of yours before the next Christmas picture.  They’ll both be hairy little beasts before long.  Sand monkey genes and all that.

P.P.P.S. – Jokes aside, here’s a card we made you. Dawn wanted to craft one out of macaroni and Bilzerian jizz, but there just wasn’t time and the goat wasn’t available.





  1. treehouse

    Where did all the “local gossip” move too?

  2. erika

    I am so happy I finally found the old crew! Can’t wait to start reliving all of the good old days 🙂

  3. I meant of Tiffany joy…I don’t want pictures of dildos the size of the Hindenburg thank you very much

  4. Send me ridiculous shit about your nightmare and I’ll write something about it sk

  5. I want to know made him turn his site into another Perez Hilton. Someone found a way to stop him from even commenting. Now he’s an ambulance chaser with Gringas scouring court dockets.

  6. El Hijo De Fistfight

    I know I’m late to the party, but, F*CK YES.

  7. Cormega

    So what exactly happened? Why did Nik make the change?

  8. Brian

    I miss posts about Abigail Ratchford (The office)

  9. 7mixednotconfused

    Can’t believe he switched up like that.

  10. @MissTriciaEvans

    Can you put camphophenic on genital herpes?

  11. Unityyy

    I guess I just don’t understand the decision to change the format completely. Who the hell wants to read ‘celebrity’ legal documents? What gave him the idea this would fly? His podcasts were a bust and this certainly is as well. The guy got lucky by developing a popular site. He’s not exactly a visionary who has the capacity to hit the jackpot twice. The guy barely commented on his posts (always with poor grammar and gross misspelling). It seems to me like he’s going for a new audience and looking to ‘break’ big Hollywood stories…yawn. Good thing we have this beautiful site to keep us lurking in on the Wilkes of the world!

  12. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    use to drink 20 of those bad boys at one time (well over a few hours at the lake)… after 24, you get the shakes..

  13. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Dream killers do that. They marry/date you while you’re working your ass off. Pick a profession. Then they bitch because you are spending all your time doing what you have always done. (yes, not the best sentence structure). So the man starts spending more time with them and forgets about his work. Next thing you know, you are not moving up, possibly failing or losing your job. Your ex-woman leaves with the next best thing. Man loses and has to start over. (People can substitute woman for man/man for woman). Dream killers come in all shapes and forms.

  14. Pagana

    Oh my gosh!!??! Why did it change??? Blood Diamond, The Office, Scooby Snack, Chewy, etc etc etc…the dubai yacht excursions…leper, udders, bomba…what will become of them now!??! if it were not for the dirty, i’d of never heard of dan bilzerian, or khloe tarae…or khloe chan…or anyone else i mentioned!??! WE NEED AN EXPLANATION!

    • Since Nik has abandoned his “dirty celebrities” they have found a home right here. He didn’t contribute shit to the posts, they were written by readers. There’s no reason that can’t continue here. Scope out your favorite idiot on SM and submit any ridiculous posts or stories to us. Fuck Nik. The Dirty is dead, yo

  15. Snoggins


  16. RiverPerson



    Hello, SK.

  18. Ultraviolet

    So did he sell the website?

  19. Are you feeling all our tears
    Missing us already
    You’re old and fucking bald
    That’s your current style of heady

    You ran a nasty website that we loved cuz it was mean
    Filled with obscure phony fronters that we all just loved to ream
    But you thought you were important
    A relevant cyber man
    I’m totally delighted to see your website hit the can

    Are you feeling all our tears
    Missing all our clickbait
    Broke and wallowing in fears
    Jerking off like you’re a shakeweight

    Started knob gobbling with freaks like jenndale bell
    And boy that’s about the time your website had a smell
    Your snark dismissive comments
    And banning us was dumb
    Stick your finger in your asshole
    Bet you pull out a tasty plumb.

    You’re a Persian geriatric
    Trying to be Perez um Hilton
    Always thinking you were didactic
    But intelligence wasn’t built in

    Smarter guys than you sold their sites for lots of cash
    But you my friend got lazy and kept sitting on your ass
    You lashed out at your faithful
    Cuz your wife was stepping out
    Then blew Marc Bell and gingras
    Trying to get a little clout

    You’re a has been one note moron
    Who couldn’t grab the brass ring
    Youre just another whore-on
    Just SAT back and tried to cash in

    We won’t miss you one bit
    You camel jockey fraud
    But for bringing us together we all have to applaud
    Now go, just git, go fuck yourself
    The nursing home awaits
    I hope there’s one for soulless sluts
    So you can share their fates.

    *Bonus Bill Cosby lol

  20. RedRanger

    Oh my god, I can’t believe I didn’t notice the bobblehead before. Ha hahaha.

    I think all the anger stems from having a little dick. I’ve seen that dick size world map, the middle East has some of the smallest dicks in the universe.

    All that bs about him banging chicks in his book, just a cover. Man’s got a baby dick, judging by all that self hatred.

  21. Maia

    And as long as there are hoes, we’ll be ripping them up!

  22. Nurse Jiggles

    He looks like he has osteogenesis imperfecta (like the kid in that show the middle)

  23. Spartacus

    Every post over there starts with “EXCLUSIVE” desperate much?

    • Maia

      And who the fuck would login with Facebook to comment?

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        Maybe Dik didn’t get a raise, so he’s going to run his contract out and hope to get fired.
        In CA, he’ll take home 80% unemployment (unlike AZ where you max out at 220 a week)

      • GoProNik

        That was the first thing I noticed…WTF?

        • Maia

          A fishing expedition!

          • The_Truth_Hurts2012

            then he can track your friends and post the poster. Demand $$ to be taken down.

          • AmericanTopTeam

            Yeah i forget the dentist who told us he paid 8k and his name disappeared from the site

  24. ZWGGMa

    fucking bitch has survival instincts… so many would club her on sight. This is why she holes out in basement shanty squats with cheetos and mogan david…. Only ventures out when the crack runs out… luring her to the arctic would be a stretch

    • JimU113

      Mountain Dew poured into Mogan David bottles. So she can feel “classy.”

  25. TMFJ

    Did the toilet get him this time for real? He had to be dizzy as hell from goin round and round the bowl, but has the clock really struck midnight? His life is going to get rough if thats the case. That wife of his with a famous dad will be gettin the hell outta dodge most definitely!!! I feel better about myself!!!

  26. Sammi Jo

    I hadn’t either HAHA!

  27. Ghost Girl

    Although I will miss the golden days of The Dirty, I am beyond ecstatic that all of us mean mother fuckers have an even better place to congregate. Nik started to shit where he ate, so he brought it on himself. Cheers to all of you like minded bastards! I’m glad that we have found our promised land. Long live the Queen!!!

    • Maia

      It would be like Queen going to dinner with Nicolette Shea! Ain’t gonna happen!

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Well maybe.. for research purposes only, but one of us would have to go with so queen wouldn’t stab her eyes out.

  28. Kay More

    You know besides the strange obsessions with women what creeped me out the most about this dick? How he was constantly white washing himself. He tried soooo hard to be a white preppy guy. Which he never will be. No snark about race/ethnicity, I m part Hispanic myself…but he hated himself.

    • smugjew

      “He tried soooo hard to be a white preppy guy.”


    • AmericanTopTeam

      This…and the fact that he was constantly running down girls who wouldnt give him a second look…never got that

  29. Ms Conduct

    Glad errbody is on board now. Toot toot, we told ya so…chuggga chugga toot toot.

  30. smugjew

    Nice backwards baseball hat bro. About to turn 38 and dresses like a 12 year old.

  31. ZWGGMa

    hhahah I know! Such a funny little man…

  32. ZWGGMa

    sand monkey genes..

  33. JimU113

    The funeral calls for the playing of the ZW Nation anthem.

  34. JimU113

    Thank you for bringing this motley crew of degenerates together. Maybe you can podcast with CF and Tricia?


    Yeah, it’s just disappointing he didn’t give any notice. But he truly never gave a shit about the people who commented, so at least he was consistent.

    I wish JV’s MOM had some notice, that’s for sure.

  36. Kay More

    I completely forgot that YEARS ago the Dirty posts would get a lot of comments. It’s been shitty for a while now & reading through our comments made me remember it really did use to get numerous comments. Yikes, I feel old!!

  37. Sammi Jo

    I’d read The Dirty since the beginning, and over time I saw the site’s content decline; and incessant trolling ruin it. Not only that, the commenters (you guys) we’re not given the props you deserved. I went to that site to read the comments, not Nik’s lame ass opinions. The commenters (ya’ll) provided the wit and humor. Once the ZW was created that was it for me…so here I am, along with some hillarious and badass individuals! As far as The Shity goes..✌
    And as far as The ZW goes…GET EM’!

  38. Whitney BeatMe

    I’m not sending flowers or a fruit basket. I’ll send him one of those turds in a box seeing as he likes to collect them. Au revoir monsieur hypocrite. Maybe laseraway will give you a group discount for that furry family of yours.

  39. @MissTriciaEvans

    Karma is a bitch I guess lol.

  40. ItsJL

    The only thing I ask you is NEVER show a pic of the Kardashians, a Teen Mom, or Ray J.
    Other than that, I’m a convert. The Dirty had a good run, but even even Happy Days jumped the shark and had to end at some time. For The Dirty it ended somewhere between Abigal Ratchford and protecting people he once thought were vile, then he started trading advertising on his site for keeping certain people off his site. JL Out.

  41. Has anyone seen Dik Itchy’s IG account? He has a God complex worse than DoucheFag (Kurt Benz).
    Sadly, DF has more followers than DI on IntaDouche

    Interesting read:

  42. Donnie Darko

    The site died when he married Shayne. It was good when he was single and on the club tour. Banging out bottle rats in every city. I did enjoy reading in the book the story of him doing Anal with Leper because they didn’t have a condom and how he fucked Kina on one bed while Scooby was sleeping on the other bed, how he had at a suite at The Palms and a bunch of ASU sorority girls were doing lines and all wanted him to fuck them.

    • smugjew

      “The site died when he married Shayne.”


    • I remember “Would You?” died when he married Coke Head.

    • @MissTriciaEvans

      U don’t actually believe all that do you?

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        I believe that nik was in one bed.. and the sorority girls were in the other…..
        in Nik’s eyes,, everyone wants to fuk him…..

        • I believe all of it only because those stupid gutter slutbags would fall for his wanna-be persona. He was all, “hey baby, I’ll remove that content”.. And that made the book, and his life what it is today. Shit. I’d like to think if you merged the 2 love birds names (Nik & Shayne Lamas) you’d get something like Shit Ram-ass, or Schtick Lameass… But I’m still working on it…

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      I don’t believe for a second Scooby would have been asleep if Nik was banging Scooby Snack in the same room.

  43. Stelio Kontos

    I am going to miss the local dirt like Scottsdale, Denver, Winnipeg etc.
    Counter attacking a vicious OP is fun, getting a bitter response from some angry guy who caught herpes in Toronto is priceless.
    However, there was never Free Post Friday type of fun. Just a different vibe at ZW.

    • ZWGGMa

      I LOVED the other gossip… it was great. The targets for malicious humor were so broad the jokes wrote themselves. It was great for potshots at illiterates and seriously guilty pleasure.

  44. RedRanger

    TheDirty was a guilty pleasure for many years, but the implosion was imminent. Nik, you fucking suck.

    Suck worse than Rita Repulsa on her period.

  45. smugjew

    Nik Richie is the Spiritual Forefather of ZW Nation.

    So it causes us Great Sadness to see that our Messiah was just a False Prophet in disguise. A man who cultivated an Army of followers only to abandon them in pursuit of …. stories about Teen Moms and Real Housewives (and Ray J’s extreme tooth pain).

    Nik Richie’s mission was to expose the sordid underbelly of Club Life by focusing on the Delusions Of Grandeur that appeared in its participants. It is now clear that no one had stronger Delusions than Nik Richie himself.

    Nik Richie is a User. For 10 years he defended his destruction of people’s lives by claiming he was helping them for the better, giving them the medicine he knew they needed. Nik Richie said he was the Dose Of Reality that we were afraid to ask for, that he was simply holding up a mirror to our malfeasance.

    In the end it was all for, as one William Frederick Durst once sang, the nookie. The body count Nik Richie racked up was for nothing more than to increase his personal Fame And Fortune. The damage done to careers, families, children, and places of business was only to serve his lifelong ambition of becoming a Mainstream Media Personality.

    Nik Richie you are The Judas of the internet. America has not seen someone sellout this bad since Eddie Murphy did the Daddy Day Care movie.

    And if your response is simply, “fuck you, I’ll do what I what,” remember something:

    That applies to us too.

    Thanks for the memories Nik Richie. And please go FUCK yourself.

    • JimU113

      He’s a false prophet seeking false profit.

    • Snoggins

      This reads like a scorned ex. Let’s add some real analysis. If you thought this guy wasn’t out from day 1 to make money (look at his scammy pre-Dirty Scottsdale past for all the references needed – he was basically James Sharkey at that time) you might be on the spectrum. What’s really pathetic, in my opinion, is how for years he shared the good news that 99.9% of women are dream killers and as a man you should learn the warning signs of getting in too deep – then actually went and married a 30 year old woman who absolutely crushed his spirit and dreams under a $700 heel she can’t afford and an empty Starbucks cup he paid for. If there’s a lesson to be learned from Nik Richie it isn’t about what he did, it’s about what he didn’t do.

      Some thoughts:
      1) If you think you’ve made it to the top, you aren’t even close. Push yourself even harder. This goes for business, physique, and intellect.
      2) Practice what you preach. Spend 10 years showcasing and banging vapid attention whores. Probably shouldn’t go and marry a vapid attention whore.
      3) Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. This guys idiot peer group drained him of resources and energy while harming the brand in a critical time.
      4) Stay humble – Nik was known for being a douche to people in Hollywood because he believed in his own bullshit. This cut him off from the very world he is now trying to get into.
      5) Persist. Gave up on the app. Gave up on the DA Community website. Gave up on his wife’s blog. Gave up on club appearances. Gave up on being a part of the scene. Gave up on basic website improvements and maintenance. Just plain gave up.

      • TwoTrickPony

        I disagree with the first sentence, while applauding the rest of your statement. I think you guys/girls are essentially saying the same thing in different ways.

        Hooman has money issues as he has for some time. Those Renegade residuals clearly mean nothing, as his father-in-law’s pathetic “helicopter pilot for tourist company” career can attest. His parents make no money and Shayne doesn’t contribute a dime. So he’s trying a TMZ approach that will fail miserably.

        I’ve offer up a gold star for the bulk of your comments, but it just wouldn’t carry the same weight unless Gonzo licked it and stuck it on your forehead.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        Took away the titties.

    • Stelio Kontos

      Spiritual Forefather in a David Koresh / Jim Jones way?

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I know we joke around but that was as real as shit can get. Well said.

    • Ignatius_J_Reilly

      Fuckin’ A.

    • Unityyy

      I’ve been trolling his site a bit to see if any traction is building. Zip. Zero. Nada. He’s also suspiciously radio silent on the whole deal. Deluded man thought he was bigger than the sordid tales of Leper and Sharkey. But keep hawking the Lamas Richie wine..what a fucking joke..and pretend you and your useless prune faced wife are some sort of elite. You ain’t. Your ‘Army’ has turned against you and created a much better site based on your basic prototype. Bon chances little hairy man. See you and Shayne in line at Target when the well runs dry.

    • Captain Kangaroo

      Hear, hear

  46. OldWineBox

    “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CUNTING WEBSITE DID?!” Brought a group of kick ass people together to continue growing and laughing together! 🙂 R.I.P Dirty. Teehee LOOOOOSER!!!

  47. Gadda Bait

    Somebody has to go get T.J.

  48. Gadda Bait

    RIP dirty!

  49. Maia

    Thank you all for bringing us together. As a too long time lurker on TD, thank you ZW. I knew you’d be awesome! To CF? You’ll never be welcome here. Time to start taking those meds.

    • RedRanger

      Who would have thought that website was actually good for something.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I clicked 5 ‘submissions’ just to check…..NOT a SINGLE comment on any of them…..
      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cough cough dies……..

      • Digitus impudicus

        I noticed that. Perhaps because on Facebook you have to use your real name. Thank God I’m not on it.

      • o3mta3o

        I was there a few days ago and still saw a few comments here and there. I just popped over to check out you claim and holy hell, why would he use Facebook only for comments? Nobody wants their condescending and harsh criticisms of dirty people broadcasted to their friends and family.
        The site was dying before, but this could be the final nail in the coffin of irrelevance.

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