ZW Thirsty Thursday:

DeadTooth VS Slubber

Poll Time ZW!
Who’s the Thirstiest Ho of them all?

Looks like Allison Ceglio aka Slubber hit the jackpot with her latest john. She’s been posting constantly from Aruba.


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Looks like those “gifts” are not quite enough to satisfy Slubber, she’s been begging for more clients before she even lands back in NYC.

I can just imagine this Thirsty bitch calculating the cash she needs to front on IG next week, whilst riding the red eye home. No rest for the insta-whorde. Hustle and get that handbag, girl.

Then we have Tricia Evans aka Deadtooth aka Beverly Hillbilly.

She’s finally realised that she’s as ugly as a hat full of assholes and the only way to quench her Thirst online – is to be controversial.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

Tricia is so desperate, so Thirsty, for attention. ANY attention. When saying stupid shit is your only option for attention – you should probably just fucking give up. It’s over, Bev.

Seeing as the Queen loves a good poll, let’s put this week’s Thirsty Thots to vote!