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Thirsty Thursday: DeadTooth VS Slubber

ZW Thirsty Thursday:

DeadTooth VS Slubber

Poll Time ZW!
Who’s the Thirstiest Ho of them all?

Looks like Allison Ceglio aka Slubber hit the jackpot with her latest john. She’s been posting constantly from Aruba.


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Looks like those “gifts” are not quite enough to satisfy Slubber, she’s been begging for more clients before she even lands back in NYC.

I can just imagine this Thirsty bitch calculating the cash she needs to front on IG next week, whilst riding the red eye home. No rest for the insta-whorde. Hustle and get that handbag, girl.

Then we have Tricia Evans aka Deadtooth aka Beverly Hillbilly.

She’s finally realised that she’s as ugly as a hat full of assholes and the only way to quench her Thirst online – is to be controversial.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

Tricia is so desperate, so Thirsty, for attention. ANY attention. When saying stupid shit is your only option for attention – you should probably just fucking give up. It’s over, Bev.

Seeing as the Queen loves a good poll, let’s put this week’s Thirsty Thots to vote!






  1. Gadda Bait


  2. RedRanger

    A heel through the skull. Just like what they do to livestock with those guns (like in No Country for Old Men).

  3. smugjew

    Tricia Evans, aside from being a disgusting person, is clearly miserable as a mom living with Nathan and expresses a strong desire to re-start her (((entertainment career))) to be back in the public eye — hopefully as something other than a $70 tugjob chick.

    These hashtags are too much. #modelmommy? #98lbs?

    The keen eye will note the presence of “duaneaaa” from our “Make America Beta Again” thread.

    • Punky B.

      She looking beat! and whats up with that hair? i guess thats her natural hair color. must have pissed off the free school that did the my little pony monstrosity she was pimping for a yr. dam dead tooth even those ppl dont want u around them. pitiful.

      • smugjew

        And you know she had to mention to every single person at that salon that she’s a “Playboy playmate.”

        • Punky B.

          Ha! U already know

          • smugjew

            And she has that line about being in Playboy “back when it was still classy” as if it was her decision to not work them anymore because they weren’t up to her standards.

            Certainly nothing to do them when Stalinizing her whole history with the company because she’s a lunatic who brought global shame on the whole brand.

            “I used to give handjobs in Spokane…. back when handys were classsy…..”

    • RiverPerson

      My god she’s as white trash as it gets.

  4. o3mta3o

    50/50 when I voted.
    Trasha wins by a fine margin for me cause she’s shitting on others to boost her self esteem.
    Hey Trasha, I feel the same way about welfare single moms as you feel about junkies.
    (I dont, just had to point out the hypocrisy)

  5. JimU113

    I vote we chain them to separate pipes in an abandoned public restroom and leave them.

    • Gadda Bait

      Jim, sweetie judging by tricka’s language and mental state, I thought she WAS raised in a public bathroom. I’d go with public truck stop public bathroom. Lol, I know that is horrible to say but that story about her mom throwing her in a dumpster just makes me think a homeless person found her while searching for food and raised her in a truck stop public bathroom. I think the homeless person found books and tried to teach her a little or what she could then took her to the public library for story time and told her it was school. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Maybe other homless people with kids got together and sent the kids back and fourth and told them they was changing classes. 1st period was letters, 2nd period was dumpster diving, 3rd period was POLICE how to run from them and lie to them, you know we called it gym. Omg I got to stop I’m getting out of hand with this. Lol.

  6. €r2

    Slubber is too thirsty. What she all did got my attention but i did not feel the need to submit her because as we see from her caption, she is quite okay and honest and outspoken with what she is doing for money.

  7. @MissTriciaEvans

    Allison is the kind of prolific prostitute we should all aspire to be like.

  8. DragonSlayer.

    Fuck I have so much to say and don’t even know how to say it.
    Vancouver is gorgeous, this goes on everywhere.

  9. Punky B.

    Slubber really is thirstier but I had to vote for trash bag trasha. Every time I read one of her rants I hear jack nicholson’s speech at the end of a few good men. To paraphrase I work for your freedom so if u ain’t gonna pick up a gun and stand post shut the fuck up! Her opinion is void much like her. She really is a waste of space. She should be taking care of her child but would rather rant & rave like a lunatic on the net. Poor motel 6 already has to deal with her mother’s asshole being all over the net now she has to deal with being neglected bc her shit for brains mother is SC, pokemon hunting & causing trouble. I mean really how does she even live with herself?

    • Digitus impudicus

      No, spouting out a cletus fetus because it was too late to abort it and being addicted to your narcissistc social media is not “sexy” you washed-up strugglecunt.

    • Shikaka

      She is by far the WORST hypocrite, since she obviously lives off welfare and is good for nothing leech to society. I am from Vancouver, and I would prefer my tax money to go to a struggling addict rather than this thirsty whore bag who thinks she’s a fucking princess, fuck outta here

  10. AJ Moore

    Slubber only has two holes.

  11. Vicki Vallencourt

    word, girl! its sweet irony

  12. Digitus impudicus

    Slubber thinks the expression “balls to the wall” means pushing her john face first against the tile for a freaky reach around.

  13. Persephone

    Tricia, Tricia, Tricia…. your day will come.

    • Gadda Bait

      Her day will cum all over her just as strange men have been for years.

  14. Digitus impudicus

    That’s perfect! Same could be said for Trisha’s piss-poor implants.

  15. KittenPile

    Tricia wins pathetic. Allison might be a drug addict but at least she’s not swinging poon for $200/hour in LA

    By the way, a massage is usually $300 or so. To need to fuck for $200 is like Backpage level.

  16. Maia

    There’s no one more thirsty or more hypocritical than a Republican on public assistance.

  17. Stelio Kontos

    It would be no contest if Allison was strictly photos. Her look is very PCM friendly. However, her “personality” is umm….let’s just say it could use some work.
    Tricia? She is taking a strange route. It is either brilliant, dumb or mega thirsty. She is doing what I suggested Tiffany J Vine should’ve done. She is taking a stance and catering to a particular demographic. In short, she is the hottest woman on earth when standing next to Kellyanne Conway right?

  18. the real pintu

    I’ve never found Tricia to be unattractive.

    The other girl has an annoying voice, among the other negatives.

  19. Lame Equis

    Honestly Tricia isn’t an ugly girl. Slubber is definitely ugly and disgusting and tacky. Props to slubber for “workin it”. Tricia could’ve done the same but I’m thinking maybe she was too confrontational or didn’t have the right personality for sugardaddies or escorting. The big question is… who pays slubber?! Are these men blind? If I were a man, I’d rather fuck Tricia than slubber.

    • smugjew

      Tricia is a “trailer park hottie” but I find her features to be somewhat “harsh.” Hello Kitty dinners and Shasta are apparently are not the fountain of youth and she’s aging in dog years.

      With Ceglio, notice that this Aruba trip notwithstanding she only really travels as far as the Long Island Railroad will take her. None of this mawkish “courtesan” shit with Slubber — she’s a straight up street hooker.

      Her target audience? NO ONE under 55 is paying for that. She finds drunk old men at hotel bars and flops her Italiano sausage tits around until they submit. As I’ve said previously, if you wonder why their looks are so dated it’s because the johns are dated.

  20. Scorpio

    I cast my vote in opposition to the glorification of obesity. I somewhat agree with Evans on the topic of wasting taxpayer money. Excepting that I am against the public funding of schools and lunch.

  21. AmericanTopTeam

    Is Tricia aware that she contributes nothing and that her and her spawn exist and live because of those of us who pay taxes? Think about that you dumb cunt…take away public assistance and you and your child DIE…. Choke on that you idiot i provide more for your little bastard than you do.

    • Scorpio

      I believe that is the reason it angers her to see tax money spent on anything else.

  22. Maia

    I’ve been to Aruba 9 times, and never swallowed old sweaty balls to get there. Personally, I’ll be impressed when one of these hoes turns up in Bermuda, my favorite island. Only one all-inclusive on the entire island. These tricks aren’t going to pay 200 bucks a meal like we do. Buffet, bitches! My daughter’s best friend from age 5 til now is Muslim. The real oxymoron is Tricia Evans and good mother in the same sentence.

  23. Lilly

    Allison had those big tits and ass that rappers like to slap around and write songs about. At least she works even though she may need bail money soon. Tricia is capable of doing much better than she does. Waitresses in casinos can make a decent living. It may be far from a lavish life but it’s something. Something is better than nothing.

    • Punky B.

      Her attitude would get her fired plus she’s too good to have a job, so she says. Noone wants that skanked out slag around the public.

  24. Whitney BeatMe

    Tricia is gonna sell that kid’s vCard some day for likes. I hope that when the kid starts going to school protective services will finally get the referral on Bev.

  25. Kay More

    Tricia is so ignorant. Beyond comprehension.
    The other woman seems to have a hustle, it’s lame but oh well. She isn’t degrading others to feel better about herself like dead toof.

  26. smugjew

    How do you take someone like Slubber to Aruba? I wouldn’t take her to Arby’s.

  27. TwoTrickPony

    Did anyone read her Tweet or Facebook post where she pounded public schools and already refuses to send her child to same? Translation? Lil’ Motel 6 will know the secret handshake to the Clark County Chapter of the KKK by age two and be a meth mule to fuel that chapter’s racist bullshit by age five. And home schooling will revolve around the latest first person shooter for the PS4 and a diet of boxed mac and cheese.

    • Maia

      It’s funny because Dead Tooth can’t afford anything but public schools and she’d never pass the test to homeschool.

  28. TwoTrickPony

    Allison is living at home on Long Island, likes nice things, and isn’t fronting like she’s anything other than a slightly chubby, bleached-blond hooker. And she has the chutzpah to hustle and make that “paper” sucking off 60+ year old fat guidos that take her on second rate vacations to three star hotels in Aruba. She hangs with that gimp Sarah (which in and of itself makes her a saint in my book), her IG feed is hysterical, and she somehow even pulls off that lower belly tat – despite it being oddly disturbing to 99% of the population.

    Tricia is living penniless and jobless in Section 8 housing on the outskirts of Vegas with a beta that makes TJ seem like Jason Statham. Her self-described “biggest accomplishment in life” was squirting out lil’ Motel 6, whom – immediately upon doing so – proceeded to take on a “vacation” to a smoke-filled Hooters Casino because her former landlord kicked her out. She denied being a hooker for years or being arrested (or banging Sharkey) despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary on every count. And she’s so universally hated, someone started a petition to the Mayor of Spokane last year demanding that she never be allowed back into the city.

    Summary? Team Allison.

  29. Happy Pants

    Tricia hates herself. She can’t deal with what a worthless piece of shit she is, so she lashes out at anyone she’s convinced herself that she’s “better” than.

    Slubber’s just a fat whore making money off chubby chasing losers.

    They’re both dehydrated.

  30. Digitus impudicus

    God, please smite these mutants You accidentally made.

    Signed, Normal Humanity

  31. El Hijo De Fistfight

    I vote the fat hooker. Tricia is just a moron with too much time & access to a Facebook time line.

    People like Tricia are the reason I got off Facebook.
    People like the Chubby hooker are the reason I’m alright with genocide.

  32. RiverPerson

    God I love TrainwreckTrisha.

  33. TJ

    I do miss flirting with Trisha on a now defunct site. If someone pulled up the old comments they might confuse me with a Beta male.

  34. TJ

    Allison is the trophy you want on your arm to make your friends jealous. Trisha is the one you’d settle down with and make a family.

  35. Tuco Salamanca

    That chicks ass disturbs me.

  36. I voted for Slubber because it really doesn’t get much Thirstier (or grubbier) than soliciting for more dick before you’ve even touched down from the last job.

    • TJ

      Aruba is my favorite vacation spot. She’ll do things I wouldn’t do to get back there.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I got $$ says she’ looking for work on IG with a John’s pecker in her mouth.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        She’d like to take that money from you if you have 15 minutes of free time.

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