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Thirsty Thursday – Khloe VS Kina

ZW Thirsty Thursday

Khloe Terae VS Kina Tavary


Better late than never! Thirsty Thursday is here, folks! Lets do this.

The first contender this week has to be Khloe Terae. After ol’ chipmunk cheeks was roasted on WTF Wednesday by the Knighted Pony and Luxe sent us that video of her “giving back to the homeless”, there was no way I could overlook her this week. Here’s that video:



Next in line is everybody’s favourite butterface – Kina Tavary. This is the second week in a row that Kina has been nominated. Last week she won. Will she “win” again? An anon submitter sent us this:

I follow Freddy on Snapchat. He must read this site bc he’s been all about Kina’s ass…look at that ass, get that ass up here, ass this, ass that. He and Kina go out one night, drink, she drives home, and then the next morning says she’s so hungover. She was apparently driving home drunk. She also smokes, which is something I didn’t realize. When they got home, she cut the butt out of a pair of her jeans and then posed and did buns of steel hip thrusts while Freddy snapped it all. I don’t understand what would possess someone to think this is a good idea. She also calls him “baby love” like Holly Madison called Hugh Hefner.  I’ve attached no makeup photos and a few of his recent butt obsession photos. I’m sure you guys can put this all into a more interesting submission than my ramblings. I’ve never posted on here before and I’d like to stay anonymous.

Well, ZW Nation – what do you think? Who is the THIRSTY THURSDAY THOT? As always, vote then give us your reasons in the comments!



  1. Scorpio

    Ew. Me no likey dat butt.

  2. Even though I submitted Khloe Terror for making sure she put her selfless, amazing act of charity on IG for fame whore purpose, I had to vote for Kina. She looks like the Cryptkeeper in the pic with the red bra and she is becoming more of a train wreck with each social media post. Mr. Fags will work that money train until she overdoses or ends up as a lot lizard.

  3. Whitney BeatMe

    Merci Madame.

  4. T Tee

    I saw a real resemblance here…

  5. Seriously

    Staged or not in the end Khloe did a good thing. Kina is just fucking dumb.

  6. Digitus impudicus

    Nice struggle storage in the bathroom.

  7. TheSuburbanErrorist

    That model citizen fund is runned by Dildo Baggins friend, can’t mean anything good, plus hookers like Khloe are involved.

  8. Whitney BeatMe

    Cutting the ass out of your pants… Posting it on insta. We’re gonna need some extra straws for this sad thirsty biatch. Aaaannnd she fucked Dik Itchy. We have a winnah!!!

    • DragonSlayer.

      Was she even of age when they fucked? Or is she really lying about her age now?

  9. Spartacus

    Khloe versis Kina, it’s so difficult to know who I’d throw in the woodchipper first.

  10. These are 2 really nasty women. I have never visited their IG profiles because I do no want my IPad to get a disease….thanks

  11. OldWineBox

    This one’s for you Kina, you never and I mean NEVER disappoint! LMAO!

  12. Stelio Kontos

    Something tells me this bathroom wreaks of discount Austrailian Gold, Regret and curdled smegma.
    Yeah….I was disgusted as I typed it. All you had to do was read it.

  13. Stelio Kontos

    Thank you!

  14. countryjew

    Again, another “celebrity” having a meltdown because someone said something bad about them. Do you think Meryl Streep would be whining like this on Instagram? FOH.

    And there were some winner comments.

  15. caramelldansen

    I voted for Khloe, but actually meant to pick Kina. The thirst is real with that one. I don’t think PR in the way Khloe does it amounts to what Kina is doing. That shouldn’t discount that both of them are going to eventually hit 30 and realize that the clock is ticking.

    • Maia

      At least Khloe has 8 years in her favor. Kina is already 30.

      • caramelldansen

        Really? I thought kinadoll89 implied her birth year, but if not, she’s already over the hill GIGGLE GIGGLE!!

      • T Tee

        I will never get over the fact that Khloe is a year younger than me. I still get ID’d for lottery tickets and lighters and this girl is over here looking like she’s 3 neglected kids and a divorce deep in life.

      • DragonSlayer.

        Is she really?? I’ve seen so many different ages for her now, I had no idea which was the real one.

        • Maia

          She just joined the 27 Club like most IG hoes, but someone posted her high school yearbook page and it said she graduated in 2002.

          • FuturamaDude

            If she’s 27 then I’m 25. I wear sunscreen so maybe I am 25

  16. Maia

    I’m voting for Kina. She has the most serious Daddy issues out of all the hoes on IG. Freddie Fags is nothing but a pimp and dealer. Neither one of these losers has a job. It’s really fucking disgusting. If she were my child, I’d slit my wrists. For fucking reals.

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