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Thirsty Thursday – Kina vs Monica

ZW Thirsty Thursday

Kina Tavary vs Monica Monroe

Who cares if you have to pay for it – a Feature Article is still a Feature Article and that predictable, watery wordcount is worth it’s weight in Likes in the social media age.

Both Kina Tavary and Monica Monroe are thirsty for some attention and pushing their “interviews” on IG today.

These girls have both perfected their niche and by now, I’m sure, these interviews are as carefully constructed and rehearsed as they are mind-numbingly boring. 

Read Monica’s and tell me that poor journo wasn’t given a list of “achievements” that were mandatory content for the article! 

What a load of blabbery shit – nudez or GTFO Monica.

At least Kina’s article focused on the important content… her “all natural” assets. That’s what is really being promoted here, right girls?

So this Thirsty Thursday, for something different, you’re voting for the girl who you think did the best. Who #slayed the self-promo and who didn’t?



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  2. Gadda Bait

    Thank you sweetie.

  3. Gadda Bait

    I don’t go to the hospital anymore for broke bones lol. I gotta change my stairs.

  4. Maia

    Will do!

  5. AmericanTopTeam

    Both are slimy and moist with disease

  6. Kay More

    Le next generation of whorz

  7. Kay More

    Blah, Kina’s face looks like a foot. Hers tried to do a pageant speech in an “interview”. Lol

  8. Immediately after obtaining a degree in chemistry, I inserted basketballs into my chest, flapped my batwings for tips, and hooked up with a grotesque perverted burn victim.
    Saving the world one load to the face at a time. SCIENCE!!!!!

  9. Scorpio

    Monica all the way. She beats Kina in every category.

  10. Whitney BeatMe

    They should be modelling as tables, or seat covers. Then there would be some accuracy in what they do. Think of Monica’s bewbs as massaging beads when you sit down. She’s practical and keeps pet hair off your favorite recliner.

  11. Stelio Kontos

    Monica Monroe Internationally Published Glamour Model…..who I don’t recognize without her comically huge titties out and pants around her ankles as she squats in simulated drunken piss poses.

  12. o3mta3o

    Option C, Bob.
    I’ll take the reporter who called Monica blonde and didn’t ask the only question that matters:
    What glue are they using to keep all that plastic together, and could you add more of it to your droopy bottom lip?

  13. AP

    Monica transformed herself into a damn Real Doll to quench her thirst.

  14. Seriously

    *describes Monica as a blonde bombshell* *plasters brunette picture of Monica*

  15. Katie

    Kina is definitely more “thirsty.” Not that Monica deserves a prize or anything,but she landed her john. Kina is still dick hopping for money, praying that one of those men take interest for longer than the appointed hour.

  16. Pam

    Off topic but what’s goin on in the world of Sharkey and the baby?

  17. Dr.Christian Troy

    Upvote for curb stomp!!! Lol.

  18. Charles N

    I was going to ask how do you know how much hair you have on your bhole. Nah, I don’t want to know.

  19. Persephone

    I love that word. ‘Sheeple’
    is a great word.

  20. Right? LOL. I can’t imagine what she means by “every move” when she’s nothing but a do-nothing bitch. What “moves” has she EVER in her LIFE made? At all? lol.. fuckin a..

  21. Persephone

    I’m officially ASHAMED to be a Washingtonian.

  22. not2slobro

    KG.. you probably already know, but maybe others don’t, estimated net worth of:
    Giselle Bundchen $360M —- Tom Brady $120M

  23. OldWineBox

    Nice cock on that Monroe “chick”.

  24. countryjew

    I wrote a letter to the editor expressing concern with their editorial choices.

  25. Ertu

    She is living on another level. İt is like she is so delusional that she can do anything for money and she is doing lol

  26. Sammi Jo

    I think a “where are they now” piece in about 7 years could make for a really compelling read

    • OldWineBox

      Sammi, I sent you my personal pictures in confidence and then you post them?! The nerve! Teehee! 🙂

      • Maia

        I always read this out loud!

        • Haha! There’s a voice that goes with it too. A friend and I came up with a character that we imitate. She’s a middle aged, overweight woman named Sharon, who has cats and a job in “data”, who likes to have unprotected sex. She has a warbly high pitched voice and she’s a hard luck character that bad stuff happens to, hence the “auuu nauuu”. Our favorite line is “sharin’ is carin’!” To which Sharon replies “Sharon is not Karen, Karen is a gd floozy!”

    • Stelio Kontos

      I used to have this theory that titties could fix anything… wrong I was.
      She looks like George Lopez’s overly chromosomed brother in drag

  27. Digitus impudicus

    They are both so fucking thirsty they would suck off a camel!

  28. Digitus impudicus

    Neither one ever looked natural or pretty.

  29. Skully Truth

    Mannequins have more substance and soul than all these plasticized and vacuos products posing as women…

  30. Dr.Christian Troy

    The only difference between these two whores is lifestyle. Monica actually landed a trout with money. Sure he looks like an older, greasier Burt Reynolds but he legitimately has wealth. Kina is shacking up with the equivalent of a Dollar Store quality man with Freddy Fag.

  31. Sir TTP

    Future suitors and potential husbands (shudder) would do well to investigate what their respective offspring would actually look like. I think this is Kina’s actual beak. Not sure about Ms. Mosnovi. And the hair color on both is suspect.

  32. Ertu

    If anyone all around the world believes in those interviews or words, they are beyond stupid.

  33. Darlene Conner

    I don’t understand why anyone would call Monica an “American beauty” other than Monica herself. She is a plastic surgery abomination. Her nose IS Michael Jackson’s nose. Did they transplant it onto her face, corpse flesh and all? Also they need better proof readers for their prestigious fitness magazine (what a joke). The article says “blonde bombshell” and the accompanying photo clearly shows her with dark brown hair. Boo Hiss. I pick SS cause at least her body is hot even if her face looks like her horses.

  34. Gadda Bait

    Dan’s app is out today. The reviews are not good either.

    • jujubeans

      Meeting app demands these days is a tall order, I’m sure he fell short of achievement.

      • Gadda Bait

        Lol. I broke one of my toes so I’m staying in bed and play on the interwebs all day and that’s how I found out about. Well, it was on TMZ first thing this morning

        • Pam

          I always think of Seinfeld when someone mentions toes. Kramer tries to help Jerry come up with a comedy bit and talks about the king of the toes. Hope u feel better soon.

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          “I broke one of my toes so I’m staying in bed”…..”that’s how I found out”
          no reason to lie…… we are family here.. lol

          • Gadda Bait

            No I broke it for real.

          • The_Truth_Hurts2012

            I broke mine, after 8 weeks it was almost healed and I stepped on it, and reinjured it. I had to start all over. UGG Good luck and be careful.

          • Gadda Bait

            You sound like we have about the same luck. I broke it last Christmas same spot differnt toe. Thanks.

  35. JimU113

    They both require express elevators to Hell, going down.

  36. Gadda Bait

    Kina looks old but Monica don’t even look human anymore.

  37. not2slobro

    …this is a internationally published glamour model….Kina and Monica if you cant run with the big dogs I guess you just stay on the porch….uhmmm

    • Darlene Conner

      Hate to break it to you but the term glamour model pretty much denotes that they are only in trashy mens magazines/prints. Giselle is a real MODEL. No glamour needed it is self explanatory when every singly photo is not of her spread eagle. I know she was a bikini model for how many years for VS, but at least that was legitimate.

      • countryjew

        They’ve hardly made it to anything in print.

        • Persephone

          This website is the one and only place I have ever even heard of these females. I’m confused.

          • Pam

            Me too! The back of a sketchy ad passed out on the Vegas strip is hardly what I would consider to be a print model

          • Persephone

            Oh like those guys that flipped out the call girl cards on the streets and end up being tossed on the sidewalk or in the street? Hmm…. wait, cards of them advertising, just to be thrown in the street?

    • jujubeans

      Giselle isn’t even that conventionally pretty, but she is tall, striking, and always looks good in what she is wearing.

      Real models “model” lifestyles, personalities, the vibe of the clothing line they are promoting…. They don’t model their naked ass and boobs for the world to see.

      • Stelio Kontos

        Thank you for saying that. I have felt like a weirdo for not “getting” Giselle. I understand she is a successful super model and a big deal. I think legit models often have unique looks…and unique doesn’t always translate to attractive.
        I always thought she looked like a former beach volleyball player that took too many spikes to the face. So she retired and got skinny off meth and tried low dose testosterone therapy to kick the meth habit.
        I know not everyone see’s the same thing, the same way. Besides, I’m black so ummm…Ole Giselle doesn’t fit into our oddly accurate stereotypical image of sexy.

  38. Bwana

    Kina can slay one thing, and it is definitely not an interview.

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