ZW Thirsty Thursday

Kina Tavary vs Monica Monroe

Who cares if you have to pay for it – a Feature Article is still a Feature Article and that predictable, watery wordcount is worth it’s weight in Likes in the social media age.

Both Kina Tavary and Monica Monroe are thirsty for some attention and pushing their “interviews” on IG today.

These girls have both perfected their niche and by now, I’m sure, these interviews are as carefully constructed and rehearsed as they are mind-numbingly boring.Β 

Read Monica’s and tell me that poor journo wasn’t given a list of “achievements” that were mandatory content for the article!Β 

What a load of blabbery shit – nudez or GTFO Monica.

At least Kina’s article focused on the important content… her “all natural” assets. That’s what is really being promoted here, right girls?

So this Thirsty Thursday, for something different, you’re voting for the girl who you think did the best. Who #slayed the self-promo and who didn’t?