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Thirsty Thursday: Lame Edition

ZW Thirsty Thursday


thirsty thursday

Another break in new posts means I have few things to catch up on – well…actually not that much…. what’s happening? A scroll through the Whorde’s socials and there really isn’t too much to look at. Does the cooler weather affect these cold-blooded creatures?

I mean, sure, the warmer weather here means Kurt Benz is still acting like a total fag in Oz;

Kina is still rolling around the floor coked out of her mind, taking selfies at 4am;

Monica Monroe and her Camel Toe are still sending out “Help me escape” vibes;

Laci Kay still has gray hair and that stupid fucking smirk on her face;

Holly Wolf is still trying to prove she should be worth more than Khloe on the Somnium Bill with a “Who wore it best” post attempt (Khloe’s winning);

And Pixie Fox is still trying to convince everyone being famous for having an unhealthy obsession with your body is a good thing. She has a new IG page dedicated to showcasing her media “achievements”.

But nothing really juicy is happening. Have our current stable of insta-whores been ridden too hard for too long and in need of putting out to pasture?  Even Amanda Lynn is getting too old to be arm candy and has resorted to going the ghetto-ho Supe pathway. Maybe we need some fresh meat for our Whorde – what can you find?  And who wins this weeks’ lame Thirsty Thursday – Kurt, Kina, Monica, Laci, Holly, Khloe or Pixie? (The Poll thingy is being glitchy today so you’ll have to do this the old fashioned way – in the comments)


  1. @MissTriciaEvans

    Gosh, u weirdos sure are on top of things around here lol

  2. countryjew

    “His rolled up jorts say it all!”


  3. Stelio Kontos

    Is it me? Or does this pic scream
    “A gentle power walk after a night of sphincter oblieration courtesy of a rough John”?

    • Pam

      Those shorts are just awful!! Men should never wear jean shorts, they are for women with nice legs.

  4. Maia

    I’m going with Lhommedont for the win. I would have given my left arm to be a fly on the wall the day she woke up and realized the johns aren’t interested in her over 30, filtered ass, and hawking her wares over cheap apps MIGHT pay the rent. From the Maldives to basement dwellers.

  5. Spartacus

    …. Looking at Kinas pic and thinking for a few moments, she must have taken loads of shots before choosing that one, and it’s still a mess.

  6. Spartacus

    For me thouigh, in terms of sheer desperation, nothing beats Kurts awful set of pics taken by his twink-mate

  7. Spartacus

    Laci Kay just looks like she was born a man. She has a certain blokey look I’m finding hard to describe, it’s not a good thing.

  8. Kurt, I’d like to meet, so I can punch him in the face and just say this: “there’s nothing good about who you are or what you do.”

    Kina, when it’s starting to get light out, you have to put the coke away and go to bed, or it instantly turns sad.

    Monica, you look sad, and the metaphorical setting of your “photo shoot” is that you are in jail, as you are pictured behind bars. Think about that honey.

    Lacy, I just don’t like how high you’ve pulled your little denim underwear up on the sides. I hate it! That is only for certain kinds of cuts of bathing suit bottoms ok?! God!

    Khloe definitely takes the win for the pose, the body and the geo tag that hides the hostel lodgings, which, Holly, I noticed right away and cringed for you.

    And pixie, when I read you were 25 I was like, auuu nauuu! All you’ve done is add about 20 more years to your looks. And don’t start a digital page of media clippings! They’re all just articles highlighting that your a freak and a nutcase!

    Don’t worry Queen, that was still plenty to work with!

  9. Dead Man's Dog

    Oh, and ps Pinto: I’m glad Kurt moved to the gay capital of the Pacific Rim (Sydney). There’s so much man love there it can power the city lights at night.

  10. Dead Man's Dog

    Lacy Kay: your transition didn’t take, you are looking more and more manly.

    • jujubeans

      Old man winter.

    • Stelio Kontos

      Even the brothers in The PCM have concerns over Lacy Kay. The recurrent dumb ass look on her face has sparked conversation. The gist being “Is that bitch okay…I mean is she special…ya know, like challenged somehow?”

  11. countryjew

    So three whole weeks in the Philippines just for a (((photo shoot)))?

  12. Sir TTP

    Hold on now – perhaps they were put up in the deluxe 4-bed mixed dorm with breakfast – that one is $19 bucks a night. #luxury

  13. Sir TTP

    Oh L out fucking L. Holly above tagged her location as Z Hostel – yep, a “luxury” cough cough hostel in fucking Manila of all places that goes for 15 bucks a night (I checked). Khloe knew better than to spill the beans on that bargain-basement shit and ruin her “glamorous world-traveling model” facade.

    Point for Khloe in the fake it ’till you make it contest.

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