ZW Thirsty Thursday


thirsty thursday

Another break in new posts means I have few things to catch up on – well…actually not that much…. what’s happening? A scroll through the Whorde’s socials and there really isn’t too much to look at. Does the cooler weather affect these cold-blooded creatures?

I mean, sure, the warmer weather here means Kurt Benz is still acting like a total fag in Oz;

Kina is still rolling around the floor coked out of her mind, taking selfies at 4am;

Monica Monroe and her Camel Toe are still sending out “Help me escape” vibes;

Laci Kay still has gray hair and that stupid fucking smirk on her face;

Holly Wolf is still trying to prove she should be worth more than Khloe on the Somnium Bill with a “Who wore it best” post attempt (Khloe’s winning);

And Pixie Fox is still trying to convince everyone being famous for having an unhealthy obsession with your body is a good thing. She has a new IG page dedicated to showcasing her media “achievements”.

But nothing really juicy is happening. Have our current stable of insta-whores been ridden too hard for too long and in need of putting out to pasture?  Even Amanda Lynn is getting too old to be arm candy and has resorted to going the ghetto-ho Supe pathway. Maybe we need some fresh meat for our Whorde – what can you find?  And who wins this weeks’ lame Thirsty Thursday – Kurt, Kina, Monica, Laci, Holly, Khloe or Pixie? (The Poll thingy is being glitchy today so you’ll have to do this the old fashioned way – in the comments)