ZW Thirsty Thursday

thirsty thursday

2017 is not even a week old and the insta-whorde is already ruining it.

Apparently a Surgery Smorgasbord didn’t help Nic at all.  After all those fucking surgeries, Nicolette Shea is still photoshopping her pics. Sounds like she wasted her cash. How thirsty for likes does that many surgeries AND photoshop make her? Bitch is off the charts.

Check out how wide the tiles get at they get closer to her waist. Stretch tool much?

Riding the Photoshop Fail Train along with Nicolette; is Claudia Alende. She’s not a fan of parallel lines and symmetry either. The bottom of the door is the worst in the first image; but these bitches really need to polish their use of the freeze tool alongside the stretch tool – because there are fuckups everywhere here. If you’re gonna be Thirsty, do it right and Catfish guys who aren’t blind. There are plenty more of her dodgy attempts at attention on her IG.

Then we have Thirsty ol’ Groot, still trying to kick it with the kids at Disney Magic.

Wasn’t he opening some weird tanning bed looking bar? Now he’s onto coffee and food. What the hell is this cheap, Ikea inspired place supposed to be?

It’s like he’s going the Fakio route and trying to draw in a younger crowd by furnishing it like a budget nursery school. He’s probably trawling DisneyWorld for staff as we speak.

Thirsty Gemma Lee Farrell is trying to jump on the Hollywood sign thing and claim she did it.

Nice try Gemma. Someone get that girl some water.

Now for some Thirsty hypocrisy – here’s Kurt Benz trying to educate the masses on what not to do when sliding into DMs.

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What about telling a girl you hope she dies in public comment? What does that deserve, Kurt?

And what would a Thirsty Thursday post be without Amanda Lynn?! Heres a shot from her brand new site…. lo and behold the calendar is finally available!

I especially liked the part where she confirms the calendar actually has 12 months. Seeing as she is thirsting for comments from buyers – maybe we should all go comment on her IG to let her know we bought the calendar but it only came with 11 months.


Now, I’m not sure if the S.S Alexiss is Thirsty or just hungry…. but honey there is a reason you’re always tarred with the fat brush. You’re pretty-fat. Deal with it and stop thirsting for betas to comment otherwise.

Who else belongs on the New Year Thirsty Thursday post? Leave your thoughts in the comments!