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  1. Scorpio

    I have been a fan of Sara Jean Underwood since her time on Attack of the Show. She is very cute, but I mostly liked her personality, as strange as that is. I was tempted to vote for her, because I hate anything with a high waist, including underwear. But Nicolette's new boobs are too fantastic to pass up, so I obviously voted for those. They are a wonderful size and shape, and they are a huge improvement for her. I would like to know more about when and where she got them, and what size, profile, and type of fill they are, so I hope someone posts up more information. It is too bad that the giant ass and the tattoos completely ruin it. And no, they will not be "hard as rocks". That is a stupid tagline that Dik Itchy made up.

  2. Habib Fazil

    bet she actually picked up that red pill and knocked it back…

    and wtf does expect for free?

  3. Banndit

    Nicolette went a size up. She’s a 34E now

  4. DirtyWhiteGirl


    • Crabby

      As if she didn’t almost have this issue before, now she most definitely should be avoiding bar stools…

  5. Why do people share everything on social media. You had trouble pushing and then got an epistiotomy? I don't think women need to be silent about experiences like this but can't you selectively call and talk with people about private experiences like this? Why don't ya send a reply all email when you have a particularly heavy period bev! We have to know!

  6. Aw you guys are missing out its delicious and everything is full of sugar including probably the egg sandwich.

  7. Crabby


  8. Whitney BeatMe

    I expect Nicolette to whore her fat tit sacks all over the place and the new ones are hideous. So I'm voting for underwear in the desert cause that's thirsty baby…

  9. Tits for the win! Nice.

  10. MissPell

    I like the mycathatesyou one. I lol'd the first time I saw it.

  11. MissPell

    Well hopefully Tricia will stop spewing bile from that mouth of hers so no one will feel the need to hassle her.

  12. MissPell

    I stole that from Maia. I mean borrowed. haha

  13. MissPell

    Yeah I noticed that too. Think it's a sign? lol

  14. JimU113

    Random thought: Does Nicolette realize that cement isn’t meant for +2’s?

  15. JimU113

    Nicolette. Someone needs to explain to her that showing *all* the merchandise doesn’t get the sales.

  16. Omg she totally did get them done again! No wonder they look like hell! All red too! Hey nicorette, ya gotta wear sunscreen on your boobs if you're gonna tan topless! The breasts are sensitive to sun! (Well maybe not if they are usually exposed)

    • MissPell

      If I absolutely had to choose I would definitely go for the before Nicolette. The after is just too circus freak.

    • Pam

      They are super red! That cant be good

  17. I know right? The other day I was at Tims ( do you guys have Tim Horton's in the us? ) and this crusty punk guy was wearing this "fuck the system" shirt and lamenting how long it was going to be before his next works check came (welfare) I get that the "system" is flawed in many ways but its like look, you exist on the gracious behalf of those who work and contribute taxes for your upkeep. Have some fucking gratitude!

    • Whitney BeatMe

      In Michigan they do, and it tastes exact. I was so pleased. Every day I was in Detroit I went to Tim's

    • Sir TTP

      We don’t have Tims. My guess is Bev is trying to figure out if Taco Time will take her EBT card.

  18. Hospital selfie?! Oh come on! We don't need to see a selfie of every gd thing one does! Is there a birthing selfie? A crowning selfie? An expelling the afterbirth selfie? A woops I pooed while giving birth selfie? Oh of course not there all look at how cute I am doing such and such shots. Boring!

    • Sir TTP

      Poor little thing even got a stripper name to go along with being homeless. Way to bring it Dead Tooth..

      • MissPell

        6 lbs. 6oz. She's tiny. Bev got pretty BIG looking for such a small baby. Have fun losing all that weight Tricia!
        Baby is cute tho. To bad Bev ruined the shot by putting that huge bow on that poor little head.

      • Pam

        What did she name it?

      • Crabby

        Cheridyn?! She’ll shorten it to “Chéri” when choosing a Backpage alias. It sure beats Beverly or Laura…

        • JimU113

          Or Tricia.

        • Sir TTP

          First thing I thought of when I saw that name was “Now performing for you on the main stage…”

          I give this whole play house charade a month tops. Bev will tire quickly of the actual “work” involved in caring for a newborn, she’ll inflate those fake tits of hers and it will be back to popping pills with a whiskey back and giving rub and tubs for $20 a pop.

      • Cheridyn? I hate it. I hate that stupid hat too and I’m actually a bow person (like a hat person, but with bows lol) I can’t stand it when people feel the need to put flowery head bands and stuff on infants. Its like, look, at a few hours/days old do we really have to start in with the gendered clothes? Does the infant have to be pretty? Are you going to draw some lipliner on its fucking face? Babies just need clean comfy clothes, its not a fucking tree to decorate there bev.

  19. Ertu

    Honestly, i would like to fuck them both. Sorry i know you do not wanna hear this.

  20. Crabby

    Wow, misc. gates stacked on the side of the house that borders another house with a satellite dish. Business must be slow…
    In other hooker news, Beverly expelled her little leech.

    • Dead Man's Dog

      Come on, I'm the first to post these?? Lol

    • MissPell

      Wow really? Did they have to evacuate the hospital? haha

      • Serendipity

        She was induced. It was the only way that poor baby was coming out!

        • MissPell

          I don’t blame the child for not wanting to come out. haha

          • Serendipity

            Lol. I hope the poor baby tore her end to end in protest!

          • MissPell

            Baby clutching at Bevs insides as the doctor dragged the poor baby out. ha

          • Sir TTP

            This uninsured welfare leech does realize who exactly paid for all this, right? Classy comment back to someone wishing you well there Dead Tooth…

          • Serendipity

            Haha. I just took the same screen shot. Incredible right?! Do we know what this ‘ordeal’ is?


          • countryjew

            So they are still together.

          • Sir TTP

            They are homeless.

          • Maia

            It’s the 10 year age difference between them that will be the death knell. That and her fucked up attitude.

          • Pam

            Id say the attitude would be more of a reason. Especially after the baby. My hormones were raging for almost a year after my kid was born. Its tough and im a pretty mellow person

          • Happy Pants

            Getting cunt punted out of her ghetto ass apartment

          • Happy Pants

            Entitled twat feels entitled.

    • Maia

      I had so wished the baby was born on #fuckindependenceday

  21. Stelio Kontos

    Nicolette by a mile. Sara looks like she was just dumped out of windowless 88 Chevy Astro Van somewhere south of Indio, Ca by a discerning, health concious abductor.
    Nicolette’s pic looks like she is literally saying “ooh ooh pick me! The only other choice is my possibly transgendered friend here”. I think the look on that dog’s face sums it all up.

  22. Maia

    That idiot, Gizel, had a rib removed!!! Wtf is wrong with people?

  23. Persephone

    Wth? How does she do anything with these claws?
    (Is she wearing camo bottoms)

  24. Badbret 2.0

    That dog is awesome

  25. KittenPile

    Nicolette, you know they have to drop before you can whore them out, right?

    • Carolina Belle

      You're kidding right? No way those things will ever move.

  26. MissPell

    I wanna know what's with that hand. Is the boob gonna drop off so the other girls going to catch it in her hand? ha

  27. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    " windowless 88 Chevy Astro Van" +100 LOL
    That statement tells us everything that we need to know.

    I found another pic of shea..

  28. not2slobro

    dog…probably thinking….egad……I'm next like her other dogs

  29. Happy Pants

    Looks like Shea went to Nik Richie's New Look Now.

  30. Maia

    Nicollette Shea's disgusting missile-shaped tits should be put on a warhead and used against ISIS.

  31. Badbret 2.0

    Are we voting on number of std's

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