ZW’s Thirsty Thursday

Last week’s Thirsty Poll saw Nicolette Shea and her Tits of Independence win by a landslide. I still wince just looking at those things.

Who is this week’s Thirsty Social Media Thot?

First contender is this guy:

If you haven’t seen the exposè TagTheSponsor did on Danny Agha; he’s been outed via a ‘video contract’ for being just as thirsty as L’hommedon’t in regards to being pooped on for cash by Sheiks. As usual, top notch work by the TagTeam, with no room for him to wiggle outta that one with a claim of being ‘hacked’ – go check it out.

Here’s a link to their story. 

Then we have Lindsey ‘Please Like Me’ Pelas; with her wonky photoshopped nose and what looks to be two really fucking heavy bags of sand on her chest…Jesus fistfucking Christ (shoutout to Heauxbag for adding that to my vocab), those things alone are thirstier than a briefcase full of Dubai Poop Cash imo.