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Thirsty Thursday

ZW’s Thirsty Thursday

Last week’s Thirsty Poll saw Nicolette Shea and her Tits of Independence win by a landslide. I still wince just looking at those things.

Who is this week’s Thirsty Social Media Thot?

First contender is this guy:

If you haven’t seen the exposè TagTheSponsor did on Danny Agha; he’s been outed via a ‘video contract’ for being just as thirsty as L’hommedon’t in regards to being pooped on for cash by Sheiks. As usual, top notch work by the TagTeam, with no room for him to wiggle outta that one with a claim of being ‘hacked’ – go check it out.

Here’s a link to their story. 

Then we have Lindsey ‘Please Like Me’ Pelas; with her wonky photoshopped nose and what looks to be two really fucking heavy bags of sand on her chest…Jesus fistfucking Christ (shoutout to Heauxbag for adding that to my vocab), those things alone are thirstier than a briefcase full of Dubai Poop Cash imo.


  1. Ertu

    İ am ok. Thank you very much for your consideration.

  2. Scorpio

    Sorry, but I only think they look good in a pair. A nice, full, perky, squishy yet firm pair.

  3. Persephone

    Lol! Beeeedy little eyes… ✅
    Head tilt………………..✅

  4. Maia


  5. Снайпер


  6. Persephone

    I would (not really, but kind of) like to see them in person so I couldn't speculate 😉

  7. Persephone

    I had never heard of these people until now. Aghas mom es muy feo, no likey, not pretty, fugly.

    • Снайпер

      I hadn't even bothered to dissect their facial misfortunes. Was too busy with countryjew, analyzing why they will never be the next Kardashians, or even a Value Village version of Shahs of Sunset. Thank you for doing this looks eval for me. <3

  8. Persephone

    I read the whole article. I cannot believe that; definitely hard to stomach. Hopefully, no one feels they need to test the waters, see if "times have changed" and repeat history.
    Basically, a bunch of pedophiles decided to create a "movement" or "experiment" to justify their own desires without punishment and persecution? Is that how you interpret it?

    • Снайпер

      Pretty much. With any movement, it would behoove its adherents and supporters to clearly identify the movement’s originators and their possible motives/reasons for starting the movement. Most people have no idea where even their basic beliefs and viewpoints come from. It’s frightening.

  9. Dawn D Davenport

    Agha!!!! I knew he was a gay ass prostitute. He looks like Tony danza missing a chromosome status post harelip repair by a drunken sailor.

  10. miss piglet

    And how he didn’t end up being a carnival barker escapes me.

    • MissPell

      His stuttering would not make him a good candidate for that job. haha

  11. Persephone

    Unfortunately I was thinking that too. I can hear it now…" Your honor, Mr. Chimo is a victim here. His father beat his sister at the age of 7 and now all he wants to do is take care of 7 year old little girls, to protect them. That's why he kidnaps them and has thousands of pictures of 7 year old girls. What does it matter if Mr. Chimo is 56? Is age relevant when it comes to love?"

  12. Снайпер

    haha I see what you did there… Twitter handle… she can’t handle… ok I’ll see myself out. Too many word games.

  13. Scorpio

    I think Jordan Carver is very hot, but she has had them for a long time, and I believe they are overs, so I do think she could do with a revision and lift.

  14. Scorpio

    I think they are natural, which partially explains the sag.

  15. Scorpio

    I voted for the boobs, of course. I think she is extremely attractive, but I would like to see her get them augmented.

  16. Digitus impudicus

    Aww, xoxo to you both#

  17. Habib Fazil

    yup, play the victim card

  18. Maia

    Hmmm…not falling for it.

  19. Maia


  20. Stelio Kontos

    Ahhhh….well played!

  21. Sweater Puppies

    I like you, your comments are always very informative!

  22. Снайпер

    Didn't Kim K grace the covers of both? Oh, wait, that was King magazine I was thinking of, not Low Rider. But same genre.

  23. Badbret 2.0

    What kind of asshole wears a suit in Las Vegas. Besides the fact that it's the same temperature as the Suns core, doesn't meth raise your body temperature. Dude must reek something terrible.

  24. Badbret 2.0

    The National Association of Marlon Brando Lookalikes?

  25. Voody

    I could not allow this one to slide!

  26. GreatSpunk

    well said x2

  27. Снайпер

    You will probably will look down on me for admitting this, but prior to meeting my fiancé, I did find Bieber hot. At least in pictures and music videos. If offered, I maybe would not have turned down his "four minutes of fury." Lmao I love how you put that. But it probably would have only been 1-3 minutes of fury, max. Let's be realistic. Blow screws up performance. Haha all puns intended.

    I don't find Bieber that hot anymore, as my fiancé has used his own superior hotness to decommission any and all of my prior attractions and fantasies.

    (We will probably both mock barf together when he reads how I am going on about his hotness or whatever on here…)

  28. punkster

    Thanks sniper! I love reading your stuff.

    • Снайпер

      Upvotes for knowing my name pronunciation. <3 Either you've picked up on it via other commenter's mention of me, and connected the dots, or you google translated it. You may also have picked up on the fact that I am rambling more than usual today, which means I waiting on an Adderall refill.
      Anyhow, welcome:) and thank you:)

      • punkster

        I've been around a looong time. Total lurker lol… love how u say stuff. I'm like that forever lurking person. Always wanted to comment but like I said I'm not that witty.

  29. punkster

    Oh please don't think I'm someone who's name I'm not gonna say…I'm out.

  30. Maia

    That's not a before, before pic. Her nose was about 3 inches wide in real life.

    • Sammi Jo

      Oh yeah, I remember a pic of her with brown hair that was even older

  31. AmericanTopTeam

    Deuce Bigelow found out it's hard out here for a He-bitch

  32. Снайпер

    How are people choosing Pelas over Agha? He so clearly put his own life in the shitter with that misstep. But probably not literally in the shitter. Because the offer (this time) was fake. Hahaha

  33. MissPell

    They ARE gross. She need one of those internal bra procedures…or big boobie hammocks.

  34. Снайпер

    Looks like he (and his family) already WERE successful. This could very well have ruined it. Being gay for pay, and selling yourself to Dubai bidders of all people, is NOT a good look. No way any PR people can sanitize that one like Paris Hilton and Kim K's people were able to do with their respective sex tapes.

    Unless times have become so degenerate that even GayPoop4Pay can be excused, repackaged, and sold to the masses. Maybe they have…

    • Stelio Kontos

      He may be able to "own" this…ya know, kinda take the jokes and become part of them instead of the butt (accidental pun).
      I wouldn't be surprised. All he has to do is cry "shaming" and he'll find support

      • Снайпер

        In more wholesome times, a decent person spent his or her life in acquisition of more shame, or, in other words, trying to be of more virtuous character.
        Having shame is not equivalent to being insecure or hating oneself. Having shame means having dignity, integrity, pudeur, and decency. It is a good thing!
        And, sometimes there are things people should be ashamed of. And the way to become unashamed is to BECOME A BETTER PERSON, not cry to the world and demand everyone accept (and glorify) the disgrace you are.
        Some things are bad and need to be shamed. And moral relativism can suck on a frozen Dubai poopsicle.

        • Stelio Kontos

          Well said

          • Снайпер

            lmao what’s next? Pedo-shaming? Criminal-shaming? Serial killer-shaming? Times being what they are, it wouldn’t shock me if the bleeding hearts and anuses of this world called far and wide for everyone to be supportive of these sickos.

          • Stelio Kontos

            Believe it or not, Pedo-shaming sounds completely believable. I hope NAMBLA doesn’t catch on.

          • Снайпер

            There was already that Kevin Bacon film, The Woodsman (2004), that explored the sympathetic side of pedos. I saw it by accident when living in Brazil. And Germany already tried to make “the sexual liberation of children” happen in 1968:

            In case you don’t want to read the whole article, which you should, as history repeats itself, the tl;dr is: “Germany’s left has its own tales of abuse. One of the goals of the German 1968 movement was the sexual liberation of children. For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive.”

          • Persephone

            Pretty much the way things are heading.

  35. punkster

    hi everyone!! looong time lurker! just wanted to say u guys r doing great w/site. queen, rogaine, ttp and everybody commenting keep me laughing! i love it..keep it up!

  36. Снайпер

    That guy? The rising star and media mogul Danny Agha? Lmao what will happen to his "amazing" family's upcoming reality TV show? And obviously he isn't poor, so WTF? Why is he accepting Dubai offers?
    Agha family set to take Hollywood by storm on reality TV:

    • countryjew

      I assume you know this but there are many people in film and TV — much more well known than Danny Gagha — who do side escorting. It’s not like Blohan is the only one. At the higher levels I believe it is known by a euphemism: “yachting.” Translation: fucking for money on boats.

      Explain the Bieber attraction?! He comes off as a coked-up fuckface who delivers four minutes of fury.

      • Donnie Darko

        and physically a perfect twink!!

      • Снайпер

        I do know this. It’s sort of why I never went anywhere in acting or music. And why I refuse to go on any yacht unless it’s owned by a family member, or I am in an exclusive and publicly-known romantic relationship with the yacht’s owner (I briefly dated one guy who had a yacht, and my cousin has one, which he refuses to actually sail, as he gets seasick. He owns it for the exclusive purpose of chilling in it, drinking beer and smoking with his bros, while moored firmly to the dock. We mock him for this all the time. Mock rhymes with dock. Oh, no, here I go again… where is my adderall?).

        But, OMFG SMDH especially for “straight” dudes, the rule is deny, deny, deny. Never get caught. On a yacht, in a box, with a fox… lmao you get the idea. Agha clearly isn’t a beginner at this, but his mistake was so rookie that he will be seen as an unstable mess by the higher-ups, and people will think twice about booking him… for movie roles, and those extracurricular activities. No married exec wants to get caught with a dude on the casting couch, either.

  37. Sir TTP

    Admin is doing some mojo on the back end of things to allow for more robust hosting and images and such. Trust the issue is in the process of being sorted.

  38. I think the guy is thirstier in this instance, but geez Lindsay, you should really strap those udders down. They look Like they are going to stretch and rip off, a la "the thing" when the guys head separates and becomes a seperate monster. Please tell me you guys know what I'm talking about here

  39. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    I voted for DannyDouche simply for claiming “I have never done this before” yeah rigggggght.

    • Persephone

      Haahaha! You may be on to something there. Maybe I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt too soon. He seemed comfortable risking that video. I don’t understand, these aren’t homeless people. I could see a desperate mother of 5 living in a van taking the offer, but these people? Greed and addiction.

    • Снайпер

      hahaha IKR? If he really had never done “that” before, he would be confused and not know all about sending half the money beforehand, and all the other sordid proceedings.

  40. Persephone

    I saw Low Rider and just about died. I won some stupid contest for 'desert sun' calendar and said Hell no. So August is just a palm tree. Lmao. No joke.

  41. Persephone

    I hope so! Lolol
    She can roll her eyes and call us haters all she wants.

  42. Stelio Kontos

    I don’t usually bash Ms. Pelas. She was given a natural endowment and she works with it (literally and figuratively). Honestly, had she been born a few years earlier she could’ve gone into porn and racked up some serious cash back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s when porn still payed. She has a classic porno look, too bad it is a dying genre .
    Alas, I digress. As for this JRD (Jack Rollin Dandy). Why say you’re not gay? You know who agrees to clandestinely meet by pools for “photo shoots’, then goes on to negotiate prices for services while entertaining the top / bottom discussion? Not legit male models.
    And no one agrees to $50k in Euros without intentions of entering one or more orifices. Yeah he’s a paying bottom…bottom my ass (play on words there).
    Guess he was hacked, voice dubbed, and professionally video edited…those bastards…just to make him look like a poof?

    • Снайпер

      I do video and sound editing in my spare time, and no fucking way is any of that edited.
      And he is not that important for anyone to go to the trouble of doing it.

      Reminds me of the Francine Favoretto incident in Brazil, where a nobody student (Francine) found herself embroiled in a huge scandal. Photos of her getting DP’d in a graphic ménage à trois with two dudes surfaced and made their rounds on the then-wildly popular (in Brazil and India) Google social network Orkut. She claimed that someone (a photoshop expert) manipulated the photos and pasted her face on them, apparently with more skill than the best CGI expert in Hollywood could muster. Which is to say, they were either real photos, or someone paid a lot of money to falsify photos of, and slander, a basic nobody.

      Here’s how someone described it in Portuguese (I wish ZW existed then… this would have been perfect material. I wonder where Francine is now, and if I can get her to comment):
      A menina pra piorar tudo nega e alega que está sendo vítima de um gênio da computação gráfica que (olha essa!) FEZ UMA MONTAGEM SUPREMA NO PHOTOSHOP com o rosto dela em fotos de putaria.

      AND then one of her professors admitted he was one of the dudes in the photos (you couldn’t see the dudes’ faces). Hahaha,fotos-de-universitaria-nua-sao-montagem-admite-estudante,20060503p27057,6993,EPT1195267-1664,00.html

      Apparently, you could even get a CD of the photos of the Francine Threesome for sale in 2006: CDs com cenas de sexo de estudante estão à venda – Notícias – Terra:,,OI975422-EI306,00-CDs+com+cenas+de+sexo+de+estudante+estao+a+venda.html

  43. Gadda Bait

    Omg! He even said it on video about going to Dubai. This guy is crazy.

  44. countryjew

    Of course she's P4P.

  45. Digitus impudicus

    PS — feel free to totally contribute to the humor.

    • punkster

      i swear im not as witty as u guys!

      • Digitus impudicus

        Ya never know until you try! I have found that this group of folks is very supportive of one another — those who don’t attack other posters. It’s all about picking on those extreme IG narcissists because they put themselves out there constantly.

      • Снайпер

        You’ll find your groove. Welcome!

  46. Stelio Kontos

    That it so graphically, brutally, brilliant

  47. Digitus impudicus

    Your Punky B avi is so adorable, it's so "squee!"

    • punkster

      thanks, i have loved punky forever! now my little girl is into her, makes me smile, now shes my little punky!

  48. Donnie Darko

    Easy $$$. That's 2/3 of the annual Canadian median income in a few days.

  49. Dead Man's Dog

    To me this guy wins hands down. Everyone already knew Pelas was p4p but this guy’s friends and family now have an exciting new discussion topic to hash out at the weekend bbq over there in Ontario.

    Haha what kind of f’n idiot makes a video the says he was hacked?!?!? Lolololololol

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Yeah the guy because like you said everyone knows the girl was a whore now Danny boys family knows for $$$ he will chow down on the poop chute

      • Stelio Kontos

        The flipside is, after the embarrassment subsides, his price and availability is out there for the world to know. Once he accepts that his vote (by vote I mean literal ass) lies with the Sausage Party, he’ll be successful….successful in a souless, regret filled, future Fred Garvin Male Prostitute sense.

      • Persephone

        I cannot imagine the humiliation. “But mom, daaad! They held a gun to my head?”

        • Снайпер

          You have no idea. He has probably just murdered his family’s upcoming reality TV show with that TagTheSponsor gaffe.
          It’s not as easy to explain away agreeing on video to let some random Dubai sheikh poop on you and explore your Canada, as it was for Kim Kardashian’s mom to parlay her professionally made porno, which she made with a guy she happened to be dating at the time, into an eventually giga-successful family empire.

    • Dead Man's Dog

      Then again, Pelvis is a mental giant

    • Ertu

      Is she not a p4p anymore?

      • Persephone

        I’m sure she is. But I don’t really keep up with someone who runs on a beach with 6feet long granny tits thinking it is hot. I have seen that vid once and the image is seared into my brain.

    • Persephone

      I see your point. Saying he was hacked… he is ruined. If anyone googles him he’s screwed. When will these kids learn *sigh

    • Снайпер

      Read my comment. Agha’s whole family moved to Hollywood to start MAGGY Entertainment ( He has been in several movies, and his whole family is set to get their own Kardashians-style reality TV show. I have seen him at parties and events. He doesn’t command attention, has meh charisma, and to quote Steve Martin in Bowfinger, he doesn’t have “it.” Plus, idk how a mostly-dude Kardashian knock-off reality show will sell. You need to have teh womens.

      Ok Redbull rant of the day: I actually LIKE the Kardashians (minus Kanye Kardashian). I even like Caitlyn Jenner, and especially love her/his (idk what pronoun it prefers) caricature on South Park. Khloe and Rob are my favorites, I’ve met Kendall, I (unfortunately) know the dude Kris Jenner is dating. He happens to be my second-favorite celeb (after Putin) Justin Bieber’s tour manager, which used to seriously get in the way of me stalking Bieber and becoming his baby mama… thank God I am going to be my dream Russian’s wife and baby mama instead, so Bieber and his tour manager can relax… lmao like Justin even knows I exist… But his tour manager sure knows. I told you all about my run-ins with him in some of my comments a few months back). I’ve met some of Kim’s maids, and all of them confirm she’s super sweet and nice.

      Watch the movie Bowfinger, btw. It is awesome.

      Do i have “It”? (Bowfinger):

      • countryjew

        They may have footage but was it seriously picked up by anyone?

        • Снайпер

          It def won’t be now. They aren’t important enough yet for anyone to care that he agreed to do poopy gay for pay. As much as great scandals and train wrecks in the making appeal to the masses, the reality is that no one (except those who read ZW & TTS) knows who the F these Aghas are. He hasn’t found the right coattails to ride (a.k.a. a more famous/relevant friend to be photographed around and associated with). Also, no one wants to watch a show about a bunch of mama’s boys. Or random dudes in general. The mom in question is not even hot enough or savvy enough to carry a show the way Kris Jenner can. They are, at best, an all-male version of Shahs Of Sunset. And, as I said, nobody wants to see that.

          Kim K’s scandal was blown up because she was already on everyone’s radar as Paris Hilton’s mysterious, exotic, hot friend with the huge tits. Plus, the family was OJ scandal-adjacent, and Kris was married to Olympic legend Bruce Jenner. And there were 4 other daughters in the pipeline for additional material in case Kim got boring. That’s why Seacrest decided to produce their show. The Kardashians/Jenners have “it.” The Aghas simply don’t have the right ingredients.

  50. Persephone

    I'll check it out. But I better not see those udders. Damn…. they have to be down to her belly button by now. (I'm a boob chick, very picky.)

    • Ertu

      You dont like big ones?

      • Badbret 2.0

        Who doesn’t like big ones. I prefer smaller because I’m a small dude. 5’10 160. But bigger ones definitely make me do a double take. Also everyone here are worried about you because of that military coo shit. Post when u can. Hope ur okay

  51. punkster

    yw! ty for warm welcome!

  52. Persephone

    hahah that is so disgusting

  53. Persephone

    Pelas has saggy tits. Possibly from running without a bra? She gets pummeled, degraded, ridiculed, shit on, used, and taken for granted by choice- daily. This ass clown is a greedy little pathetic kid who just got demoralized early in life. He should be thanking Tag. for the lesson.

  54. Ertu

    Genetically fucking gifted huh? I was looking forward to posting this before&after pic. And her degree and my reponse to her degree. And her tweet about elderly peopl, does she mean sugardaddies?

  55. Whitney BeatMe

    Normally Photoshop is used to make pics better no? They should tweak that ass on her chest cause it’s just gross. If I had a dick I couldn’t get it up staring at those hideous dirty milkers.

  56. punkster

    hey sammi! love your pics!

  57. not2slobro

    danny, I think the iron sheik sums it up rather well….

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