ZW Catfish

Tiffany Vine Confirmed Escort: ZW Catfishes The Cryptkeeper

ZW Catfish: Tiffany J Vine

The Cryptkeeper Stood Up by ZW

Question: How can someone who seems to only work the occasional happy hour shift at a nondescript chain restaurant in the Denver Tech Center; afford a $1500/month rent and trips to Costa Rica and Las Vegas in the same month?
Answer: She’s a hooker.
Tiffany Vine, the Cryptkeeper, has maintained a #CryptProfile on the site since 2011 and is still trying to land a trout.
6 solid years of fishing. No prize.
Sucks to be you Tiffany, maybe you’ll have to actually work for a living forever, while those cheerful, perky bitches around you get all the handbags.
To prove the hooker theory; ZW operative “Catherine” went undercover on a catfish mission to expose her and find the undeniable evidence we needed to expose Tiffany as a failed whore.
Looks like we can throw her in the hooker reject pile, along with Tricia Evans, guys.
Catherine gets a gold star.
First of all, let’s check out the lineup of busted hoes in Denver, all searching for that elusive permanent Sugar Daddy.
Nice profile pic, ~TJ~. You certainly are “one of a kind”. And maybe even in with a decent shot, looking at your competition.
That gray haired pic is a winner, also. Definitely keep that one. 😅
I’m a complicated individual.~TJ~
No shit.
So, just what exactly is the complicated individual known as the #MogulCrypt, looking for in a Sugar Daddy? (Let’s be clear – this is NOT a regular dating site, the girls signed up here are all looking for a free ride – her quote about a “MUTUALLY beneficial relationship”, proves just that.)
Catfish Catherine moves in for the kill and messages Tiffany. #MogulCrypt takes the bait and replies with a smattering of pseudo-intellectualism.
Tiffany flexes her #CryptNegotiation muscles…
Bitch, please. You have never managed to hook a trout for 800 a week. How do we know that? Your dog is still presumably pissing blood, you beg for tips at work, you need a roommate and you buy second hand hooker clothes from fellow social media sluts.
Our operative makes reservations at Denver restaurant Elway’s:
Tiffany, flabbergasted that she finally scored, announces her “date” on Facebook, in her signature salty way.
So now we know: every time she talks about a “date” on social media she is referring to hooking.
Tiffany arrives at the restaurant followed by a cloud of aquanet and high expectations.
She’s pretty damn keen to spend Sugar Daddy’s money on her first decent meal all month. #MogulCryptSelfie time!
Our operative suddenly feigns cold feet after a quick google search and texts Tiffany to say what she really looks like is not as advertised.
Tiffany proclaims she is “perfect” and brilliant.”


Tiffany soon realises she’s cornered and her “perfect” boobs aren’t going to save her. She flies into #CryptDefenceMode aka be-an-asshole-because-my-feelers-got-hurt mode.
She gets “paid just to go to dinner”, huh? Hmm. 700 bucks for your company at dinner? No, Tiff. That never has and never will happen. That 700 bucks was for the #CryptCunt. And it was a very optimistic price, I must say. No wonder she took a #CryptSelfie to mark the special occasion; she must have been giddy with excitement.
The next line of #CryptDefence is that this guy doesn’t mean shit anyway because she just got laid by “my dude” right before showing up to Elway’s.
Wait. A. Goddamn. Minute.
So now she has an imaginary boyfriend that gave her the D right before she went on a date for a potential $700?
Isn’t this the same person who always bitches about not having a boyfriend?!
What kind of cuckold would be the boyfriend of a hooker anyway? She spends half her life begging for cash for everyday items, rent and vet bills. What is this imaginary guy doing? Jeez even her imaginary boyfriend is a loser. Tiffany just can’t catch a break.
Oh Tiffany. What a tangled #MogulWeb you weave. Glad your night turned out so amazingly great. Keep that rubber façade up girl, it’s your only hope.


    • Digitus impudicus

      Oh, yes, it must be all the “fat, ugly, unsuccessful, pathetic females” not your slutty, skanky, lazy ass ways, circus tits. Your delusions are showing more than your fake tits.

      • RedRanger

        She has a funny way of describing herself whenever she tries to bash on her “stalkers”.

    • RedRanger

      If she went “private” years ago, who would she beg to pay for.. everything?


    • MeowMing

      A day late and a dollar short

    • smugjew

      I stopped reading at “a decade of growing a social media platform”

      • Unbelievable

        What does she think, she’s a Kardashian and everyone wants to know her every move?

      • Sammi Jo

        I gave it until “This”

      • Vivian

        I laughed at that too. Delusional arrogance! It’s also taken her 10 years to figure out she’s living in a pointless Fakebook world? Way to go Miss Brilliant.

        • smugjew

          I honestly can’t figure out why it’s so important for someone pursuing a business degree to have a Facebook “fan” page with 10000 followers.

          She keeps trying to rationalize this by saying we’re losers with “no lives” but the reality is it’s the people closest to her trying to tear her down. Hence ZW getting info from a “bestie” — and a family member as well.

      • The delusions are strong in this one. 10K beta perverts is such a big tough loss. (eyeroll) Obviously it’s really worked well for her being how super successful she is, right? As soon as she doesn’t get what she is begging for on FB she’s the first one to point out how none of her precious 10K followers actually give a shit about her. Hypocritical, much?

        • RedRanger

          Didn’t she just recently blame the entire state of Colorado, when no one would help her?

          • Yeah.. lol. I believe she blamed the whole city or state for being “lame af” because she didn’t get a ride to pick up her 2nd dog?

          • The_Truth_Hurts2012

            She should of called PETA and reported herself. Maybe her dogs would of got some medical attention.!!!!

        • El Hijo De Fistfight

          She’s been on Facebook since she was 56 years old?

    • Vivian

      Boo!! But I’m willing to bet she’s still all talk. She’s too addicted.

    • Doesn’t matter. One of her “friends” will still be around to backstab her fake stupid attention needing ass.. lmfao. Bitch cracked up and melted down faster than I expected.

    • Observer

      If she was just going to have her FB be “friends she only knows in person”, she would just delete this current pages with the 10,000+followers and be done with it.(Not sure who she is pretending to be, but you are not a “famous” person who people want to follow. You’re the TRAINWRECK EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE!

      BUT she likes the attention to much to do so. She needs the “validation” from random losers that she’s
      “hot”. She won’t ever get rid of that page.

      PS – Too bad she wasn’t planning on going to Green Day tonight via guest list. She’d have
      been shocked to learn her name “wasn’t on the list” when she got there.

      • smugjew

        She also needs the page to beg people for pizza.

        Tiffany is like every other jerk we write about. They want to be public figures but as soon as they get any sort of feedback that is less than flattering — which is part of being a celebrity — they have a meltdown and start claiming privacy invasion. The people that can brush it off are the ones with true star power.

        • SexiLexi

          I don’t think it was the bad feedback she has been getting that for years. It was people calling her job and school messing with her real life.

          • Observer

            Threatening to kill a professor on public social media SHOULD be brought to the attention of the school.

          • Unbelievable

            If I’m not mistaken the school was notified, someone posted a few stories ago about it

          • Observer

            I, along with another person did.

          • SexiLexi

            I guess I should be more careful when I say something like I am going to kill someone. Obviously I wouldn’t but I would hate to be reported for that. I was just pointing out that it’s more than bad feedback when your job is being called and people answering fake craigslists ads. So it’s different, I actually hope she does make this change in her life.

  1. chris

    Tiff Shmiff! Is #sharkladouche still in the clinker? God I miss him.

  2. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Used to be the best part of someone getting outed as a hooker on the pink site.

  3. Vicki Vallencourt

    i dunno but her and tiff are gonna be battling like two shar peis. Extra skin slopping every which way. wrinkles and smokers coughs.
    anyways… i wonder why she thinks its this woman? Did she drink so much her brains got pickled and is just wildly accusing folks?

  4. Shikaka

    Well let’s hope Stacie Marie saves up money for attorney as well to sue for defamation of her name by Teef Teef xD

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      she really drives the point home that u can either be a smoker or u can be a tanner/sun worshipper, but u can’t do both!

      • SexiLexi

        They look like they should be friends still.

        • Unbelievable

          What does that mean, just wondering?

        • Vicki Vallencourt

          they clearly abide by the same skin care routine, cheap clothing and shitty diets lol. friends 4 eva

        • Vicki Vallencourt

          ooh and the fried hair seals their everlasting love

    • Unbelievable

      The second an attorney finds out she’s a prostitute, because she will have to bring up this site, he will laugh her ass out of the office. Or might represent her for criminal charges, in case, against her. Last time I checked, that is an illegal profession

      • Tuco

        Her idea of saving up for an attorney is hitting up her betas on Gofundme I bet. Or, there must be an attorney among her 10k FB followers right?

        • smugjew

          Yes. A really hot attorney with big muscles who’s going to take the case pro bono and and fall in love with her because she’s so perfect and brilliant with her 3.8 GPA at a mid-level college.

          Now back to reality. She’s gonna give 2k to some schmuck who’s just gonna send off some ineffectual legalese emails that accomplish nothing and get thrown in the trash. This site and its owners are not in the US. There is nothing she can do about ZW or its users (as long as they keep their commentary here and off her personal pages).

          The simplest solution would be to clean her up act and deprive us of material to yap about. But sadly for all ZW subjects that is the road never travelled.

      • Observer

        Absolutely. Any attorney who takes this would become a disrespected one.

      • Vivian

        Exactly…(I just posted this below as well)…even if she got someone legally involved (which is highly unlikely), all of her screen shots point the finger right back at her. No one is making anything up about her, so she has no grounds for slander. She’s spewed forth her insanity and criminal behavior for the world to see and forever screen grabbed.

    • Mike Hunt

      Oh god. Attorney gofundme in 3…2….

    • Pen-a-lope

      If you have to save up for a attorney, you don’t have a case.

    • She is such a pathological liar. I feel so bad for her dogs and roommate. May they find peace someday.

      • Shikaka

        I can only imagine her roommate listening to her nagging all day “omg my stalkers make me delete my facebook, slander online, ugly bitches hate meeeee!!! can i have some of your wine?”

  5. smugjew

    And here’s a whole lot of misinformation from her #1 beta Charlie Peters.

    This notion of a “DA” subpoenaing “Google” for information about ZW is just delirious babble. Sorry Charlie.

    Can you believe the nerve of this chick thinking she deserves legal protection for her illegal activities (prostitution).

    For the loser friends of hers reading this:

    If Tiffany stopped
    a) being a buffoon on social media
    b) being a prostitute
    c) being a drunk

    there would be nothing for us to write about. Think about it.

    • Unityyy

      Well, we know THAT ain’t happening, because what would she do if she weren’t a drunken mess begging for shit online and then lashing out at those who don’t ‘help’ her? She knows damn well that getting off SM alone would solve her ‘stalking’ issues, but she loves this shit. It makes her feel validated. And so here we are..simply waiting to gawk at the next train wreck.

    • Maia

      Who gets a second dog and then starts a 500 bucks gofundme? Who begs for free miles? Who screams help me while drunk in Vegas? Don’t call 911, scream through social media, Tiffany. Who brags about 6 mimosas and their interlock device? These are just a few things, and all within the last couple of months. Any attorney worth his or her salt will see that RipOff Report. Tiffany can’t get that removed.

      • Vivian

        Even if she got someone legally involved (which is highly unlikely), all of her screen shots point the finger right back at her. No one is making anything up about her, so she has no grounds for slander. She’s spewed forth her insanity and criminal behavior for the world to see and forever screen grabbed. It’s not illegal to send a message via an Internet dating site and blow someone off. It IS criminal to adopt dogs that you cannot afford to take care of and being a damn drunk driver!

    • SDD

      Umm, sorry Charlie, you’re wrong. First, libel/slander is a civil matter, so a DA will not get involved. They get involved in criminal matters, not civil ones. Second, IP address traces cannot be run without discovery in a civil matter. In order to have a right to discovery, you have to meet the prongs for libel/slander. As the statements made here are based on documented statements, including comments made in reply to screengrabbed assertions made by Ms. Joy, her ability to meet the prongs are thin, if not nonexistent. Third, family violence statutes are for domestic violence. Not sure, but I don’t think anyone here lives with Ms. Joy. So, I’m not too sure how applicable that type of statute is here. Lastly, while a protective order from Colorado may apply to an organization in another state under a long-arm statute, its unlikely to apply to a website based in another country altogether. So, keep’em coming.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Umm pretty much EXACTLY this. ..while we maintain a friendly relationship with Iceland our laws dont hold much water there. HEYOOOOO

        • SDD

          They don’t hold any water there, and vice versa. The only overlapping concerns we have with them are via treaties, and these concern things like stationing of soldiers under NATO, anti-tax haven, and bilateral extradition of criminals.

      • Jabberwocky

        Yeah, all that, and more. Charlie is hilarious, a real keyboard tough guy that thinks this pig can snap her fingers and get all that done – she couldn’t afford the retainer for a case requiring all of that, let along meet the standards she’d need to prevail. He’s not an arm chair lawyer, he’s a highchair lawyer, lol. Telling her to kick her feet and hold her breath until she turns blue would be more effective than the ‘advice” he’s giving.
        But I want to be there, when Charlie Peters. Esq. cheerleads her into a law office, where a lawyer looks at her and says “So, you want to sue people posting that you’re an escort/prostitute, when they have proof via statements you made, that you are in fact engaging in prostitution? Is that correct?”

        • SDD

          “Highchair Lawyer.” Love it. Haven’t seen that phrase on ABL. Must do search.

      • smugjew

        Excellent post SDD. I’m gonna keep my eye on you.

  6. smugjew

    Funny how she just can’t bring herself to let people know what website all this so-called harassment is coming from.

    It’s almost as if there’s something on that website she doesn’t want people to see. HMMMMMMMMM.

  7. El Hijo De Fistfight

    It’s hookers like this that make people skeptical when there really is a stalking type of event going on.

    • MarianneAlana

      This is so true! Excellent point!

    • RedRanger

      What I don’t understand is how she can claim “stalker”, after she barely asked for info from that one potential sugar daddy. She also continously posts her whereabouts.

      So I guess the idea of a stalker isn’t BAD that in her mind? She could always just retreat from social media if it was causing her sooo much stress. But nope!

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        It’s because she doesn’t share the hooking aspect of her life with the people who are watching her crash into walls over and over.

  8. Digitus impudicus

    Starting your posts and/or sentences with the grossly grammatically retarded “That moment when.” Whore, that relegates you to true dumbass.

  9. Unbelievable

    She’s wrong

  10. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Stick around 🙂

      • Jabberwocky

        Ah, the white knights have arrived. Always funny!

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        Isn’t Paris a hooker? Because that’s a hookers screen name.

      • Shikaka

        She destroyed her life herself? people here just pointed at it? her friends must be same type of losers, what a support team. “keep being retarded drunk, hooker and social media attention seeker, you are brilliant and perfect!”

    • smugjew

      She left out “they exposed my profile on an escort site.” Must have been a typo.

    • Observer

      Fantastic! I was involved in two of those.
      Waiting to hear back from one I actually followed up with this morning.

      This is called Karma you bitch.

      And it seems she forgot that she threatened one of her professors several months back. How quickly the drunk forgets.

    • Digitus impudicus

      Ah, shit, Tiffany. You really need help. But know this: there is nothing wrong at all with being so badly tangled that you need a pro to help you learn how to untangle. I did it in my early 20s. It works. Im now 50 with an awesome life and a lot of love and repect. You can get here too

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      Nobody called or texted you Mush Mouth, don’t flatter yourself.

    • Penny Lane

      Did the health department and college contact her about these allegations? How does she know?

      • Observer

        I’m waiting for the Health Dept to respond to my email. I gave them all her info and curious if they actually contacted her.

    • Shikaka

      what “false complaints”? you mean reality of your life caught up with you?

  11. Penny Lane

    why do people dwell on the whole “I’m a victim.. I have a stalker…” like Tiffany? Is it because deep down they are trying to make themselves feel important or what? I know other people who are like that..probably not as bad as her… but I’m just curious..

    • Maia

      Low self-esteem. Negative attention is better than no attention.

  12. Observer

    I don’t know who this person is (obviously part of the group here) but BRAVO! (More screenshots in comments)

  13. Maia

    When the booze wears off and you realize you don’t have the rent money….

    • smugjew

      Textbook bipolar.

      And an alcoholic without question. An interlock on your car after two DUIs in the last seven years and still getting hammered every night? The man of her dreams is waiting in the rooms of AA.

  14. Luke Duke

    Nah just itchy! Was crawling around in my mil’s attic. Running some electrical wires from the breaker box to a room in the back of her house. I say attic but it’s actually a crawl space. Everything was covered in 30 yr old insulation. I didn’t take an after pic but I was covered head to toe.

  15. Penny Lane

    Did I miss anything over the weekend? I just got back in town from seeing Radiohead in Atlanta.

  16. @MissTriciaEvans

    Wow. Just wow. Isn’t there some sort of scam report floating around on ol Tiff. How she ripped off some John’s watch and jewelry?

  17. Maia

    She must have been really drunk to admit she’s petty as fuck. That’s not exactly something to brag about. Shrewd? Not sure about that. You were outed by 80 bucks.

    • Vivian

      Why would you threaten your 11k Fakebook friends? That’s not very nice. But you go get em and lengthen that criminal record of yours!

  18. Mike Hunt

    Does she smell IRL?

  19. smugjew

    Warner Smith calling Tiffany one of their “coolest bartenders.” Bro, if you wanna hit it you don’t have to kiss her ass on Facebook — just book her.

  20. Unbelievable

    Cuz you know it’s all about priorities (food mustn’t be one of them)

  21. prettyfeet


  22. RedRanger

    I feel almost ashamed as to how often I check this post a day. Ha haaa.

    It’s just SO GOD DAMN funny.

  23. Miranda Rights

    I just drove by one of these places today, and the only reason I noticed it was because of your comment lol.

    I’ve been in AZ for a million years and have never noticed this place or eaten there before

    • Maia

      Don’t bother. When crinkle cut fries are the best thing about the meal, just don’t.

  24. catherine

    Oh she is for sure drunk eating this persons food

  25. Luke Duke

    Do it! Rules are meant to be broken.

    • Penny Lane

      make bets on how long this roommate will last? I say give it a month or less!

    • Shikaka

      I don’t think anything “honorary” would send Tiffany an invite, but with her google search history the “collegiate resume” is forever a pile of shit.

      • SexiLexi

        I am glad I don’t need a roommate but I will be sure to google anyone if I am ever in that situation.

      • Jabberwocky

        Oh, god, the poor Dean, I have this vision of a cocktail party for the Dean’s List winners, and she shows up with her tits out. *shudder*

        As a life long male, who is genetically predispositioned to admire the female breast, Tiffany is the only woman who has breasts I am reviled by. It’s like she got a boob job from someone who didn’t know what boobs are, and what they look like.

    • catherine

      I still don’t think she found anyone. This week proves she’s good for some lying. The day before the rents due? One FB or google search and no one in their right mind would live with her.

      • Unbelievable

        True dat

      • Shikaka

        In my wildest dreams I would imagine it to be another undercover ZW agent like Derek Williams, who would go into depth of her day-to-day life, documenting the mess of the condo and her blacked out face down in the living room every weekend. In the end of documentary the agent would kidnap her poor 2 dogs to give them a better life and leave a sticky note on the mirror with a link to a brand new ZW post. A girl can dream…

    • Miranda Rights

      We need to befriend this person immediately. Imagine a man on the inside!! What glorious lulz we could have

    • RedRanger

      Tiffany should set up cameras in her apartment and video record their daily lives. She should put the videos on YouTube, and become a huuge success! Which would help pay for rent and face wash.

  26. Luke Duke

    You have great taste in meat, ma’am.

  27. smugjew

    Sean Spicer press conference regarding Tiffany Vine:

    ZW Nation: How do you answer the allegations that Tiffany Vine is a prostitute given the evidence of her setting up a $700 date on Seeking Arrangement?

    Spicy: Whiskey And Whim is getting nothing but five stars reviews on Facebook.

    • Digitus impudicus

      I think he would be more inclined to say, “Well. ask Bill Clinton about that.” Lol

    • catherine

      Well she is better buy stock in cake mix cause I took her out of the SB game.

      • smugjew

        Making her dog hair cakes for little kids. Disturbing.

      • smugjew

        She needs that roommate more than ever now that you blew up her ho game.

        • Digitus impudicus

          I feel so sorry for that poor person. Has no clue the horror show tjat awaits. Like a Stephen King novel!

          • smugjew

            Any roommate arrangement with her would last about as long as Sharkey’s stint with Central Church.

            Teef could use a “pasture” in her life.

          • Digitus impudicus

            LOL, true that!

          • miss piglet

            Tiff needs to relocate to Vegas! It would be a great move for her.

          • Digitus impudicus

            Like the Oakland Raiders?

          • Habib Fazil

            Naw, just the old yeller treatment out behind the barn…

        • Unbelievable

          Shouldn’t have blown Michelle off huh

        • Unbelievable

          She’s got one

      • RedRanger

        Time to fire up the KitchenAids?? Gross, Tiffany. Keep your aids out of the cakes.

      • Jabberwocky

        Copyright, on Pixar’s intellectual property? And she claims to be a business major?

        It’s not even her design, she copied this cake exactly (and poorly), and added the top. She can’t even do cakes honestly.

        It would be a shame if Pixar’s legal department found out she was trying to claim this copyright…

        • Jabberwocky

          Here Whiskey and Whim page is all designs clumsily copied from other bakers, and she slaps her useless copyright on them. What a fraud, so much for her “talent”. I might have to start linking her poor copies to the original bakers. They work their asses off on their work, and this pig just blatantly steals them.

      • MeowMing

        Well… She’s much better at cake decorating then she is at prostitution.

      • Observer

        This is good to know.. Email to be sent.

      • Vicki Vallencourt

        aids in the kitchen, tiffany baking

        • El Hijo De Fistfight

          Aides in the kitchen, AIDS in the bedroom.

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            im not so HIV+ that she knows the difference

      • Habib Fazil

        Those KitchenAide machines are not cheap, could’ve pawned one to get her dog looked after…

        • catherine

          I don’t think she actually owns one. Again the girl is a fucking liar. Every baking pic she post I’ve never seen anything but handhelds.

          • Habib Fazil

            Yeah, I’d take that bet too. At best some black & decker crap

  28. Persephone

    I caved, had to. This is hilarious, we can add curry to the list of odors…

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      ok ok ok ok… ok. so with extensions, don’t u want to see and feel the hair to make sure its a match to your own?

      • Unbelievable

        Yes you do. Buying them from “like India” must mean they’re like horsehair (synthetic) and not real hair

        • Vicki Vallencourt

          im gonna wager peasant hair or hooker hair from the brothels. cadaver hair?? hehe

    • Digitus impudicus

      I never heard of a place called “like India.” And she will never tell what brand of shit she uses because she doesn’t want any competition!

    • Sammi Jo

      Why do these people blow smoke up her ass?! They know damn well wigalicious bouffants are not where its at.

    • Unbelievable

      Here comes the poor me postings. You reap what you sow. Quit spending it on booze and you’ll have plenty of money to eat

    • smugjew

      Begging your 11000 Facebook followers for lunch. Maybe ISIS is right about us.

    • The Bad Seed

      Why doesn’t she ask her bf for food?

    • catherine

      You’re on her friends list as well?

      Wait a gosh darn second. Lexi…are you Sholay? If I didn’t know better…..

      • SexiLexi

        Haha no I requested her a while ago and she approved me. I unfollowed her because she was annoying during the elections. I forgot we were even friends until I went to look yesterday.

    • Digitus impudicus

      Like, because bulimia.

    • Sammi Jo

      FFS! Is there a day that goes by that she DOESN’T ask for “hand outs”?! smh

      Someone get this girl a cardboard sign and a tin cup

      • Luke Duke

        I would have to be homeless and starving. Like literally starving to freKing death.

      • RedRanger

        I would have a TINY bit more respect for her if she did the cardboard sign route. Takes a little more effort to beg in person.

        And hey, we could throw rotten tomatoes at her. I would definitely whip some change at her after that.

        • Sammi Jo

          I agree. There’s more dignity when you gotta make eye contact with the person you are seeking help from.

      • chris

        Don’t forget the monkey and organ grinder…wait! The last part is something she’s failing at. Sctatch grinder. Send two monkeys.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        I would love to toss a handful of washers from the car window to watch her scamper.

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      Can’t pay for fucking food but has two dogs.

      • Unbelievable

        One that still needs medical treatment but hell, let’s spend the Go Fund Me money for him in Vegas

        • El Hijo De Fistfight

          RIGHT. Like I don’t understand how people don’t see her begging for shit week after week & then going on two Hocations in the span of a month.

    • RedRanger

      Sometimes I feel bad for Tiffany, like maybe we are being too hard on her.. then I see posts like this. This hag is so fucking repulsive, a cancer to society. She deserves the negativity.

  29. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Culver’s is the dopest. Them Butterburgers are no joke.

  30. Unbelievable

    Why dont you ask your boyfriend, you claim you have, give you one

  31. The Bad Seed

    Mandatory? The only mandatory thing we want from you is to get on a plane & crash. Also a throat punch or 2!

  32. Mzzy Rivy

    A woman can be cute at 33 – but not dumb!

  33. Mzzy Rivy

    I fucking love you Catherine. You win !

  34. Queen Bee

    This is wgo I was referring to when I said I’m shocked he and Tiff haven’t gotten together yet…match made in heaven

  35. Unbelievable

    That bag is awesome too, seen it at Nordstroms downtown

    • Mzzy Rivy

      Before this Teef chapter closes – I recommend that the ZW team find a prison buddy in their local state or providence prison or dept of corrections and be tiffany and send letters explaining all of her rants and that she needs a man and love and don’t forget her boob pics. If you know her address use it. Teef will have real friends over the 1100 fake friends. I can surely see her Toney apartment mailbox puking out “from a prison inmate” letters.

  36. catherine

    Yes mam. Retired and only worn twice 🙂

    I could sell them for more than I bought them for today. Do you remember when they came out?! That damn pair is what 5 maybe 6 years old now. I refuse to wear them out. They are hands down the most uncomfortable yet fabulous pair I own. They are the great white buffalo of Louboutins.

    • Unbelievable

      Looooove them. I live in heels and Louboutins are the most comfy of shoes

      • catherine

        Bullshit. I they aren’t comfortable at all! I end up looking I have a stick up my ass by hour 3

  37. Maia

    I’m going to eat one before I leave! It’s just too late for beef today. If I went for a run tonight, I would have had one. Too tired! And what the hell area these cheese curds I keep hearing about? Tater tot like, but cheese????

  38. Scorpio

    Well, at least you are not too picky with yourself about being too picky. .,,,)
    Why not just wear a ring?

  39. RedRanger

    Wooork it, giiirl. You giving me those killer Caitlyn Jenner vibes.

  40. catherine

    Come on over. I’ll cook for ya. ☺️

  41. Unbelievable

    How’s your steak? My steak dinner was last night

    • catherine

      Shooot I can’t cook it right now. It still has at least another hour sitting out with the s&p rub. It’s too cold to cook.

      Medium rare is an art. Patience my dear.

      This wine on the other hand though…

  42. Vicki Vallencourt

    dinner looks wonderful, cheers!

  43. Unbelievable

    I spend a fortune on myself, and imagine this, a guy doesn’t have to buy it for me. Here’s over 10k on one arm (and have another on my other). See Tiff, when you bust your ass working a real job, not hooking, look what you can get

    • catherine

      I don’t even think Tiffany knows who makes those.

      • Unbelievable

        I’ve been fancying this, but my son said he will murder me if I spend this much on a cell phone case lol

        • Sammi Jo

          I’d be so paranoid about getting makeup on it…I hate that! I discovered a trick ..I throw my cell case in the dishwasher to clean it LOL

          • Unbelievable

            Besides shoes, handbags and bracelets, my worst obsession is iphone cases. I saw this all over online during Fashion Week and have been dieing for it to come into stores. Until I saw the price tag. Spending $280.00 plus tax on Gucci cases is much more reasonable than this. But it’ll match my Neverfull and there’s the dilemma

      • Shikaka

        Lol, I don’t know either. Can someone enlighten me why are those bracelets so expensive? ( I am 26, and spending all my money for mortgage and a baby, my only good jewelry are family diamonds from mom and nana, and a diamond ring from husband, sorry xD ) (at least i’m not a hoe)

        • Miranda Rights

          Cartier Love Bracelets 🙂

        • Unbelievable

          They really didn’t cost me anything as I used my bonuses from my firm to buy them

        • Vicki Vallencourt

          i didn’t know either. until they explained. not my world at all lol.

    • Morty Tucker

      Hey, great story Ma’am. Truly. But flaunting these worthless baubles like you’re doing is unbecoming. Capitalize on your successes, by all means, but I for one don’t give two shits about what you spend your money on. You can’t bust somebody out for being vapid and self absorbed and then turn around and post the same sort of self serving swill. It’s hypocritical.
      Also, an associate of mine pointed out your hairy knees. He said your knee caps look like Burl Ives’ beard.

      • Unbelievable

        Wow such big words you use “Patricia”. Let me tell you something. I earned my degree when I was 23 and worked ever since. I don’t have to spread my legs and get paid for it like the person who this post is about. So you can take your self righteousness, bend over “Patricia” and shove it up there. I dare anyone that would try to rob me for two little words, conceal carry. Have a great one “Patricia”

        • Vicki Vallencourt

          haha she’s a troll, don’t worry about it. you don’t need to prove urself to her. we know u earned your keep the honest way.

  44. catherine


  45. Persephone

    Good grief. Take some lessons from someone who truly loves their dog… loser. I have a feeling she fantasizes about meeting her dream guy at a dog park.

  46. Vivian

    You’d think she’d have been grateful! You were helping her husband get some Tinactin for that jungle rot!

  47. Digitus impudicus

    Tiffany — stop with the obvious “I’m a whore, please rent me” photos Even with all the makeup, slutty clothes and photoshop — you are honestly still fugly.

  48. Digitus impudicus

    Heard at the dog park, “Look Mommy, it’s a whore!”

  49. Digitus impudicus

    OMG — “Deborah with an H” — lol!

  50. Ms Conduct

    Haha, was it him?!

  51. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Looks like Tiff aka Deborah found the thread and has had enough. LMAO.

  52. Observer

    Awe.. Sorry. I pulled it a couple years ago. It’s on the “other site” somewhere.

  53. smugjew

    She’s beyond desperate for a boyfriend. It CONSUMES her. That’s why it’s tits out 24-7.

    If she ran into a hot guy who didn’t get exposed to the circus tits should probably just kill herself over the missed opportunity.

    • Digitus impudicus

      She thinks her tits sell. No self esteem. All she will ever get is fucked — and fucked over.

      • smugjew

        They do sell. In a dollar store kind of way.

        • RedRanger

          Dollar store tits asking for $700 a week. This hag needs to drastically lower her self worth.

  54. Mzzy Rivy

    I hate the air brush app that most women use. It makes them look like a plastic doll – just like veins pic- ugh!

  55. Vivian

    Thanks OC. Yeah, I heard through the grapevine that Ivan had to get a restraining order against her. Apparently she harassed his family and stalked the hell out of him!

    Anyways, after my ex, I swore off musicians. I’m kind of out of the loop in music scene.

    • OCgirl12

      YES that’s absolutely true – his sister tried to beat the fuck outta her haha!!! It was UGLY! I too dated a lead singer , and it was MISERY hahaha! NEVER Again! So sorry she did this to you doll cuz you are the shit !!!!

  56. SDD

    In general, or just these tweets? Generally speaking, I suspect that his bravado is for show. But, who really knows.

  57. Penny Lane

    He gave her a sticky pass last year when they came to Colorado! She was bragging about it. The pass had Ivan’s name on it, but she didn’t get a picture with him or hang out with him or anything.

    • OCgirl12

      You know at this point with that guy I believe anything. But I also heard that she hooks up with his manager to get free backstage passes. Do you think that’s true?

  58. El Hijo De Fistfight

    I am far too old to go into the rides area. I used to like the traveling folks games of chance to win cheaply made bootleg prizes though. Elephant ears are my favorite btw.

    • Penny Lane

      She lived in Arizona?

      • Unbelievable

        Don’t know, Vivian said below she was arrested in AZ and all I had to do was go to Maricopa County Circuit Court website, searched and bam here it is

    • Mzzy Rivy

      Back then she was fat. She probably sat on some other chick – suffocated her and pulled her weave out because they referred her as a beached whale!

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      Public defender because poor.

  59. Digitus impudicus

    OMG, you are too funny! OK, lemme see what mine are — um, I got it! I got County Fair funbags! LOL!

  60. El Hijo De Fistfight

    I love the state fair.

  61. Unbelievable

    5 semesters left? Therefore she’s a sophomore and has bombed some classes, as she’s been in school a few years. 3.9 GPA my ass

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      A little longer than expected? Van Wilder is even laughing at you.

    • Persephone

      “Sometimes” full loads !!!
      LOL! That isn’t “full time student” status dumb ass.
      When I took only two classes in a quarter and worked it was FAR easier than a full 15/20 credits a quarter I had done before. Yeah and one class a quarter is going to prolong your grad date. (As if that even needs to be stated here.)

    • Stelio Kontos

      There has to be a “max credit load” joke…I mean it is right there hangin out in the open.
      Am I trying to be a good person and avoid going lowbrow?

    • Queen Bee

      I thought the exact same thing, like how does this add up? She should be finished with six semesters (in theory) in May. Five more semesters, for a total of 11, would mean it took FIVE and a half years, not four and a half. And that’s if she even graduates…all this to say, she will be legit 35 before she gets her degree.

  62. Stelio Kontos

    That was kinda witty…state fair fun bags…lol

  63. smugjew

    She combines the followers on her two FB accounts to reach 11k. She really is brilliant.

  64. Vicki Vallencourt

    right she should be rounding down to be more accurate. maybe she will learn her numbers next semester

  65. Persephone

    You fronted $80 bucks, I’ll pitch in for your donation lol

    • catherine

      Pay it forward in a Starbucks line or something.

      I was a part of that once. Just a bunch of pretentious well to do assholes paying for each other’s coffees, but still fun.

  66. Digitus impudicus

    LOL! This type of stuff usually comes from Japan!

  67. holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was the juiciest read! great job catherine!

  68. Mzzy Rivy

    Be safe!

  69. SexiLexi

    I have been reading these posts since the link was posted and I actually know Paris and Sholay so figured I could clarify a few things for you all.

    They didn’t plan a trip with Tiffany, they had the trip booked months in advance and Tiffany decided to go to Vegas last minute so they met up with her for one day to sit by the pool which is why they were wearing flip flops.

    As for the Bo thing, they said they didn’t even want to go to his place and sit in the lobby but she kept insisting that it was 5 minutes while she ran up to change. They were not with her that night she was asking for help.

    I can give anymore details anyone else needs as I know the scoup

  70. TJ

    Take care of yourself and your family.

  71. Darlene Conner

    Ooooooh salty.

  72. catherine


  73. jujubeans

    date checklist:

    Spray wig and jeans with Febreeze, fluff out in dryer
    Smoke some meth and rinse out my dentures
    Call uber and prepare for ride
    Ride my boyfriend’s dick, hop off as uber arrives, baby wipe it and GO!

  74. Unbelievable

    My whole yard is a swimming pool this morning. Use your phone all night they say. You can charge it overnight they say. Bam, power outage⚡️. I was lost without electricity or my limb (aka iPhone) overnight.

  75. Darlene Conner

    Oooohhhh that looks gooood!

  76. Darlene Conner

    I don’t know what graham melts hot syrup is but I want to…

  77. Darlene Conner

    This made me go “HA!” and my dude is trying to sleep next to me. I scared him.

  78. RedRanger

    I think it’s an outfit to wear while you breastfeed.

    • Darlene Conner

      That ginger harlot has no children. Shes been hanging out with porn stars lol…no joke…

  79. That Joel

    Nah…It’s just the creepiest he of “pull my finger”.

  80. The Bad Seed

    Hahaha $700/week, has dick, & bitch please we all know you sell your fucked up vein titties, oddly nasty looks to be hacked up legs, the fucking nasty hair, saggy skin stomach & the shit that comes out your mouth on Craigslist. You are worth a boiled hotdog and a throat punch. Oh and fuck yo sharpie eyebrows.

    • Observer

      It’s a DAY/NIGHT not a WEEK.

    • Digitus impudicus

      You crack me up and I sorely need it. I have had this dastardly head cold — and now i’m getting worried because I haven’t been able to smell or taste anything for 3 days now! I have floral scented Yankee Candles I want to smell and I CAN’T!!!

  81. Meth cab for Booty

    Stay safe Brisbane! xoxo Sydney

  82. Morty Tucker

    Stay safe Ma’am. I was trying to come up with an apathetic comparison to your sitch but the only hurricanes we get in Iowa get you fucking drunk. Keep your head down and good luck.

  83. Not new.
    The Queen never forgets a screen name.

  84. I thought your pic was gonna be Jenndale aka Horseface Killaaa

    Countdown until Copyright Removal Request received from her shitty lawyer in 3… 2…

  85. catherine

    When exactly is this separation from social media starting? Stop telling people you got ball hair burn on your peepers.

    That filter doesn’t filter your layers of spray tan either….

    • Party Cat

      I can’t even imagine what that under boob spray tan situation is like. You know it’s just all built up in some areas and completely rubbed off in others.

      I need to have my husband add her as a friend so I can see the daily shenanigans. There’s no way she’d turn down an attractive guy’s request, even if he’s clearly married!

      Thank you so much for this post. I’m starting a slow clap in your honor.

      • catherine

        Be patient with that. She’s on high alert because of this post. I doubt she adds anyone for a week or so on any platform.

        Request her on one of them at the right moment.

      • Darlene Conner

        Maybe you will get lucky and she will offer her services to your husband and we can burn her again.

    • smugjew

      Have you heard the adage “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”?

      She hasn’t.

    • SDD

      You know, it may not be the scratched eye that causes her shitty driving. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the alcohol.

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      It’s difficult driving when you’re used to seeing the lanes blurry.

    • How many god damn times is she going to use the same fucking snapchat filter? What a fucking retard.

      • Digitus impudicus

        If you are older than nine using any of that shit, you are a fucking hopeless loser-moron-skank.

  86. Party Cat

    Get real Tiff, you’ve never owned Louboutins.

    • catherine

      She has….. one pair. They weren’t the newest season when she got them. In fact they are one of the ugliest pairs that have been released. I think they retailed $675 back then. Plus hers have a strippers dream platform on them. I can’t confirm if they are even real though… she never posts a decent shot of them.

      If you know a flying fuck about shoes… her pair is the basic bitch version of Louboutins.

    • Darlene Conner

      She fronts so hard.

    • Unbelievable

      Maybe fake ones (there is such a thing)

  87. Unbelievable


  88. Unbelievable

    Those are her bedroom eyes, come on now

    • Morty Tucker

      Outhouse eyes…blew eyes. One blew this way, one blew a roadie for the Marshall Tucker Band

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        She once blew the tour bus driver for Jefferson Starship when she was 13.

  89. Unbelievable


  90. Unbelievable

    It’s a video she posted, took quick screenshotting to get those words on there

    • catherine

      She didn’t even offer that for my seven hundy… glad I bailed.

    • Darlene Conner

      Sprinkle rim job. Jesus, it sounds like she could have a menu for her “bakery” that also doubles as a secret menu for her other services.

  91. Scorpio

    You win. This is the best answer! I must agree with you.

  92. catherine

    Gimme that.

  93. Maia

    Upon further thinking, I believe this “Matthews” reservation was her first bite in 6 years. Who arrives early for a money maker? A smart ho would never announce this to a potential sugar daddy. If she were early, she’d be waiting in the wings to assess the situation. Early REEKS of desperation.

    • catherine

      I was listening to Dave Matthews Band on pandora when I made the reservations…

      • Unbelievable

        I’m still lol’ing at the $3500.00 a night hotel room I was looking into for you to tell her about. Go big or go home

        • catherine

          She still thought I was staying at the Ritz because that’s the Elway’s location that I picked. I had you in mind the whole time.

      • The Bad Seed

        Before I opened this gif & read that I seriously did exactly that!

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        If you had gone with David Matthews she legit would have either thought it was him or never had a clue.

      • The Bad Seed

        This comment made my pathetic lil life for the week as I’m listening to DMB

    • catherine

      I was the thinking the same thing when she texted that to Mr. Matthews

    • Darlene Conner

      I know! She had no idea who this dude could be. Didn’t even care to ask his name! That blows my mind. She is way too eager. That is how you end up with something that starts with h and ends with erpes.

      • Maia

        Or dead, even. She’s a lousy whore.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        Was there a photo of the catfish account? Like did she even know what dude looked like? Maybe she realized she had no clue and had to be there early and hope she was approached first.

  94. Unbelievable

    You and your gifs, they’re killing me

  95. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    +5 on a roll Maia

  96. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Once I bought that self cleaning oven.. Life got better!!!! But when you clean it, it smokes the house..

  97. catherine

    For her to get rid of me she would have to delete ANYONE involved in the music industry…. so don’t worry kids. I’m safe. That girl still likes to give my friends head for sticky passes.

    Remember that one time that you got drum stick fucked Tiff?

  98. smugjew

    Just imagine her taking her newly minted business degree into a job interview and telling them that despite her lack of relevant experience she has strong leadership qualities based on her 11000 Facebook followers.

    • Party Cat

      Isn’t she taking Chinese? What I would give to hear her speak Chinese!

  99. For her teeth to be capped.. lmfao. Her tits and teeth are gonna fall off eventually with that shotty ass work.

    • Unbelievable

      It’s a bridge she has. Normal shelf life for them, when made properly in America, is about 10 years. Costa Rica, who knows. Since it’s one piece, if it comes loose the whole thing will fall out and she’ll look like a jack’o’lantern with nubs for teeth (as they file them down to put the bridge in). Can you envision the sheer panic if that was to happen?

      • Vivian

        That’s a fucking funny visual!

        • Unbelievable

          Was saying to Catherine I can see it falling out and her trying crazy glue to put it back in and gluing her tongue to her teef

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        She wants to be able to pull them out. It’s an extra 10 she’ll charge her johns

      • Darlene Conner

        The idea of choosing to have all of your teeth filed down to nubs just really skeeves me out. I know its legit and necessary for most cosmetic dentistry but…omg.

  100. Maia

    After reading this ad again, I’m firmly convinced she’s drunk when she logs on. Some college student. The typos and grammar are fucking appalling. This isn’t autocorrect bullshit.

  101. Unbelievable

    If Teef were a guy, here’s her doppelgänger (horse face and all)

  102. Tuco Salamanca
    This is hilarious. Too bad most of those 11000 followers are just horney men who want to look at her big veiny tits. She doesn’t even personally know the majority of them. Talk about a fucking loser.

    • catherine

      But the two ‘losers’ that went deeeeep UC to make this happen actually know her and are on the social media friends lists.

      Life’s funny like that.

  103. Digitus impudicus

    Shout out to former johns to anonymously post your horrific experiences with this hooker and her skeevy wig.

  104. Stelio Kontos

    Aspiring to be a law enforcement officer….Mega Beta tendencies….sooooo not a Purple Crayon Mafioso

  105. VarinGo

    You think that in her perpetually drunken state she mistakes Google Maps for the veins on her titties?

  106. catherine

    I should start a site myself. Is your SO on SA? Want to confirm if a social media cum dumpster is trickin’ for teeth? Well you’re in luck! For 20 dollars (PayPal only- cause I’m a lady) C to the G will spend up to 20 minutes searching a 100 mile radius on SA and an additional 2 hours planning a date to whistle blow your mind.

  107. catherine

    Tiffany could relate to that.

  108. catherine

    As long as Unbelievable doesn’t blow her god damn cover we will keep you guys in the loop with the friends only screenshots.

    I think there might be about 5 of us regular posters on here that are on her friends list and about 10k that quietly giggle as we wikileak her.

    • Unbelievable

      Hey, I’ve caught myself a few times. Surprisingly she hasn’t put two and two together.

  109. Unbelievable

    Ok, riddle me this….. with her over 10,000 followers that love and adore her, how come she cannot scrounge up thousands of likes, heck hundreds even. She can only come up with under 50

  110. Persephone


  111. Digitus impudicus

    Yeah…uh, Warner, how much did you pay and was the orgasm really worth it? Helpful hint: save $ by jerking off.

  112. Unbelievable

    He’s always posting about visiting her at work. Too bad he doesn’t check his inbox

  113. Observer

    This might be the best thing I’ve ever read. Fantastic job! You deserve a Championship Beltl for setting her up.

    I’ve had all my friends read it. They only follow this stuff when I tell them about it.

    We here in Denver knew this all along. Small world Tiff. It’s a small world.

    Not sure her parents will care, I’m sure her sisters already knew and that’s why they only associate with her on holidays.

    As for the other douchebags on her page, I’m not sure they will care either. They’ll make it seem like she’s being bullied and anyone saying otherwise is a liar. And they don’t know why people talk badly about her, she’s really nice, sweet and smart too!

    Pretty sure none of those creeps would pay $700 for a night.

    TJ, would you if you were here?

    • catherine

      I love Jeff

    • Digitus impudicus

      Bullshit. Social media is like catnip for narcissists.

      • Yeah there is no way she’s cutting her social media usage in half considering she has absolutely no life outside of social media. What is she going to do without all the attention from her 10K “friends”? It’s not like they’re going to give a fuck about her enough to actually text her outside of FB. /eyeroll

      • Persephone

        Damn straight it is. Best analogy EVER

      • Unbelievable

        ZW is catnip for all of us it seems

      • jujubeans

        Yep. Bitch couldn’t leave the internet if her life depended on it. She lives for likes and validation.

        I compare it to when someone murders someone or really fucks shit up and then sticks around the crime scene to watch the mayhem they created and make sure they aren’t being implicated in any way.

  114. Vicki Vallencourt

    hes a cutie. totally us mag worthy, but according to the brilliant celeb j.wilke, the secret to fame is to do only foreign covers to build excitement. and then u can show ur dates how hawt and worldly u are

  115. Vicki Vallencourt

    im not hating. i was in the Sutter medical center Roseville Employee fashion show benefit. at a retirement community. with a paris theme. i guess we can say we’ve all had our taste of fame

  116. Persephone

    “Graduation path meeting…I still have a year and a half to go…”
    Which means she has 2 years and a quarter. Or semester , whatever they use.

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      3 semesters if she doesn’t take summer classes. so she is a sophomore in college?

      • Queen Bee

        Junior. She will be a super senior if and when she graduates

        • MeowMing

          She will jump straight from the student discounts to the senior discounts. #mogul

          • rainmn066

            She could be talking about DUI school

          • Unbelievable

            Ahahahaha, that was good. Here we all thought she was in college

          • mahaatma

            Haha! Yes, 4 years of DUI school. The “graduation path meeting” was probably with her probation officer.

          • Persephone


        • Vicki Vallencourt

          education is important 🙂 but having class with her would be awful

          • SDD

            Wouldn’t want to have to sit behind her. I don’t think I could see the board through that weave/wig/whatever-the-fuck-it-is.

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            and the smell of spray tan,shitty perfume, unwashed body and alcohol coming thru her pores. i don’t care what she says, there is no way in hell that woman does not smoke

          • SDD

            Umm… eau de hooker.

          • Persephone

            The smell… I guarandamntee she’s the student who asks the questions the professor already discussed 5 minutes prior. I’m also willing to bet she’s extremely disrespectful and updates her status during class.

      • Persephone

        LOL… she’s on the 30 year track for a bachelors degree
        Note: Totally supportive of going back to school as an adult. Did myself. One of my friends is 50 getting her Ph.D in mathematics- she’s inspirational. Tiffany makes it all look like a fat joke.

  117. Mzzy Rivy

    F U veins! You sound like a 13 year old just going on her period. Unreal..pfffh

  118. smugjew

    There’s a performance-linked incentive with ZW Inc. where Queen Of Tarts will buy me a Panera gift card if any story gets 1000 comments. So, you know, challah at your boy!

  119. mahaatma

    I’d say don’t bother with the degree. Nobody in the business world is going to hire Circus Tits anyway.

    • smugjew

      The degree is so she can impress future johns with her “smarts.” That’s it.

  120. smugjew

    So after the initial burst of plucky defiance, reality sets in: “I’m fucked.”

    • Unbelievable

      It’s the link that just keeps on giving. Dumbasses shouldn’t have an open page for anyone to post on

    • Unbelievable

      Can you tell how many times this link has been clicked on? Is it up from previous posts?

      • smugjew

        In your Disqus panel you can see how many comments each story has. That’s a pretty solid indicator of how popular a feature is. (Unless you’re at The Dirty where Nik will tell you 47 million people read the site last month and yet not one of them posted a single comment.)

        This one is already over 500 in under 24 hours which is pretty strong. TMZ usually has 50-500 for each story.

        • mahaatma

          Of all the trainwrecks, she’s my number one.
          Don’t ever change Tiff.

          • Persephone

            I definitely think her shitshow game is strong. Definitely caught up and blew dead tooth’s doors off.

          • mahaatma

            “shitshow” Lol…
            yeah, dead tooth cannot compete

          • Persephone

            It fucking pains me to admit that.
            I LOATHE Bev. She’s a hardcore cunt.
            She takes the cake in the hypocritical asshole category though.

          • mahaatma

            Bev IS a hardcore cunt. She’s just been boring lately. I can’t believe this happy motherhood thing will last too much longer.

          • Persephone

            No, it won’t. She will start bitching and once again be better than everyone.

          • Tuco Salamanca

            Who knows what’s happening behind closed doors. She’s probably miserable.

      • 462 referrals from the fb link today.

  121. TJ

    Who goes on social media to announce that they are making a conscious decision to stay off social media? Bizarre!

  122. LostWithoutVirgil

    Because im a humanist, I would send her lotion, a loofah, a brush and a breathalyzer attachment for her phone. I feel like those things might change her life…

  123. mahaatma

    Oh Catherine, this is priceless. Great work! Sherlock Holmes would be proud. I can just see her getting ready for this “date” thinking she’s got THE big trout on the line and all she has to do is reel him in because he will be mesmerized by her beauty and brains and will give her the lifestyle she deserves. Then POW! You go for the jugular and attack the very thing she thinks she has on all other girls – HER LOOKS! Haha! And she responds like the low class whore she is.

    I hope she’s reading ZW today. The whole Nation is laughing their asses off!

    • Persephone

      I am beginning to doubt she’s a student. She tries to play the starving student card, but I’m not buying it.
      I’d love to investigate this.

      • Seriously

        I second this notion.

      • Mzzy Rivy

        33 year old students are going for their masters. Teef is a little to late for undergrad.

        • Persephone

          Teef… hehhehh
          If I was a professor I couldn’t take that shit seriously walking into my class. I can read her mind now…” oh please God, let my professor be a man, y’all know I need dem der good grades, no man can resist my 3 B’s: Baggy knees, Big hair, Boobs for decades…”

  124. Stelio Kontos

    People hookup in rehab all the time. Maybe that is where her Prince Charming has been hiding all this time?

    • Persephone

      They have to replace that rush. What better way then to bend some chick over the little twin bed while your roommate is in a counseling session

    • Maia

      13 Steppers….

  125. Mike Hunt

    So she’ll be 35 with a bachelor’s (finally) and no work experience? How depressing. I’d drink too.

    • Stelio Kontos

      Good point. A BA or BS with no job skills and a rack that can’t be muted? I don’t see recruiters / headhunters banging down her door.

      • Unbelievable

        Especially nowadays prospective employers google search you, she’ll have to sling drinks the rest of her life

    • Queen Bee

      I’ve mentioned this numerous times on past Malpractice posts…completely worthless with no experience to back it up. Especially a bachelors degree. If you’re 35 with no job experience, you better have a phd.

  126. Persephone

    She sounds so educated.

  127. shenanigans

    THIS IS GOLD. KEEP GOING. expose them ALL!!

  128. BadKitty

    Just want to thank all of the ZW for this.. it’s been a rough week and Im enjoying all comments. Thanks guys, all of you are the best !

  129. MeowMing

    Wasn’t there already a ripoff report dating a few years back about Tiffany being an escort? I believe she stole some guy’s watch?

  130. Stelio Kontos

    I am human. I want to feel sympathy. But, her “I just got through fuckin someone else” retort was just pathetic.
    This was the moment where Tiff could’ve layed it all on the table and just said “hey, you got me. Ok. I’m just trying to get over. I see all these other girls out here doing it. Why not me?”
    Had she taken that approach, I would feel completely different. Her attitude and action combined with the image she portrays makes her an easy target.

  131. TJ

    If I ever make it to Denver I’ll ask Tiffany out on one of these dinner dates and submit a post if she doesn’t go postal and kill me during the night.

    • Unbelievable

      Has TJ finally seen the light? You used to be her biggest defender

    • MeowMing

      Watch out! You might fall in love.

      • smugjew

        He’s already in love. And we love him.

      • TJ

        She did describe herself as one of a kind and I think we’d all be hard pressed to disagree with her self assessment.

    • mahaatma

      Don’t do it TJ! You’re too precious to us.

    • She won’t kill you, but she might hobble you, steal your ATM card, torture you until you give up your PIN code, rob you blind for a weekend while keeping you alive feeding you dog food and dried up cupcakes.

    • Unbelievable

      In response to her saying about having no lives, I run a business and can do this at the same time. It’s called multi-tasking, a little thing that’s a part of “adulting” (as she likes to say).

    • MeowMing

      I think it’s actually quite the opposite. People with serious and successful lives enjoy watching Tiffany’s train wreck of a life because it is so different from what they know.

      • shenanigans

        I agree with you and think thats the reason why people watch the Kardashians, and other horrible reality tv shows and make stupid people famous because we’re laughing at the stupidity and happy our lives are somewhat normal…we don’t watch because we’re jealous! We are HAPPY your life isn’t ours! Sometimes I’ll watch stupid reality shows to make myself feel better about my life lol!!

        • Unbelievable

          When I think I’m having a bad day all I have to do is pull up her profile and it snaps me back into reality

          • Seriously

            Lol I was having a terrible Monday & I went to her page to make myself feel better. It worked.

          • shenanigans

            OR I watch a show like Hoarders or My Strange Addiction if I’m REALLLLY feeling shitty 😀

        • mahaatma

          That’s exactly why I watch that crap too.

        • Kardashians? Well just the other day I was thinking about camping out in a bordello in Pahrump, Nevada with Ukrainian hookers, smoke crack, drink champagne, and then vacation in the Sunrise Hospital intensive care unit for a month. Maybe Tiffany will join me for a date at Taco Bell?


      • Persephone

        It’s fascinating! I know that may be demented for me to admit that, but her actions, words and deeds are so peculiar. You can’t help but wonder “what the fuck is wrong with you Vine!”
        At what age did she stop growing emotionally and mentally?

      • RedRanger

        Like I’ve said before, Tiffany is my new favorite TV show. Remember back in the 90s, when talk shows used to be all about the freaks. But now, they’re all about paternity and lie detector tests. So fucking lame.

        Tiffany fills that void of freak show entertainment in my life.

    • smugjew

      “Obviously they aren’t in any kind of relationships”

      Wrong. The majority of people here have spouses or long-term partners.

      “stalking some girl on the internet you don’t know”

      Wellllll, that’s the thing dummy. A lot of the people on here DO know you and have had real-world interactions with the travelin’ trainwreck known as Tiffany Vine.

      “I’m guessing they don’t have healthy family/home lives”

      CLEARLY you are wrong again. There’s an occasional poster on here that once threw a drink right in your face. Said person also has a great family with awesome kids and runs several successful businesses.

      As for myself, my professional life along with relationships with family and friends are at an all-time high. My involvement with ZW is the icing on a victory cake.

      “Just them and a computer and a cell phone.”

      Still sounds better than getting fucked by old men for shoes.

        • smugjew

          Tough week for Schmiffany and it’s only Wednesday. Maybe a Vegas trip is in order.

          • Unbelievable

            Nope can’t go to Vegas as she destroyed that friendship who let her stay

      • Stelio Kontos

        You couldn’t be more correct. It doesn’t take much to read between the lines and get an idea of where someone is in life.
        Not many here fit the description of what Tiff is describing. Most legit trolls are weeded out around here pretty quick.
        I am a people watcher by nature. I can hang at a party or bar and watch and occasionally converse with people all night.
        ZW is the next best thing. I hardly ever express ill feelings towards a person (Diaper Sniper being the exception). I, like many of you I assume, are mocking the absurdity of these personas and laughing at how low they’re willing to stoop for insta-fame or whatever.

      • mahaatma

        Soon Tiff will be standing with her sign next to the freeway onramp….

    • Digitus impudicus

      Looks like ole Drew is angling to get some of Tiff’s creampie leftovers for free. What a pathetic white knight.

    • Vivian

      Wow, there’s so much psychological projection going on in that post revealing all her insecurities, bad behavior, guilt & hurt. She’s mirroring her own hypocritical agony. Dr. Phil would have a field day!

      • MeowMing

        I was thinking the exact same. What an odd choice of insults as all these things could be said about her…

    • Maia

      Tell this idiot some of us have advanced degrees, served their country for 20 years, and have a combined years of government service of 30 years. I can retire at 55, if I choose and go do something else for shits and giggles.

    • Observer

      Funny, my other half sees her more (because of his job) than I do. And we both laugh (as do his employees) at her sorry pathetic, I have no life, no boyfriend, no family ass.

    • Shikaka

      Lol says the bitch without a partner, family, hooking for a job, and has whining on facebook as the only hobby.

    • Darlene Conner

      Yes. We must all be single with no job and no life because we can see that she is a narcissist whore that thinks incredibly highly of herself. I’m all for having self esteem but her brand of “I’m so cool. I’m so hot. But my luck is just terrible!” is just so stale. She can’t see that she is causing all of this by being an asshole in “public” on the internet. That dude spelled it out for her pretty much and she reacted with cognitive dissonance. In her mind there is no way she could be a loser.

  132. catherine

    With a screenshot. She want to make sure I knew there was ‘a line of men’. Fuck it there’s her number. Have fun you all.

  133. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Wouldn’t know it, but again, I assume you haven’t lived a rough life on your knees either.

    • LostWithoutVirgil

      Yeah, I don’t have a taste for clown makeup or shoes so I guess I’m basic haha.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        I realized I was a basic ass bitch walking through an airport this weekend with a Red Bull & Vanilla Bean frappe. All that was missing was yoga pants but nobody wants to see that on a dude.

  134. Queen Bee

    I saw this too. She should have one year left if she’s such a god damn genius like she loves to proclaim all the time, not one and a half. This could very well be the first step to her not graduating at all.

  135. Penny Lane

    This is GOLD. ladies! excellent!!! So, has any of her “friends” got a account and commented on here yet?

  136. Unbelievable


  137. JimU113

    She’s one of the few who can suck and blow at the same time.

  138. JimU113

    Great minds.

  139. catherine

    Unbelievable did send a link to this to her school last night

    • Unbelievable

      I’m just waiting for how her work is going to deal with it. Regardless, people will be looking at her knowing what they read.

      • Queen Bee

        I have no doubt the sob posts about her job aren’t too far behind

        • Unbelievable

          No, if anything comes to fruition regarding them seeing this and if she was to get fired, she’ll start making posts of how lame her job is and that she “quit” #sopredictable

  140. catherine

    Oooooh yes.

  141. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Did the previous date drop her off? We know she couldn’t drive to it herself.

  142. JimU113

    Thank you. Just translating Ho Talk into plain English.

  143. JimU113

    She managed to get some Degree anti-persiprant on one underarm without getting it on her clothes.
    The “graduation path” is where she plans to pick up younger men (ie, as they walk down to get their diploma).

  144. JimU113

    Dear Tiffany,
    You’re a dumb ho.
    Have a nice day,
    ZW Nation

    PS your breath is horrid.

  145. catherine

    So tiny that it doesn’t even exist.

  146. I was sick as fuck. Some kind of headache/sleep/sweat virus it was. If anybody else comes down with this don’t bother with the ER unless u can’t get your fever down w advil or Tylenol BC you’ll infect the universe. I say this bc I’m out of the virus loop so i have no idea if it was a virus but pretty sure it was. I don’t do ER unless im dying or want to get x ray. Plain alka seltzer was all I could deal w. Lost too much weight so this weekend shall be a pig out on Easter candy in advance. Hello Cadbury eggs

  147. El Hijo De Fistfight

    The dick may be tiny, but you’ve got a nice set of plums.

  148. MeowMing

    She is in her 30s with no savings, no assets, terrible credit.
    I don’t want to be a pessimist but this girl will be poor and struggling for the rest of her life.
    Also what kind of real job could she get with those boobs?

  149. Dr.Christian Troy

    Where is Two Trick Pony these days? I miss that dude.

  150. Persephone

    She’s such a pig.

  151. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Unbelievable! My articulate well crafted email didn’t even get a response!

    • Vivian

      You probably used big words and intimidated her.

    • Unbelievable

      All the others are further down. I knew how to play her

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        I legit crafted something that I deemed a work of art, including a career that happened to be 3rd shift allowing for minimal interaction. Perhaps she didn’t like when I mentioned, “Yes i have a career, what loser over the age of 24 has an hourly job?”

  152. El Hijo De Fistfight

    I kept wanting to change what my comment focus would be as I continued through the entire thread, thank you for that journey.

  153. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Sugar Grandmas

  154. jujubeans

    Here’s her soul sister Phoebe Price working some seriously classy threads…

    “It’s called fashion look it up”

    • Stelio Kontos

      Can one be objectified whilst presenting a highly coveted object?

    • Darlene Conner

      PP is always exquisite. Tiffany could only dream of being as big a celeb as her! Sexy at the…hospital? Always a class act.

  155. jujubeans

    I like how she has to remind us that her dick is non existent. Just in case anyone gets confused. #alwaysdtfready

  156. not2slobro

    this type behavior is classic of borderline personality disorder….a step away from being considered psychotic. Tiff Vine fits the description.