ZW Update: Tiffany Vine




The Cryptkeeper

Back in March, ZW Nation catfished confirmed prostitute Tiffany Vine on the notorious site known as Seeking Arrangement. We got her to agree to a date for cash and then show up at Denver restaurant Elway’s to meet this fictitious john. She even “checked in” and posted a selfie.

How do you top that? Well, in all fairness, you don’t. But you can certainly do it AGAIN.
With the help of Teef Task Force (TTF) members “Catherine” and “Unbelievable.” we discovered that Tiffany Vine is STILL trying to sell her rancid lady parts on Seeking Arrangement (Dog hair and Herpes included for no extra charge.) 
Last Active: July 31, 2017.
Knowing that Teef is a sucker for roided-out meatheads (ex: her futile pursuit of gay bodybuilder Dan in Las Vegas last month), the female-led Teef Task Force introduced “Nick” into Teef’s life.
A dinner date was agreed upon.
Teef shared her plans for August. 
Nick asks what he can get from a potential “arrangement” and in return gets a very convoluted response. She desires a “cut and dry” and “mutually beneficial” situation, but the sex can only come “organically.” So in other words, give me money and maybe I’ll fuck you if I feel like it? Whatta deal.
Nick doesn’t give up. So if we hit it off at dinner, you’ll spend the night? No, because according to Teef it’s not “transactional.” Yo — this is a hooker site. EVERYTHING is transactional.
How about $600, will that work?
Can anyone help me with what this ding-dong is asking for? It sounds like she wants your Benjamins with no commitment to sex but if she likes you she reserves the right to make it a real relationship.  FOH Teef — you’re just not hot enough to be this demanding.
The two parties moved on to a text message exchange but in the interest of Honest And Fair Reporting, we will tell you that Teef ultimately got cold feet. Apparently, our last catfish story had something to do with that. 
Denied her hooker funds, Teef starts trying to unload a bunch of junk on OfferUp. As one ZW commentator noted, this is shit you’re supposed to just throw in the dumpster or give away, not put up for sale.
Nice JizzCouch ™.
Like she told our Nick, she was moving and put out the call for help.
As usual, it didn’t go like she planned.
Teef, no one wants to help because no one really likes you. We don’t know how else to say it. Well, there’s one person that likes you, her #1 beta: Warner Smith III.
She even got him to buy her elliptical machine.
Warner, take it from us: you will never get anywhere with this chick. Show some backbone. You are so beta you make our TJ look like Chuck Norris. Teef acts like the whole ordeal was the equivalent to being in a POW camp.
The meltdown continues with her weekly “I can’t take it anymore” cry for attention.
We’ll conclude this installment with Teef leaving for her next adventure, a 12-day stint at a “go-go dancer” (read: sucking off old men) at One-Eyed Jack’s in Sturgis, South Dakota for the town’s world-famous biker rally. 
We’ve seen the other girls showing up at One-Eyed Jack’s and they’re quite young and pretty. Here at ZW Nation we’re skeptical that Grandma Teef and her lumpy body can make it through this without getting sent home early. The downward spiral continues.