TNN: All Vine. All The Time – CryptExpress Part 2

TNN Part 2

Alrighty. Time for a new thread dedicated to the internet’s biggest failure at instaho-life, Tiffany J Vine aka Teefs aka The Cryptkeeper.

Some people were having some issues commenting on the old thread while I was importing the 5000+ comments back into it, so let’s start another. 


The old thread can be found here: TNN Thread 1


If you feel the need to realise how wonderful your life really is and want to catch up on the life and times of the washed up Ho that is Teef – you can read past posts here:

CryptExpress Vault



  1. Tai

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get setup?

    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% sure. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. MalloryKnox666

    They are cute as hell! I feel so bad for them.

  3. MalloryKnox666

    Insert jokes about dog being sad because tiff goes thru a gallon of skippy a week!!
    <img src='https://s9.pixxxels.org/hlxd9qnez/Screenshot_2017-12-29-16-30-30.png&#039; border='0' alt='Screenshot_2017-12-29-16-30-30'/>

  4. Observer

    Oh QoT… No no no.. You can't use the Metallica photo of her.

    There needs to be a really ratchet one instead.

  5. ATopTeam

    I wish (seriously) she gets sober. Takes the pelt off her head and lets her real hair grow. Gains some healthy weight. Sees a therapist to work through some of her issues. But lets be honest none of that shit is happening

    • Tuco Pacifico

      Why should it? She has the undying atttention of multiple betas. When her habits use her up enough and the betas move on it will be too late. When reality bites her ass she'll be a bitter untoned whiskey voiced mess asking all who will listen "do you know who I am?". And everybody who ignores her act will be a "hater" while she continues putting inspirational memes on social media pretending she is THE shit, instead of shit.

    • TJ______

      She's perfect and there is something wrong with everyone she has a conflict with. Why should she change anything?

  6. MalloryKnox666

    How do we post pics again?

  7. Tuco Pacifico

    I can't believe how callously you all mock her looks, (big fake tittays) intelligence (5 languages and someday college grad international finance) and morals (certified Rolex stealing hooker). I hope in 2018 you all become less judgemental. Maybe her daddy didn't love her enough. Or maybe too much…

  8. "CJ"

    So I'm counting seven bags here. Since she falls into all 7 labels – let's play a game of "Which Bag Is Teef In?"

  9. Anyone got some suggestions for Teef as to what she needs to trash?
    <img src='https://s20.postimg.org/6kushfsq5/Screenshot_20171230-073631.jpg&#039; border='0' alt='Screenshot_20171230-073631'/>

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