ZW Update:

Toochi Kash


Coochi Rash

Look out lady-boys – Toochi Kash is coming to spread to her Coochi Rash.

Instagram’s Whore Queen brought along Brittany Sidener for her latest trip to Thailand.

Check out those regular tourists floating past these attention seeking morons, looking at their “flattering” poses in bewilderment.

I bet they spent more time looking into a camera lens than actually looking at the amazing beauty of Thailand.  In fact, these well known instahoes probably spent more time on their backs staring at a ceiling than they did staring at the gorgeous vistas on the islands.

Staring at a lens + staring at a ceiling wondering when it will be over = best Thai holiday yet! *eye roll* At least the instagram posts made it look like they enjoyed themselves – that’s the whole point of social media anyway, isn’t it?