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Toochi Kash Accused of Spreading STDs: ZW Wins Name Game

ZW Update: Toochi Kash


Coochi Rash

Ruh roh. Looks like Coochi Rash is getting called out for, well… her coochie rash!

HappyPants was on to this instaho from day one.




  1. “Friendly jab?” Lmao stop goosing me with your vibrator

  2. I wouldn’t know. I just don’t feel the need for a clit jackhammer in my life

  3. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    Devils Advocate here: As a man who is more turned on by a woman’s bare back than her bare front (yes you read that right) I think she looks great in this photo, I don’t even mind the tatt. HOWEVER, she’s a materialistic, avaricious, back stabbing whore that will carry a grudge and stop at nothing to get back at someone she feels has wronged her even if SHE’S in the wrong. No actual proof just an observation.
    Yes the sweet candy coating looks great but what’s on the inside is black, ugly and rotten to the core.

  4. Persephone

    That’s sad. And gross. And weird.

  5. Maia

    The child’s father should sue for false advertising. What you see won’t be what you get!

  6. Happy Pants

    I’m inclined to believe this woman has STDs.

    • TJ

      She looks virginal to me.

    • Spartacus

      I’m inclined to believe that her STD’s are now working in harmony with her body. Symbiotic relationship here…. If she medicates to remove them, she could die!

  7. El Hijo De Fistfight

    So bot followers comments are fucking weird.

  8. €r2

    She has porn with that jigolo guy. I think he is G4P too

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Ash whatever…yeah the thing about being a dude and escorting to make any real money you’re gonna end up gargling balls…

  9. Insp

    Have you seen Abigail Ratchet? She is on Face v4.0 and has permababboon lips.

  10. AmericanTopTeam

    Beautiful mustache

  11. Sweater Puppies

    Why are her legs always spread like that in photos? Airing out a yeast infection or what?

  12. OCgirl12

    Yikes lol. Manicure needed STAT.

  13. TJ

    To make herself less attractive. Many people think prostitutes really hate themselves.

  14. To suck more dicks, natch

  15. Lame Equis

    Oh geez… high school style gossip… show me some std tests or a legit source claiming to being infected and i would care. This is like me claiming i banged Scott disick and got gonorrea.

    • TJ

      Instagram is essentially an extension of high school for the popular kids and the ones who wanted to be popular.

    • Stelio Kontos

      True. Would it be so inconceivable to think this may be a slander campaign by the competition?

  16. Lame Equis

    She had surgery along with injections to make the lips pour like that

    • She needs to get some attention on them cuticles damn

      • Persephone

        Eww is that a broken acrylic??

        • It just looks like overgrown cuticle I’ve noticed the hoes who rely on slo mo porn gif shit are ignoring workaday shit I consider musts if you’re single looking to mingle – ii have lechter level skin for instance – like the bright shiny skin of a child…thats been my science experimenting experience…but nails separate the herd from the herd. Lol for months I snapped them off in my s sleep how wack is that? Now I grew my own nails do them every other myself

  17. Haze Bo'

    Probably adds value to rare card: ridiculously fake DSL’s = $100 more

    • TJ

      There were pictures of her having her butt cheeks injected on another post. She now qualifies to be on speed dial of the entire PCM.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        I’m not sure what they inject into butt cheeks but i know a couple of girls in Florida have died from horrible infections

  18. Digitus impudicus

    Oh, and “she” needs a better razor for that mustache.

  19. Digitus impudicus

    Because she is a retarded whore.

  20. TJ

    Some guys would consider catching an STD from a hottie like Toochi to be a badge of honor.

  21. Digitus impudicus

    Who knew there were so many dignified, educated and enlightened people on Instagram!

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