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Toochi Kash Adds Another Instaho To Her Stable

ZW Submission: ~Maia~

I’ve been following Leeka Merrick for, literally, years. She’s friends with every IG hoe we know. Suddenly, she went private. Now I know why. She’s being represented by none other than Madam Coochi Rash.

My, my, a birthday dinner bash with Leeka, ManhattanJewDoll – no offense to SmugJew, but what whore says “Shabbat Shalom”?, and Coochi Rash. 

Here they are!

Aren’t you looking forward to seeing Sarah Scheller deepthroating a lollipop? Me neither. Leeka Merrick is homely as fuck, by the way.


Coochi Rash is amassing a huge whorde. She will own ALL the instahoes soon. She’s like the Night King of Instagram. ~QoT~


  1. NurseJiggles

    Of course she did lol

  2. These hoes major in pre cum…loudly

  3. oneluv14

    Her pussy is soooo ugly. Lol

  4. Habib Fazil

    oops, how about “Wet Clean-up”

  5. Kuntinka Smirnoff

    I get your point totally! Just saying I’d rather be the coordinator of willing participants than spreading my legs myself. !

  6. NoMorePartiesInLA

    detroit is code for sucking a fat dudes dick for free

  7. Crazywhitegirl

    That fucking Kash would need a serious reality check with a IRS
    investigation for her pimping activities!
    stand that scum …just look at that butterface LOL
    Just look at that “playboy” pic literally LOOKS LIKE 2 DIFFERENTS PERSONS!!!
    I wish you finish locked up in jail for your activities thats all you merite you worthless scum!

    • Lilly

      Why do you hate her so?

    • Lame Equis

      Mmmm seems like some highly personal beef. I’ve met her personally and she is gorgeous in real life. Fake and plastic? Yes but that’s the current trend. She’s pretty and has a nice body that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I think you hate her cus you wish you were her.

      • Crazywhitegirl

        Bragging non stop online your lifestyle when all you do is HUMAN TRAFFICKING, sorry but for me the definition of such a person is : scum!
        And hells NO i would never wish to be that kind of person that exploit other human beings for money…exactly same for the whores that are exposed here for sucking old balls for money…

        • Winter Mountain

          It doesn’t matter how “gorgeous” she is in real life. She’s a vapid whore who traffics other whores. You don’t get any uglier than that.

        • oneluv14

          Natalia should be in prison. FBI/IRS needs to be contacted on her. OHHH wait she would suck off them to get out of trouble. Stupid whore.

        • Lame Equis

          But she doesn’t pimp them out…..

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            How is she connected to all the other ones?
            I feel like u have the key to understanding the network here

          • Lame Equis

            They work together to make those porn videos on lexotica. She’s also friends with several insta hoes just to post sexy pics for betas to see. It’s all for likes.

      • oneluv14

        Taking up for coochie rash??? How pathetic.

  8. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    and NUDITY…

  9. NurseJiggles

    Random but anyone know take-a-Leeka’s dress in the group pic? The mesh top, Peter pan collared thing

  10. meow

    Toochis porn is hot not gonna lie but wouldn’t touch her IRL

    • oneluv14

      She looks like boring lay. She doesn’t do shit. She just lays there and in doggy style she just props her fat ass up!! Lmao. Julia Woods makes better porn and her shit sucks.

  11. JimU113

    There’s an upside: Once they’re all in one place, someone can nuke the site from orbit.

    I’ll bring the s’mores.

  12. Kuntinka Smirnoff

    You know, I actually admire Toochi’s game. I’d rather be a madam than a prostitute.

  13. Dead Man's Dog

    Is GOT good? I’ve seriously never seen it

  14. TJ

    Leeka should have Kina in all her pictures because she looks cute by comparison.

    • Persephone

      Haaaaaaaa! No way. Pre-Med??!?? You have NO NO free time. Nada. Zip. No way Jose. Maybe pre-medical assistant.

    • Habib Fazil

      Well, at least she got the syringe correct…

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      The only part of that bio that’s the least bit honest is claiming Detroit because who the fuck would do that to sound glamorous.

    • Digitus impudicus

      “Model?” So wearing cheap slutclothes and posing for a horny guy with a smartphone makes you a “model?” Fucking delusional skank.

    • NurseJiggles

      That’s odd, no real estate agent?! I thought that was the whore job

  15. Maia

    Leeka is almost as homely as Mr. Haze. Another one of her bff’s is Kina. Wanna watch a horror shoe? Check out her hoe-in-training MySpace!!

  16. NoMorePartiesInLA

    i fucking cringe everytime i see the gimp…imagine ordering a high end escort and some xanaxed out annoying fucking bimbo with one leg longer then the other shows up fucked off her gord? I’d fucking demand a refund asap! and toochi cashs new name is gnarly rash after the kebab she sucked the hummus out of for $37 and a steak dinner at dubais latest trendy restaurant…..

  17. Mallory Knox

    Omg game of thrones is life. I’m dying for the new stranger things!!!!! The 28th

  18. Habib Fazil

    Naw, “Puddles”

  19. Habib Fazil

    Great name for a band too!

  20. Digitus impudicus

    I’m a proud Jew. Manhattan cuntwhore is a sore (pun intended) example.

  21. Mallory Knox

    Did Sara get a nose job? She is old for a hooker. Lmao

    • NoMorePartiesInLA

      with dem crooked legs gimping around manhattan trying to suckoff any asshole in a suit

  22. TJ

    Leeka is the cute girl next door who you dream about dating and marrying after college. Too bad she sold her soul for Kash.

  23. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    LOL, “The night King of InstaGram”.. Classic!

    • TJ

      The Queen of Tarts is the true a Instagram Royal because Zw nation turns “models” into stars. Toochi Kash had to settle for a lesser title.

  24. Stelio Kontos

    Leeka needs a nickname asap. She has herpes. That is not speculation, once you enter Toochi’s orbit you inherit the gift – it is airborne at this point.
    Gimp Doll? What can I say that hasn’t been said? The Leaning Tower of Whore didn’t bless us with one of her op angle pics to entertain the masses.

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