James T. Sharkey, Kina Tavary

The Trials And Tribulations of James T. Sharkey

The Trials And Tribulations of James T. Sharkey

Tomorrow is Shark Post Friday. Before we end Sharkey Week with a bang, I wanted to take tonight to share a special tribute to the Man, the Myth, the Legend:

James T. Sharkey


This video is dedicated to the legendary journey of everybody’s favorite #Mogul. Rock stars aspire to live the life that this guy does. Whether it’s the drugs, sex or #gainz there’s something undeniably profound about the Sharkster and his lifestyle.

I’d like to think that he’s just getting started:


  1. Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found
    a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put
    the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab
    inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

  2. Michael Girouard

    You know, I'very been over Saskatchewan many times but never actually touched the ground. And my truck balls are safely in my pants.

  3. Michael Girouard

    In Canada, even if you profile yourself, the pitchfork-welding masses will publicly shame you and try to get you fired from your job. We're a nation of obnoxious assholes. Well, there are some sensible exceptions who are not allowed to express themselves.

    • Persephone

      Sooo… I should not move to Canada? I live in one of the most liberal cities in the US and I have such a love hate relationship with it. We can profile ourselves, but you have to be good at talking out of both sides of your mouth. I won't, not my style.

      • Michael Girouard

        Move to Canada if you like, but if you are an independent thinker, you'll notice that in Canadian discourse, there is only one allowable side to any discussion, and it's not always true or rational. Or smart. I'm actually a member of several minorities myself, and I find the self-righteousness and smugness totally oppressive, and the geniuses here think they're saving me from oppression. But the country has lots going for it, especially Montreal, and the smaller Eastern provinces. I might lose my Alberta citizenship for that, but there you go.

        • Habib Fazil

          Flag on the play! Michael, please hand in your Alberta passport/citizenship/health care card as you drive east to Saskatchewan…

          And don’t forget to turn in your truck balls!

        • Снайпер

          My Canadian family members have been sounding increasingly brainwashed these days. Telling me they’ll disown/disinherit me if I vote for “that awful man Trump.” I don’t think they are aware that voting here in the US is a personal (and secret) matter; they can’t just go look up who I voted for on some database, thus making their threat of disownment/disinheritance unenforceable. And IDGAF if I inherit anything; no one has ever been able to use money to manipulate/control me, coerce me into doing (or not doing) anything. See: my parents, an ex-fiance, my ex-husband, some previous employers as examples of failed attempts of this.

          Hey, relatives from the #northside, if you’re reading this (doubtful), GTFO of my country’s politics and worry about your own PM.

  4. JimU113

    I know. We supposed to hit 100 this week. Take care, and send someone else out to do the outside stuff. 😉

  5. Habib Fazil

    merci, ayez un grand long week-end eh?

  6. JimU113

    Tiring Thank you. And yours?

    • Gadda Bait

      Very busy. I came close to heat stroke. My face is still red but I’m ok now. It’s too hot down south this time of year. July and August is stuff of nightmares.

  7. Sharkey's Walle

    Wonderful video.

  8. Habib Fazil

    Oh I like this one better, mind if I borrow 515zero when I post about that Cf?

  9. Habib Fazil

    Thanx, nice place you've got here…

  10. Снайпер

    That was beautiful.

  11. Gadda Bait

    Ugh. I bet they do.

  12. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I was cracking up. Did you see the guys that were trying to tell other guys how to pick up women?
    Beta's explaining how to be a man. You just can't make this shit up.

    • I was surprised at the appearance of the pick up artists. A guy in a top hat and goggles can’t tell anyone anything.
      And what was with the clips showing guys who can’t get girlfriends as if that is some sort of national tragedy. Some people are total losers and or total assholes and they will spend their lives alone. Having sex with a woman isn’t a human right, but the narrator acts like totally insensed that there are guys out there that aren’t getting any. And here’s a tip for guys that aren’t: go up to a woman that you like and start talking to her. Its seriously that simple. The video makes it seem like there is an extreme crisis in male/ female relationships and that women have gone crazy and taken over the world. It doesn’t exactly appear that way from here. The way it appears from here is that this guy hasn’t gotten laid in a long, long time, he doesn’t know how to fix that, and he’s projecting his bullshit all over every other guy in existence.

  13. Tuco Salamanca

    Hahahaha I know. I thought everyone would get a kick out of that.

  14. Kay More

    That video is great…the drama, the highs…the lows. The eyes. A modern opera in ill fiting denims like I wore in sixth grade. I actually laughed out loud

  15. miss piglet

    Those eyes…… Those bags……

  16. miss piglet

    I about pissed myself when I saw Sharkey's Wallet & Andrea's Bangs get some love.

    This made my day!!!! Have fun and be safe over the 4th!!

  17. I read that in his voice and your comment instantly became cool.

  18. That was so freakin funny!

  19. Mzzy Rivy

    No. The yellow suits him.

  20. MissPell

    In the last wedding photo his eyes say 'I think I'm making a really big mistake'.

  21. miss piglet

    Crack and Butt Plugs……
    Sharkey lives each day to the fullest. God bless that man!

  22. PSH! Gee kurtlyn, maybe you suck at picking quality women cause you're gay. And maybe women treat you like shit because you're a piece of human garbage. And maybe you should stop pausing every gd human interaction you have to pose for a picture and record a snapchat and tweet and instagram about it.
    I have yet to see any quality, non delusional guy blame his relationship failures on a derth of good women. There's lots of awesome women out there. I meet em every day. Sometimes I wish I was a guy (only for a second though, being a woman rules) cause there are so many smart, beautiful women around. When I see guys say stuff like that I'm like what do you only hang around the prostate store and the ball sack photo studio?! There's hot girls everywhere! I can't even fucking try on a bra without another hot woman in the changeroom asking if I need help to do it up! Kurt you must be spending too much time pole dancing and not enough time just looking around you at the women everywhere, like probably right in front of your fucking face. Jesus! All right I better go sit down I'm all angried up now.

  23. Excuse me i have something in my eye. *sniff*

  24. You should see the comments he left on his ex gfs page!! "I hope you die" and "you have no heart you slut" lol

  25. Gadda Bait

    Be honest- who else had to watch this more than once because they laughed so watching it the first time? Of free post Friday is anything like this we are in for one Hell of a ride today. Cheers ZW

  26. DirtyWhiteGirl

    He must like spending his summers in jail.

  27. Chill Chick

    #chanelbar If that was a real "Chanel bar" it would cost more than Shareys condo. #liar

  28. rainmn066

    I've watched it 20 times. I don't really know how to describe it. It's like riding a roller coaster around a really bad car accident over and over

  29. JimU113

    Thank you. I get the awesome from hanging around you.

    • Gadda Bait

      Lol could we get any more cheesy? Yeah come to think about it I bet we could. How was your day today? Good I hope.

  30. Digitus impudicus

    I'm sure the coroner will declare his anus is remarkable.

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Because when you rub it, it turns into a hefty bag!

  31. Digitus impudicus

    Uber creepy. ..that's my mom's name!

  32. Digitus impudicus

    So are you! Hope you are very well.

  33. Seriously

    Lol last I saw he was throwing post after post about that shit like he was on to some career changing news. How did it end

  34. DirtyGMa

    OMG.. these weeping sad sacks need to get the sand out of their clits or turn in their man cards forever… gag

  35. not2slobro

    smoking crack and using a butt plug…..George Carlin would've made a comedic genius remark of it, had he heard that…RIP, George.

  36. Gadda Bait

    It's still up

  37. Gadda Bait


  38. Gadda Bait

    Lol you took something so gross and made it sound not so gross. That's the only time being PC on ZW is accepted. Your awesome Luxe.

  39. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    My God! that picture with the white parents and the black baby (The mom had a bruised eye) literally had me in tears. I just sent that out in a mass group text with 11 people in the convo. seriously, that’s the most fucking hilarious picture i’ve ever seen. Tanks ZW, that was fooking GOLD!

  40. AmericanTopTeam

    So…after 3months I couldn't sleep and went to the dirty…. how depressing…. post after post after post with 1 comment or 2 comments… it's painfully obvious TJ is an employee that originally was used to shock/outrage… the advertisers are now beyond bottom of the barrel the shittiest clubs pick any item enter it in rip off report…. the whole situation reeks of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned. I used to think…. you could fix it if you just did —– I honestly think at this point it's over. Kind of a bummer

    • Gadda Bait

      I’ve been over there the past couple of days and there is only like 2 people that I recognize well t.j. doesn’t count. Does anyone listen to his podcast?

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Never even considered listening to his podcast the way the reviewers tore it apart I said, .Nah!

        • Gadda Bait

          He must be having a midlife meltdown. He doesn’t have anyone interesting at all anymore. He’s lost it and I think he will recover. But it’s his own fault though.

      • Penza

        Even though Mama June, and the rodent that is Hoorman, have remarkable chemistry, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

        • Gadda Bait

          That family is not rednecks. We do not claim that family and we will never accept them. They are a complete embarrassment. Please do not think we are all like this bunch. I have never watched anything that involves this bunch nor will I ever. Anyone who let’s their child act they way that kid acts on there needs to have their kid taken away.

      • Mzzy Rivy

        The dirty is plain simple boring.

        • MissPell

          The new way the TD site is set up is really annoying for quick scrolling. So now I usually just check it through Disqus.

          • Mzzy Rivy

            Me too. But the dirt is so boring and the OP comments are broken records. They copy the ZW Sharkey dirt. I co
            E o. Here now because the comments are hilarious

          • MissPell

            Yeah I think so too. Comments here are great.

  41. Maia

    I'm trying not to wake up the house by laughing my ass off!!! Great video and comments!

    • Gadda Bait

      Good luck with that. I almost pissed myself and almost fell off the bed. When it showed the shoes then the jail picture then later the map and back to the jail pic yeah I couldn’t stop laughing and the kids blew in my face so I would catch my breath. I watched it more than once to catch the parts I laughed so hard over.

      • Maia

        The way Ro kept panning back to his wedding eyes had me dying!

        • Gadda Bait

          The whole thing was great. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. I loved the jail scenes.

  42. bluemagic

    I shed a tear to the green day segment of the video 🙁

    LOL…OK…I lied, but very well done. And “Whether it’s the drugs, sex or #gainz” was excellent too!

  43. Darlene Conner

    The whole thing is just…glorious!

  44. Dead Man's Dog

    Except Sharkeys back will be covered in “Andreas”

    • MissPell

      That’s a lot of Brendas. Is that what his fellow inmates call him. ha

    • bluemagic

      please lord, oh please lord tell me that is fake.

  45. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Jesus H Christ, if anyone wants another good laugh, check out this FB rant on BBB’s timeline. I’m not referring to the Better Business Bureau either.

    BBB = BETA BOTTOM BITCH (aka Kurtlynn, aka Twink182). There’s 45+ comments on his tear-jerking post. Most girls are telling him the same thing, but just like #Moguladouche, he’s living in his own fantasy world!

    What’s the matter Kurt, I thought it was: “Catch flights, not feelings..”

    • Dawn D Davenport

      “Like they used to”. The closest Kurtlynn ever came to a woman is when he flid out of the grand canyon and wound up nestled next to Brownsville station

  46. MissPell


  47. Persephone

    My gif won't post dammit
    Sammi help

  48. MissPell

    The Video was REALLY good (I watched it twice). Skarkeys life story in less then 4 minutes. Will definitely recommend this post. Bravo Rogaine!

  49. Persephone

    Lmao!! "Ya know the kind that look like me.."

  50. Dawn D Davenport

    I’m verklempt.

  51. Dawn D Davenport

    Cellean! Nik needs some,!

  52. Dawn D Davenport

    But all the gays want to live in Miami despite this

    #omg can't stand this bipolar nutjob

  53. Gadda Bait

    Fuck you Ro I almost pissed myself laughing so hard.

    • I got you covered:

      • Gadda Bait

        Lol. Uh nope just more hard laughing. I gotta go take a bath and change clothes now.

      • Voody

        That is fucking awesome!

        • MissPell

          I bet it wiggles like crazy when the kid walks. lol

          • Dawn D Davenport

            Omg I thought that was attached to a shaved ballsack (frantically searches for glasses and eyebleach)

          • MissPell

            LMAO. omg I almost fell off my chair.

          • Dawn D Davenport

            Once you see it….

          • Well the fin-derwear does have that same, ostrich skin like look that we’ve all come to know and love in a ball sack

      • Persephone

        Wtf. That’s hilarious. That makes me want to have another kid JUST to find one of those and make baby wear it.

        • MissPell

          Maybe they come in adult sizes then you won’t have to have another kid to find out. lol

      • Gadda Bait

        Send me some and I will really wear em.

  54. Gadda Bait

    I loved that show. One of the best ever

  55. Tuco Salamanca

    What a CLASSIC video.

  56. Whitney BeatMe

    I love the wedding pic. The whole face shot then just the eyes. That is the best example of deer caught in headlights ever. And the shit tickets made me lol too. Great work.

    • Tuco Salamanca

      He looks like he was coming down from a 5 day meth binge.

      • Persephone

        Not even coming down! He was still flyin at the wedding! Sheesh! His eyes look scary as hell- borderline demonic!

    • My favorite moment was the bathingsuit pics where Sharkey is doing his best Alfred e Neuman impression and Andreas face is like “wtf? Don’t do that!”
      It also brought a tear to my eye to see a young, muscled, hair oiled, and skin smooth Sharkey, and the blonde p4p’s he dated, morf into the bloated, craggly, bitch titted mess we know and love today.

  57. Hahahahahaha that’s a wonderful video! Fucking awesome Ro!!!

    Can’t forget Pat G’s comment about Sharkey stealing his toaster….


    • Sir TTP

      Rogaine breaks the internet.

      • In other news, it was just announced that Miami is the worst city in the United States to live in. Detroit came in at #2 on that list.


        • Whitney BeatMe

          I survived Detroit. Miami is next.

          • Sir TTP

            You will be fine in the MIA Whit. You've got friends there.

        • Sir TTP

          Actually, they just revised it. Detroit figured out Cousin Fucker actually lived there and did the right thing – accepted the #1 spot.


    • Sammi Jo

      That is friggin’ hillarious! The butt plug, the toaster, and the halitosis! AHH

    • Digitus impudicus

      He does have buttplugophilia face!

    • countryjew

      I love the notion of leaving the house with a butt plug.

      So he’s at home ready to go the party patting his pockets like “okay… keys, wallet, butt plug, phone, drugs — let’s do this!”

  58. AmericanTopTeam

    Hangover pills anyone?? Hahahahaha

    • MissPell

      No thanks I don’t need any hangover pills…the alcohol does that just fine. ha

  59. FM Attack

    Good thing he’s single otherwise there’d be a shark attack in Las Vegas tonight.

  60. Fidel Cashflow

    It was much to do about nothing.

  61. Sir TTP

    Rogaine – that was a most excellent video montage you put together. Just pummeling any bullshit posts Hooman has attempted in terms of creativity over the years – including that softball idiotic Pod interview garbage. Sharkey Week blowing it out of the water while Nik and Scooby manscape each other and then lube up for a couples massage. A big bravo to you my man. All the real dirt from this week has been stellar.

    • The Real Jeffrey Leb

      Mama June interview….enough said……

      • Donald Trump employed a minor that exposed her nipples. Nik Richie employs somebody that exposed a minor's nipples.


        • Andrea's Bangs

          How sad was that though? Three stories of nothing, they were pushing it so hard and it got maybe 4 comments.

    • I’m just regurgitating the hilarious (un)intelligence gathering that the ZW Nation and former DA has collected over the years. Much appreciated, TTP. The people love Sharkey and I’m a man of the people. I just wish I had more inspirational Sharkey memes to share with you all.


      I give Nik Richie permission to use this video. He pretty much has to after that Trump Vodka debacle. That was embarrassing.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        lol,, sharkey seems more like a ‘every rose has it’s thorn’ type of guy….
        nice ro.. +10

    • Fidel Cashflow

      OMG – I just pulled a stomach muscle laughing at that amazing video. The posts he is pumping out lately are just too insane. I suspect he’s lost his ever loving mind and is living off Section 8. Claims he just made a million and working on another and his fake Louis Vuitton bar etc. The guy is insane. God bless him. I ‘m a HUGE Shark-Tales fan!!

  62. Donnie Darko

    Awesome, he has to see this, especially with all the work put in to making it. Third pic, Kina’s face looks straight up like this.

  63. The Real Jeffrey Leb

    Or my favorite, "Hello. This is Chuk- Chuk. For the price of a cup of coffee you can feed Chuk-Chuk and his family for a day. Call now and help feed this family. Your donation will ensure he has regular bowel movements. Fly soup only goes so far. And no worries Miss Struthers has retired."

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Upvoted because I feel bad for laughing like a fucking hyena about Chuk Chuk hahahahaha

  64. The Real Jeffrey Leb

    I have nipples Greg……Would you like to milk me?

  65. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    like Ashley Alexiss' azz

  66. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    , 'I'm a man of no convictions'

  67. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    what we are missing here,, is some 'crazy eye'

  68. nancy drew

    As if I needed anymore affirmation that I somehow have a normal life living in Las Vegas…seeing this video just, once again, affirms that. Sharkey- you are my favorite epic fail and you constantly teach me "what not to do" and for that, sir, I thank you.

  69. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    $$ says he's calling Kurt for a bump.

  70. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I'm confused. They say the average income is only 31K. In their next breath, they bust a couple with 24 MILLION dollars hidden in Home Depot buckets. The buckets were stashed in their walls.

    • Miami-Dade has sprawling ghettos.

    • Habib Fazil

      well obviously they aren't in tune with wealth redistribution…

    • Badbret 2.0

      At first I thought you meant 24 million dollars of buckets and was thinking how the fuck big is their house. I guess that means it’s time to go to sleep.

      • Gadda Bait

        Lol, yeah I think it's nap time for you. Don't worry most of us need a good nap from time to time as well.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        I edited my my comment. Now whether tired or drunk it should make sense.

    • Michael Girouard

      I think they mean the average declared income. Every rich person knows the difference.

  71. Dr.Christian Troy

    So many great moments but I have two things
    1. The toilet paper was a laugh out loud moment
    2. His face never looked scarier than that wedding photo.

  72. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Do you need to own a house?

    • The Real Jeffrey Leb

      This is my partner Henry Winkler. He said to tell you,"aaaaaaaaaaeeeeee"

    • Dawn D Davenport

      I am a prince in Nigeria

  73. MissPell

    Then wouldn't that make him a man of the old times. haha

  74. The Beav

    I learned something today…never get married while on a meth bender.

  75. Sammi Jo

    LMFAO!! I just saw the "Trump Vodka debacle" *CRICKETS*

  76. JimU113

    He is a man of many indictments, but no convictions.

  77. Zombie Cyrus

    What happened during that debacle? I stopped going to that website after his lawyer started making threats

    • He re-posted a bunch of stories from 8 years ago involving Donald Trump in an attempt to catch a headline.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        Because Dik’s a man of the times…….
        I’m sure he’s trolling through some old Scottsdale backpage right now looking for his next target. (maybe Criagslist)

  78. MissPell

    It wasn't just her shoes, he also wrecked other stuff in the house.

  79. Andrea's Bangs

    A good toaster is hard to find. I'd be pissed, too.

    • Michael Girouard

      I’ve lost two good toasters in my life. I just can’t even go through the that again.

  80. Persephone

    Fantastic. I LOVE the pic where they are getting married- he looks so F'd up!! Those eyes!!!

  81. Tuco Salamanca

    Trump vodka debacle? Damn I miss everything.

  82. Habib Fazil

    Man, I need a new keyboard, Dr Pepper and electronics don't get along to well…

    Only things missing is the sharkmobile 1 with the 399.00 paint job sign and the sharkmobile 3

  83. Sweater Puppies


    • Persephone

      It’s too much. I sound like Selma from the Simpsons by the time I’m done reading

  84. Tuco Salamanca

    Dude I stayed in this shitty hotel in Miami with my then gf and there was a huge fight right in the room next to us. Earlier That day, we had seen these really scary Mexican dudes walking around…Ya know, the kind who look like me? Later we saw that they were staying right next to us. Anyway this fight happened at around 4 in the morning and I heard a couple punches and a lot of yellin goin on and I kept thinking that the next thing to happen is a gun goin off and the bullet going right through the wall to my room. Fortunately it didn't happen but listening to those dudes fighting was very entertaining. The hotel was such a piece of shit but the room was really cold which was nice. I think it was called starlight hotel….in south beach. I recommend going there If you want to hear a good fist fight, don't mind having a really cold but semi-dirty room with no coffee maker, like to be able to walk right across the street to the beach and want to save some cash.

  85. Dr. Leo Spaceman


  86. rainmn066

    Someone send it to him

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Oh please, if you were openly mocked on social media you’d have slid the bar to “private” a LONG time ago. Sharkey is watching this shit on repeat already. When he dies, he’s gonna be watching it and gasp “rosebud”.

      His anus, not a sled, FYI

  87. Andrea's Bangs

    That video was a cinematic masterpiece! Loved my cameo! The zooming in on his eyes was brilliant.

    • Andrea should have you insured by Lloyd's of London.

      • Andrea's Bangs

        Hmm, I have a feeling I would mysteriously disappear if I were insured. #mogul

        • GreatSpunk

          Buy a newly reposed truck in 60-70 days from today with a #sick sound system and diesel
          performance #chip reprogram

  88. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Dik Itchy still on that TMZ Jr. trip. Did he forget about that failure called Tabrag.com?

  89. Vanilla ice

    That was awesome!!!!

  90. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    I wonder if those same subs can be found on the lot over at Cartwright Motors?

  91. Sir TTP

    Finding there is more room under rock bottom.

  92. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Either way, I got him the baby shower gift he's been dying for

    • Sir TTP

      What did you get Bev? Her laundry list of baby shit remains woefully unfulfilled.

      • Mixx_TheFinalCut

        a little something-something

      • Tuco Salamanca

        Dude who bought all of the stuff from her registry and sold it? Did that really happen? Never got the story on that.

        • Maia

          Some guy really did that. He posted everything he purchased, including the receipt, and then donated the stuff to charity. He had a serious grudge.

          • Tuco Salamanca

            That is hilarious. Wonder if it was someone on here who comments. Lol!

          • Maia

            Nope! He said something like remember me and she put his ass on blast. He had the last laugh.

      • Dawn D Davenport

        I sent her some tampax pearls and put your name on the card, ttp. Oh, and a gift card for a free abortion at “definition of stupid birth control clinic” in pahrump

        + she posted a pic of our shower gift the other day. I’m still waiting for a thank you card tho.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      A toaster?

      • Mixx_TheFinalCut

        He’s been fiending for this shirt, but since the baby won’t be his, I got him one that’s more ‘his style’

        He might need a new butt plug too. Where’s Kurtlynn at? He definitely knows where to find the best deals on that!

  93. Whitney BeatMe

    Damn right!!!

  94. The Real Jeffrey Leb

    Hey…Hey…Hey….Leave pool boy from Cabana Chat out of this…….

  95. Sir TTP

    Yea, that eight year old Trump thing sorta backfired. Like a nuclear disaster. The best was "I reached out to Don's PR team." LOLOL – seriously?

    • Or eating a sixteen year old's taco.

      Sixteen year old taco.*

      • Sir TTP

        There is a new entry in the slang dictionary – Gingrapedo. It's like a super duper child molester. Beyond ultra. Beyond uber. It's Gingra!

      • The Real Jeffrey Lebowski

        Alright Alright Alright…..I like sixteen year old’s taco’s.(David Wooderson voice from Dazed and Confused)

        • Matthew McConaughey made it sound cool. He could make a root canal sound cool.

          Ken Burns should hire him to dub his Civil War documentary.

          • Persephone

            That’s the most excellent idea I have heard in awhile. They need to have him record stories to sell on iTunes. His voice would put me to sleep in seconds.

          • I beg to differ on the cool part. That character, and Matthew mcConaghey (emphasis on ghey) are both so uncool that a tear in the space time continuum opened up and the only way to close it and save the word was to plaster some thick hair across it, and that’s why wooderson had that stupid mustache.
            So uncool that this comment doesent even need to make sense.

  96. Sir TTP

    Oh no you didn't.

  97. The Real Jeffrey Leb

    In that one pic where she is looking at him sideways. I believe she is hearing Jimi Hendrix singing, " Excuse me why did you kiss that guy?"…..

  98. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    So wait, is Sharkey really divorced, or is Andrea on another 30 day Hawaiian vacation?

    • According to Sharkey's Facebook, they've been married and divorced twice now. Third time's a charm perhaps?

  99. OCgirl12

    Sharkey Week – Rogaine is slaying the game motherfuckers.

  100. Darlene Conner

    Oh my god. Oh my god. That was so beautiful. Thank you. It brought a tear to my eye. LOL Gotta love the sad sap greenday song.

  101. rainmn066

    Definitely has some sort of personality disorder. Pure comedy!!!

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