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Tricia Evans Takes Hypocrisy To A New Level

ZW Update

Tricia Evans aka Dead Tooth aka Beverly Hillbilly

It has been quite a while since this clown-haired idiot has had a good roasting ZW. For good reason too. Tricia got boring as all hell once she popped out the spawn and her socials were an endless stream of barely cute baby pictures assaulted by cringe-y snap chat filters. She seemed to be enjoying a normal, narcissistic, stereotypical, facebook loving, housewife life (if you exclude the actual housework duties because, lets face it, Dead Tooth don’t clean, I’m almost certain the cats already moved out of their own accord and Nate kicked up the xanny habit so he doesn’t notice).

tricia evans 2

She already flipped on her military stance in a recent Twitter post, but after this latest tirade, all signs point to Dead Tooth sitting at home on her cat piss stained couch with her Hello Kitty phone, attempting to rustle up some more e-fame so she can feel better about her meagre existence.

Snapchat filters and pets that need homes just weren’t getting Tricia the attention she craves. The military loving post for Veterans Day fell flat. She needed to take action.

Those of you who know this wannabe Playmate well, will remember how much she LOVES getting hate. The whole Batman/Deadmau5 thing was all for attention, just like the “I hate America” rants. She spent hours on Disqus soaking up the abuse that was flung at her.

So what’s her newest topic to spew hypocritical statements about and hopefully gain some media attention for?


Take a look at the vile shit she spits at a Twitter user for suggesting they have control over their own uterus:



If I remember correctly, not very long ago Dead Tooth was PRO-CHOICE. And quite fucking loud about it too. Now she’s fired up and abusing people on social media who dare state their position to be exactly that. Did she think people wouldn’t notice her complete 180 on a pretty well covered, controversial topic?


 Let’s go ask the internet what Tricia the ex-jack shack worker’s stance on Abortion used to be.

👸 Interwebz, yo, what you think?

🌐 Oh, I totes remember that loudmouthed bitch. Lemme just grab some screenies for ya.


Well, Well, Well.

It’s true. The internet never forgets. 


“I’m pro-choice & proud of it!”@MissTriciaEvans

“MY BODY/MY CHOICE”@MissTriciaEvans

“..and that’s why I’m glad women have the right to decide if they want to give birth or not,  and idiots like you have no say in it. “@MissTriciaEvans


Really, Tricia? Who’s the idiot now?

But, wait. There’s more.

“I just don’t believe that abortions should be outlawed.”@MissTriciaEvans

“…Don’t try to act like you do, or like you know why I feel the way I do about issues,”@MissTriciaEvans

Tricia, I don’t think even YOU know how you feel about issues.


Tricia won’t respond to questions on this topic, but she did send us a signed copy of her favorite pic from when she was “Playboy Famous”.


tricia evans gifts model





  1. @MissTriciaEvans

    Yeah abortion is wrong you sick, confused idiots. So is gay sex and marriage. It’s an abomination unto the Lord. It’s not too late to repent and be saved.

  2. Penza

    Me, three!

  3. Digitus impudicus

    You all three awesome ladies are southpaws! That’s great.

  4. Persephone

    She will have finally chosen sides when her daughter gets pregnant by Mexican guy in the army

  5. Dead Man's Dog

    Nate in three years:

    (Yes I’m shooting for top comment with this chubby gem)

  6. Lame Equis

    Karo I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… ever seen those roast beef pussies?

  7. jujubeans

    She’s a triple threat: dumber than a box of rocks, loud and opinionated, and has a way to get online. Always the combo of winners, every time.

  8. Happy Pants

    Why is the skin so loose on her snatch? Wtf?

  9. Andrea

    I’m still extremely bitter that Tricia drugged my James and forced him to have sex with her. These comments happened before she was even pregnant, about 18 months ago… she is now a loving mother and should be left alone.

    • Talk shit on social media, get shit from us…if she’s a mom, she can go milk herself and stfu

      • Sir TTP

        I think Andrea lost the plot. The comments included in the submission above reflect her views before spitting out Travelodge and again only a few days ago. Diametrically opposing one another, hence the crux of the submission in the first place. Put down the pipe Bangs.

  10. €r2

    I still remember to have been insulted on the other side by some of you because i posted this shitface. I hope you are regretful!

    • I personally am a huggggee shit talking hypocrite…I say I won’t talk shit this or that pathetic asshole…annnnddd they do or say something retarded and all my lofty intentions shit the bed.

  11. Digitus impudicus

    Doing good, thanks!

  12. o3mta3o

    Trasha is just salty that her life is ruined and other people’s isn’t.

  13. Lame Equis

    I feel bad for Tricia. She was never an ugly girl. She never made it as a stripper or even as a hooker and that says something about her personality. She must be one of those psycho girls who can’t maintain clientele or make money because her true self shines through. She also doesn’t seem street smart enough for the industry. Most women who get into that industry in the first place are pretty and dumb but they are smart enough to con men out of their cash. She could’ve been a chewy but instead, she’s a dead tooth.

  14. Maia

    Seriously, I’d give my left arm and I’m left handed, to punch this ho dead in the face.

  15. junk was grabbed. LOLOLOL

  16. lmao that last pic didnt load on my phone…here I am on my laptop and see this floppy vaginal madness!!!!

  17. Digitus impudicus

    You are The Gif Goddess!

  18. Whitney BeatMe

    Her vagine looks like stretch armstrong. That is the longest stench trench I’ve ever seen. Bev has always been a flip flopping, liar face with no real personality except ignorant angry. She has no real opinions of her own and just regurgitates whatever will annoy others so someone is paying attention to her. Only way her inbox fills up. Ha that’s a double entendre.

  19. Sir TTP

    James Sharkey a is certifiable, world-class fuckup. That is an indisputable fact. If they handed out medals for fuckupiness he’d look like Liberace in his prime. But without a doubt, the one undeniably intelligent thing Sharkey ever did was just after his failed date with Tricia Evans. More gracefully reenacted here in a much nicer car than Dead Tooth was driving at the time.

  20. Fuck you vagina authority. She totally is tired of snapchatting and putting hoe filters on baby Travelodge

  21. Penza

    That pic: Hideous, with a side of moldy roast beef.

  22. countryjew

    She is really the single biggest piece of shit to ever be posted on here. Let’s just be happy a cataclysmic black hole did not form when she got together with Sharkey.

    I envisioned something like:

    • Sir TTP

      There is more to life than binge-watching Netflix while hotboxing in a Hello Kitty onesie, attempting to bait actual celebrities on Twitter with insane rants, and yelling at your baby for the six-month old’s inability to stand up and walk to the toilet by herself – all to kill time while waiting for your beta to bring home lukewarm scraps from the Burger King Dollar Menu, but don’t tell Tricia that.

      She might actually be one of the few people I’d shoot in the leg on site that is more fun fully functioning than grievously wounded. Every time someone posts her, I realize that I’m actually not insane, and my life doesn’t actually suck as much as it could.

    • Ms Conduct

      +1 Ghostbusters reference.

      • Pam

        I bet he was watching amc today. I watched Ghostbusters 1&2 today. Hate the commercials though

    • Punky B.

      Love how she tries to front on the gram that she loves her life soo much & is soo happy knowing she is a miserable insecure piece of trash. Who else would continuously talk outta their ass just to get people to talk to her? That’s a sad sack of chit, I bet even the skeleton & owl took off on her. I feel so bad for that poor baby having to grow up around that.

  23. Sir TTP

    I haven’t tracked her social media lately – is she still posting her uber-inspirations memes?


  24. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

    In regards to that picture, I want to say only one thing to Trcia: “Close your legs, your breath stinks!”

  25. Sir TTP

    I sent this to Dead Tooth to celebrate her new Section 8 hovel after the courts kicked her out of her old one.

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