ZW Update

Tricia Evans aka Dead Tooth aka Beverly Hillbilly

It has been quite a while since this clown-haired idiot has had a good roasting ZW. For good reason too. Tricia got boring as all hell once she popped out the spawn and her socials were an endless stream of barely cute baby pictures assaulted by cringe-y snap chat filters. She seemed to be enjoying a normal, narcissistic, stereotypical, facebook loving, housewife life (if you exclude the actual housework duties because, lets face it, Dead Tooth don’t clean, I’m almost certain the cats already moved out of their own accord and Nate kicked up the xanny habit so he doesn’t notice).

tricia evans 2

She already flipped on her military stance in a recent Twitter post, but after this latest tirade, all signs point to Dead Tooth sitting at home on her cat piss stained couch with her Hello Kitty phone, attempting to rustle up some more e-fame so she can feel better about her meagre existence.

Snapchat filters and pets that need homes just weren’t getting Tricia the attention she craves. The military loving post for Veterans Day fell flat. She needed to take action.

Those of you who know this wannabe Playmate well, will remember how much she LOVES getting hate. The whole Batman/Deadmau5 thing was all for attention, just like the “I hate America” rants. She spent hours on Disqus soaking up the abuse that was flung at her.

So what’s her newest topic to spew hypocritical statements about and hopefully gain some media attention for?


Take a look at the vile shit she spits at a Twitter user for suggesting they have control over their own uterus:



If I remember correctly, not very long ago Dead Tooth was PRO-CHOICE. And quite fucking loud about it too. Now she’s fired up and abusing people on social media who dare state their position to be exactly that. Did she think people wouldn’t notice her complete 180 on a pretty well covered, controversial topic?


 Let’s go ask the internet what Tricia the ex-jack shack worker’s stance on Abortion used to be.

👸 Interwebz, yo, what you think?

🌐 Oh, I totes remember that loudmouthed bitch. Lemme just grab some screenies for ya.


Well, Well, Well.

It’s true. The internet never forgets. 


“I’m pro-choice & proud of it!”@MissTriciaEvans

“MY BODY/MY CHOICE”@MissTriciaEvans

“..and that’s why I’m glad women have the right to decide if they want to give birth or not,  and idiots like you have no say in it. “@MissTriciaEvans


Really, Tricia? Who’s the idiot now?

But, wait. There’s more.

“I just don’t believe that abortions should be outlawed.”@MissTriciaEvans

“…Don’t try to act like you do, or like you know why I feel the way I do about issues,”@MissTriciaEvans

Tricia, I don’t think even YOU know how you feel about issues.


Tricia won’t respond to questions on this topic, but she did send us a signed copy of her favorite pic from when she was “Playboy Famous”.


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