ZW Update: Kurt Benz aka Twink182

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Poor Kurt just can’t catch a break. He can’t keep a girlfriend because of his closeted homosexuality. His efforts to get his mug on TV with NestSeekers are failing miserably despite his online following. He still hasn’t sold a property in Beverly Hills. Aaaaand he wasn’t invited to the NestSeekers party for NS #family only.

Here’s a group shot of the attendees from NestSeekers Beverly Hills Team:

Nope. No Kurt. Ouch. 

What was Twink182 up to instead? Hanging out at Calabassas Laser Away Clinic instead. Literal Ouch.

Why is poor Kurt STILL not able to get in with the NestSeekers crowd? Is it because of his gay-as-fuck Agent Profile pic? I’m sure it has the team sniggering.


Orrrr maybe it’s because there are still pics like THIS floating around the web…

Yeah. Million Dollar Listing doesn’t need THAT kinda “it was just a phase” publicity. Now, looking at these photos…sure, he got an insta-makeover and we know he got a new oversized grill, but did Kurtlynn get a nose job? That thing was huge.