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Update: There’s A Shark On The Loose


[Donnie Darko]

Oh no you didn’t Gupster.  Actually, yep, you did.  It looks like #Moguladouche in now officially on the lam.  Sharkey skipped town today, completely ignoring a court-mandated order to appear, fleeing to San Diego and then Mexico.  Today was actually supposed to be his second court appearance this week after he hired that ambulance chasing attorney for the wrong case on his battery charge.



Those pesky court orders wouldn’t stop the Shark though…


Down to San Diego…


And then crossing the border…is that shit even legal with a bench warrant?


When does it end?  And how?  I’m giving good odds on a classic made-for-local-news high speed freeway chase in either Cali or Nevada.

Shout out to Donnie and Mixx for the intel.  I was in LA at San Francisco Saloon near the 405 and Pico Blvd. watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals.  Pretty sure Hooman brought over my chicken wings. Anyhoo – The Juice was on the loose doing the slow roll up the freeway with Al Cowlings behind the wheel of that Bronco.  I can totally see the gupster pulling this move, and I’ll be the first one running toward the on-ramp to the freeway with a “Save Sharkey” sign.~SirTTP~


  1. Scorpio

    Yup. That is a good example.

  2. Scorpio

    Children who grow up in chaotic homes often become adults who deliberately, though typically unconsciously, create chaos in their lives, because that is what feels normal to them. I do not know anything about this man’s childhood, but I have a few guesses. This therapy session has been brought to you by: Boner pills!

  3. Scorpio

    Exactly. What he should do is go in and take care of it. There would be no further trouble if he simply went into court, apologized to the judge, and paid the fine.

  4. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    poor sharkey, have a nice stay

  5. Luke Duke

    Yes by posting on social media for sure. If the judge finds out he won’t be happy.

  6. Luke Duke

    lol bruh bruh

  7. Luke Duke

    None! Not me or any guy I know.

  8. Luke Duke

    Then they will keep resetting it for a few months to fuck with him.

  9. Luke Duke

    His fight or flight response kicked in and he was gone!

  10. Scorpio

    It’s just a bench warrant. They don’t go looking for you, but if they pick you up for something else, they will drag you into court.

  11. Pam

    The second pic is actually more flattering than his usual pics

  12. The Beav

    His new crew the "Psycho Sports Cartel" (I seriously LAUGH every time I think of it) will save him! WTF?!? Is that supposed to be? Sounds like something tween boys would think up while they ride bikes. Its so amazingly stupid and funny!

  13. cray slays

    5 bucks says those beats don’t even work.

  14. Sammi Jo


  15. countryjew

    I apologize, I was wrong about this.

  16. countryjew

    Sorry, I was wrong about this.

  17. countryjew

    Oops, I was wrong about this.

  18. Whitney BeatMe

    Sharkey, international criminal. Check the tunnel that el chapo escaped from.

  19. Penza

    He’s a putz. That’s why he’s got “fail” after his name… he earned it.

  20. JimU113

    Perhaps Guppey will learn about the Thug Kitchen diet while in the slammer.



    LMFAO. dont say this shit when im high

  22. miss piglet

    Fuckin' Greg Brady

  23. miss piglet


    That made me laugh hard:)

  24. miss piglet

    "Recognize a real Don when you see one. Sippin on booze in the House of Blues"

    Hell No………….

    • Luke Duke

      Back to Cali, strictly for the weather
      Women and the weed, sticky green
      No seeds bitch please, Poppa ain’t soft dead up in the hood ain’t no love lost

  25. miss piglet

    Ahhh, I can see a boobie, lol

  26. Unityyy

    He skips town to hang out in Mission Beach when he's supposed to be in court and he's going to ask for custody? Yep. That's going to happen. How does this guy tie his own shoes? Seriously. The stoopid is just overwhelming.

  27. Blocked me too.

  28. Crabby

    He blocked me.

  29. Penza

    The cops figure next time they catch him doing something wrong, he's got an outstanding warrant or two, and they can just haul his sorry ass in. He's an unwanted fugitive.

  30. o3mta3o

    That mission beach picture… Did he walk up to a group of kids and ask to take a pic with them or does he actually hang out with people 20 years his juniors?
    He looks like the creepy uncle sitting at the kids table.

  31. Dawn D Davenport

    He gets up every morning and chooses his wardrobe. As he stands on his tasteful imported rug aftr arising from his replica of Lucretia borgias dog house. He runs his stubby freckly fingers over the treasures in his jewelry box, a shoebox covered with Robin egg blue paper and the word "Tifany" carefully printed on the front, and he rejected the red rocket Italian horn, the baller medallions on Mardi gras beads, the mod podge paper clip chain, and chose the Greg Brady. Lmao

  32. JimU113

    Yep. Just fleeing the county would be one.

  33. JimU113

    Yep, assuming Sharkey's Machine Mk II isn't wrecked in the moderate speed chase first.

  34. What kind of man uses the #nofilter hashtag? Like, yeah Sharkey, no one is looking at you thinking there is no way someone can look that good without having to use a filter. We hope there is no filter, cause of you look like that WITH a filter, then medical science can’t help you.
    I love how he’s shirtless at the beach bar, but his physique, tattoos and weird shadow sleeve like folds on his arm make him look like he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt with a douchey print on it.

  35. Gadda Bait

    This fkr thinks he’s Charlie Sheen

  36. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Ha! Looks like Shark Fails budget vacation is over. He’s in Hesperia right now probably heading back home for his battery case tomorrow..he most definitely visits Z-Dub Nation!

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      He’s going going, back back, to County County

      • Pam

        I would never feel clean washing up in a sink so close to a toilet. Grosses me out

  37. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Tag says “Hecho en Mexico”
    Sharkey tells everyone it’s an Italian imported rug..

    • BadKitty

      Just like his "Chanel" bar……

      • Pam

        I once bought a fake Chanel purse from china and the tag inside said “made in Paris” but the ‘s’ was backwards. Haha. That was like 12 years ago

  38. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Who in the fuck is @marc_alexander? Captain Save-a-Douche?

    • countryjew

      Marc Alexander should show up in court and tell the judge those exact same words.

  39. Zombie Cyrus

    Doesn’t want to stop the steroids to become flabby and estrogenic, can’t have the probation drug testing find the steroids.

    A “moguls” conundrum.

  40. Scorpio

    Little blue pills.

  41. Scorpio

    He might try out Costa Rica for a while. It looks like a BS charge anyway.

  42. Dawn D Davenport

    the charges are like prostitution…but pain-in-the-ass style!

  43. Persephone


  44. Pat Hetic

    What in ‘Merica hell did that douche smuggle over the border?

  45. MissPell

    I wonder if he thought if his lawyer just showed up at the court house that was going to be enough.

  46. Sir TTP

    And Jenn Dale Bell is my Best Man. Hope that isn’t an issue.

  47. Chalupa Batman

    I feel like he had to threaten and kidnap those people to make them go anywhere with him. We all know you ain’t got no friends (money, ladies, street smarts, etc.), mutha’ fucka’!

    • Sir TTP

      If “living the dream” is a five hour drive in an unlicensed jacked up truck only to get to Mission Beach with outstanding warrants hanging over my head – you have permission to pull the trigger. Repeatedly.

      • Chalupa Batman

        That just gave me anxiety. I’ll make sure there are enough bullets for us both.

  48. Sir TTP

    With Hooman as the bar back.

    • Screw that, he’ll suck. He needs to be the damn busboy.

      • Sir TTP

        Have a heart. With a failing website, the surgery scam exposed and his useless pill-popping wife around, how’s my man going to pay for that hair transplant? Or is Jenn Dale Bell coming to the financial rescue?

        • countryjew

          I bet Mr. Bell — which one I’m not sure — was being courted as an investor but TD’s failure to shut down this site resulted in that deal being a no go.

  49. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    Sharkey wore his 'Merica shorts so the locals could tell everyone that the donkey 'fucked' America right in the ass!

  50. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    That bus picture face is the same one #Moguladouche will be making once the judge hits him with jail time for two FTA's!

  51. It's bad, everything she has done with that baby is wrong. It kind of hurts my heart.

    • Manic Monkey

      Same here, it really is heartbreaking. That whole fucked up situation is such a tragedy.

  52. Johnny "M'

    i troll instagram models all day with my real name and profile, zero fucks given. I'll never troll Mr. Sharkey though, i respect him too much. he's like an older brother that i've never had, but wanted.

  53. OCgirl12

    Totally lmao!

  54. Seriously

    …if you're okay with accepting rocks as payment.

    • countryjew

      He would interpret that as crack rocks.

      • Seriously

        Lol sad how true that is. I feel like Starkey was meant to live this life as a dog but there was some mix up at "the lab" & he ended up human. He's so loveable but so dumb.

        • countryjew

          This must be the same lab that "genetically engineered" the "perfect" Jocelyn Cano (see Playboy article posted earlier today).

    • Dead Man's Dog

      Did you mean while in jail? Then it would be ‘cocks’

  55. Seriously

    Lol he definitely rode the bus back to the US I'm an effort to evade BP but, nice try

    • Spartacus

      Was he on the special bus? The one with all the windowlickers?

  56. Dawn D Davenport

    the ones with slats? Best sellers, yo!

  57. MissPell

    He thinks he's famous. He doesn't realize people watch his life because he's a train wreck waiting to happen over and over again.

  58. Sammi Jo

    I bet he has a mad case of the "dry balls" https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/db3ed48b1682

  59. OldWineBox

    It's pavlovian when I see this man's face that I think of this.

  60. MissPell

    michelle_honey is a porn star. lol https://twitter.com/michellehoney

    • Dawn D Davenport

      they went down to film a donkey show…little did he know, HE was the guest of honor.

      Sharkey is walking hella funny today

  61. Chalupa Batman

    And then when they got up to leave he was like "where yall going??" and they said on a bus to Mexico and then he followed them. That is just as likely as a hostage situation with this dude.

    • Fidel Cashflow

      Most likely. I have watched him invite himself and crash peoples tables at the club numerous times. People are like who the fuck is this guy?

      • Chalupa Batman

        UGH! How can someone be so damn out of touch with reality?? Drugs, I presume.

  62. AmericanTopTeam

    The courts really get irritated when you keep pulling no shows he is gonna end up with a no bail warrant and sitting in Clarke County for a month won't be fun

  63. Sir TTP

    Sharkey is rocking this audiobook on his Beats. It's his tenth time listening to it.

  64. MissPell

    Don't worry Clark County PD are on it…

  65. Donnie Darko


  66. countryjew

    There may be a (((master plan))) in progress here.

    Obviously the street hawking is dry right now because summer heat keeps tourists away. He lives paycheck to paycheck so there won't be any income for 6-8 weeks. Andrea's about to give birth and you know he don't want to be around for that shit.

    What better way to disappear than county jail for a couple months. Put the suit, American flag shirts, X-Box games and "custom furniture" in a friend's garage and go eat for free courtesy of Clark County.

    He gets out in the fall. All the court fines are wiped out because of the jail time, he gets the timeshare gig back, has an excuse for not being able to pursue custody and finds another sucker to sell him Sharkey's Machine MK III. (Obviously the current MK II will be repo'd.)

    Good plan?

    • Penza

      3 hots and a cot, can't beat that with a stick! Lol.

      • Dead Man's Dog

        Oh, he’ll be beating off sticks while in jail. Tyrone-sized purple tree trunks

        • Penza

          Nah, his homeboys will protect him. All the other moguls will form a circle around him.

          • JimU113

            A circle of none. That’ll leave a street corner free for the taking.

          • The Beav

            The Psycho Sports Cartel….his new posse of two?!? Bahahahahahahaha

    • Pam

      U might be on to something. But I don’t know that he thinks of the future other than maybe what he’s doing tomorrow.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      If brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow his nose. You could of gave him a good idea (if he could read).

    • Kuntinka Smirnoff

      the suit, American flag shirts, X-Box games and “custom furniture”…

      …All of his most prized possessions. If your post hadn’t made me laugh so hard, I may have felt a bit bad for lil old pathetic MLD. Hahahahahahaha you are hilarious!

    • DirtyWhiteGirl

      I doubt this guppy can think past his next meal. #gainz

  67. Tuco Salamanca

    This guy is the quintessential fuck up. If he would just face the consequences maybe he'd a a scintilla of a chance at making his life a little better but that brain of his just doesn't work that way. Keep diggin the whole deeper shark fails.

    • Dawn D Davenport

      but why why why does he have to augment his loseritis with the white plastic sunglasses? why?

    • Zombie Cyrus

      I still don’t think he realizes that documenting your entire life on Instagram is only for women seeking $clients$ and twinks seeking pay4gay

  68. Happy Pants


  69. Happy Pants

    I'll meet you there, Pony.

  70. Crossing the border with a warrant has got to be some kind of felony. Good thing he took the bus.

  71. Olive Blackcock

    When I think of Moguladouche I just want to throw up…

    Warning: Level 1.3 puke on a scale of 5, with 5 being the worst.

  72. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    Clark County Justice Courts are a joke since they cannot keep an eye on this brain dead douchebag.

    • Happy Pants

      Pffft. Like anyone could outwit #Moguladouche.

      • Sir TTP

        Fucking-A right HP. Bev tried to capture the Sharkster, and that slippery dude pulled some James Bond 007 type shit and escaped like it was nothing – save the bumps and bruises incurred from leaping out of a moving vehicle. Dude’s a straight up badass.

        • Manic Monkey

          And I know this is not "her" thread, but can I just say how incredibly sad it makes me for her child. Not only did she take that poor girl out into public just DAYS after being born (due to the lack of an immune system, most doctors recommend 6-8 weeks before going out in public) but lets a few waitresses who have UNENDED physical contact with hundreds of people, in a casino no less, around her exposing her to numerous unnecessary dangers of getting sick, but pulls this bullshit too.

          Baby is trying to sleep…so lets blast Wrek it Ralph inches from her head to prove how cute it is that she "loves" mommy's favorite movie. She doesn't, poor thing just wants to sleep but Tricia is too stupid to care, as long as mommy looks cute on social media…ugh. Plus, the prescribed formula? Not sure what that is all about…and if Tricia thinks her baby is so damn cute (she really is though) why the fuck can she not take a picture with some stupid bullshit filter on it?

          Ok, I guess I can get off my high horse and end my rant, but I just want to punch this bitch in the face every time her name comes up LOL.

        • Persephone

          Speaks volumes.

    • Pat Hetic

      They only issued the bench warrant yesterday. They don’t have to go looking for him, he’ll find them soon enough.

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