[Donnie Darko]

Oh no you didn’t Gupster.  Actually, yep, you did.  It looks like #Moguladouche in now officially on the lam.  Sharkey skipped town today, completely ignoring a court-mandated order to appear, fleeing to San Diego and then Mexico.  Today was actually supposed to be his second court appearance this week after he hired that ambulance chasing attorney for the wrong case on his battery charge.



Those pesky court orders wouldn’t stop the Shark though…


Down to San Diego…


And then crossing the border…is that shit even legal with a bench warrant?


When does it end?  And how?  I’m giving good odds on a classic made-for-local-news high speed freeway chase in either Cali or Nevada.

Shout out to Donnie and Mixx for the intel.  I was in LA at San Francisco Saloon near the 405 and Pico Blvd. watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals.  Pretty sure Hooman brought over my chicken wings. Anyhoo – The Juice was on the loose doing the slow roll up the freeway with Al Cowlings behind the wheel of that Bronco.  I can totally see the gupster pulling this move, and I’ll be the first one running toward the on-ramp to the freeway with a “Save Sharkey” sign.~SirTTP~