ZW Update:  Countryjew Declares Vegas Streets Safe Again 

ZW Contributor Countryjew:  A car says a lot about a man. Especially when you’re a #mogul like James Theodore Sharkey. A man’s automobile tells you who he is. In James’ case it’s also compensation for a 4 inch penis.

Like in just about every area of his life, James hasn’t had the best of luck with automobiles. We all remember his red beat-up BMW…
Then, his new love appeared at Cartwright Motors in Las Vegas — a red Chevrolet Silverado truck. His initial excitement was infectious.
Look at him buying a case of Coors Light to celebrate his new ride. American beer. American truck. American man.
A perfect fusion of Detroit and Las Vegas muscle. Check out the words of encouragement from dirtyhotcarl!
Best of all, it was legal. Or at least #legal. Ah, we’ll take it.
Sadly, it was not meant to be as the Red Chevy Silverado had an unfortunate collision with the gates at Las Vegas Country Club Estates. Truck totaled. 🙁
Bloodied but unbowed, James went right back to Cartwright Motors and purchased a second Chevy Silverado, this time a brand-new model in black. (MRSP: From $27,195) Fuck yeah. ‘Murica.
Can you say Max Performance? 
Can you say Man Shit? 
Topped off by a new personalized license plate, 2Sharky. 
Of course, what kind of James Sharkey story would this be without epic fail? Bumps in the road (pun intended) began to appear. A “sterling3395” called him out on Instagram for not having a driver’s license. 
A trip to the DMV on November 4th would be the final social media sighting of Sharkmobile Mk II. 
Its whereabouts have been a mystery to the ZW Nation readership for a couple months now but this reporter has been connecting the dots.
You see, James has a certain … zest for life. With that comes a …. shall we say, laissez-faire attitude towards the legal obligations of driving. By that we mean, a driver’s license, registration and car insurance. He doesn’t have it. Any of it.
A look at the traffic citation section of the Las Vegas Township Justice Court shows Sharkey to have no less than six open traffic tickets, five of which were accumulated in a five-month stretch between June and November of 2016. These are multiple infraction tickets folks. In each instance he was pulled over for driving like an asshole and then received additional citations for lack of license/insurance/registration. Then again, should James Sharkey really have to obey traffic laws? THEY OBEY HIM. 
The total amount of fines owed: $5896 (plus four warrants issued).
You know what happens to people who don’t pay their traffic fines. They get their car TOWED! And that’s just what happened to Sharkey. Towed on November 12th from the parking lot of an Italian restaurant named Ferraro’s. Info courtesy of Thanks for posting that shot on IG of your douchebag “2Sharky” vanity plate. Without that we never would have been able to determine this information. 
Auto Return is not a repo service, they tow on behalf of cities. If a car shows up on that website this reporter will take it to mean said vehicle is still in the custody of Auto Return. So it looks like Sharkmobile MK II will not be reunited with its owner until $5896 in fines is paid. And you know that ain’t happening. (We would assume he has defaulted on car payments and the dealership is coming after him but no information on that is currently available.)
Because you can’t just keep a dumb man down — is that how it goes? — it’s worth noting that his most recent traffic citation was on November 20th, one week after his car was towed. Most likely he borrowed a roommate’s car and got pulled over in that too. Good. Job. James. 
What’s next on the horizon for the ol’ cowboy? Court appearances on January 23rd and February 8th for his two current battery trials. With four warrants hanging over his head, the ZW News Desk would not be surprised to see him taken into immediate custody at either of said court dates. At this juncture we’d feel better about having Steve Wonder on the road than James Sharkey.
Great intel CJ.  And poor Gupster – if there wasn’t bad luck, my man Sharkster would have no luck at all.  ~TTP