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Vegas Repo Beaches Sharkmobile

ZW Update:  Countryjew Declares Vegas Streets Safe Again 

ZW Contributor Countryjew:  A car says a lot about a man. Especially when you’re a #mogul like James Theodore Sharkey. A man’s automobile tells you who he is. In James’ case it’s also compensation for a 4 inch penis.

Like in just about every area of his life, James hasn’t had the best of luck with automobiles. We all remember his red beat-up BMW…
Then, his new love appeared at Cartwright Motors in Las Vegas — a red Chevrolet Silverado truck. His initial excitement was infectious.
Look at him buying a case of Coors Light to celebrate his new ride. American beer. American truck. American man.
A perfect fusion of Detroit and Las Vegas muscle. Check out the words of encouragement from dirtyhotcarl!
Best of all, it was legal. Or at least #legal. Ah, we’ll take it.
Sadly, it was not meant to be as the Red Chevy Silverado had an unfortunate collision with the gates at Las Vegas Country Club Estates. Truck totaled. 🙁
Bloodied but unbowed, James went right back to Cartwright Motors and purchased a second Chevy Silverado, this time a brand-new model in black. (MRSP: From $27,195) Fuck yeah. ‘Murica.
Can you say Max Performance? 
Can you say Man Shit? 
Topped off by a new personalized license plate, 2Sharky. 
Of course, what kind of James Sharkey story would this be without epic fail? Bumps in the road (pun intended) began to appear. A “sterling3395” called him out on Instagram for not having a driver’s license. 
A trip to the DMV on November 4th would be the final social media sighting of Sharkmobile Mk II. 
Its whereabouts have been a mystery to the ZW Nation readership for a couple months now but this reporter has been connecting the dots.
You see, James has a certain … zest for life. With that comes a …. shall we say, laissez-faire attitude towards the legal obligations of driving. By that we mean, a driver’s license, registration and car insurance. He doesn’t have it. Any of it.
A look at the traffic citation section of the Las Vegas Township Justice Court shows Sharkey to have no less than six open traffic tickets, five of which were accumulated in a five-month stretch between June and November of 2016. These are multiple infraction tickets folks. In each instance he was pulled over for driving like an asshole and then received additional citations for lack of license/insurance/registration. Then again, should James Sharkey really have to obey traffic laws? THEY OBEY HIM. 
The total amount of fines owed: $5896 (plus four warrants issued).
You know what happens to people who don’t pay their traffic fines. They get their car TOWED! And that’s just what happened to Sharkey. Towed on November 12th from the parking lot of an Italian restaurant named Ferraro’s. Info courtesy of autoreturn.com. Thanks for posting that shot on IG of your douchebag “2Sharky” vanity plate. Without that we never would have been able to determine this information. 
Auto Return is not a repo service, they tow on behalf of cities. If a car shows up on that website this reporter will take it to mean said vehicle is still in the custody of Auto Return. So it looks like Sharkmobile MK II will not be reunited with its owner until $5896 in fines is paid. And you know that ain’t happening. (We would assume he has defaulted on car payments and the dealership is coming after him but no information on that is currently available.)
Because you can’t just keep a dumb man down — is that how it goes? — it’s worth noting that his most recent traffic citation was on November 20th, one week after his car was towed. Most likely he borrowed a roommate’s car and got pulled over in that too. Good. Job. James. 
What’s next on the horizon for the ol’ cowboy? Court appearances on January 23rd and February 8th for his two current battery trials. With four warrants hanging over his head, the ZW News Desk would not be surprised to see him taken into immediate custody at either of said court dates. At this juncture we’d feel better about having Steve Wonder on the road than James Sharkey.
Great intel CJ.  And poor Gupster – if there wasn’t bad luck, my man Sharkster would have no luck at all.  ~TTP


  1. Unityyy

    Doesn’t Sharty have family to step in and help with his crazy? Seriously, this guy is just a complete and total train wreck in every area of his life. Andrea can’t be much better if she’s taking him back and allowing him around that poor baby. Ok, what’s the line on the next personal disaster in their bullshit marriage? 2 months? 3? More infidelity, drugs, arrests, repeat as necessary..

    • smugjew

      “We tried reading the Bible together but kept losing interest after 5 minutes because even our baby has a longer attention span than us. So now I’m just going to play an audio book version on the stereo so we can pretend to absorb the Scriptures while I smoke meff and she swipes right on every black guy on Tinder.” #biblemogul

    • #TheJourneyYouNeverNeedToTravel


    • CT

      Must be drugs.

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      there is a bible app that has lessons broken down into days. maybe he’s using one of those.
      or if u add a 6 he’s the anitchrist


    Looks like #MogulBucks paid a whole $700.00 total to clear up his 4 warrants.

    We all know that this will only last two months until they issue more warrants when he fails to make those payments yet again.
    Sharks on the 5 year payment plan with the courts.:




    Atta boy #MogulLaDouche, you only owe $3,810.00 above + $850.00 from another citation that the courts have yet to issue a warrant for.

    • Donnie Darko

      You know he just paid the minimum to get the warrant revoked, and he won’t pay again until a warrant is issued. He blocked me on Facebook so I don’t know what he’s doing there, but he has been totally silent on IG since this story broke.

      • His FB is open but I assume he only posts certain things that are open to the public. I fucked up and accidentally un-followed him on IG so I can’t see any posts from this clown. I should just send another follow request from my @sharkey_james parody IG account and see if he’s dumb or curious enough to allow me back

        • Donnie Darko

          He blocked my because I was too bold. When he posted that pic from the DMV saying taking care of business, I wrote, did you get your license back? I saw you kept getting pulled over with a suspended license. I still regret it.

          • Time to make a stalker FB account! That’s what I did on IG before I changed it to his old handle

          • Donnie Darko

            Yes, I hate that you can only have one account with the app on android, I hate not being able to troll him with my real IG because he will block me. I made one fake IG and he blocked it after I kept asking why he won’t post a picture of his daughter.

          • chris

            I’m thinking of using my son’s account but that’s fuckin creepy and my wife would strangle me….

          • chris

            The second to last straw for me was my comment (in picture to Dirty Hot Carl’s comment. Cemented being blocked by ripping him on his fake company and flier handouts.

      • The Beav

        Nothing really happening on FB….he found a new bible study group to grift from…

    • smugjew

      Good update. Don’t forget about the two open cases he has in Municipal Court that you can see in the featured comment. More warrants, more money.

  3. Vicki Vallencourt

    it looks like james scrapped his old Facebook and made a new one today

  4. CT

    And Andrea went back to this loser??

    • smugjew

      Who else would support her while she’s getting all fucking high everyday?

  5. JimU113

    A handy skill should the law ever catch up with him for good.

  6. JimU113

    Nope, but I hear he rides stick.

  7. Scorpio

    Just the facts, ma’am.

  8. Scorpio

    Great post, very informative. This man is a menace. On the other hand, traffic tickets are bullshit.

  9. Whitney BeatMe

    What dealership registers a car for a guy with no license?? Here’s hoping he gets a real crabby judge with IBS or something that influences sentencing. If he walks on this shit then I’m going to Dubai with Veronica Black.

    • Sammi Jo

      Seriously! and NO insurance? Every time I’ve bought a car, I’ve had to have the new one added to my insurance before I left the lot!

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Any financed car must carry full coverage before it leaves the lot. You are most correct with this observation. I wonder what the general charges him for comprehensive on that chevy penisrado. He must be getting tendinitis from all those hand jobs behind the sizzler, but at least he doesn’t have to go home and fuck his wife. She’s already methed out and put away wet when he gets home.

      • Donnie Darko

        Whenever I bought a new car they asked for an insurance card, but just looked at it, they don’t verify it’s still valid.

    • Can an Auto Dealership Sell a Car to Someone With No Driver’s License or Insurance?
      This is one of the most common questions asked by those who are interested in purchasing a vehicle. Motor vehicle regulations are constantly increasing, and because of the significant complexities that come along with these regulations, the average person sometimes finds it difficult to understand the rules stated by the Department of Motor Vehicles.However, purchasing or being in possession of a vehicle is of little concern to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Their primary concern is the driver of a vehicle. A person without a license may purchase a vehicle, but he or she will not be able to register or insure it under his or her name. Insuring the car and registering it is often done together right when you are still at the dealership. If an unlicensed individual wants to register or insure a vehicle, it may be indicated that he or she intends to operate the vehicle—and operating the vehicle without a license is something the Department of Motor Vehicles will not allow, which is why they do not allow a person to act upon something that may imply an intention of breaking the law.Simply put, there exists no rule, regulation or law which requires a person to be in possession of a driver’s license when purchasing a vehicle. Any person who has the right amount of money or credit is allowed to purchase a car. It is common knowledge that a person will more often than not purchase a car for themselves, for the reason that they actually want to drive it. However, we all know that there are many other valid reasons for a person without a license to purchase a vehicle.One valid reason for a person to buy a car with no intention of driving it is if they buy it as a gift for somebody else. For that reason, a person has all the right to purchase a car and put everything under the recipient’s name. Some banks may be curious as to why an individual would buy a car which they can’t legally drive, but they will be more concerned with your credit history rather than who’s going to drive it.In regards to insurance, there are some companies which will insure vehicles for physical damage even in the event that the owner has no license. Even if you cannot put the insurance in your name, you are still allowed to buy it and name whoever you are giving the car to as the insured driver. In essence, when you purchase a car as a gift, register it under the recipient’s name. And, put him or her as the insured as well.As long as a person without a license has no intention to drive a car, then they are free to purchase as many cars as they want. But, to be more certain about the details, be sure to contact your bank, an insurance agent or you local Department of Motor Vehicles. They should be able to answer all your questions and give you all the information you need.


      tons of other sites state the same as above..

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Cause I’m sure Andrea got insurance on his policy.. I was referring to the plates and registration. Anywhere I’ve held a license they will not issue plates to an unlicensed driver. So maybe that’s why he lives in vegas.

        • He probably showed his physical drivers license to the car dealer with them not knowing it was already revoked, OR a family member must have put in under there name. Shit, in Cali I’ve seen ads for insurance even if you don’t have a DL…DAFUQ?

    • Donnie Darko

      So he came up with all that money? Or he set up a payment plan, court date?

      • smugjew

        How could he come up with that money? No other info has been posted but it could be as simple as having a lawyer call up and say he intends to pay. But eventually you DO have to pay. It’s either money or getting credit for time served in jail (which he did before in November 2015 for unpaid tickets).

      • It’s quite possible that my alter-ego either asked for an extension OR just said ‘Fuck It, I’ll do the time”.
        We all know that Sharks is BROKE and most likely, according to his old IG posts flashing cash on payday, he probably just cashes all his checks and has no bank account. You can’t get blood from a turnip, so the courts have no choice but to put Sharks in jail or have him do a shit ton of community service because we are talking combined fines close to $6-7k here.

        • Ms Conduct

          “It’s quite possible that my alter-ego,” and then you won the Internet for today!!! Hahaha.

    • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

      I’ve been driving for 44 years, 2 speeding tickets (when I was younger) and one accident (not my fault).
      Good gawd I can’t believe what a complete idiot this guy can be sometimes, I heard he’s biking it now…


  10. Donnie Darko

    UPDATE—-I called the tow company pretending to be Sharkey and asked how much it would be to get my truck back. After she looked it up, she sounded baffled and said “the truck was picked up in November, who are you”? My take is he got pulled over, and the cops towed his car because of his license status and he probably had to pay $200-400 to get the truck back. CJ, maybe try calling the 702-434-7175 number and do the same thing I did, see what they tell you. His car was towed, but I think he was just required to pay the tow company a few hundred to get it back, not the almost $7,000.

    • smugjew

      Hmm. Interesting.

      But it would kind of defeat the purpose of towing on behalf of the city if you could get it back without paying fines, right?

      And if he has it back then he’s driving it, right? Why no pictures? Or more importantly, I find it hard to believe he could go two months without getting pulled over. Perfect chance for James to one-up ZW and troll us by posting a pic.

      For all we know it was the financing company that picked it up.

      • Donnie Darko

        Yes, possibly. They could have towed it for not having a valid license, but don’t have the power to keep it impounded for the unpaid fines. That tow yard seems like a private business. LVPD could just have a contract with them and that’s where they tow cars pulled over with a suspended license, DUI’s, accidents where the car can’t drive. The police dept, city, county gets a cut of the tow fee.

      • TheTruth

        LV police has ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition) on their cars- any vehicle/driver showing unlicensed will get popped, which is why when he DID have the truck, he would get pulled over every other week. 100% the truck was picked up by the lien holder/finance company, that’s why he hasn’t registered any tickets.

        • smugjew

          Wow, I feel like I barely scratched the surface on this now.

          What about the all the citations on these tickets like failure to yield or speeding and so on? Just making stuff up so they had an excuse to pull him over?

          And how do you explain him getting a ticket a week after the truck was towed — someone else’s car?

          • Donnie Darko

            Maybe Andrea still has her convertible, but how was she able to keep paying on it since she quit stripping awhile ago?

          • Her income comes from her other profession: “Dicksquatting”.

    • smugjew

      The only other possibility I can envision is he simply parked like an asshole in the parking lot of this restaurant and they had him towed. But again, do you think he is currently driving that thing everyday?

    • TheTruth

      It was picked up by the bank as a repo. The tow company is required to notify the lien holder and that’s who picked it up. They would never release a vehicle to anyone without a license.

  11. chris

    No – this is not fake news. This is REAL news! lol

  12. AmericanTopTeam

    Lets be honest…i find Sharky funny but this morons luck has run out. Id be SHOCKED if he wasnt taken into custody…and how the fuck do you get pulled over with open warrants and drive away. I live in crazyland (Florida) even here you go straight to jail. Come on Vegas is he gonna have to kill someone??

    • Donnie Darko

      Florida and Nevada, two states without state income tax. That has to effect law enforcement and the justice system funding.

    • Cali don’t fuck around with this either.

      • chris

        He’d be beaten and hauled off to the can…no questions asked. Oh yeah, they’d also throw him in county where he’d get destroyed. Ed Hardy doesn’t play well in county!

    • smugjew

      “how the fuck do you get pulled over with open warrants and drive away.”

      Simple, his last traffic ticket was November 20th but the first of the 7 warrants was issued on November 25th.

      I’m assuming at this point he’s stopped driving altogether. Mainly because he doesn’t have a car anymore.

  13. smugjew

    Voting is still officially open — Russia (or 5150) didn’t hack this one — but it’s Sharkey in a landslide.

    Bonnie And Clyde? I was thinking he and Ilo were more like the Giovanni Ribisi/Juliette Lewis couple from The Other Sister (1999).

  14. Ghost Girl

    I’m with ya! Definitely a ❤from me too!

  15. Gadda Bait

    Its just crazy. He never learns ANYTHING! Lol! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry for him.

  16. Gadda Bait

    I swear to God you and me have got to be sisters. We are ALOT alike.

  17. TMFJ

    He could take his bra off and make a step out of that, maybe.

  18. smugjew

    Jew Friday.

  19. Gadda Bait

    Fkn city slickers!

  20. OldWineBox

    #Mogul’s new theme song. 🙂

  21. JimU113

    This sounds like Guppey’s luck.

    Hey #Moguladouche, I think I’ve found your next vehicle.

    • Gadda Bait

      ❤ for zombie.

        • Gadda Bait

          OMG! You are awesome. I like ozzy and type o together 2.

          • JimU113

            Thank you.

          • smugjew

            +1 for Type O Negative

          • Gadda Bait

            Right? ZWs have awesome taste in music. I got to see Type O in concert.

          • smugjew

            I saw Type O several times in the early daze, in particular a monster bill of The Exploited/Biohazard/Type O Negative/Life Of Agony at The Ritz in NYC on October 5, 1991. New York was notorious for these kind of shows where skinheads, metalheads and punks would be thrown into a cauldron and forced to battle gladiator-style.

            Peter Steele was a titanic figure on the New York Rock scene and his death was way too soon and tragic. A very unique person in a very homogenous world of heavy music. When I was working with Seconds Magazine in the 90s as Managing Editor we put Type O Negative on the cover in 1996 and I got to briefly meet Peter, who was a lot more shy and reserved than you would expect.


          • Gadda Bait

            That’s awesome. I only got to see them once so that made me very happy. Peter was massive. His death shocked everyone.
            There was no music and we heard this DEEP clear voice say ” forgive her for she knows not what she does ” and just silence fell and I knew this band was going to be huge. Then Sepultura came out and did roots ha ha. It was perfect. Then Ozzy came with Zakk Wylde so it was one of the best shows ever.

          • chris

            As an Iron Maiden Priest guy I didn’t catch on to these guys until long after they broke up. Sad I didn’t get to see them as their music is excellent!

          • Sammi Jo

            Yes!! Type O

          • Ghost Girl

            Yes! Christian Woman!!!!

          • chris

            Type O is solid – Ozzy sux! Sabbath was 1000x better with Ronnie (of course these are all my opinions which tend to offend occasionally).

          • Gadda Bait

            I like them all. Ronnie was one of the best people to exist. I liked him with Rainbow. Who cares who gets offended? They will get over it ….or go cry.

  22. Dr.Christian Troy

    Man CJ this was GOLD! It may be an indictment of my own struggles,but I cant get enough of this clown. He is truly the poster boy for the delusional, social media dopes that think they really are something of any importance.

    • smugjew

      Thank you. I’m just trying to provide real news about fake people.

      • chris

        I concur w/ the Dr. and I’m sure others. This piece is worthy of the Edward R Murrow award in my opinion!

  23. He needs those Struggle Steps!

  24. smugjew

    ***Update**** With the additional info provided to us by a source, ZW has uncovered *TWO* additional traffic boo-boos. Bringing it to a grand total of 7 in a span of five months (!). The last three happened in a magical run of 2 1/2 weeks spanning from 11/4 to 11/20.

    November 4th, 2016:


    Speeding, passing on the right (classic #mogul if you ask me), no insurance, lane change without a signal, open alcoholic container in vehicle and of course, driving without a license. All of those charges are closed other than the driving without a license for which he has a court date on February 15th.

    Also, November 7th, 2016:


    Cited for failure to decrease speed, duty to stop, no driver’s license. Had a court date on December 22nd with Las Vegas Municipal Court. Blew it off because it was Christmas or something. Three more warrants issued.

    Stats recap:

    June 13th through November 20th (160 Days Of Terror):

    7 traffic stops
    7 outstanding warrants
    $8170 due in related fees

    James Sharkey Winter 2017 Court Tour:

    January 23rd — Clark County Courts, the “other” battery trial, status check
    February 8th — Clark County Courts, Andrea DV trial, preliminary meeting
    February 15th — Las Vegas Municipal Court, Driving Without A License trial

  25. smugjew

    Truly a “Happy Customer Story”

  26. TheTruth

    Early favorite to win the Post of the Year. (btw since when does an ’08 Chevy constitute a “new” truck??)

  27. Excellent reporting, CJ.

  28. Donnie Darko

    Remember when he was on Nik Richie’s podcast? Nik asked him if they drove there in the red BMW and he said they drove in Andrea’s convertible. That was a year and a half ago maybe, so who knows if she still has it. As far as we know she hasn’t worked a day since she quit stripping at Sapphire after she got pregnant.

  29. Penny Lane

    I wonder how much $$ he owes on credit cards and medical bills. Medical, we will probably never know because of the strict privacy laws.

  30. Penza

    But, but, but, he found Jesus! It’s not fair! Poor Sharty, can we write to him in jail?

  31. chris

    Is anyone planning on attending the Sharkey hearings? Preferably with a camera? Photos of him in cuffs being lead out to the can would be “poster worthy”.

  32. smugjew

    I hope you guys like this one — I did the research and wrote the copy.

    It’s worth adding that the red truck lasted three months and the black one only five. Who blows through two cars in one year?


  33. Danny McGrath

    Thank you for the shoutout I am sterling, like I said yesterday instantly blocked I’m glad to see the screenshot was saved

    • Danny McGrath

      And come on…2008 Truck that’s a lot of wear on a truck almost as bad as his 2003 BMW 300 series

  34. Gadda Bait

    This downward spiral has no end!

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