Veronkia Black Origins


ZW Submission by LexiCocaine

“This isn’t a ground breaking discussion but it’s always nice to know where it all began.
Before she was a DC, Veronika Black AKA Nutella submitted herself to the chive. This is what got her noticed, this is a true story of plastic surgery success.”



Looks like Veronika Black is going to need a ZW File Name. ~QoT~


  1. Scorpio

    I just love that cover pic. Those tits look delicious.

  2. Spartacus

    Ha ha, I'll add some context, I'm in my 40's. Creepy old man in waiting

  3. Mary Magdalene

    All they have to do is add a tragic death and/or spousal abuse and it has everything!
    Men are Terrible and Will Hurt You, Because This is Lifetime.

  4. Mary Magdalene

    Well I'm married and my hubby loves the site too; he said to make sure nobody thought it was on my ass.

    • Spartacus

      That made me laugh out loud! I fear I'm rather too old to be a regular Chive visitor.

      • Mary Magdalene

        Never too old to be a creepy old man!
        Lol that's where Dan Ballsack is headed.

  5. Spartacus

    It is an inspiring story of surgery overcoming natures cruel acts.
    I sense a Lifetime Movie special coming on.

  6. Spartacus

    Well done to you by the way. It was annoying how they appropriated the 2nd world war "Keep calm and carry on" theme.

  7. Mary Magdalene

    Well why not call her Chivette? If getting on The Chive was a big deal in her life we should remind ourselves of that.
    Jesus, I was on the site like five years ago, it's not an accomplishment!

  8. Scorpio

    I am sure the convo already happened, but here are my "two-cents" (btw, where are you, bro?): Honestly, I think VB is one of the hottest women out there right now. While I cannot abide any butt augmentations, I think she has made excellent choices otherwise. I especially like the fact that she has kept her skin fair and, as far as I know, ink-free.

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