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ZW Scumbag of the Year 2016


Time to cast your votes. Which one of the insta-whorde featured on ZW made you feel like all hope was lost for humanity? Who is the lowest on the ZW Food Chain? Who will be presented with the 2016 ZW Bag of Scum?

You get 3 votes. It doesn’t matter which order your 3 Scumbags are chosen, the results for each nominee are shown after you vote.




  1. Sharkey's Wallet

    Ugh, I loke Kors’ clothes, but those bags and their fake gold emblems. Talk about tacky. I couldn’t believe what girls were throwing down for those, even fabric ones. Losers. 50$ max at Hudsons Bay now.

  2. Sharkey's Wallet

    I carry around a tonne of emergency makeup and junk in there. That bag never looks bad – even with all the junk I put inside it. Just a simple ass Coach bag for 200$ bones. Even when I gut it the inside it looks clean. I see another girl with a subtle Coach bag and Im like, “decent girl.” Head nod.

  3. Ya know I can see that…Except this wailing thundercunt didn’t say “I was in PLAYBOY and HEF loved me so much he barred me from the site out of heartbreak because I chose to get knocked up by YOU

  4. Ignatius_J_Reilly

    Thank you–you are too kind. 😉

  5. Maia

    Is this not the most distasteful slore on the web? Breastfeeding as art. This child may commit matricide some day. Does she keep anything private?

  6. Hopefully motel 6 won’t start wearing chalked hair against her will.

  7. I’m surprised the case still lives. It’s probably holding on for its last breath like the rancid macrame owl decor.

  8. Seriously


  9. Punky B.

    Ewwww…That hair! She thinks that looks good too..Blah…gots $$$ for cigarettes but not for that hair..I bet shes waiting to get it done for free cuz ya know she’s a #hairmodel…Here’s one for her #skankass

    • Persephone

      LOL “#hairmodel” riiiight. I am curious as to what her definition of “modeling” is.

  10. Punky B.

    I go to tj maxx and get name brand for cheap, don’t know if u have one of those where ure at but everything clothes, jewelry, hair products, shoes, purses are all name brand. I’m a mad thrifter! Everything I buy is name brand but hardly ever buy retail price.

  11. Sharkey's Wallet

    Everyone shits on Coach, but I have a couple of bags from them and they last and are stain free even of the fabric kind. They also dont have an awful shape like a lot of these high end bags do. Theyre such a waste of money unless you’re really wealthy and such things dont break the bank. These girls are literally broke from hair, bags and makeup. Its depressing. No money in the bank. Just hair, clothes, bags and makeup. No credit. No car. No home unless its rented (and a spruced up slum). Cheap furniture. Its all so awful It feels like my mind is going to explode.

    • Sammi Jo

      LOL! Yep. No sense in owning Chanel if you can’t pay your rent!
      I’ve had some nice Coach bags also. For me, it’s all about the shape and feel.

      • Penza

        Me too. When I buy a bag I love, I go around the house hugging it! A good bag feels good.
        If the zipper isn’t great, I don’t buy it. I’m very particular about that.

        • Sharkey's Wallet

          Coach is the bomb for zippers. Big unsincheable claws. Clean ass metal.

          • Penza

            I love that about them, and the cute turn-lock on some. The only problem I have with Coach is that they’re pretty heavy, even when they’re empty. I think they made lighter ones, but they still weigh a ton.

      • Sharkey's Wallet

        The inside never gets dirty and the shape on this one Coach bag is great. Goes with everything. Who the fuck needs ten purses? I cant imagine putting all my gear in a new bag every damn outfit change.

    • Maia

      Love Coach, especially the ones with the tiny metal emblem.

      • Sharkey's Wallet

        Good bag, good price range and they are way less logo now. Even the logo ones dont piss me off. Super subtle, not pretentious and doesnt scream “This is fake” or “I fucked an old guy for this.”

  12. smugjew

    I don’t want to do it, but I owe it to him.

  13. The only one I listened to besides Sharkey he was in the food court talking like a grandpa about weed with Scooby Sunday, who appears to have noped the fuck out of niks “entourage”. I think it’s hilarious that he still thinks he can diss people’s appearance so specifically when he has visible nose and ear hair like the aging blob that he is. Who gives a FUCK what he thinks about ,well, about fucking anything

  14. Sharkey's Wallet

    Well the monogram WAS in style. So nothing wrong with wanting it. I sported one of those big ass chanel purses with the logo like 10 years ago. Its just not anymore, and if buying the bag sets you back – its too expensive. Just buy a damn bag in your price range thats a good quality fabric and looks good with your clothes.

  15. Sharkey's Wallet

    Just get one that you like that looks good with your clothes, who cares about the damn brand. These girls look terrible with their old ass bags.

  16. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    missing the credit card slot up the crack

  17. smugjew

    The podcasts! Someone should have told Nik that podcasts are for smart people that read books and listen to NPR. Podcasts are not for illiterate club trash and cumdrunk hookers (The Dirty’s demographic).

    Another failed venture to stack up in the garbage can next to Tab Rag, She’s A Homewrecker, and Tag Your Sponsor (itself a offensive knockoff of the distinguished Tag The Sponsor). For all we know he was behind too.

    Nik is like a 90s alt rock band milking their one and only hit to increasingly diminishing returns. And now he’s trying to reinvent himself as some sort of entertainment news personality? Bruh, you ain’t the next John Tesh. Your Bieber-meets-Isis look is not what a Donald Trump America wants to see.

    Another half-man who wears hats 24-7. Go borrow some money from Papa Renegade and get you a hair system if it bothers you so much.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      +100 for this one “Papa Renegade”……. LOL, you need some more up votes for that sweet reference.

    • Sammi Jo

      I can’t understand why he didn’t have instant podcast success!? Between his voice, and captivating personality; I’d of expected Lorenzo stardom…or at the very least as much TMZ coverage as Shauna Sands lucite heels

      Thankfully, “his” website posts completely original material

    • Let’s not forget “she’s a homewrecker” another esteemed nik venture. Oh, and slurping on jenndales 8 inch um…clit…Wait you did mention that. So all we got is cocksucking for the Bell boys

  18. Sharkey's Wallet

    I really think Farrah Abraham is the biggest piece of shit on here. She exploits her entire life and is just plain unlikeable. You go to her instagram its nothing but hate. Does this not register with her?

  19. Sharkey's Wallet

    Yeah get a Longchamp or just a good brand bag or two that goes well with your wardrobe. Honestly, even my fake ass style was out 10 years ago. Logos everywhere are a sign of desperation.

  20. Sharkey's Wallet

    I dont understand why these hoes still sport the old LV logo bags. LV doesnt even really sell that style anymore. 2008 came and went. So true, get yourself a decent bag at a good price and stop buying stuff you wanted when you were 18.

  21. No!!! I have had the same Calvin Klein bag for 2 years. Not replacing till a lipstick explodes in it.

  22. Maia

    The three Sheila travel bags from Hobobags nearly gave him a coronary. I love Longchamp. I’ve had the same one for about 4 years. Great quality.

  23. Open wide for a Michael kors knockoff! lol!

    Just sayin, I think purses are stupid. Real leather, silk lining…That’s all I gaf about. Some of that shit looks like shit my nonna carried Kleenex in and 1500 dollars? Bitch please!!

    Then posers like Bilke are too stupid and struggling to buy quality – like her “guess” jacket…’Guess” which store she got it from? Struggle Mart.

    • Sharkey's Wallet

      An expensive purse is fine so long as its subtle and lasts. Its embarrassing when these girls flaunt their purses because they aren’t an investment and now, those LV bags are so out of style. I have a friend who can buy expensive purses like theyre penny candy from a real career, but theyre always subtle. Im sometimes suprised when I look and see its some expensive brand because theres so little branding flaunted around.

      • Maia

        I hate branding. I wouldn’t be caught dead with either an LV or a pair of Louboutins.

        • I totally agree. And I refused to let my kid wear Disney shitty ass clothes either…Branded shit is ridiculous. I mean I let her pick out ridiculous bookbags and stuff, but she never asked to wear that shit either- I think parents who pile that shit on their kids are lazy. Low quality clothes are unacceptable and the sooner you teach your kid how to use money wisely and recognize crappy shit and not want it the better imo.

        • Sharkey's Wallet

          I have no idea why Louboutins are still being purchased. You cant have a red bottom on a pink shoe. They pair all their colours with that jarring red. Basically the Ed Hardy of shoes.

  24. Yuppp. I don’t even have to look. I can smell unwiped ass and unwanted opinions all the way over here.

  25. Fidel Cashflow

    Do we really consider Shark-Tales to be a “scum-bag?” The answer is NO. He’s an iconic internet megastar. Treat this strip hero with some respect. He took down a violent criminal singlehandedly. He’s also found God and turned his life around. We all love us some Sharkey and are pulling for him. 2017 will be his year, millions will be made!!

    • Sammi Jo

      Not to mention his delicious sense of style and interior design expertise…AND let’s not forget, he is a literary genius.

    • Sharkey's Wallet

      I think hes considered a scumbag because of the animal abuse stuff, and all the other stuff that cant really be erased by his conversion to Christianity. It doesnt really seem like hes far enough away from his vices to really avoid them.

      • smugjew

        And women abuse. And fake sobriety. Fake spirituality. Fake literacy. Fake college. Fake driver’s license and registration. Scumbag.

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          Fake popularity, fake earning potential, fake residence, fake butt plug .. wait, the last one was said to be true….

        • Sharkey's Wallet

          Yeah theres pics of him drinking after his conversion. His religious beliefs are about as believable as his millionaire career.

  26. Maia


  27. smugjew

    Wilke impressing with a strong performance so far — can she catch Fakio?!

    It must suck being a ruthless, conniving, exploitative piece of dog shit and still going no further in life than cleaning toilets in a nowhere town in the middle of Texas. Maxim model? More like a model for Mr. Clean Bath Scrubber (TM).

  28. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

    I am surprised Dik Itchie wasn’t in the poll.

    • Lol isn’t it funny that only one year and nobody gives a rats ass about him? Remember everyone swinging on his nutsack? People actually read his book!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! In a year he turned into Habib Gunt el’fatass bald as fuck pissing in empty bottles and selling 6 buck upchuck. Only a completely clueless ratfaced narcissist would invest in fucking novelty wine when nobody even knows who the fuck he is, and are repulsed when they find out. Oh, losers sinking in their own shit is quite entertaining to me, and he can’t even get my interest floundering and extorting halfwits from shitbickle Alberta.

      • Sammi Jo

        LMFAO! We must include his “plastic surgery” promotions that littered The Shity. I always loved his “before and afters”
        However, I had a difficult time noticing any physical change?

      • Sharkey's Wallet

        Once you reach a certain age Nik Richie style shit talk become embarassingly irrelevant. Look at Tucker Max, basically bombed in every possible way once his target audience grew up. Thats when he dropped his stinker of a movie too – which I watched, for research of course. Everywhere The Hangover succeeds, Tucker Max’s movie failed. “Tucker Max is a loveable cute but edgy genius. The way he just knows a girl is like (insert some stereotype) is so on point!” Im being sarcastic here, but basically Tucker Max/Dik Itchy fail because they arent nearly as relevant as they think they are. They were sort of for awhile in the spotlight, but like the Louboutine heels Richie hates so much, theyve destroyed their brand by revealing too much of who they are and still trying to come across as untouchable. Nobody is. Humility really wins. Learn is boys.

    • Sharkey's Wallet

      Hes boring and irrelevant now. Insulting him is not even needed at this point. I still hate that “I decided,” line, though. Who the hell cares what he decides. Fucking nobody.

  29. €r2

    Mines are
    Chad fakio: he is a pervert.
    Yotta life: he is stupid as fvk and i am fed up with seeing his instastorşes which tries to give recommendations about life.
    Brittanya: well this one is real hopeless.

    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

      There is nothing wrong with being a pervert, but as long as she is of legal age to marry at least (18 or there abouts). There is something wrong with being a Chimo though..

    • smugjew

      My guess is Yotta has never had a paying client as a “life coach.” Or sold one t-shirt or solitary bit of merchandise. Goose eggs across the board.

  30. Ignatius_J_Reilly

    I’ve been reading the points you guys have made about how Kurtlynn may not be the best candidate for Scum Bag. Those points seem reasonable (even though I did vote for him as one of my three–I had to on principle).

    Maybe we can come up with another award special for him? Maybe something like: The Year’s Most Impressive Beard on a Dickslurper in Denial

    …I don’t know. He should just be recognized for the deluded, in the closet little prick he is (and has from what we hear).

    • Donnie Darko

      Maybe the biggest poser, fronter? Whose social media accounts inflate the actual persons wealth, social status, importance the most?

      1. Yotta—tries to flaunt the most with rented luxury homes, leased luxury cars, steroid inflated body.
      2. Twink 182–trying to portray himself as famous, rich, important, a big time Beverly Hills real estate agent, straight. Actually doesn’t own the condo in Las Vegas, lives with his parents, hasn’t sold any high end Beverly Hills real estate, in the closet.
      3. Sharkey—Constantly posing on the strip saying how much he makes, saying he was the King of Las Vegas. Reality is he’s a career criminal, scammer, con artist and used to crash people’s tables at clubs that had bottle service. Can’t pay all his fines and after seeing the struggle estates he lives in, renting a $900 a month condo, only the dumbest, naive people are fooled that he’s this rich, big shot baller in Las Vegas.
      4. Wilke—Giving these Beta followers a glimmer of hope they have a chance with her if they send her gifts, she’s some established, big time print model. Reality is she’s a lesbian that uses men for money, trips, gifts, social climbing. Other than being in Playboy Miss social, the Maxim Kazakhstan and other covers were paid for by Greg Hale or other sugar daddies.

  31. Seriously


  32. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I thought it was perfectly acceptable to start drinking mimosas at 5:30 am – 5pm.. After 5 pm is a faux pas.

  33. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Tell you what………
    It’s a sad day when you are BARELY losing to a pedo.
    2. the struggle purse
    3. the struggle life

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I hope DT spends as much time with her kid, as she does posting online. Motel 6 will have 13 hours of mom’s attention to learn math and science. Her child will have the wisdom and brains to have a career NOT based on handies or making sure your teeth don’t scrape the tip.

    • She’s just so happy to see her name on here nominated for something. If she wins she’ll photoshop the hell out of a screen shot to read “Playmate of the Century”. Dead tooth has her priorities, you know, social media is way more important than being a good mom.

    • Persephone

      I’m willing to bet my marshmallow Santa that she cried when she found out. No disrespect to the “Michael” family, however, she is pretty far removed from them.

    • Omg she’s just an annoying asshole so hard – can you imagine her singing and trying to hump the sofa while the baby cries and Nate shoved Cheetos in his drool hanging gob

  34. AmericanTopTeam

    Sharkey has grown on me…I find myself hoping he gets his shit together…but let’s be real

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I have hopes that he will put someone else first in his life. I often wonder if a leopard can change his spots.
      I think about the story of the fox and the scorpion and wonder if sharkey can change.

  35. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    And guys, stop picking on tricia evans. She obviously has issues that she can’t help, and it’s not cool to pick on people who are like, 2 cans short of a 24 pack, okay?

  36. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    WTF, i’ve been gone for like 2 months, who the fuck is “Chad Diaper Sniper Fakio”?

  37. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    There’s a Disques profile called “bobistheowl”, and this ass hole writes paragraphs after paragraphs on the, pretending like there’s actually more then 1 or 2 people who actually see it, or care. i told him to come to, and my comment is being blocked. Mr Bobistheowl is a little late to the party. lets all give him a warm welcome(unless its detroit alyssa, that woman can drink bleach and die).

    Merry christmas, the egg nog got the best of me.

    (im gonna thumb up my comment so everyone can see it).

  38. ZWGGMa

    I picked ’em 1-2-3 in the order you listed them…. I could just as easily have picked all the contenders, but I saw nothing wrong with the order as listed….

  39. Josh Forte

    What about Vegas Dave?

  40. Mimosas…..YASSSS!

  41. Digitus impudicus

    Sluttanya, Farwhore, and Trasha.

  42. Digitus impudicus

    Bless you, Queen, but only 3? Ack and lol!

  43. @MissTriciaEvans

    Well, did you get your black cha cha heels Dawn Davenport???

  44. Maia

    I had to vote these three:

    1. Fakio. This walking piece of human excrement should have his dick chopped off, and he needs to thank his lucky stars that girl wasn’t my daughter. The way he ingratiates himself into society (young girls) makes me want to clothesline him.

    2. Wilke. This pseudo cocklover preys on a mentally ill man, and has for 16 years. Nuff said. Maybe someone will roofy her ass and she’ll fall off the 10th floor of a Vegas hotel.

    3. Tricia Evans. Because she’s the most hypocritical lowlife white trash whore on the entire internet, she’s number two after Diaper Sniper.

    Here’s to 2017. I’m going to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve just to watch 2016 die. What a horrible year it was for me.

    Merry Christmas, whores and posers! Remember Karma really is a bitch.

    • smugjew

      My votes as well. It really says something about Tricia that the only one who has a chance to beat her in this contest is a convicted child molester.

      edit: Let’s not forget about Wilke’s scumbag move of putting up a website to sell non-existent merchandise, including a calendar which is de rigeur for all IG hos now. Took money from lonely old men who probably live off one check a month and never fulfilled any orders. Website disappears into the ether. Anyone who questions her about it on Facebook gets blocked. TOTAL scumbag move. I wonder what an Attorney General could do about it.

      • Maia

        Seriously. If Fakio weren’t here it would be a serious toss-up.

      • Persephone

        Lol! That is sayin somthething for sure… Well… if you really take a look at her history of hypocrisy, she will start defending child molestors, and when her daughter is old enough, or physically able to get an abortion, she will be pro-choice again.

    • Digitus impudicus

      Xoxo, girl. You rock!

    • Excellent choices, mine were pretty much the same but it was a toss up between white trash Evans, Wonky eye Wilke and Sasquatch.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Haha voted then scrolling down my exact votes

    • Punky B.

      This was exactly my thought process to a t. Same vote. You know trasha is loving her name up there! She prolly had a celebratory cigarette…outside my ass..lying skell!

    • OCgirl12

      Same here lol- you nailed it. And here’s hoping that 2017 is amazing for you!

  45. Whitney BeatMe

    I just had to vote for Farrah cause I have seen the teen mom teasers and she’s fucked, a piece of shit for the ages.
    I instantly went to Fuckio cause yeah, kid fucker. Die.
    And Kurt cause he’s been the most pathetic all year compared to the rest. That’s saying a lot where Bev is a contender but she’s not it for me this year, and I’m not voting for that grease ball Jen either. She’s crap.
    Merry ho ho my favorite group of sarcastic jerks and a super 2017 to you all. ❤

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I find myself worrying about poor Farrah’s daughter

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Unfortunately that little girl will be as soulless and ugly on the inside as her “mother”. Her dads ghost seriously needs to learn some Patrick Swayze shit and start whooping a trick’s ass till she gets right.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        Sad CPS will just run the other cheek and say it’s ok, it’s a profession.

  46. smugjew

    I wouldn’t classify Kurt and Yotta as “scumbags”… just extreme posers. The only people they’re really hurting are themselves.

    But Fakio’s got this one locked up anyway.

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