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What The Fuck Happened To ZW?

ZW News: Fuuuuuuck

Fucking hell. What a day.

So, as you would all have noticed by now, this little old site is experiencing unprecedented traffic volumes that are sending our very basic servers into overdrive. 

We must be pissing off plenty of people as the removal requests and complaints to our host have become a lot more frequent and the catfishing emails and phonecall threats have started. Errbody wants to take us out.

In addition to the real traffic spikes – we’re being attacked. That right there is a perfect indication that we are going in the right direction with this site.

While the instahoes try to convince the populace that they’re Entrepreneurs – ZW is there to burst their bubble and out them for being online prostitutes. The hoes and their pimps really fucking hate us right now. Deltona also leaked my phone number and every Vegas whore is jumping on the “Kill the Queen” bandwagon.  Around 12 shady hooker lawyers are also currently emailing me.

The whole situation is designed to unravel ZW – but I just keep smiling because we are obviously winning.

Then there’s the Disqus Debacle. I can think of a dozen other sites that post questionable material and copyrighted pictures and still have the pleasure of using their comment system. But in true “keep the little guy who speaks the truth down” fashion – they’ve pulled the plug and refuse to host our comments any longer.

Well disqus, fuck you.

We speak the truth – no matter how obnoxious,

And we don’t give a shit if we don’t fit into your boxes.

How does the idea of hoes involved in illegal activities, using the law to “protect their privacy” so they can continue to engage in illegal activities – sit with you? Doesn’t sit well with me and means we need to work harder. Blondeforeigner and RealYoungLace – we’re comin’ for ya.

I know the comment section is a little fucky right now and the old comments aren’t up yet – but I’m working on it. All the old stuff has been exported from disqus (we have 30 days until they delete our data) and will be uploaded once I sort out a decent commenting system that doesn’t make me wanna scratch my eyes out. It sucks but there is nothing we can do. I won’t restrict what you can comment on and I won’t restrict what avatar you can use. (Yes Karo – your avatar specifically was brought up)

 I’m still working on getting us running smoothly so I can actually get drunk this Christmas and swim in the pool with the kiddos instead of coding. This website is more needy than that fucking Elf on the Shelf.

I’ll TRY to get another post up today. We have plenty of submissions I haven’t gotten to yet.


  1. "CJ"

    I can't hammer on the Teef page…WTF??/ Won't let me log in! She is giving tipping advice on FB and getting all of 7 likes.

  2. OldWineBox

    Hey Party People! Was wondering was the devil was going on! 🙂 So nice to see you all again!

  3. habibfazil

    well money talks no?

  4. Tuco_Pacifico

    I feel too old to start over and learn a new system. And some prick already has my former username.

  5. ATopTeam

    Ive even figured out the upvoting…it grows on you Disquis kicked a BUNCH of legit sites off maybe we made it lol

  6. dirtywhitegirl

    Love this site. You guys are doing great, hang in there.

  7. truthhurts

    Karo's avatar, well, I looked two or three times.. and then looked again

  8. Ertu

    Do we need a new username?

  9. dawndavenportddd

    Yo bitches! Fuck that pimp!

  10. WordZrHard

    Hey I'm down voting people by accident
    My bad
    My fingers miss the thumbs up

  11. ultraviolet_

    All Hail The Queen! I admire your chutzpah. Fuck those delusional manipulative twats. ZW isn’t going out like that.

  12. MethCabForBooty

    How private is my user information? I don't want anyone tracking my shit or seeing my email….and how do we post photos, teefs is overdue for some shit posts

    • At this point posting pics needs to be via link (ie ipload to and paste link here). I'll definitely look into fixing this issue or at least providing a feature that shows linked pics instead of just showing a link.

      As for your data- it really is safer than it was before. We're simply using another company's coding (intensedebate) but all comments and info is stored on OUR site rather than being hosted by someone else (thats why u can upload pics directly on disqus- they host the image).

      • MethCabForBooty

        Cool…i'm sure this is a big work around for you, much appreciated. Look forward to getting back in the swing of it, thanks for your hard work babe x

  13. WordZrHard

    My name was too long.
    Had to make a new one
    I regret the new handle

  14. HazeBo

    What it do friends?! Queen, you rock my socks and I love your tenacity. Fuck disqus- I only signed up with those dumpy fools to comment on ZW anyway. It's great to know new-money-corporate-America/ Southeast Asia has a strong moral compass. We still here!

  15. NotAHoe

    Arnela… I forgot to ask, how many times have you been clipped for prostitution? I forget, is it 6 or 7 times now?

  16. NotAHoe

    Fuck you, Blondewhoreigner, RealDumbLace (a.k.a., pimp sentenced for violating the Mann Act), and the hooker Deltona.

  17. ATopTeam

    Well shit looks like i have to make a new username

  18. American Top Team

    What is this madness

  19. SDD

    What up… muthafuckas?

  20. Sammi Jo

    Has anyone figured out how we make our "intensedebate" profiles private? I only see an option for "public view"

  21. Looks like comments aren't live updating. I'm working on an ajax fix for that now

  22. Miss_XS

    Hey there! Just wanted to chime in and tell you that I could not stand Disqus. I tried to sign up several times using my real e-mail accounts (never ever had a problem elsewhere), and it never worked. I personally would also prefer a comment system where you can comment as a guest.

  23. "CJ"

    Digitus just got my first up vote on this fucked up system….at least it worked!

  24. Digitus impudicus

    The whores in the whorde definitely haven't seen the worst yet! Thank you, Queen! 🙂

  25. @Sharkey_James

    Sharkman in the tank!

  26. MalloryKnox666

    Hey queen.

  27. PS – it will be up to 24hr until some of the new server changes take effect, so site may still be fucky for a while.

    • Queen of Tarts

      Can you guys start testing here. Not sure how its showing up for most – seems ok on my end. System auto upvotes my own comment when I post it though – kinda weird.

      • FtheBS_666

        Comments, upvotes (other than the auto upvote thingy), and replies look good on the desktop version. Not sure about mobile tho….Just pissed someone using this comment system elsewhere already had my disqus username (FtheBS). How dare they steal my thunder!

        • Lol. Thanks for the feedback!

          • FtheBS_666

            Ok not that important, but it doesn't show who gave the upvotes. That was a feature I really liked about disqus, and feeds my need to be nosey. Still better than no comment system at all! Thanks for all of your hard work. Been lurking here for a longggg time.

          • T.J.

            This is a test.

          • T.J.

            I had to add periods to my name because TJ wasn't long enough.

          • Sammi Jo

            When I created my account I had to add an underscore between Sammi and Jo at first…after I created the account, it let me go back and edit it.

          • habibfazil

            Thanx for the tip. had similar issue, then went back to edit.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Hmm…I go back to Stelio Kontos when things feel normal. For now, I go under an alias.

    • @Sharkey_James

      Can't post images? I have tons of jail selfies just waiting to be shown to all my 'fans"!!!

    • haggard_hillary

      The comment section is weird without disqus but…. I know it will get better thank you for gettting the site back up so soon!

    • Vegas Jen

      Love you Queen…I did not have an avatar on Disqus, but I read ZW everyday, especially the Teef thread. You are doing God's work and that can never be easy. Keep it going because I love the ride! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the ZW Family!

    • Name

      Actually, I think it is a good idea that Disqus is gone…. maybe more people will be inclined to comment when they want to spew bored venom, including myself, and disquick made it very hard to do so. Niks site took a big hit after he started using disquick. I think you post great stuff, your not intentionally burning anybody and everybody, just exposing a few entertaining crazies….. some of my faves are def Arnela. I mean, she is really a very special and entertaining and irritating kind of stupid. Such a train wreck to watch *eats another Hershey’s chocolate almond bar and smokes* pce ya all

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