James T. Sharkey

Who Wants Some Sharkey?

I’ve gotten dozens of e-mails and messages the past week asking about Sharkey. The people want Sharkey.

Ask and you shall receive!

(Thanks to PNAK, Donnie Darko & Insp for the pictures!)

Finally, we can refer to Moguladouche and Andrea Stapleton as Mr. and Mrs. Sharkey:



Best wishes from Nancy Young and Deb Morley.

The recently reunited couple is settling into a groove and set on cruise control all the way to the maternity ward.


There hasn’t been much on Sharkey since he totaled his truck. Has he finally learned his lesson when it comes to posting too much on social media?



Guess not.


Sharkey is as smooth as ever.


Stay out of the water…



  1. fuq u

    It’s so funny when women call other women who are pregnant or fat ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ on Facebook. lol

  2. Boov

    Not without some help from crystal meth

  3. CT

    He looks so old.

  4. Nut Bags

    Yes! Nancy, I missed you!

  5. It reads like she's in the middle of a manic episode.

  6. OldWineBox


  7. Dead Man's Dog

    Uhmmmmm….he STILL has a ton of pics of his 'girlfriend' on his FB:

  8. Hey Now

    Hey, Andrea's Bangs! How ya been???

  9. Hey Now

    Still looks like Mr Burns.

  10. Mila

    She has the kind of body that will never really bounce back from pregnancy

  11. Scorpio

    I hope they take good care of each other and the baby. A happy marriage makes happy children.

  12. Uraprick6

    Why does she still look high as hell….

  13. Scorpio

    She has gotten much hotter. Great improvements, smart choices.

  14. Andrea's Bangs

    Yeah for me!

  15. Seriously, she needs to just NOT part that way. It isn't really hard.

  16. Andrea's Bangs

    Not sure if anyone has posted this before but here’s the for rent listing for Casa de Sharkey. You too can feel like you’re one of the disFUNctional members of their little family by browsing the photos. I wonder how destroyed it is now.


  17. Persephone

    Stupid people that can't even think 5 minutes in to their future. Reckless Dicksmoke

  18. Persephone


  19. Dead Man's Dog

    Saw this and thought of Mr Sharkey (just teasing though, no proof whatsoever):

  20. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    She see's someone handing out free meth.

  21. countryjew


    yum MD… lol

  23. nancy young

    She looked like Courtney stodden. And he looks like a fucking stripper or a BSide Colin Wayne. Andrea is aging in dog years just like her/my boo

  24. TMFJ

    That cant be true! Dude looks terrible for 35. Shit he would still look bad if he was 45.

  25. @MissTriciaEvans

    So glad u guys are back, u were missed but I had zero doubt's that u would. #zeronation

  26. edit. Who knows. Its a misdemeanor so maybe catch and release lmao

  27. We should do a poll…

  28. Whitney BeatMe

    He's rougher than ilo's used up asshole after he's been on lockdown all weekend.

    • Sir TTP

      I did not see that coming from my gal. We cannot use that lingo around the baby.

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Hahah ok TTP, I promise not to swear in front of the baby.

  29. Almost bit my tongue off trying to not laugh.

  30. Miranda Rights

    It's bad. It looks like he is using that old person snapchat filter in all of his photos but nope, its just his face!

  31. Donnie Darko

    She moved to Miami. Hopefully Skylar gets wifed up by a trout down there.

    • Wifed up by a female trout…

    • Sir TTP

      Sans makeup, that broad is ugly as the east end of a horse headed west. It’d have to be an actual trout. Like the kind that swim and shit.

      • Donnie Darko

        Her recent pics show improvement over her porn days pre implants. How she looks without makeup could still be scary though.

    • Dawn D Davenport

      I hope the handsome young man returns to Vegas so she can whip triciad ass after the baby Cletus is born.

  32. Dawn D Davenport

    Fucking DUMBASS!!

  33. Nut Bags


  34. Sammi Jo

    Got Damn! She's been in a struggle with her bangs for years!

  35. shittystripper

    Her meth body wasn't all that bad!!!

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      The questions is, are those pictures with Riley before or after the bastard child popped out?

  36. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    My head hurts from trying to read Momma Stapleton's 3rd grade educated hillbilly rant. So, is she talking about Andrea having 2 boys or the other daughter?

    Egyptian hieroglyphics are easier to read than that long run-on sentence.

    • Sir TTP

      Yea, I can't quite figure out what exactly she's trying to say in that second post.

      • Manic Monkey

        The other daughter does I believe. She has two boys 🙂

        From what I can decipher, she was supposed to move out there when Andrea was there for the two months so the whole family and grandkids would be living in Maui. Andrea changed those plans and went back to her husband in Vegas for which her mother is REALLY upset with her about. But, she did go to Maui a year ago and plans to go again when she takes a vacation from work. 🙂

        • Mixx_TheFinalCut

          YOU'RE the one who hacked that iPhone for the FBI!

        • Vicki Vallencourt

          thank you for the translation

        • fuq u

          Of course, they’re from Vegas. ALL trashy looking people with money are from VEGAS. Vegas is so trashy. I lived there for a year. NO.

    • Doesn’t she have a son that her Mom takes care of? Or is it two sons? Maybe, she means Sharkey as the second boy.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Punctuation.. We don’t need no stink’n punctuation.

    • miss piglet

      Fucking Debbie Stapleton.

  37. Your boy brought the third party congrats, lol! Thought that was a given with Mr Haze being into the lipstick lesbian. Especially, after Sharkey broke shims heart.

  38. not2slobro

    sadly he had to scale back plans for a grand styled baby carriage for the new arrival.

  39. Sammi Jo

    She's giving him the "I'm wanna kill this son-of-a-bitch" look

  40. Dawn D Davenport

    Who the FUCK posts a social security card in any form on the internet? Seriously? And do you see my boy mister Haze had one of her minions send regards. I bet mister Haze has occasional torrid affairs with broads. Because he is livn la Vida choda

  41. Mixx_TheFinalCut


  42. Mixx_TheFinalCut

  43. Donnie Darko

    He's not even 35 until July.

    • fuq u

      He looks rough. His tattoos are gross. he’s gross. So is she. Good for them. lol

  44. Donnie Darko

    Whoa, does that say Battery from 5-17? Moguladouche just can't seem to stay out of the LVPD's system.

  45. Sir TTP

    Casa de Gupster rents for $300 bucks more than Tricia Evans' dump. Just sayin' Tricia.

    • Also, as far as we know he's not getting any government assistance, *cough* Tricia.

    • Donnie Darko

      There is a Tam O Shanter in North Lauderdale, FL too. Total shithole area, probably $25-30 a round. I'm not into golf, what does the name Tam O Shanter have to do with it?

  46. DirtyGMa

    Why does she look so out of it? See pic 1
    Her birth experience based on her lifestyle choices – pic 2

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