Would you SNAPCHAT your Surgery?

ZW Submission: Queen of Tarts

Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 sure knows a bargain when she sees one.


The reality TV star received a significant discount off her brazillian butt lift, breast augmentation and stomach enhancement for a small cost – her soul.

Kailyn signed the contract with the devil himself Dr Miami (aka Michael Salzhauer) to have her surgeries live snapchatted to the world.

Dr Miami currently live snaps surgeries to around 100,000 viewers DAILY. (Who is watching this shit?!) Drumming up business among the mentally ill is not illegal apparently.


Admittedly, Kailyn’s ass looks a WHOLE lot better now:


Seems the Teen Mom franchise breeds butt enhancers…. Farah Abraham was also the recent recipient of a perky new butt.


BUTT wait there’s more! Another Teen Mom star Briana Dejesus ALSO recently underwent an array of procedures by the ever so helpful Dr Miami; including butt lift, breast implants and labiaplasty.

briana briana2

The best part of motherhood for Briana? That she can pass the word of the Enhancement Bible down to her 4 year old daughter.

She was quoted earlier this week as saying her daughter had already asked for bigger boobs and that she would support her daughter in plastic surgery decisions.

Doing a little research into the ever so charming Dr Miami is a peephole to an untapped vapid core of reality television. Anyone have any dirt on him?


And more importantly, Would you Snapchat your surgery if it meant getting a sweet discount?



  1. Luke Duke

    The "clutch"

  2. AP

    Nah man. It ain't tricking if you got it! Lmao if I had unlimited I wouldn't give a fuck either.

  3. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    I thought ths said "Chelsea handler" and I started a GoFundMe for prescription eyewear and a lobotomy for you lol

  4. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    I have unlimited data and run wifi off my phone 24/7 – does this make me a bad person? Lol

  5. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    she submitted herself to theshitty waaayyy too many times.

  6. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    he wanted to suck her tits and tell her he always wanted a muppet for a mommy

  7. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    LOL! How about: "The guy at the dry cleaner asked if the white and brown stuff on my clothes were cum and shit and tried to charge me extra!

  8. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    I propose Voldewhore for sara sheller as our Cockubine name http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tm8NQSTC9ps/TcDjtWiHyKI

  9. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    omg that guy and girl who stuck out katrina over the voodoo store and he cooked her ass like a pot roast and sailed off the roof of a hotel- good studff!!

  10. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    Bev always carries her change purse

  11. Luke Duke

    It's 4:20 somewhere!

  12. Luke Duke

    Unless it's Bev's.

  13. Luke Duke


  14. Annie Box

    It's mind boggling. Full disclosure: this interlude brought to you today by a resurgence in the plague. Awaiting the doctor and hopefully something for the wheezing as I type this.

  15. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    in due time, in due time.

  16. Candace Lynn

    Lol sounds like a plan. I am not going anywhere.

  17. AP

    i mean… i rarely use my cell phone data. at home i have wifi and at work i have wifi, there's no reason to use your cellie data unless youre in transit to and from work/school

  18. AP

    hahahah savage af

  19. AP

    you can fit a whole baby in a pussy.

  20. AP

    May i ask what the hold up is? I would think if you had gathered enough info on her to identify her y'all would post it with the quickness, lol but i could be wrong, ive been wrong before! 😛

  21. AP

    That's what two kids before you're 20 would do to you, right? lol didn't even give her body a chance to finish developing before she starting shoving shit out of it.

    Not surprising she doesn't mind shit shoved IN her body as well.

  22. AP

    Gypsy sisters was/is totally awesome. fucking mellie, dudeeee

  23. AP

    she's terrible… but i guess she enjoys being terrible so… c'est la vie!

  24. AP

    I love it. I get to figure out if someone's an assclown before wasting one second in real time with them. usually social media will show someone's true color's real quickly.

  25. AP

    you're a real trooper for sitting through all those man, a little while back I tried keeping up with the snapchat whores to get dirt but after watching Khloe Terae just go up and down on her body, and make kissy faces, and never talking except to lipsync some shitty rap song, i realized i couldnt do it anymore.

    You are a strong man, sir. I admire your fortitude.

  26. AP

    tell your parent friend to spring for some goddamn wifi or else she doesn't use the app. can't be that hard. lol

  27. I cannot wait to see Bomba after she's done hiding out from recovery!! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLIN ME.

  28. LOL!! I've got friends from there, but I've never been there! I'll add it to my "when we get rid of the kids" list lol and look ya up!!
    *There is no expiration date on my offer to get wasted with you 🙂

  29. Darlene Conner

    gotcha. thanks!

  30. Darlene Conner

    Wooooow. She is so damn thirsty. "like OMG the guy at burger king asked me if i was a famous model. I said no, I'm a whore that fucks for money! And will rent my whole life. But I'm hotttttttt, who cares?" Same thing, right?

  31. Darlene Conner

    shame on you. we all know that is just not true!

  32. Darlene Conner


  33. Darlene Conner

    I'm assuming you mean me. I don't usually initiate convo like that but I mean …couldn't help myself. Hopefully you don't take it personally and understand it was all in good fun. Gotta be able to take it if you dish it, no?

  34. Darlene Conner

    And then she made the mold of her…uh…lady parts to be made into a sex toy. Oh wait, no that was her evil twin setting her up to look like a whore. She is innocent!

  35. Darlene Conner

    Yeah. She ain't nothing but another fame whore. To try to claim any different is just sad.

  36. Darlene Conner

    How do these people have the time to come up with all these lies? I made a fake fb profile out of boredom to mess with pathetic dudes and I can't even be assed to get on it.

  37. Darlene Conner

    I believe your tshirt.

  38. Darlene Conner

    agree. not cute.

  39. Darlene Conner

    WOW the redhead legit looks like she is 14.

  40. Darlene Conner

    do you mind if I ask what you were able to do? i'm very curious.

  41. Darlene Conner

    Dr.s are full of crap. I have the same issue and have been brushed off my entire life. "Just take some aleve and go about your day" Nothing better than going to a dr for help and them treating you like an idiot.

  42. Darlene Conner

    I can't believe that people are naive enough to think that shit could possibly NOT hurt their body in some way. Oh well, as long as they look "hot" now, right? Who cares if you live to see 60?

  43. DragonSlayer.

    I hope her daughter treats her even worse when she gets older, it's sad the way Sophia even treats her grandma.

    • Candace Lynn

      She will grow up thinking that how you get things for free. Horrible example she is setting for her. You can tell all she cares about is money.

  44. Darlene Conner

    The blonde chick with the twins is so xannied out it's unreal.

  45. Darlene Conner

    HAHA and just think…this is the future…

  46. Darlene Conner

    Yeah dude. I don't have instagram, no snapchat. Hell, when I signed up for facebook it was only for college students and I was in my first year. I feel so old, But I'm married with kids and not fat or desperate so I don't feel the need to showoff to strangers.

  47. Darlene Conner

    Thats what I said, I didnt scroll all the way down!

  48. Darlene Conner

    now thats alot of whores.

  49. Darlene Conner

    She has a real problem with respect. I don't watch that swill because I'm hoping everyone else will follow suit and they will take it off the air.

  50. Darlene Conner

    hell no. that's nasty.

  51. Candace Lynn

    I've already seen how the stuff start collecting in the ankles. So gross.

  52. Candace Lynn

    I wanna come too! I'm going to take today off too. Need to recharge myself.

    • Hopefully they'll give us a little heads up as to when it's coming 🙂
      We can take vacation days, meet up at a bar somewhere, get shitfaced and bask in the gloriousness that the CF post will be!

  53. I'm considering taking the day off so I can read it over and over and over…..while trying to put myself into a weed induced coma 🙂
    Oh, how glorious that day will be!!!

  54. Traffic is UP??? ON what alternate universal plane??

  55. That is the difference BH…..you didn't have surgery to raise your rates, get more likes, have a few more old virgins whackin' it to your pics…..etc.
    These whores don't understand NOT doing things for money or attention!

  56. Maybe pictures would be easier for her to understand??

  57. I sincerely applaud both of you.

  58. Lol!! I couldn't agree with ya any more!

  59. Me too!!! I can't wait until things start "sliding and/or falling" on these ho's!!!

  60. Lol….of course 😉

  61. You can fit more things in a purse.

  62. Some people like playing with their purses more than their pursies?

  63. There's more to life than getting off.

  64. To each their own. You have a collection of butt plugs, Chill Chick has a collection of handbags.

  65. Chill Chick

    No shit

  66. Whitney BeatMe

    Glad you're having fun here. 🙂

  67. A broad that likes designer purses… quick, someone call in the National Guard!

  68. it's pointless and dumb. it's for KIDS. it eats up the GB in your phone like crazy and racks up the phone bill! I heard that from another friend who's a parent of a 11 y/o girl who has a cellphone

  69. hope you're holding up in the blizzard ok!! 3" every hour sounds brutal!

  70. Candace Lynn

    I wish someone would bitch slap her into tomorrow.

  71. Candace Lynn

    I remember when she first got them done and couldn't close her mouth lol

  72. DragonSlayer.

    Self obsessed much?

  73. Annie Box

    Not exactly sure. The knitting circle suggests she's a substance enthusiast of the rocket fuel variety. Beyond that, she's an unknown quantity.

  74. DragonSlayer.

    I find that hard to believe, the comments section went from 100-400+, now there's maybe 30, I saw a bit above 100 on a random one.

  75. DragonSlayer.

    Everyone knows that's not the same ass that was in her porno.

  76. DragonSlayer.

    She signed a contract with Vivid to have it come out, having that whole outcry afterwards was bullshit.

  77. DragonSlayer.

    I've had 14 surgeries for a disease I have, one of them is filmed from beginning to end and the rest I have pictures from.
    I would because I'm interested in gross pictures/videos, not in some creepy way.

  78. Candace Lynn

    Let's do it!

  79. Candace Lynn

    She is an ugly vile fake person. I can't stand anything about her. She treats people like shit. I only can hope karma will kick her anal loving ass sometimes soon.

  80. Candace Lynn

    Who is this?

  81. Candace Lynn

    Are you better now?

  82. Candace Lynn

    Her husband a whiny brat. He is so possessive it's frightening. I wouldn't doubt he put her up to the surgeries.

  83. Candace Lynn

    Don't! I'm glad you asked since I was confused myself.

  84. Candace Lynn

    I can't stand the Farraha girl. I know people that have worked with her at Palazio's. Said she a total cunt with a horrible body. I can't fathom anybody paying her money to take her clothes off. She is a vile women.

    • DragonSlayer.

      The way she talks to her parents makes me cringe, she's the biggest C-U-Next-Tuesday I've ever seen on TV.

    • Happy Pants

      I believe it. She proves it every time she opens her over inflated lips.

  85. Candace Lynn

    Damn! They were the definition of a hot mess. At one point I lurked on the Gypsy boards to follow their drama. I shall miss their rhinestone alcohol fueled insanity.

  86. Johnny Drama

    yes, but it still doesn't change the fact that alyssa fucks her cousins

  87. Hey Now

    What was the scam?

  88. Hey Now

    "Baby's okay. Says the congressman punches like a three year old," lol.

  89. Hey Now

    That's okay. I'm the world's greatest golfer. Or at least, that's what my coffee mug says.

  90. Serendipity

    Have any of you seen Dic Itchys post on theshitty yet?

    Nik Richie
    4 hours ago
    Yup and traffic is up 15%. Better environment than chat convos.

    Trying to save face Nik??

    • BossBabe

      LOL yea I saw that, he mentioned that out of nowhere. Seeking attention.

    • Chill Chick

      Was just over there. I cant anymore. I just engaged with Alyssa and some others and remembered why I don't frequent that site. So I'm officially done. This place is way more interesting.

      • Serendipity

        Lol. I was just reading that! You and your whore bags are welcome here! Haha

      • Hey Now

        I saw that. It was you and your Viktor and Rolf VS Alyssa and her Kmart Jacqueline Smith collection. I upvoted all your comments.

      • BossBabe

        lol just saw that, I got your back Chill Chick.

        • Drunk Dawn Davenport

          I got all your backs chill chick I want ultherapy so bad I'd do a hommedont and my hg bossbabe love u girl,! !!!!

          • BossBabe

            Love you my shit talking Shakespeare xo. I am still awaiting the cousin fucker expose.

          • Drunk Dawn Davenport

            Its comedy….I mean coming !

    • Yep sounds legit… because the people who didn't comment now visit more because there are less comments? Riiiight.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      Better environment if you like trannys, cousin fvckers, and lame attempts at humor.. His site is like the bottom of a cat box now.

  91. Stantz

    Snapchat is where I really show my age (39) when it comes to social media
    I just don't fucking get it , the point of it , why it exists , how it makes money, why I should or should not like it
    It's a mystery to me

    • Candace Lynn

      Tinder and Whatsup have zero appeal to me. I just don't get the allure of sending random strangers neki pictures of myself. Guess I have too much respect for myself. Something lacking in today's youth. They willing sell their soul for likes and shoes.

      • Digitus impudicus

        Love it, girl! I agree wholeheartedly. So nice to know other women have not only wit — but true self-respect/self-esteem.

  92. Candace Lynn

    Omg I love Gypsy Sisters. They so trashy I love it.

  93. BeverlyHillbilly

    What about the new one, Nicole arbour?

  94. BeverlyHillbilly

    One yes!! Stroke face!!!!

  95. BeverlyHillbilly

    To be honest, I have no issue with this (ok, just removing the fact that this is a teen mom star because yes they are hungry, thirsty, money grabbing attention seekers. so there's that) but I've had my unidentifiable photos posted on the web in before and after shots (nose job – no breathing issues, I just had s bump I wanted gone). No discount though and I didn't post all over social media.

    I think it's important to have these types of photos and images available for anyone considering surgery so they understand what happens before, during and after.

    • Hey Now

      Good on you for fixing what you didn't like and taking care of it yourself. Imagine living a life like Thickness behind a blur tool.

      • BeverlyHillbilly

        Haha stuff that! I'm far too lazy for Photoshop. The only thing I'll ever do to a photo is enhance it to make me look less like a ghost of I'm not wearing fake tan.

  96. Annie Box

    She went full cuckoo. PNAK dropped some pretty hilarious screen shots documenting the whole thing. It continued here for a while, but of course by the time I read the exchange, she had deleted her stuff. Not hard to reconstruct the missing pieces to know that she had bought a ticket on the tramp steamer to Crazy Island with Toth, Master Commentatorbator, SB and the rest of the Free Time All-stars.

  97. Sir TTP

    Deltona 500 will be all over this trend when she gets her sagging funbags redone – 100% guaranteed. Exhibit 1 – a small sampling of her typical delusional, self-important tweets, sprinkled in amongst riveting fingernail updates for her "fans"….

  98. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    Hooman said she looked she liked to eat pussy, I acutally agree and believe her tongue was not always slobbering on cocks all the time.

    • Drunk Dawn Davenport

      Nursing home crotch is all fair in lobe and lobe- judging from the stroke face I'd say JM does old men

  99. MissArgentina

    Seriously? She is so disgusting. She is so vile that her stating that takes credibility away from real victims. May the fleas from a 1000 camels infest her gigantic vagina and her arms be short to scratch them or keep up with the manifestation.

  100. MissArgentina

    I don't understand snapchat at all. I'll take my senior citizen card and have all the seats.

    • Candace Lynn

      I've never used it so don't understand it at all. What's the whole point of the app?

  101. MissArgentina

    I don't know Whitney. They would probably be raised by the parents that created the monsters. How well do you think that will go? In 16 years I bet we will find out.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      Good point murph.. Well Farrah's deceased bf's mother might be able to do something with that kid but you're probably right about the rest.

      • Candace Lynn

        Best thing that family could do is get custody of her before it's too late. I doubt she can be saved @the Ninki Minaj feud video as a prime example. Poor kid.

  102. JimU113

    Same here. I'm feeling almost prudish. Almost.

    Well, as close as you can with pictures of Lucy Pinder bewbs.

  103. Снайпер

    What happened with deadly shade? I missed all of that.

  104. Снайпер

    Idk if my ass looked that terrible and upside down isosceles triangular, I would definitely allow people to film it if it meant a discount. Or, I don't know, just wear clothes all the time, or, shocker, get a job and pay for it myself.

  105. This is obvious preparation for her new "business"venture. The ass enhancement suggests she is competing with Farrah for recognition under the anal and rimming categories.

    But she's ONLY doing this to ensure a bright future for her children, not her own selfish needs.

  106. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    On a different note had to say that blogger girl, Jenn Tisedale, seemed to have a good time with Deen, however, she was haggard as hell and her boyfriend was pulling a TJ.

  107. The 2013 was a good year.

    • Dr. Leo Spaceman

      Yes, indeed. Quick question, is that blondie Jenna Marbles / DA Celeb Scam?

      • I thought it looked like Jenna Marbles. I don't get her appeal at all. She isn't funny.

        • Dr. Leo Spaceman

          She was not funny, and in reality was a attention whore and actual whore. Still remember the post on her then boyfriend cheating on her. Thought to myself for the front she put, including her master degree from Boston, why would chose roided douche bags to f.ck her.

  108. Good to see you here.

  109. Drunk Dawn Davenport

    I always want to massively slap jenna marbles face into the stratosphere. Her name is stupid, she's not funny, and she has strokeface.

  110. Dead Man's Dog

    There is going to be a whole herd of deformed swamp thing monsters running around with lumps on their heads from these butt injections. At least with boob implants they are trying to contain them in a casing, injecting fat and garbage into your ass is crazy when you sit on it all day and the pressure is just trying to squeeze it out of that region.

    Trust me, I'm a Doctor. (Or at least I have a tshirt that says that)

  111. Dead Man's Dog

    The best way to watch reality tv…I myself enjoy the BigBrother drinking game. Every time someone says under the bus, I take a shot.

  112. Digitus impudicus

    Whores are spreading like an epidemic. Thanks to cellphone cameras and IG/Snapchat.

  113. Digitus impudicus

    The Narcissist Generation has absolutely no shame.

    • Dr. Leo Spaceman

      Since the advent of social media it is hard to find a intelligent, sane, girl that does not whore herself for money or attention.

  114. Digitus impudicus

    I'm an early bird! We have so much snow here where I live in NJ. It's mind-boggling.

  115. Whitney BeatMe

    I'm just waiting for the overdoses to start knocking them all off like flies. That way someone decent will be raising the kids-if it's not too late for them already.

  116. Digitus impudicus

    Awesome….I fully endorse this name change!

  117. Digitus impudicus

    Preach it, sistah!

  118. AmericanTopTeam

    The worst thing is all these dumb bitches have innocent children whose lives they are shaping

  119. and ASS fat that goes almost all the way up her back? WTF

  120. Happy Pants

    Farrah's whole life is a joke, except for her ass – it's a tragedy.

  121. Blunt-Master_puff_pu

    And they're getting younger all the time, won't be much longer before 10-11 y/o's will want to do it.

  122. Candace Lynn

    I'm really curious how these implants and butt shots going to look in 10 years. I've seen how the shots can " move ".. scary stuff.

  123. Scorpio

    It makes you feel like you have your shit together by comparison.

  124. Scorpio

    I agree that amount of desire for attention rises to the level of mental illness.

  125. I have a rediculous amount of people I follow on Snap. There are 8 pages to be exact.

    It had never occurred to me this nonsense would ever be an occurrence that someone would willingly partake in to ad to a snapchat!

    Mind blown…


  126. This is the same idiot that jumped on the James Deen rape train. After she dated him and made a sextape with the guy, she went back and said she was raped in a pathetic attempt to get her name in the media.

    • Hey Now

      And it wasn't poooorrrrnnn!!! It was a private tape made between "me and my boyfriend. That's all it ever was, and all it was meant for. It was a private moment for me, James and the camera person."

      She literally slipped up when she said that on Couples Therapy. The couple from The Real L Word were like, "uuuuh, you just said there was a camera person."

      Farrah: *blink, blink* "No I didn't."

      • Yep. She's proven multiple times that she's a pathological liar willing to do anything for attention, i.e. Tricia Evans and Deadly Shade.

    • Johnny Drama

      Raped? pretty sure when he blew his load all over her face, she said "I want more cum"…doesn't sound like she was raped. she truly is a dumb fucking bitch.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      She is such a stupid twat its painful to try and listen her attempt to speak.

  127. Yeah that was pretty intense!

  128. Hey Now

    Farrah must have been knocked out pretty hard during her surgery and simply chalked up the pain afterward to her regular anal poundings when she posted this. #AllNatural

  129. Ms Conduct

    Yes, I saw that…nasty bloody silicon up to her shoulder blades. I don't have implants but, I know they have to be changed a max of every 10 years. She went like 12, wtf?! She couldn't afford it!? ppppffft.

  130. Johnny Drama

    im so fucking sick of social media/network. completely ruined "real life".

  131. Ms Conduct

    Informative and frightening. No, I wouldn't and I just can't comprehend the depths that people sink to for fame or infamy. Great post Queen!

  132. Happy Pants

    You know when you see a Teen Mom who's been paid to document her poor decisions on nationwide tv, that she will not only invest that money wisely, but also go on to make rational and intelligent life choices.

    • Ms Conduct

      I read that with the best dripping sarcasm voice. Made me lol.

      • Happy Pants

        These people make me sick. But it's not even their fault. They were young people already making poor decisions, rewarded for making those poor decisions and then encouraged to continue making poor decisions for ratings.

        Almost makes me want to hit an intersection with a "The End is Near" sign.

        • Ms Conduct

          They're train-wrecks for sure. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'm blaming Morgan Freeman…fvcker.

  133. Turkey-O

    Yikes. In the shot of her posing with the Doctor, she looks slim. That before shot is scary though. I guarantee she eats nothing but junk food and never works out.

    • Candace Lynn

      Thats a different girl. She on the heavy side, always will be.

      • Turkey-O

        Oh I see. That explains the discrepancy. Ive never seen this show so I had no idea how many of these girls there are.

        • Candace Lynn

          I don't watch it much. Only if I'm home drunk alone. Something about full on messy teenage drama queens always cheers me up.

  134. Sir TTP

    I'm learning new things about the depths of self-indulgent depravity now. I must live in a bubble.

    Cheers QOT.

  135. captain awesome

    Holy shit. She needed it badly

  136. Donnie Darko

    Would like to see Chelsea Houska make a sex tape

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