ZW Submission: Queen of Tarts

Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 sure knows a bargain when she sees one.


The reality TV star received a significant discount off her brazillian butt lift, breast augmentation and stomach enhancement for a small cost – her soul.

Kailyn signed the contract with the devil himself Dr Miami (akaย Michael Salzhauer) to have her surgeries live snapchatted to the world.

Dr Miami currently live snaps surgeries to around 100,000 viewers DAILY. (Who is watching this shit?!) Drumming up business among the mentally ill is not illegal apparently.


Admittedly, Kailyn’s ass looks a WHOLE lot better now:


Seems the Teen Mom franchise breeds butt enhancers…. Farah Abraham was also the recent recipient of a perky new butt.


BUTT wait there’s more! Another Teen Mom star Briana Dejesus ALSO recently underwent an array of procedures by the ever so helpful Dr Miami; including butt lift, breast implants and labiaplasty.

briana briana2

The best part of motherhood for Briana? That she can pass the word of the Enhancement Bible down to her 4 year old daughter.

She was quoted earlier this week as saying her daughter had already asked for bigger boobs and that she would support her daughter in plastic surgery decisions.

Doing a little research intoย the ever so charming Dr Miami is a peephole to an untapped vapid core of reality television. Anyone have any dirt on him?


And more importantly, Would you Snapchat your surgery if it meant getting a sweet discount?