WTF Wednesday: Christmas Edition


If you’re not sick of hearing Mariah Carey Christmas songs yet – then you’re not ready for Christmas (or you’ve been smart and shopped online thus avoiding the constant loop of All I Want for Chistmas is You running through your head).

What Christmas would be complete without the insta-whorde and their oh so original festive pics? We’ve seen Sharkey’s 837 Christmas photos with NO BABY, so let’s take a look at the other hoes that are in the Christmas spirit already.

Here’s Sarah Scheller aka Smashed Crab wearing nothing but Photoshop as she Gimps by the tree:

If you thought Ashley Alexiss and her Whale in the Sea pic was bad, check out her Sausage by the Tree photo. 

Then there’s Kina looking xanny’ed out of her mind, sitting on the lap of what looks to be the creepiest pedo looking Santa ever, complete with Pornstache. You know this guy only took the job in Marquee because hoes love a pic on a stranger’s lap. Wait, is that the Diaper Sniper Fakio??

Dave “All I want for Christmas is to be young again” Grutman is going to a bunch of shit shows, including Bieber. How cute.

Amanda L’hommedon’t is going to spend her Christmas being pooped on by Mohammad. Yes, Karma is a beautiful place.

Add in any missing Christmas insta-hoes in the comments!