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Yotta Makes Himself Hard



ZW Submission: anon

Um guys, wtf is Yotta doing here? He sees himself in the mirror and gets hard?


😂I can’t even…I mean seriously, what the… I have no comment…~QoT~


  1. Vicki Vallencourt

    The advice was so good i love the ZW minds i needed input and they were all wonderful

  2. AmericanTopTeam

    What a fucking weirdo

  3. Pam

    His penis looks like the same length as his wrist. #babycarrot

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Busted mirror in the bathrom laying against the wall, key hangin on the door .. lol, yea, it’s a nice house.

  4. Stelio Kontos

    Plies usage of the word “bih” is so organic.
    So many people try to fake it and use it as slang only to sound ridiculous, yet he sounds so authentic.
    Then again, he is the man who “eats scrimp at Red Lobster with no shirt on”, so he capable of anything.

  5. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I think he’s cutting his roids with viagra

  6. Whitney BeatMe

    Is that a runty hamster in your pants or are you just happy to see you?!!

  7. Kay More

    He obviously stuffed his pants. Looks jumped up on steroids in the face. Grossness, just grossness. Lotta barf

  8. Scorpio

    …and remember to do lots of anabolic steroids. To be clear, I have no problem with people doing steroids. I just think he should be honest about how he gets and maintains that body before he preaches about exercise.
    P.S. The steroids also explain the erections.

    • Pam

      I don’t know much about steroids but i thought guys that did them weren’t able to get an erection. That has always confused me cause there’s always some guy at the guy who clearly is on the roids and lifting huge weights and it looks like he has a tiny boner. I guess I’m just confused by the penis and maybe not as much the steroids

      • Donnie Darko

        When they are on them guys are actually always horny and get boners when the wind blows because there is an abnormally high amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. When they go off of them the testicles have stopped producing their own testosterone because of the large amounts being injected. It takes awhile for them to recover and that’s what causes post cycle limp dick.

        • Pam

          Ok. I’ve never dated a guy that was on them so I was confused. Thanks! Knowledge is power!

      • Scorpio

        Steroids can definitely mess with a man’s junk, making it come up at random times, and not come up when he wants it to.

        • Pam

          Weird. Never understood why some people want to be veiny with huge muscles. Muscles are sexy but not huge ones.

          • Scorpio

            To each, his own, I guess. I like huge, veiny boobs, so I shouldn’t judge.

  9. Stelio Kontos

    Yotta needs more black friends. Here within The PCM, one thing we know is the art of advertising.
    How to subtly show the imprint, perhaps show enough but keep them in suspense, how to display some seemingly inadvertent “flopping” action when wearing sweats or bball shorts….(I may have shared too much PCM info already). Point being, there is a classy way to say “look at my dick”.

    Anyways, his approach and execution is just so….so….Yotta….ugh.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      sooooo, the t-shirt with ‘Home of the whopper’ and downward arrow isn’t subtle?

  10. Maia

    This German narcissist makes me want to puke. He could have a coke can cock, but I still wouldn’t want him because his personality sucks. Between throwing shit into his neighbor’s garbage cans and eating hamburgers every fucking day, I just couldn’t. He’s a fucking weirdo.

  11. Vicki Vallencourt

    fuck this guy.
    i need advice
    is buying cam shows cheating? I’m grossed out and offended but need a verdict

    • Lame Equis

      I consider it cheating and it’s pretty gross. If my man did that or went to the strip club (without me) I would be pissed and would consider breaking up.

    • Penza

      Watching one isn’t really cheating, but buying one is. Still, on a cheating scale, it’s pretty low on the list, but I’d be pissed to beat the band. Unless it’s habitual, I’d give him a pass, after I had a fit.

      • Vicki Vallencourt

        OK fit is en motion. I’m usually one to say fuck feelings but this relationship stuff is my (secret) achilles

        • How did u find out? Browser history? Walked in on him? I’d definitely ask why he needs to watch chicks banging themselves with household items and after I asked ID just let him talk…and talk…and talk…don’t help him out and listen to every fucking word he says. Then I would dismiss him and think about it. For at least a week. Then I’d dump him, probably, but if I felt I wanted to continue with him, it woukd go unsaid that this shit would stop. I would mock him on occasion and throw it in his face when it would be effective. I think I’d dump him, unless he had some interesting reason for employing young girls to masturbate for him. Sorry, girl. People fucking suck.

          I also don’t understand why he woukd buy shows – like looking at porn and jacking it is something most guys do…he coukd watch cam shows on Tumblr for free ffs. So I’m thinking he interacts with these lazy cunts. I’d dump him

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            i hate people as a general rule. I’ve moved a bunch and have figured there are only a few dozen or so types of people and they are all pretty generic: do the same things, wear similar clothes, talk like each other, even vaguely look like their social counter part from another region. and they don’t even know how unoriginal they are its a crack up.

          • I rather agree with that. Only the accents change.
            I think Aquarius people are having a shit time lately..up…down…up…down…motherfuckers trifling shit like that. It has to pass or somebody’s gonna get shanked.

          • ToiletSitter69

            Dawn you are a beast. I picture you as some independent woman with a tazer and can of mace in your purse. Ready to fuck up some assholes the second they look at you wrong. “Reverse mugging” comes to mind….

          • Pam

            I agree but in a sexy, cool and level headed way. Not in a way u would be offended.

        • prettyfeet

          Triple D is speaking some truth. This is where a lot of women mess up. Stop talking (it makes them so uncomfortable) and just listen. He will tell you exactly what you need to know. She is also right about taking some time to think about what he says. The thing to remember is that you don’t have to make a decision right now or today. Sleep on that shit and your truth will be evident. Stelios ad ice was great too. And whoever told u to mock him (in the future) is right. I do that, and it works. Sorry girl. Let us know how you are, and how u punish him.

    • Happy Pants

      It’s grody but I’d prefer dude watches a cam show than has some junkie stripper rubbing her junk on him. Still, I’d be pissed.

      There’s so much porn nowadays, it’s amazing anyone outside the industry gets laid.

    • Sammi Jo

      Yeah, I’d be pissed…watching porn is one thing…but cams seem much more intimate. Not to mention paying for them!? When he could be gettin a plethora of free porn online.
      OH HELL NAH!

    • Stelio Kontos

      If I can offer a male perspective.
      Buying a cam show is too much. Paying money to see a certain someone crosses the line.
      Strip clubbing is more of an outing and spending money is optional.
      Watching porn is random, free and it’s just porn.
      The specificity involved is what is bothersome. The act is tantamount to saying “I want to see you so bad, I am willing to pay for it”. That is just questionable priorities for someone in a relationship.

      *Side note* Here is an excerpt from my actual reaction:
      “Who da fuq is payin to see a bitch on cam? Deez ho’s is givin it up for free. Ain’t like she f*ckin you, better spend that money on ya girl ‘stead of f*ckin round with dem online tramps”
      I paraphrase in my actual responses.

    • Scorpio

      Not really. But, each one of us decides what we are willing to accept. It is a difficult and personal line to define, and no one else can tell you where that line should be for you. It is entirely up to you, and should be a subject discussed confidentially within the relationship.

    • You have every right to be offended and that is a break of trust if it’s done without your knowledge. If this isn’t a deal-breaker for you, then you need to set clear boundaries on what is acceptable TO YOU within the relationship. Most women are fine with their men watching porn, but a cam show seems a little too intimate to be doing without partner knowledge. I’d suggest asking about the motivation behind it. Maybe he was just curious and now feels embarrassed at being busted? Or maybe it’s a step toward infidelity? The answer to that should help you decide if you can get past it.

    • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

      I say dump him VV, he should be spending that money on you, a tangible person, and not some cam-ho that’s only fleecing him. Might be signs of something more serious going on (sex addiction?) but I’m certainly no expert in that field. All guys rub one out now and again even if they’re in a relationship, we all have fantasies.

    • Digitus impudicus

      To me it is. It’s all in the mind, having a masturbatory session over some chick is cheating.

      • Pam

        Really? I guess with a cam girl its diff but we all have our fantasies and it can be nice to watch something that gets us excited. I don’t know that I would consider it cheating. Sometimes its hard to open up and share all our quirky ideas with our partner. I think its ok to masturbate to something we like without telling our partner. But finding a specific one and paying them is a little diff than just stumbling upon something that turns u on and watching it.

    • Pam

      Its not cheating but id be pissed too! I think sammi Jo and stelio summed up my feelings on it. But I guess it depends. If he (or she) is into something weird and can pay a few bucks to turn them on I guess I could forgive it

    • Donnie Darko

      What do proof do you have he actually paid and wasn’t some free cam site?

      • Vicki Vallencourt

        log in info and billing confirmation and he changed his age from 39 to 22
        no proof but a really damning skeleton of facts.

    • Ignatius_J_Reilly

      I don’t know if it qualifies as cheating, but that’s up to you. I think it would bug the shit out of me, if I were in your position, though.

      Bad: he paid for it. There is nudity all over the interwebs–it’s stupid to pay for it.

      Worse: it sounds like it was someone specific. That’s getting into cheating territory for sure.

      Worst part is someone specific implies a desire for intimacy with that person–after all, isn’t it specificity (or lack thereof) that leads to all jealousy? If you commit to someone you are telling them you’re done with acting on any desire to be with others. You might look/think about it/etc, but you no longer act on it.

      Once he is requesting a specific woman, he is acting on his desire to be with/see/simulate intimacy with someone specific–even if he never actually sees it through. He said he gave that to you, and he has dishonored that, at least a little bit–maybe a whole lot.

  12. Pam

    Not trying to be mean but that ain’t a dick u should try to make others jealous of. I think that’s called “average” or below.

  13. Pam

    I was about to say the same. “struggle budge” !!! Love it.

  14. Happy Pants

    Let’s have a moment of silence for the pair of socks used to make this photo happen.

    • JimU113

      Is that a pair of sweaty gym socks in your pants, or are you happy to see you?

  15. Donnie Darko

    Dude is absolutely roided out of his mind. He was on million dollar listing LA with Maria this summer looking at a $19 million house he obviously couldn’t afford.

    • ToiletSitter69

      lmao i saw that! The second I saw him checking out that house I knew he wasn’t going buy it or even offer. WAY out of his price range. He’s a fucking poser. I’ve asked him to show some proof about his net worth; other then a bunch of dirty $10 bills, a rented ‘mansion’ (LOL), and used/leased rolls/ferrari. He claims he’s worth like 200m~ and he ‘donates’ tons of money to charity, yet zero proof, other then a couple scam companies and a $40 LCD hooked up to a light. I think he’s a fraud. I don’t think he’s worth 1m. It’s all a mirage. The best part is his eurotrash thinking of what a “successful american” looks like.. It’s like he hopped in a time machine and tried to copy someone from 2004. Graphic tees, roids, comic book heroes, and bimbos. It’ll come crashing down someday, people he ripped off, the banks, etc they’ll catch up, they always do. How the fuck is he allowed in America? It’s not like he employs anyone other then hookers?

      • Lilly

        That’s true. I’ve never seen nor heard of other employees other than hookers

  16. Dead Man's Dog

    He’s fukkin retarded. And bitter he cheated with a low rent ho on this sweet piece and Maria left him. She’s doing great btw on her own.

    Which just proves he’s fukkin retarded. And gay.

  17. smugjew

    Another closet gay.

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