ZW File Candidate: Tricia Evans

Should Tricia Evans be placed in the ZW Files?

If so – she needs a fitting ZW File Name.

Best suggestions go to live poll.



  1. You are absolutely correct!! What really gets me is the way she talks down to people….it'd be laughable if she wasn't so bitchy 🙂

  2. Luxe

    She quite possibly has the most over inflated ego I've ever encountered. She puts down our military, yet somehow thinks being an unemployed waitress/ hooker who is way past her prime and desperate means she is successful.

  3. Ew. I see why she's a blonde now.

  4. I was dying of laughter scrolling through those!! Could she be any more schizo? Lol 🙂

  5. Scorpio

    Uh-huh-huh. You said "anals" Uh-huh-huh *Butthead voice*

  6. Dead Wilson

    I'm serious. Queen and Prince, you need to name her "The Seizure Pleaser". Sharky's name should be "Little Seizure". Please see attached. Thanks again for this awesome dirty alternative!

  7. Maia


  8. SorryNotSorry

    ZW File Name: BevHo!

  9. Dead Wilson

    Let's call her "the seizure pleaser" for that Florence Nightengalesque bedside vigil she kept after Sharkie's unfortunate row with the concrete at Caesar's Palace. Yes! The Seizure Pleaser!!!!

  10. Ok, so after snooping on her IG……I couldn't resist putting this together for ZW (I was trying to hurry so no bs about my crappy photoshopping) 🙂
    She is FULL of hilarious comments!!

  11. Bahahahaha!!! Found this little tidbit while I was…um…..working! We GOTTA think of a good name for this crazy biotch!!! She is OBSESSED with our little Sharkey!

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