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Beverly Hillbilly [Tricia Evans]

The delusional, America-hating, roast beef loving Tricia Evans. Known for: Aliases: Also known as Dead Tooth and recently requested to be called Beverly Beiber. Claim to fame: Playboy online feature (now removed), Deadmau5 actually acknowledging her existence ...
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L’Hommedon’t [Amanda Lynn]

Amanda Lynn - The Jet-Setting Escort  Growing up dirt poor in the armpit known as Deltona, Florida and surrounded by a white trash family of drug-dealing miscreants, Amanda's road to instafame is ...
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Chompers [Tawnie Jaclyn]

ZW Nation Name Banner ZW Name insert ZW Name Tawni Jaclyn - Deltona 500's Sidekick Born Tawni Oviedo in the sweltering heat pit known as La Mirada, California, Chompers quickly became a hanger-on in LA's D-List celebrity scene.  While ...
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Dik Itchy [Nik Richie]

Nik Richie, formerly Hooman Karamian.   "Karamian has a history of using aliases, calling them “stage names.” One of them—Corbin Grimes—was listed as the executive officer of several companies, including Capitol Imaging Group, Talent 2K, and 97 ...
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#Moguladouche [James T Sharkey]

If anyone is deserving of a ZW File Name it would have to be our favorite train wreck - Sharkey! This man never fails to deliver the insta-whore delusion to his "fans" daily. SharkeyArt by Pixel Known ...
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