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Growing up dirt poor in the armpit known as Deltona, Florida and surrounded by a white trash family of drug-dealing miscreants, Amanda’s road to instafame is both long and storied.  Shortly after high school, she made her way to Sin City, rapidly leap-frogging the normally gradual downward spiral into full-blown prostitution. After making a few bucks flaunting her fake rack at Vegas bikini contests, Amanda quickly turned to stripping at the Rhino and began taking on after-hours “jobs.”  With a curated roster of sleazy photographers willing to shoot her “sales” materials – and a penchant for half-naked selfies taken in random hotel rooms – she’s shamelessly exploited every social media platform possible to expand her client base from the normal LA-Vegas-NYC route to Europe and beyond.



  • Miss L’Hommedieu
  • L’Hommedon’t
  • Chewbacca
  • Deltona 500

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