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Growing up dirt poor in the armpit known as Deltona, Florida and surrounded by a white trash family of drug-dealing miscreants, Amanda’s road to instafame is both long and storied.  Shortly after high school, she made her way to Sin City, rapidly leap-frogging the normally gradual downward spiral into full-blown prostitution. After making a few bucks flaunting her fake rack at Vegas bikini contests, Amanda quickly turned to stripping at the Rhino and began taking on after-hours “jobs.”  With a curated roster of sleazy photographers willing to shoot her “sales” materials – and a penchant for half-naked selfies taken in random hotel rooms – she’s shamelessly exploited every social media platform possible to expand her client base from the normal LA-Vegas-NYC route to Europe and beyond.



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ZW Thirsty Thursday 2017 is not even a week old and the insta-whorde is already ruining it. Apparently a Surgery Smorgasbord didn't help Nic at all. After all those fucking surgeries, Nicolette Shea is still photoshopping her pics. Sounds like she wasted her cash. How ...
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Free Post Friday Fail Edition Well. What a week! For those not caught up yet - the Wilke saga with GregFail/DirtPopArt/Inspector Ratchet/Allie aka Dave Kimball the Lighter King, is still ongoing. Yes it's all the same person and yes he's still emailing/DMing me from the ...
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ZW Update Saturday Free Post We're baaaaaack! Sorry for the hiccup, but the site should be working as normal for you all now, thanks for your patience. I kinda over-celebrated with my King last night and I'm definitely feeling like a scatterbrain today, so be ...
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ZW Update: Amanda Lynn aka Deltona500 aka L'hommedon't So in case you've been living under a rock and missed the big news, Deltona500 is off to Europe. It's not like she's been bragging on social media or anything... Aww, Mandy. It's a hard grind being ...
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Whores Invade The Dust, Organizers Feel The Burn RIP Burning Man. It's official folks. The annual event, founded by some Woodstock reject and based on "The 10 Principals" (aka new-age bullshit like "radical inclusion" and "decommification") - which in reality consists of dressing like an ...
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Deltona500's Candyman ZW Submission: [Maia] Niiiice, Amanda Lynn. Steroids AND cocaine! Did you vouch for his early release from the Oklahoma prison system? Are you looking for a man just like dear old Dad? As an aside, where are your panties? It's good to have ...
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Hoedown at Hoes for Heroes ZW Submission: [anon] I suppose when organizing an event to benefit military members, the best 'mascot' to put a smile on the face of deployed soldiers is a guaranteed easy lay. Enter Miss Amanda Lynn L'hommedieu. aaaaaand here's some Khlo-mydia ...
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ZW Poll: Thirsty Thursday Looks like Deltona500 is prepping for a Thirsty Birthday: And then we have poor Twink182, who has been locked out of his snapchat and plans on driving to their head office to sort shit out. Because, don't they know WHO he ...
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ZW SUBMISSION: [ANON] We all know Deltona 500 aka Chewy aka Amanda Lynn is the queen of fillers and filters... But what in the holy fuckballs is going on in this screen grab? Her cletus-chested whore friend Tessa Delgado (aka Theresa Ball) posted a video ...
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ZW Submission: Mystery Man in Amanda Lynn's Snapchat [Maia] Who is this, ZW Nation, and why am I not surprised he looks middle eastern? I thought she liked her "friends" a little older? ...
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ZW Submission: Amanda Lynn and Kurt Benz Share an Uber [Maia] Twink182's parents own a condo in Las Vegas. The same condo complex Deltona 500 hoes out of. However, Amanda was in LA today with Tessa and Chompers. Supposedly, these two IG morons ended up ...
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ZW Submission: [Maia] Ugh! Chewy brought her stepfather to Miami. Are these people crazy? Who would post that they're proud of this no job having escort? Do they ACTUALLY think she's a model? It's funny to see her mother post on facebook about how proud ...
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ZW Submission: [Maia] Geez, how hard is it to vet people, Sports Illustrated? Is it common practice to use a known hooker as the girl of the day? Give me a break. There goes their credibility. Wasn't her father (now deceased) a drug dealer and ...
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ZW Submission: [Maia] Tessa Delgado, Chompers roommate and bottom b to Deltona 500, got her +2s in Miami. Amanda Lynn brags that SHE bought them for Tessa. These were purchased while the Ultra fest was happening. Did she keep them bandaged like she was supposed ...
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