Dik Itchy [Nik Richie]

Nik Richie, formerly Hooman Karamian.



“Karamian has a history of using aliases, calling them “stage names.” One of them—Corbin Grimes—was listed as the executive officer of several companies, including Capitol Imaging Group, Talent 2K, and 97 Radio. Karamian and several others at these companies were accused of scamming musicians from 1998 to 2004, by promising to get them their big breaks and taking lots of their money in the process. [Zimbio]”

“Karamian married Amanda Toney, a managing partner in a marketing firm, in 2005. She served him with divorce papers last summer. Shortly before receiving the papers, he tweeted (under Nik Richie), “Back 2 Back weekends in Vegas … what am I doing with my life? I just want to find the one and settle down, maybe have some babies.” “

“In 2008, Karamian was pulled over for speeding. The officer noticed that his eyes were bloodshot and that he was slurring his words. His blood alcohol level was tested at .165, twice the legal limit. He pleaded guilty to drunk driving, paid $2,000 in fines, and was sentenced to four days in jail. This is made even more ironic because TheDirty.com has specifically stated, “Think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, FOLKS.” And warned that people getting DUIs would have their mug shots “plastered up in our hall of shame.”  “

^^Facts found regarding Nik Richie in a quick google search.
More info to be added if I can be bothered…

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