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Tawni Jaclyn – Deltona 500’s Sidekick

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Born Tawni Oviedo in the sweltering heat pit known as La Mirada, California, Chompers quickly became a hanger-on in LA’s D-List celebrity scene.  While attempting to earn a college degree at some no-name school, Tawni spent her evenings and weekends more than willing to show up with very little clothing to the opening of an envelope.  Soon enough, Chompers ran into Corey Feldman, but that relationship was short-lived.  Following a failed pre-boob job tryout with one of Playboy’s online sites via Corey’s connections, she took on a variety of low-level “atmosphere” modeling jobs, got a new set of cans, and jumped back into the scene full force.  She eventually met Amanda L’Hommedieu, and the two quickly became partners in the escort biz.  Known for having a horrible credit score but otherwise being generally nice enough, Tawni lacks the hustle to really bust through in the higher-end prostitution racket, mostly sitting around her dumpy Studio City apartment, chasing no-name musicians and only taking the occasional low-end modeling gig or escort job when the rent is due.


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Generally lazy as shit, but more than willing when one of her friends lines something up.

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