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ZW Free Post: Halloween Sluts – Unoriginal and Uninspired

ZW Halloween Special

By OldWineBox

As another year together spirals towards a close, I thought it might be nice, to bring in our autumnal solstice by helping others.

Oh, the trial and travail each October brings as the supreme challenge of choosing that perfect whore costume while attempting too show them your “original thinker” side.

I thought we might post our suggestions and designs to help these poor $4.50 twat cammers and IG pay4players be their very skankiest this year! So come on OG’s, lets lend a hand , an eye and even our cerebral cortex’s to these professional cum dumpsters!

I’ll start the game with my opening suggestions.


So last year our feeds were full of slutty Harley Quinns… what will be the default choice for the unimaginative whores this year? Why have none of them done Queen of Tarts (not hearts) yet? I’m clearly someone the InstaWhorde is scared of…not being able to pay to have posts removed must be an instahoe’s worst nightmare.  

I need to up my Tarts costume game this year. Less hearts more Tarts. Suggestions for the Queen are welcome as well 😉~QoT~


  1. That’s like someone’s mom saying their Dad is the Dotard. Not funny, ma!

  2. Who would make that up? Sorry your dad is Ted Nugent. I still love u.

  3. You’ll need social media for that. Don t forget to offer to gangbang.

  4. Lol her foot looks like a roided dick

  5. I just got an email saying this post is attention seeking and I need to get my veneers fixed. And that I need Botox. Uh, wut? LOL

    Meth. Not even once.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Your dentures could use some Polident though…

      • LOL. I’d have to find them first… I’m sure I put them around ZW Reception area somewhere (I take mah teef out to answer to phones, sounds more profesh)

  6. Persephone

    She really is. And seriously does she have the first generation iPhone !!?

  7. El Hijo De Fistfight

    The foot veins are struggling so hard to keep enough blood pumping into that foot smushed into a bust heel 2 sizes too small.

  8. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Anyone have an update about Dave’s court case?

  9. Only if that 80’s Ghetto Blaster is bumping the good sounds of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  10. Shannon

    This one can be filed in the ho department. Ps. Stop petting your hair!!! And go to school, my 4 year old is smarter than you. The end.

  11. OldWineBox

    “….now she has walked 500 miles and her shoes have walked 10,000 more…”

  12. prettyfeet

    Look how her toes hang over the edge! What’s wrong with her skin? Cold because she doesn’t have on clothes?

  13. AmericanTopTeam

    Those shoes should be in a dumpster

  14. AmericanTopTeam

    Sexy Fetus….my costume decision is over.

  15. the real pintu

    The cool dudes.

  16. Habib Fazil

    I volunteer to give her a good scrubbing…

  17. Habib Fazil

    So long as the knees still work, she’s good to go!

  18. Persephone

    Haaaahahahaha!!! And toes hanging over, just buy the size 8 already!

  19. That is not the skin of a thirty something person. What the veiny hell is going on with her feet?

    • Mallory Knox

      One word comes to mind when I see her. Meth. She looks like meth. I feel sooooo sorry for that sweet baby. Trica is disgusting.

      • Persephone

        She is. And she looks so gross, she’s by far the most delusional of all. Where the fuck is homeboy? Why doesn’t he take the baby and run?

        • Mallory Knox

          Smh. Sad situation. I live near Atlanta and this woman killed her one and two year old. She put them in a fucking oven. And this piece of shit dude killed his two week old last week. He beat it to death. My heart breaks to see children in these situations.

          • Shannon

            I couldnt even read that, my stomach instantly started hurting. What the eff is wrong with people. Im telling ya, you should have to take a mental test before procreating, these little ones didnt ask to be brought into a life like that. Assholes!!!

          • Mallory Knox


      • AmericanTopTeam

        100% her cheeks mouth the sores on her face from the chemicals…she’s smoking druuuuugs baby

        • Mallory Knox

          She’s on that bad shit. Omg her pics on Instagram are gross AF.

        • Mallory Knox

          We can only hope that the baby stays with her family or his. Trisha is utterly disgusting. That sweet baby being around her breaks my heart.

    • Sammi Jo

      Why’s this derpy broad wollerin’ around the tub in “clothes”

    • Maia

      Christ Almighty, that’s someone’s mom. She’s a desperate pig. They should take her child away.

    • Spartacus

      Ewwwww, nasty darling

    • Habib Fazil

      How’d you get trasha to part with her hello kitty phone?

    • nancy young

      Is she ok?

      • Habib Fazil

        Was gonna ask: define OK, but then realized who we’re talking about, so NO, not at all

    • AmericanTopTeam

      She looks sickly….tbh i’d bet a paycheck Ms Evans has discovered that Nevada Meth…

    • Digitus impudicus

      No, whore. NOBODY wants to see that sad-lookin, blown-out cookie or Tijuana tit job.

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      Dressing like a ho isn’t a costume if you’re actually a ho it’s just putting your work uniform on.

    • Stelio Kontos

      That weight loss doesn’t look like the healthy, done on purpose type.

    • Lol all scrunched up in that duplex bathtub in the net bag for kids bath toys. #patheticaf

  20. Persephone

    Sexy tampon!! Dear God I’ve heard it all now…I think

  21. Sammi Jo

    EBay Listing: Hot 2017 Costumes
    Item #: 2DD’S
    Item Description: Tiffany Joy

  22. Digitus impudicus

    Is it Sluttoween again?

  23. TwoTrickPony

    This whore. And a special shoutout to Ertu’s brother yogesh8564 for getting down to biz pronto.

  24. TJ

    Tiffany Vine already won the contest with any one of the pictures from her time at Sturgis.

  25. TheWhy

    SEXY FETUS hahahahahahah

  26. Vicki Vallencourt

    marilyn monroe costumes… clueless…corpse bride
    those are my guesses
    dead hooker overdose
    tv show from back before they were for sale and still had happiness
    reminder that they are alone 4eva

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