ZW Halloween Special

By OldWineBox

As another year together spirals towards a close, I thought it might be nice, to bring in our autumnal solstice by helping others.

Oh, the trial and travail each October brings as the supreme challenge of choosing that perfect whore costume while attempting too show them your “original thinker” side.

I thought we might post our suggestions and designs to help these poor $4.50 twat cammers and IG pay4players be their very skankiest this year! So come on OG’s, lets lend a hand , an eye and even our cerebral cortex’s to these professional cum dumpsters!

I’ll start the game with my opening suggestions.


So last year our feeds were full of slutty Harley Quinns… what will be the default choice for the unimaginative whores this year? Why have none of them done Queen of Tarts (not hearts) yet? I’m clearly someone the InstaWhorde is scared of…not being able to pay to have posts removed must be an instahoe’s worst nightmare.  

I need to up my Tarts costume game this year. Less hearts more Tarts. Suggestions for the Queen are welcome as well 😉~QoT~