ZW SOTY Awards

We all know the Queen loves a good poll and as the year draws to an end, I’m looking for nominations for the ZW Scumbag of the Year.

What a year it has been! Our first year of ZW and we saw some fucked up shit go down.

Chad Fakio is the obviously the front runner, but lets take a look at who else the ZW Nation thinks deserves a nomination.

We will crown one “winner” and 3 runners up. Throw your suggestions along with reasons in the comments and I’ll get a poll happening. (Maybe we could use the top 12 Scumbags for our ZW Calendar??)


I’m gonna nominate anyone who is using the Singapore location tag. Yeah, that’s a thing now. Apparently using that geolocation garners more views. I’m calling bullshit. Even Manhattan Troll is getting in on it. When she’s in NY. Hurr Durr. Dumbest trend.