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ZW Scumbag of the Year – Nominations

ZW SOTY Awards

We all know the Queen loves a good poll and as the year draws to an end, I’m looking for nominations for the ZW Scumbag of the Year.

What a year it has been! Our first year of ZW and we saw some fucked up shit go down.

Chad Fakio is the obviously the front runner, but lets take a look at who else the ZW Nation thinks deserves a nomination.

We will crown one “winner” and 3 runners up. Throw your suggestions along with reasons in the comments and I’ll get a poll happening. (Maybe we could use the top 12 Scumbags for our ZW Calendar??)


I’m gonna nominate anyone who is using the Singapore location tag. Yeah, that’s a thing now. Apparently using that geolocation garners more views. I’m calling bullshit. Even Manhattan Troll is getting in on it. When she’s in NY. Hurr Durr. Dumbest trend.




  1. Sharkey's Wallet

    I feel so old. Remember when Axl would kill a stage. They’re coming to my town and I want to go but it could never be the same.

  2. Sharkey's Wallet

    That’s what I was thinking. Better extensions?

  3. @MissTriciaEvans

    Andrea prob doesn’t even have custody of their baby anymore lol

  4. @MissTriciaEvans

    Sharktales photo shoot is going to win him #1 scumbag. But what I want to ask is can he not help it or is it a life choice????

    • Spartacus

      The Shark is having a photoshoot?!?! Did I miss something or are the local police force taking James in for questioning and a mugshot?

  5. Krysta abbygail

    I had no idea who Jen wilke is but I seen enough here and looked at her Instagram. Um is she seriously on maxim? Her profile pic is of it but they have apps to put you on a mag and that chick is ugly as fuck.

  6. The Bad Seed

    So I did the Singapore thing to see if works, although I think your IG has to public and I have only like 500 followers so maybe not the best test person. Once I hit 1,000 I’m off to be a IG hoe

  7. Tony Soprano Jr.

    They’re called “The world’s largest mmamal” for a reason!

  8. Tony Soprano Jr.

    Is this Sharkey’s idea of a Nativity scene ? And if so, where is stripper-baby Jesus ?

  9. AP

    Jeez it looks like he hasn’t slept in a fucking week!

  10. Sammi GNR is coming to Toronto in July. Are you gonna go?? More like Grunts n 02 hoses isn’t axel mad fat? And lol advertising it heavily on Canadian radio 8 months before!!

  11. Scorpio


  12. smugjew

    another installment of “Pictures Of Books I’ll Never Read” by James Sharkey

  13. Whitney BeatMe

    I hate the shoes with that dress. She could have gone with some sparkly crazy Christmas shoes and she picks those. Meth-responsible for so many bad choices all over the world.

  14. Luke Duke

    Lol Mr. Hankey!!

  15. Donnie Darko

    Just like the MVP award voting in sports it’s very subjective, if the award is who’s been the biggest scumbag in society I’d say Chad Fakio, if it’s who has been the biggest scumbag to ZW nation it’s Jenndale.

    Queen, we also need to do a poll on who has been the most entertaining (popular) to ZW nation, without a doubt I’d say its been Sharkey #1 and Wilke #2.

  16. But don’t forget her charitable contributions. Surely that earns her some points.

  17. Donnie Darko

    Still no baby pictures. I have two theories, either because he is still only supposed to have County supervised visitation or the baby looks bi racial, rumor going around there hasn’t been a DNA test proving he’s the father.

  18. Persephone

    I haven’t seen that one!!

  19. Spartacus

    As seen from the ISS

  20. Johnny "M'Fing" Drama

    i think it’s a great picture. people need more christmas cards like these

  21. Whitney BeatMe

    How did they find a toilet bowl big enough to float that turd in it? That one from Austin Powers wouldn’t nearly be large enough. Prolly Japan. They have weird stuff there.

  22. Whitney BeatMe

    Jenn Dale cause it gets mad when we post it.
    Wilke cause she’s scum.
    Camversity-can’t even afford decent women.
    Yotta as he needs to be more open and transparent online.
    * obviously Fuckface Fuckio leads this poll but I figured I didn’t have to include him because we all vote for him.

  23. Persephone

    She doesn’t look good there.

  24. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    gotta [email protected] richjg92, photo is taken by a satellite and yet he’s still able to look at that pic and fap.

  25. JimU113

    Well, some Betas would find a spiritual experience…

  26. Vicki Vallencourt

    look how far they had to pan out to get a photo of her full body

  27. That asshole definitely needs to be there.

  28. Sammi Jo

    Speaking of Glenn…now that he’s departed TWD, will we see him at Castle Black??!!

  29. smugjew

    The nominees should be ZW celebs, not some villain from Japanese anime or a hockey player or whatever the hell you people are into.

    A) James Sharkey
    B) Chad Fakio
    C) Jen Wilke
    D) Tricia Evans

  30. Hahahah aaaaand he stole spaghetti Tuesday!

  31. Sweater Puppies

    Sharkey will always be my favorite scumbag!!

    • He’s rating much higher with me now I’m unblocked! Lol

      • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

        to me it reeks of just how desperate he is for ANY form of SM exposure, he’ll block you again right around the same time they break up (again) aka ‘rinse & repeat’.

  32. Why does he have a black eye? And seriously, you have to be mighty thirsty to hook back up with and put your dumb ass on with a social media retard

    • Pam

      The black eye confuses me too. Especially since he’s about to go to prison for beating her up

    • Ms Conduct

      I’m going out on a limb and say that the picture is in response to all the talk. What’s surprising is that they’re actually being funny and playing the soap opera part. OH snap…what if it’s part of their reality pilot push?! That’d be mind blowing, hahaha!

      • Dr.Christian Troy

        If it turns out that he was actually smart enough to troll us the whole time and it was an act, the dude will be an absolute LEGEND in my book.

        • Ms Conduct

          I wouldn’t go that far. The idea of a reality show has been thrown out there and it may sound promising to the Sharkey’s. If it works and they’re being guided to something like that…that’d be legend in my book too.

        • Stelio Kontos

          That would be amazing!

    • AmericanTopTeam

      And unblock people who have done nothing but make fun of you… It’s like “I need social media make fun of me laugh at my wife just don’t IGNORE me”…. Pathetic

  33. Jen Wilke. That way she can actually win at something in life.

  34. Agreed! I guess getting clean IS good for you!

  35. They think it stands for “slingin whore’

    • He did nothing notable this past year other than destroy his website by being a dick, piss in a bottle slap a label on and try to market his “wine”, reconcile with his wife after she blew and fucked a bouncer in Vegas for a xanny bar, and polish David Gingras’ cock dome with his tongue on the reg.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      He needs a wine bottle in his hand…..

  36. Ofc Jenndale gets a nomination because she’s an asshole who still hasnt come to terms with her manly appearance and clearly believes she can sue her way out of Ugly Town

  37. chris

    QOT – Jesus, you’re fast…I just posted this same disaster on Sharkey Thread 2.

  38. Dead Man's Dog

    Wanna lose that baby weight sweetie? I got a bachelor party coming your way soon.

  39. miss piglet

    Jesus Fucking Christ….. is that Sharkey & Bangs?? A Christmas photo shoot promoting domestic violence?? What…What…What…In The Actual Fuck?

  40. I just realised this means Sharkey unblocked me!! Its a Christmas miracle!

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